Tuesday 1 December 2020

Trouble Sleeping? Have you ever tried an eye sleep mask?

Have you ever tried an eye sleep mask?  I use one frequently and can not be more excited to share with you the benefits of wearing an eye mask or sleep mask as they are also known as

I have tried and tested a variety of masks over the years and have found this is a comfortable one. 

This eye mask may just be the key to a sound sleep and all the health benefits that go with it.

Health Benefits

  • You can definitely get a better night's sleep by blocking out artificial light and helping to maintain hormone balance. Not only does sleeping in darker conditions increases our melatonin production, but scientists have also discovered that dark sleeping conditions lead to an increased time in REM sleep and decreased wakefulness. We produce more melatonin during darkness which helps us sleep more soundly.
  • Eye masks help us to close our eyes and keep them closed avoiding any bedroom distractions or temptations that may keep us a wake
  • They are safer and less addictive than pills or alcohol 
  • They can protect your eyes from dryness especially during the winter when dry air is being circulated indoors due to the heating
  • When worn over time, they may even prevent eye winkles, which naturally begin to form around the eyes especially if you are a side sleeper, resting your head and face directly onto the pillow which could in turn increase the breakdown of collagen, therefore speeding up the wrinkle process !

Friday 27 November 2020

Dry Hands on sale at Pole Passion, ideal for golf, pole, aerial hoops, trapeze,

While stocks last, dry hands pole and aerial grip is available - It's great for your golf swing too !!


Covid-19 Pole Passion pole and aerial policy 2020

Covid -19 Policy has been updated and is detailed below. Pole Passion

COVID-19 Policy

Updated on 25th Jun, 20th Jul, 4th Nov, 26th Nov 2020


The safety of our students and instructors is our priority.  

Below are the steps we are taking to keep you and/or your child safe when training with us:


  • Monitoring and following guidance from Government, regulators and industry bodies.

  • Maintaining an ongoing Risk Assessment.

  • Increasing cleaning of training spaces and equipment. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised in accordance with industry guidelines before and after every class.

  • Changing our timetable to allow bigger gaps between classes.

  • Training our instructors and apprentices and providing them with cleaning products when required

  • Minimising spotting wherever possible. This means that we will adapt teaching content to minimise spotting, will seek explicit consent each time before spotting, and will give extra verbal and visual tuition to assist self-spotting.

  • Sanitising our hands between any necessary physical contact with students.

  • Teaching on separate equipment from all students and ensuring only one person uses each piece of equipment.


We ask that you take the following steps, during your pole and aerial classes which are consistent with government advice:

  • Please adhere to all Government guidance regarding social distancing, travel and isolation.

  • Please do not come to class if you are unwell.

  • You must notify Pole Passion immediately if:


       -    you test positive for COVID-19 or develop symptoms, or

       -    you have had contact with someone who has tested positive or developed symptoms, and

       -    you have attended a class in the last 14 days


  • Keep your hands clean. Wash regularly and thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. We request that you wash them immediately before taking part in a class and advise that you wash them after as well. 

  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch all coughs and sneezes and then bin the tissue - then wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser. Avoid touching your face with your hands.

  • Minimise the personal belongings you bring to class as much as possible. Keep them 2m away from other participants belongings.

  • Stay on your allocated equipment and do not use other equipment without explicit permission from the instructor.

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 2mtrs from other participants in the class.

  • Do not pass objects to other students such as phones, drinks, bottles of grip or cloths.

  • Comply with any requirements specified by the venues we operate in.

  • In line with government guidance, we request that you do not wear a mask or face covering in class, unless specifically instructed by a medical professional. This is because face coverings have been shown to not be safe during exercise. You may wear one on your way into and out of the venue if you wish, in which case we advise that you adhere to the government guidelines around using masks, for example by making sure you wash your hands before touching it.


Pole Passion e vouchers ideal for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, mothers day, celebrations

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* We accept PayPal and all debit and credit cards

* No change given from the  voucher value

* Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase date


Friday 13 November 2020

The Scores 2020 Miss Pole Dance UK & Mr Pole Fitness UK Professionals

Miss Pole Dance UK 2020 Females RESULTS

1st Place Heidi Hildersley Lyle - 146
2nd Place Rachel Britton - 144.53rd Place Jessica Yardy - 143 Best Costume - Emma CoffeyBest Entertainer - Rachel Britton
Best Tricks - Heidi Hildersley Lyle

Heidi Hildersley Lyle - 146 
Rachel Britton - 144.5

Jessica Yardy - 143 
Annie Norris - 139
Katie Hilton-Bird - 136.5
Emma Coffey -134

Victoria Baylis -Jones -127
Zorena Roe  - 122
Kassia Portas - 121
Laetitia Tigra - 121
Andi Ariseanu - 120.5
Rebecca Draper - 88

Heidi & Sam 2020 Professional winners

Kay Penney - Compare

The team 2020

Pole Cleaners 2020 sponsored by Lupit Pole 

Miss Pole Dance UK 2020 Doubles

1st Place Tess Turner & Jana Poláková 
- 135.5  
2nd Place Butterfly Kate & Lindsey Burton - 133.5
3rd Place Zorena Roe & Emily Lancaster  -125

Best Costume - Butterfly Kate & Lindsey Burton
Best Entertainer - Tess Turner & Jana Poláková
Best Tricks - Tess Turner & Jana Poláková

Tess Turner & Jana Poláková - 135.5    
Butterfly Kate & Lindsey Burton - 133.5
Zorena Roe & Emily Lancaster  -125

Mr Pole Fitness UK RESULTS
1st Place Sam King - 153.5 (+0.5 Tricks)
2nd Place Dan Rosen -153.5
3rd Place Justin Judge - 140

Best Costume - Stephen Harpa
Best Entertainer - Jack Scott Lee 
Best Tricks - Sam King 

Sam King -153.5 (+0.5 Tricks)
Dan Rosen -153.5
Justin Judge - 140
Ollie Read - 135
Stephen Harpa - 124.5
Jack Scott Lee - 105.5

for more information please visit 


Pole Passion presents Children's pole promo video featuring Kay Penney and Mimi James

Should children be pole dancing for fun and fitness??

We support children on and around a vertical bar in Pole Passion Bognor & Pole Passion Shoreham

visit the website to learn more 


email us for more information - theteam@passion-fitness.com

Thursday 13 August 2020

Aerial Hoop instructor training - Pole Passion Bognor

Pole Passion Aerial Hoop Instructor Training  Beginner to Intermediate Course - Online and in person

  • The most extensive Beginner to Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor Training course on the market
  • Over 100 moves explained with teaching instructions, regressions, progressions, adaptations and safety tips
  • Detailed information about starting your own classes, including aspects such as rigging, equipment, health and safety & legal requirements
  • Ideas and templates to assist you, including risk assessments and lesson plans
  • Flexible in-person options available at additional cost

Pole Passion Aerial Hoop Instructor Training, Beginner to Intermediate course covers all the fundamentals of becoming an aerial hoop instructor. Beginner to intermediate moves are covered, as well as the essential knowledge required for setting up an aerial hoop business. 

Start your instructing career the right way with a qualification that gives you all the essential knowledge and skills to be a safe and effective instructor.

Over 100 moves on video, with detailed instructions, regressions, progressions, adaptations and safety tips!

Course Overview

The Beginner to Intermediate Course is split into 2 parts (theory and practical assessment). 

This course takes approximately 20 hours to complete plus an additional 3-4 hours of assessment time. 



  • We recommend 1 year of experience of doing aerial hoop as a student
  • You must have access to an environment suitable for safely executing all moves covered to complete this training




Theory assessment via online multiple-choice exam. Practical assessment by video submission and email

Course format

  • Online theory and practical learning
  • Online theory assessment
  • Online submission of practical videos and class paperwork 

Course Description

Theory section including online learning that covers essential knowledge for teaching at beginner to intermediate level. This includes set-up aspects such as choosing a venue, choosing equipment and recruiting clients. In addition, the course provides you with the knowledge and skills required for running regular safe and effective lessons, including information on risk assessments, student screening, lesson planning, motivating students, class control, choreography, licences and insurance. 


Practical section including online videos and explanations of over 100 beginner and intermediate level moves, including mounts, poses and dynamic moves. Each move is broken down to allow you to teach it safely and effectively.

Email us at - theteam@passion-fitness.com for further information 

VISIT THE WEBSITE TO BOOK - https://www.polepassion.fitness/aeriel-hoop-instructor-training

Aerial Hoop ONLINE training now available from Pole Passion Bognor

This detailed & comprehensive course including information on how to teach beginners and intermediate level students, is now online  - Launched in February 2020 with exclusive deals for Miss Pole Dance UK attendees

visit the website for more details 


Feeling stressed or anxious during lockdown? Missing your aerial class?

Are you missing pole, hoop, fitness, boas and laughs, your friends, family and your instructors?

Recent events during the summer of 2020, have changed our lives and turned them upside down. 

‘Normal’ routines as we knew it have gone and many of us could be struggling to adjust to our new reality.

Feeling worried, stressed or anxious is an entirely normal reaction for the uncertainty most of us are in, so its important to understand most if not all of us are feeling this to some degree right now. 

If you live alone, you suddenly face the challenge of not physically seeing or spending time with anyone else for an unknown length of time. 

Both can be difficult situations to cope with. 

So, what do you do to combat stress or anxiety? We have a few suggestions you could try:


  • One of the simplest but most effective things you can do is focus on your breathing. By controlling that, you’re sending a message to your body not to panic.
  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, spending longer breathing out than in. Do this for two minutes and you’ll start feeling calmer.
  • Search online for breathing techniques and exercises to find one that works best for you. Your fitness tracker may have a built-in breathing exercise, or you can download apps to help you.

Talk to someone

  • Call a trusted friend or relative to talk about how you’re feeling.
  • Getting things off your chest is healthy, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to your rant.
  • If you can’t reach a friend or family members and really need help, there’s support available from mental health charities and dedicated helplines like the Samaritans or MIND - see our previous posts

Switch off from the world

  • Take a break from social media – it can become overwhelming if you’re constantly checking it.
  • Limit your exposure to the news to short bursts or one bulletin a day. In times like these, there’s a temptation to stay glued to the news, but with everyone focused on the current situation, it could simply fuel your anxiety.
  • Read or listen to a book instead of a newspaper, or watch a film - make it funny, and lose yourself in another world.

Do something with your hands

  • Take your mind off the overall situation by doing something with your hands. It will force you to concentrate on what you’re doing instead.
  • Change your focus by gardening, cooking, baking, drawing, knitting, sewing, mending or building something, writing a letter, or whatever takes your fancy.
  • Concentrating on the task at hand means you’re present in the moment rather than thinking about anything else. This is also known as mindfulness.

Go outside

  • Take advantage of the weather, get some fresh air and feel the sun and breeze on your face. Rain is nice too :)
  • Take a daily walk or ride a bike for exercise in your local area, remembering to keep a distance of at least 2 metres from others.
  • Connect with nature, whether by getting your hands dirty in your garden or simply by observing birds, insects or wildlife

Be kind to yourself

  • Treat yourself to a long soak in the bath, or shower, wear something you love, dance, sing, meditate, exercise, or eat a favourite meal. 
  • Avoid harmful coping mechanisms like alcohol or smoking, which are likely to make you feel worse. 
  • Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals like learning a new language, reading the entire works of Shakespeare or redesigning your whole life. More spare time can be an opportunity to learn new skills or tick things off your bucket list, but don’t put extra pressure on yourself if you’re having difficulty concentrating.

Laugh and dance like no on his watching 

  • Laughter is a brilliant medicine because it releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller. In other words, having a giggle makes you feel better.
  • Laughter is also great to help you bond with people. It’s contagious, so once one person starts laughing, other people will join in, whether they know what they’re laughing at or not.
  • Watch funny videos, tell jokes, relive happy memories, do silly walks or voices, do anything that makes you laugh. It will release our natural feel-good chemicals and boost your mood.

Nothing lasts forever…

One important thing to remember if you’re feeling stressed or anxious is, that nothing lasts forever. 

Life will return to normal at some point. And when it does, we may not take for granted the simple things like meeting up with friends and family, going to pole or having a day out. But, don’t forget, you can still use these techniques to help you control your stress and anxiety once normal  life is resumed.

Stay confident, focus on your physiology, language and belief system 

Online certification Pole Fitness Instructor Training with Pole Passion Questions

We were contacted with some questions regarding the online assessment process

If you would like a FaceTime session with a member of the team at any time, with your home pole for an hour , we'll be happy to get one of our experienced training assessors  to do this with you at a time to suit you whereby we can go through a face to face session working on your own personal style of teaching

Email us on - theteam@passion-fintess.com where we will be more than happy to support your further

QUESTION - How best do you recommend learning the transitions/poses/core moves? I've been physically practicing moves but I'm having trouble practicing with the words together. 

- this come with practice but until it comes second nature this process works well for many new instructors 

show the move

describe the move in words including technical points

show the move again

get the student to do the move and make any corrections

show the move again should the student need to visually see the move again (more for kinaesthetic learners)

QUESTION - Am I required to say the exact words given in the online course earning material to successfully pass the exam? Or can the same instruction be given in my own words?

- you may use your own words

QUESTION - Is there any training information on how I should help and give corrections to a student if they are struggling with getting a move? 

- more instructor support can be done on a 121 FaceTime session with us, whereby we can work with your individual  strengths and weaknesses

- always bare in mind you can regress and break down a move or even go back to a previous move which will help build up your participants strength and confidence if they are struggling with one move in particular - remember every move is not going to suit ever participant every time, so have the confidence to adapt your lesson plan at a moments notice :)

QUESTION - At what point in my training do you suggest I press start to find out the information for my practical exam? Will I still be able to see the video and words in order to practice after this point?

- you may click to view all the videos at any time after you have completed the theory test - you can go back and see the videos at any time in the course

- there is a time limit of 4 months to view all the videos, but if you need an extension then let us know - we do this so you keep the momentum going with your learning and not leave it for months on end

QUESTION - When I film my practical exam is 1 student enough and will I be marked down for filming on a home pole? Must it be carried out in a professional studio?

- as long as you adhere to all the requirements, a home pole is fine - Naturally when you have paying customers you must be mindful that your insurance is adequate in any venue or location 

Please find further information below about the  assessment process and please email if you have further questions 

Kay Penney

Trainer / Assessor Pole Fitness - Pole Passion

Information is correct as of August 2020

We do however update our assessment process annually in line with industry standards so please do check before you purchase this course if you are in any doubt of the current process


Below is the online assessment process, which is in two parts, 

1st part is online theory short test and 

2nd part is the practical assessment, which explains how the course works. If you have any questions, please contact us


The theory test consists of 20 questions in the form of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, answering true / false questions. 
There is a time limit of 1 hour for the theory exam. You can start and stop as much as you need to within that hour 

Many of the students have said it takes them  shorter time than one hour

You will only have one attempt at the exam. 

Once you have completed the exam you will find out your score. The pass mark required is 75%. If you pass you can then move on to the practical component of the course. If you do not meet the required score you will be offered the opportunity to review the course content further and to re-sit.


The practical assessment consists of you delivering a mock lesson to include three elements
1. A warm up component
2. Verbally and visually teaching 5 of the moves covered in the course that will be generated at random and cannot be changed. 

3. A cool down component at the end 

Each move is worth 5 marks and 5 additional marks are awarded for instructor presentation, voice, body language, interpersonal skills and use of kinesthetic tuition where necessary.


Video submission of practical exam

  • MAXIMUM One hour (plus additional studio and camera set up time) MINIMUM 20 MINUTES
  • One student to teach, minimum ( You may teach up to three students in one lesson)
  • One static pole to teach from with safety mat for inverts where applicable
  • The video must have clear sound and vision at all times and must flow continually. (no breaks in the filming) please do not have your music up high)
  • You must be facing the camera at all times (not your back to the camera)
  • You may have music playing in the background, this must not obscure your voice, please do not have your music up high)

You will be given 5 moves chosen at random. You CANNOT change the moves chosen at random.

Examiners will be looking for visual and verbal demonstration of the following

  • Appropriate warm-up and cool down components delivered by you the instructor
  • Appropriate and safe execution and linking transitions observed
  • Do you use the pole cleaning cloth appropriately
  • Are you suitably and safely dressed for professional instruction
  •  Instructor presentation - Suitable clothing, no jewellery, hair tied back, suitable make-up if applicable
  • Body language & personality – Appropriate body alignment. strong, confident, balanced & motivational. Open and encouraging, no crossed arms, for example
  • Relaxed and confident teaching manner
  • Your language used during your instruction and motivation skills used. Voice – tone, tempo, engaging, fun and motivational
  • Interpersonal skills - Use of student’s names during instruction, eye contact, spatial awareness to that of your student/s and the pole. Kinaesthetic, hands-on tuition, where appropriate
  • Your correct hand grips during your demonstrations and the student's practice (correcting fully if the student needs correcting)
  • Safe and accurate execution of the moves with added teaching variations and progressions if necessary

Videos can be submitted to theteam@passion-fitness.com via Vimeo, YouTube, Wetransfer, one drive or Dropbox link.

 You can also post a DVD/USB to 

Pole Passion Ltd

283 Dewsbury Road


West Yorkshire


United Kingdom

Please ensure your DVD/USB stick is clearly labeled with your full name and the date. The DVD must be region free. DVD/USBs will not be returned. 

Many thanks and we look forward to supporting you for your online teacher training journey,

For Licensee, low cost, opportunities with Pole Passion Join our team

 To register for ONLINE TRAINING, Master classes, group training, 1-2-1 training and ONLINE shopping please visit our website  www.polepasson.com

Thursday 25 June 2020

Portable free standing poles for rental

At Rpole we hire dance and fitness free standing poles !
Contact us with your details
Pole fitness / dancer experience

And drop us a line - theteam@passion-fitness.com

Garlic attracts women, health and fitness information

So this month I’ve researched information about Garlic and it’s amazing properties for health and well being

By: Cat Ebeling 
Garlic—it’s been around forever,  and quite frankly, kind of taken for granted. We know it’s good for us, but it has a bad reputation for giving everyone stinky breath, so many avoid it. Whether you love garlic or avoid it like the plague, it is the heart of many cuisines all over the world, and many dishes would actually taste quite strange without it. But, besides its unique taste, garlic has amazing medicinal qualities that support your health—and your lovelife!
Garlic’s pungent odor and sharp taste comes from the sulfur-containing compounds, primarily a substance called allicin. Allicin is known for its antibacterial, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties and is a  powerful component of garlic! Allicin has to be ‘activated’ in garlic in order to have the strongest effect. In fact, allicin is produced only when the garlic clove is crushed or chopped—a long-standing defense mechanism of the plant. Once you crush or mince the garlic, it has to sit for a minute, as the enzymes activate the powerful phytochemicals in the garlic and produce the allicin.
Let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways that garlic can improve your health:

1. Garlic is a Natural Antibiotic
Antibiotic resistance is becoming a serious worldwide concern, as the overuse of antibiotics in large scale meat production has created a whole new group of antibiotic-resistant super bacteria. This makes even minor bacterial infections in humans a serious health issue, if there are no medical antibiotics that can kill the bacteria. Garlic has been shown in scientific studies to kill a variety of common and dangerous bacteria including: campylobacter jejuni (responsible for food poisoning, pseudomonas aeruginoasa (pneumonia, and urinary infections), E.coli (food poisoning) staphylococcus aureus,klebsiella pneumonia (pneumonia, meningitis), shigella sonnei (diarrhea, dysentery), salmonella typhi(typhoid fever), as well as helicobacter pylori responsible for stomach ulcers and cancer.
One scientist wrote, “Crude garlic extract…was superior to that of all conventional antibiotics used, except streptomycin… garlic may also possess immune-stimulatory effects in addition to its antibacterial effect.”
Vancomycin is currently one of the powerful last-resort antibiotic medications that has dozens of serious side effects. However, even vancomycin now cannot kill some resistant strains of enterococcal bacteria (VRE). Garlic has been shown to have inhibitory effects on this superbug as well as anthrax, a killer bacterium.
While there are still some remaining conventional antibiotics that work on superbugs, they kill all beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria. As we now know, beneficial bacteria are extremely important to our physical, emotional and mental health, and killing them with powerful antibiotics actually weakens our immune systems. Fortunately, garlic knows the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria, and–better yet, garlic contains prebiotic oligosaccharides, which are non-digestible carbohydrates that feed our healthy bacteria.

2. Kills Candida Safely
Candida albicans is a fungus that can live in the digestive tract. Usually our beneficial bacteria can keep it under control, but candida is an opportunistic fungal infection that thrives off of glucose and starchy foods. If our diet is off, or our immune system compromised by allergies or other illnesses, it can grow out of control. For many women, this can be a problem, as candida can become an uncomfortable vaginal infection as well. For many people, candida can be chronic and cause brain fog, allergies, digestive issues, bloating, weight gain and more. Prescription anti-fungals are available, but they are harsh to our systems and hard on the liver. Garlic can’t be beat! Research shows Allicin is as good as, or more effective than common pharmaceuticals to suppress growth and kill off excess candida.

3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar
Obesity and diabetes have become an overwhelming epidemic worldwide. Refined sugars in most all of our food supply, coupled with sugary soft drinks and fruit drinks have created havoc in our bodies with chronically high blood sugar, weight gain, heart disease, infections, kidney and eye disease and more. Raw garlic has actually been shown to modulate blood sugar, reduce the damage it has on our bodies, and reverse the inflammation and oxidative stress. Garlic improves insulin sensitivity so that blood sugar stays in check better.

4. Prevents Heart Disease and Blood Clots
Many physicians still prescribe dangerous statins to reduce cholesterol, unfortunately, statins have had some pretty awful side effects like increasing your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, liver damage, cancer, neurodegeneration, and weakening your muscles (including your heart). If you can take a natural approach to lowering your LDL cholesterol, you should be way better off. LDL numbers can improve with a combination of lower carb/low sugar diet, exercise and garlic. Garlic can regulate cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower inflammation levels, and prevent arterial plaque buildup, and help prevent heart disease.
One of the biggest contributing factors to heart disease is blood clots. Blood clots move along arteries until there is a narrow spot, and then get stuck, blocking off blood flow and oxygen—this creates either a heart attack, or stroke.  Certain people, based on a variety of factors, including diet, are more likely to have blood clots, but garlic helps to thin the blood in a healthy way. Aspirin has been recommended by the medical establishment as a preventative measure against blood clots, but has recently been rescinded by the Food and Drug Administration. When it comes to anticoagulants, allicin from garlic tops the list.
Another risk factor in heart attacks and strokes is high blood pressure. Often the drugs used to control blood pressure have many adverse side effects, including impotency, making them undesirable. In the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciencestudy results showed garlic to work better than atenolol, a popular beta-blocker hypertension medication.

5. Prevents Lung Cancer
Garlic breath may be tough to tolerate, but that is one of the ways it supports your lung tissue. The powerful compounds in garlic are very valuable for lung health. This study showed that eating raw garlic twice a week or more, reduces the risk of lung cancer by a whopping 44% ! Allicin also helps ease congestion and irritation in the lungs and helps fight pneumonia.

6. Supports Healthy Pancreas and Insulin Production
Our pancreas helps to produce insulin, which in turn lowers blood sugar. However, in light of the sugar and carb-heavy diets that most people eat today, the pancreas is working overtime to produce insulin in high enough amounts to counteract glucose levels. Over time, the pancrease can become exhausted and quit functioning properly or producing insulin. This is diabetes. Allicin from garlic actually helps to repair the pancreas and allow it to better produce necessary insulin. It works for type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes.

7. Garlic Attracts Women!

While scientists have observed that many animals are more attracted to males who eat a high nutrient, high antioxidant diet—for example blue footed boobys (a bird in the Galapagos) attract mates by the bright blue of their feet—which comes from the antioxidants in their diet. A similar thing may be true in humans, although we don’t look for blue feet, we look for scents and skin colors.
In a series of experiments published in 2016 in Appetite, 42 men snacked on raw garlic or swallowed garlic capsules, then wore cotton pads under their armpits for 12 hours. The pungent samples were later evaluated by 14 women, who collectively rated the body odor of garlic eaters as more pleasant, attractive and masculine compared with that of men who did not ingest any garlic. Because garlic enhances levels of antioxidants in the body and kills harmful bacteria, it could change the way our sweat smells, signaling healthiness to potential mates, the researchers hypothesize. So, while garlic breath on the first date may not score you points, apparently garlic-enhanced body odor will! Garlic is not the only food that might boost a man’s sex appeal. Previous studies have found that carotenoid-induced golden-colored skin is more attractive to potential partners—at least among Caucasians.
Bottom Line
Many, pharmaceuticals are based on naturally-occurring substances—the laboratory tries to imitate nature, but concentrates and isolates active ingredients so that when synthesized into a medicine, they have side effects—in many cases dangerous side effects.
Rather than popping a synthetic version of a natural product, it makes sense to use the natural substance in its whole form. Your body is better able to use the beneficial ingredients, along with all the other natural substances, and use them to actually heal and promote wellness.