Tuesday 28 August 2012

World Pole Dance Championships 2012 Tickets - Switzerland

Be prepared to be amazed by the World’s top international pole sport professionals in a unique showcase of gravity defying performance and strength with the World’s pole performers and dancers from around the world and together on one stage to battle for the most prestigious pole competition title in the world of.

World Pole Dance Champion – single female
World Pole Dance Men’s Champion – single male
World Pole Dance Doubles Champion – doubles (inc mixed)

26 Countries will be represented including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA, South America, Japan, China and Russia all meeting at;

The Volkshaus Zurich
Stauffacherstrasse 60, 8000 Zurich

Doors/Apéro: 17h00
World Pole Sport & Fitness Final Show: 18h00 - 22h00
After Show Party: 22h00 -01h00 After Show Party and Competitors Press Interviews


Monday 13 August 2012

The most portable pole in the world RPole Fitness UK

Rpole are pleased to announce the arrival of the spinning lightweight portable pole

Rpole already gaining credibility in the vast industry of Pole dance and fitness poles are set to launch their most popular pole to date well, popular as in interest!!

The 42 RPole spinning version of the already most popular light weight travel pole

The RPole famous for its portability and ability to be put anywhere - Ben Nevis, sports halls with high ceilings, town halls with shiny floors, parks, restaurants, beaches and roads, Swimming pools, Caribbean seas, boats, tops of castles, cellars and im sure many more unusual places still to come!!

So we explore the world of spinny pole verses the staic pole??

We first created the world of competitions way back in 2004 at that stage there was just one pole (50mm static) here in the UK that is all we had!! but by integrating the two poles (38mm populating Australia at that time)

As you continue your adventures in pole dancing, you may start to notice that some dancers are using static (stationary) poles and some are using spinning ("spinny") poles.  If you are purchasing a pole for your home, it may be best to purchase a pole with both options so that you can switch between them.  Each has its own pros and cons, and each dancer usually has a preference.  You may notice that most competitions with two poles have one static and one spinning, as different tricks work better on static or spinning poles.

Most (although not all) people learn first on a static pole.  It helps us develop those lovely callouses on our hands and gain the functional strength required for pole dancing in general.  Dancing on a spinning pole may appear to a better idea for keeping the skin on our hands, but requires a different kind of strength, better grip and a lot more control.  A spinning pole can also get you twirling a lot faster than you're used to, causing dizziness and motion sickness.  We suggest starting off slowly.  If you tend to get dizzy, try focusing on your pole or a non-moving body part.

Pole dancing in general requires a lot of core strength.  Although it is a total body workout, many of us believe that it is core first, lower body second and upper body third, in order of "strength importance."  When you move from static to spinning pole, the upper body strength becomes a little more important.  Many dancers also rely on grip aids (Mighty Grip, iTac2, patent leather boots, etc.) to help stick them to the pole.

There has been some debate about whether dancing on a spinning pole is easier than a static pole.  We don't believe so.  Both require an amazing amount of strength and coordination -- just in slightly different ways.  Is dancing on a spinning pole considered "cheating?"  Absolutely not.  In fact, it may give you a whole new appreciation for the sport.

Which do you prefer -- static or spinning pole?  And why?  We love hearing your pole dancing stories!

email us on theteam@passion-fitness.com


History of UK Pole Sport and Exercise

The history of UK pole sport and exercise extends  back only from early 21st century In 2001 Pole Passion pioneered the way creating exercise programmes on and around the vertical bar,  by its founder Kay Penney Accredited by government backing and the FIA Fitness Industry Association in 2008 was a huge leap forward for the mainly female dominated sport - it was always going to be a push for society and authorities to accept it but we did it and it is now here to stay

Then there were only 50mm grip diameter poles semi-permanent one length poles now we see the introduction of 38mm introduced by RPole into the UK in 2009
Later followed by 45mm and now 42mm which is becoming hugely more popular

Now with pole exercise flourishing worldwide we can identify that social change and acceptance has been a minor part of its popularity and development - this we believe has been hugely supported by the Miss Pole Dance  UK and World Pole  Dance championships - created in 2004

A platform to educate society allowing a public stage for performers promoting the acrobatic talents for the first time for all the public to attend
In the early days the sport was always considered an over 18,s game however with again its popularity and accredited instructor training programmes and. Format it is now being introduced for children too

Pole Passion still only encourage over 16,s as social change continues to develop over the years but who knows in the next 10 years these mini athletes will be ambassadors for our sport we are sure

For more about pole lessons
Visit www.polepassion.com

Thursday 9 August 2012

East Grinstead Pole Passion home of Team GB Hockey team

Four of the team GB hockey team playing Holland tonight  are from  East Grinstead Sports Club We host our Thursday lessons  and classes there so  come on down to meet and mingle to show your support during live coverage



Wednesday 1 August 2012

Pole Dancing Olympic style with Miss Pole Dance UK 2012

Pole Athletes gathered Olympic style at the recent Miss Pole Dance UK Awards on July 22nd at Taylors Pole Retreat in Dorking where the annual MPD UK amateur and semi pro championships were held all day

The competitions hosted by industry leaders Pole Passion are judged on many technicalities which include performance, artistic interpretation, flexibility, strength, choreography, power and fluidity. And the main aim other than providing a professional platform for the many competitors to show case their art  and skill to their family, friends and other pole enthusiast who travelled from all over the country to watch; is also about education – moving it from its  origins of gentleman’s clubs to the relatively new and challenging sport now worthy of the Olympics

Miss Pole Dance UK, created by Kay Penney in  2004, is proud to be instrumental in changing people’s perceptions is now in its 7th year, growing from strength to strength, promoting the ambitious and very talented athletes on and around the vertical bar, attracting  now international acrobats and gymnasts.
Kay who organised and compared the three competitions  and its full day of events including Master classes from; Miss Pole Dance professional champion 2012 Sarah Scott and Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2012 Nico Modestine, performances from the World Pole Sport & Fitness champion 2011 Evegeny Greshilov from Russia, Kat and Tiff Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles Trick champions – congratulated all the competitors on the day along with their sponsors, judges and all that attended; which was supported by over 4 00 guests including top pole athletes; Keem Martinez, French national professional champion and Anastasia Skukhtorova Russia Pole Dance champion, Deb Riley UK champion.

‘We were absolutely thrilled to have an Olympic competitor attend and see what pole is all about at the amateur and semi pro-competitive levels'


Big Brother Benedict Goes Nude for Pole Passion

Benedict Get Naked for Pole Passion

Currently one our most popular parties in Brighton is the 90 minutes Live Drawing Experience presented by Pole Passion.
It’s fun, flirty, full of surprizes and dare we say educational if you can concentrate past the amazing sites of the model’s physique.
Groups of girls and Hen parties travelling across the country to share their exclusive time with Benedict from Big Brother – not only were the girls thrilled to enjoy their girly bonding experience at the Smugglers this last weekend where their party was hosted with the wonderful Kay Penney and Karen Davis from Pole Passion experienced party and event’s organisers and Benedict from Big Brother House 2012

During the 90 minute experience they slowly enjoyed the wit and fun by watching, studying and drawing his semi and naked body

If you wish for you and your party to have exclusivity with  Benedict or Johnny,  as he’s also known as, then contact us now on


or call us on 0871 318 3838

All booking events held in Brighton on Saturdays 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm
for more information visit our website


www.polepassion.com - other party experiences available too

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Unique Job opportunity World Pole Dance championships 2012

Job advert  - World Pole Dance www.worldpoledance.com

Pole Passion is pleased to advertise a unique job opportunity for one individual
Who will receive a free return flight and accommodation for four days to Switzerland from the UK plus a ticket to watch the finals.

Job title – World Pole Dance Competitor Assistant in Switzerland

Each applicant must be available from Wednesday 7th November to Sunday 11th November  2012 inclusive
The successful applicant must be available for three meeting in Crawley West Sussex  on
September 19th, October 10th and October 31st 10am – 2pm
This challenging yet highly rewarding role will support the UK team in Switzerland around the preliminaries and  World Pole Sport & Fitness championships.  You will be required to support all the competitors from over 26 countries so languages and an understanding in cultural differences  will be an advantage
      An exceptional organiser with a calm manner
      Great at working under pressure
      Experience in pole fitness  and pole competitions and events
      A sound knowledge of the History of World Pole Dance since 2009
      First aid qualified would be an advantage
      Exceptional customer service
      Experience in PR and media would be an advantage
      Experience in social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter

Please email your CV (subject heading – WPD JOB ROLE)  to
Debbie Merchant: competitor coordinator on: -  admin@worldpoledance.com
Due to the high level of applications for this position anticipated only successful candidates will be contacted
Applications close on the 1st of September 2012
For further details visit www.worldpoledance.com