Wednesday 24 November 2010

Pole Passion Bognor Pole Fitness Classes

Introducing Pole Passion Bognor

Susannah Thompson ~
Pole addict

Sue’s in the spot light this month as she is embarking in a part time job with Pole Passion
We asked questions to find out more about Sue!!

How long you have been Poling?
I've been poling for 18 months now and am completely addicted! I've never been particularly keen on exercise so I was surprised that I enjoyed this as much as I did. I now love it more than ever and haven't looked back since my first lesson! I have been apprenticing with an advanced instructor since January 2010 and during that time I've discovered that I love passing on my addiction to others and watching them develop and improve.

What made you get into it?
I didn't have a particularly healthy lifestyle and was advised by the doctor to try and gain some muscle to deal with some health issues. He suggested lifting weights in a gym but I've never been a fan of exercise so didn't think I'd be able to do that. Instead I decided to try Pole Fitness, as this involves supporting your body weight in various poses and spins, the end result being increased strength, better tone and flexibility. I love music, so it’s no chore to dance! It worked wonders for me and my health has improved dramatically as a result.

What is your favourite part about it?
The thing I love most about Pole is the way that everyone is good at different bits of it. You don't have to be super flexible or super strong because you can adapt the moves to work with what you have. Everyone has a move they get first time while the person next to them takes weeks to get it. Equally, everyone has a move that just persistently eludes them! There are enough 'quick wins' to keep you motivated and enough difficult moves to keep you challenged. Perfect combination!

Do you have any other hobbies?
I'm not a big fan of exercise and apart from Pilates I did very little before starting Pole. Now though, I also do silks, hoop and trapeze - Ariel skills which perfectly compliment my Pole training. I regularly attend master classes, competitions and workshops in Pole and Ariel skills to make sure that I have new ideas to bring to the students.

Sue currently teaches from Redhill Life Line fitness and is soon to start at
Arun Leisure Centre
Felpham Way
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO22 8ED
email: for more information

Maxine Betts retirement Miss Pole Dance UK professional champion

A HUGE Farewell to our Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 Maxine Betts as will be retiring from the pole world announced on Tuesday 9th November 2010.

Not a lot of people know, but Maxine, the fit athlete that she is suffers from Fibromyalgia, which she was diagnosed with 8 years ago.
Fibromyalgia is pain and stiffness in the muscles, ligaments and tendons and can affect several parts of the body.

The symptoms of this condition are:
• Pain
• Fatigue
• Sleep disturbance and waking up not feeling refreshed
• Morning Stiffness
• Headaches
• Concentration Problems
• Irritable Bowels

Fibromyalgia can make day to day, simple tasks a challenge such as, cooking and light duty house work, which in result of this can lead to depression.
As of today the only treatment for Fibromyalgia is to take strong pain killers or non steroid anti- inflammatory drugs.

Due to having this condition Maxine’s body would not have the recovery time it needed which would then lead to a cycle of ongoing unpleasant pain.
As Maxine is a professional UK Champion Body Builder as well as the Miss Pole Dance UK professional Champion, she would battle through daily with this pain, as she has so much love and ambition for her art.

Eventually after a particularly bad day on Monday 8th November 2010, her illness deliberating Maxine so much so, she was so paralysed and not able to speak! - Maxine decided enough was enough: it was time to give it a rest from the pole and fitness world and as Maxine quoted on facebook, “It’s now time to look after Maxine Betts the person, rather than Maxine Betts the athlete.”

Maxine has been a huge inspiration to so many girls and guys in the pole community; she is an amazing athlete who beyond all the odds never expected to win Miss Pole Dance UK on 25th October 2009 in London.
As like many of us, Maxine fell upon Pole Fitness & dance, loved it, trained hard and trained herself to become the professional lady she is today. She was an unknown who was just doing what she so loved to do, stay fit, perform, dance and contribute to others.

Not long before entering into Miss Pole Dance UK 2009, she sadly lost her dad to cancer. Her performance was a tribute to him in her moving, powerful and emotional performance that captivated the 900+ audience and judges. It meant a lot to her as she chose the song by, “Take That,” “Rule The World”, which featured lyrics such as, “Yeah you and me we can light up the sky, if you stay by my side we can rule the world”, These lyrics were kept close to her heart as she performed on behalf of her dad, celebrating his life and she consequently went on to light up the sky of Pole Competitions.
Maxine never entered into MPD UK to win it, she saw it as an opportunity. It was in fact on her yearly to do list! Her yearly ambition list that motivates her through her challenging life of pain. It was her opportunity to show the world, her opportunity to dance on a stage like no one was watching, celebrating her physical achievements – When she won it rocked the pole world, inspiring hundreds of others to get up and have a go, sending out the unforgettable message – that if you love what you do - then do it . her famous phrase in her boot camps ‘DO IT’ always would inspire and motive, from her years in the army.

Maxine has always said never take yourself too seriously, a philosophy we love at Pole Passion too. Always remember to have fun with your art and remember why you got into it in the first place.
As Maxine found herself at the top of her game, she begun then to put a lot of pressure on herself to keep on continuously impressing people and she found that the pole community needed some fun put back into it and for it not to be so serious, after all it is pole dancing not brain surgery!

Her advice to all girls wishing to become pole dance champions is to do it for yourself have fun with it and always remember why you are doing it.

Maxine never failed to not impress anyone and she taught lots of successful Masters Classes throughout the UK including one in Switzerland, inspiring National athletes so much so she was invited above all other top pole athletes across the globe supporting the girls of Miss Pole Dance Switzerland.
She also has a successful pole school called Pole Mania.

Maxine would like to thank everyone for supporting her over this year and is very happy she has inspired so many people and she says “If you want something that bad you eventually get it, you just have to believe in yourself and NEVER give up”.

We are sure at Pole Passion this will not be the last you have heard from Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 Maxine Betts and we wish her all the luck in the world as she embarks on her new career adventure!

We wish Maxine a healthy and fruitful future a lady who has inspired so many and will continue to do so.
Words to describe Maxine come to mind
Athletic, strong, powerful, determined, ambitious, fun, playful, funny, intelligent, sexy, classy, feminine, mentor, supporter, leader, inspirational, outspoken,

What a great ambassador for the pole world we thank you for your contribution and love you have shared. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten; continually inspiring at all levels and we will be staying in touch 

Words taken from Maxine’s last Master Class with Pole Passion

“Never ever give up on your dreams or what you believe in, look at the person sitting next to you, then know that you are no better than that person and that person is no better than you, if you can go through your life remembering this you will always do well.
If you want something bad enough, all you have to do is believe in yourself and anything is possible, if you want it enough you just go out there and you make it happen, you grab the world with both hands, keep a tight hold and never let go.
....... and last of all Kay, a small word from me..........I tell everyone don’t ever give up on your dreams......and although my illness has caused me to now retire this does not mean I have given up on my dreams. It simply means I have lived mine I have made them happen and now it is time for me to go and live some new dreams, I am very proud to have been MPD UK champion and to have represented the pole community. I have also learned so much from every one, on a professional level and also on a personal level and have some wonderful memories that will stay with me always.”

Maxine Betts ~ November 2010 xxxxx

Healthy Wishes and with our love

Written by Nikki Fenton & Kay Penney
Miss Pole Dance UK - The Pole Passion Team x


Tuesday 23 November 2010

Burlesque Passion Dance-a-thon for Macmillan Cancer Charity

Dance-a-thon update
10 hours of Dance
10 different dance styles

Hip Hop : Belly Dancing : Burlesque/Pole : Line Dancing : Salsa : Jazz Bollywood : Zumba : Street : Cheerleading

We wanted to thank everyone for your support and help with the Dance-a-thon that was held at Butlins in Bognor on Saturday 20th November 2010. It was an amazing success, with particular thanks to Kristina, Marianne and Birgitta and all that were involved in the dance presentations.

Hip Hop - Vikkie from T21 Dance
Belly dance from Cherry from the Arena
Burlesque & Pole Dance from Kay & Sue – Pole Passion Bognor & Burlesque Passion
Line Dancing from Julie from Line Dancing Events
Salsa from Angela from Dance Club 2000
Jazz Dance from Tanya from Art of Dance
Bollywood from Shalini from Just Jhoom
Zumba from Jodie from Peppyfit
Street Dance from Dave from the Street Dance Company
And Cheerleading from Rachel from Razzle Dazzle Cheerleading

Special thanks also for the presentations from
Entertainment from Sedge
Synchronize Dance Troop
Priscilla Queen of the Dessert Production
Duet Killer Heelz
Abba Tribute

We are getting fantastic feedback particularly from our very own founder of Pole Passion & Burlesque Passion for Fitness Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre, who wowed the 300 strong audience of men and women of all ages with her witty, sexy & empowering techniques during her 45 minute presentation.
The event has raised over £10,000 which is outstanding.

‘It’s a time I can give back, I always like to support 3 to 4 cancer charities per year.’ mentions Kay. With Kay being personally effected by cancer in 2006 and who had nursed her mother through her final days of cancer in 2008, where one in three of us now being diagnosed with cancer at some point in our life and with 7000 people diagnosed with cancer every year in Sussex alone, Macmillan services have never been in more demand.
Everyone’s support and generosity will enable Macmillan to raise funds to provide further expert treatment, care and information for patients and their families to help meet the enormous challenge of making Macmillan services available to all who need them at whatever stage of their cancer journey.

We have many people saying they would love to do it all again.... so we will be back next year ..... if you would like to join us – let us know here at Pole Passion email us at -

We have many photos on our facebooks pages too please have a look.!/album.php?aid=254883&id=583507788

tel: 0871 318 3838

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Treasure Hunt Brighton for Fun Days Out

Pole Passion - Treasure Hunt Brighton.

Pole Passion recommended 2 hour Treasure Hunt package, a combination of two Treasure Hunts and Dare Cards all rolled into one.

You may wish to take longer by stopping at the bars and restaurants along the way.
Have a guaranteed FUN time exploring historic Brighton with some crazy dares along the way.

TWO comprehensive treasure hunts in one –

Hunt 1 – Easy, family version consisting of 31 questions and

Hunt 2 - Adult cryptic version consisting of 30 questions.

All information and answers are sent to you as a PDF document allowing you to print out the required number of copies, depending on your teams and player numbers. All you will need to supply is pens or pencils to complete the questions.

This package is designed as FUN and not a route march.
Area covered is central Brighton being the start at the historic park and Royal Pavilion, taking you through the Historic North Laine, and the famous Brighton Lanes and includes some historic and fun routes. It ends at the famous Brighton Pier, where you will find a fun fair, places to eat and drink.

Approx running time is 2 hours but allow extra time for cafes and bar stops should you be inclined to stop.

• Treasure Hunts booked with one of our Parties at £100
• Treasure Hunt 'Party' with Welcome drinks and FREE sexy gifts along the way £180

Suitable for 2 plus players

HOW it works and what it INCLUDES

• Break into teams to hunt for clues in and around Brighton, following the set of instructions, all within comfortable walking distance and will include a few bars along the way to relax and enjoy as you go. The 'Treasure' is the lasting memories you will create as you complete the course as this is designed to create fun and laughter as well as a challenge for the teams.
• 2 hour approx. self run Treasure Hunt in central, busy Brighton (Historic Lanes, North Laine and Pier areas)
• Includes:- TWO treasure hunts – Hunt 1 - Easy family version consisting of 31 questions and Hunt 2 - Adult cryptic version consisting of 30 questions, an organisers guide, with helpful hints, route summary, answer sheets, 8 picture questions, 7 bonus items to collect along the way, cryptic pub names game and fun Dares!
• A great way to find your way around Brighton
• Available as split teams or as one group
• Suitable for any size party. You just need to supply pencils for your teams
• You need to print off your treasure hunt as we will send it to you via PDF on email

Just print off one copy (for two teams) 39 pages

Pole Passion Parties are all about having fun and are ideal for Girls Nights Out, Boys night out!! Hen Nights and Birthday Parties, divorce parties, special celebrations in fact any opportunity to get the girls or guys together!

Please call us on 0871 318 3838 or enquire via our website


Monday 15 November 2010

Miss Pole Fitness UK - winner 2010 Beatrice Morgan

Beatrice Morgan - Centre right seen here with Kay Penney, founder of Miss Pole Dance UK
Miss Pole Fitness Amateur UK - champion

Hello Beatrice how does it feel to win Miss Pole Fitness Amateur UK?

I'm still in shock! I never thought I'd win. But it feels great; it's something to show for all the hours put in!

Did you go in it to win it?
Not at all, a friend of mine found out about the competition and suggested we enter so a few of us did to see what it was like. I thought it'd be a learning experience and a way of boosting my confidence, plus I like a challenge.

Are you classically dance trained? As your routine was very graceful and balletic.

I used to dance, up until I was about 15. I did Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. Although I've stopped I still love Ballet, and that's why I decided to put that into my routine.

How long have you been Pole Dancing for?

Just coming up to a year now.

What made you get into it?

A couple of friends and I were at our University's freshers fair and we saw the Pole Fitness society. We thought it would be just quite fun to join, but we ended up getting really into it very quickly, and loved every second (including the bruises!) and I'm now Vice President of Kent Pole Fitness.

Has this competition given you a hunger to compete in more competitions?

Potentially. I'm not a very confident person, before the competition I hadn't shown my routine to anyone as I was too nervous. But making it through it, let alone winning, has given me a drive. Plus I had such an amazing time doing it.

What advice would you give to anyone who has never competed before?

Just go for it. That's what I did. Through yourself into the deep end as it may well be just as rewarding as what happened to me.

Do you have a Pole Idol?

I love Jenyne Butterfly. She's so graceful and strong.

Were you nervous on the day of the competition?

Absolutely! I don't think I've ever been more nervous in my life!

Finally will come to compete in Miss Pole Dance Semi Pro next year?

I'd love to, but watching this year showed me just how amazing those girls are. So i’ll best get practicing!

Thank you Beatrice!

The Pole Passion Competition’s Team x

for more information regarding UK competitions visit

Code of Pole Pratice - written by Pole Passion Ltd 2008 - 2011

Code of Pole Practice and code of conduct
Based upon the Code of Fitness Professionals
© 2008. Pole Passion Ltd. All rights reserved
The Code of Pole Practice defines good practice for professionals in the pole fitness & dance industry by reflecting on the core values of rights, relationships and responsibilities. The term “professional” is used in a qualitative context in this Code and does not necessarily imply a paid position or person.

Exercise and dance professionals who assent to the Code accept their responsibility to people who participate in exercise & dance, to other fitness professionals and colleagues, to their respective fitness and dance associations, professional bodies and institutes, to their employer, and to society. Pole exercise and fitness professionals must abide by the four principles of the code which are:

1 Professional Standards
To retain a high level of competence through qualifications and continual development and learning and a commitment to ongoing training to ensure that safe and correct practice with both health and safety in mind to all the students, participants and instructors alike.

2 Relationships
To develop a relationship with their customers, based on integrity, openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

3 Personal Responsibilities
To demonstrate professional decorum in decent manner not likely to offend and to demonstrate a high degree of professional personal behavior and conduct at all times, and be fair, honest and considerate to all participants and associates at all times. To promote participant’s well being and health, in and out of the lesson structure.

4 Rights
To promote and respect the rights, dignity and worth of every student and instructor.

The Register of all Pole Professionals is a rigorous system of self-regulation for all instructors, coaches, trainers and teachers globally who are involved in supervising people who exercise and partake of physical activity programs on and around the pole of any description. The Register has created a framework within individual instructors so they can achieve the highest standards of professionalism linked to best practice in the health & safety sector within the dance, fitness and exercise industry in relation to pole movements and techniques. The Register was formulated in 2007 by Pole Passion Ltd to continually support those professionals who demonstrate a professional yet fun approach to Pole dance and exercise.

Registration is achieved and maintained through the gaining of qualifications and training, which are nationally and internationally recognized and linked nationally to National Occupational Standards for the pole fitness industry. Membership signifies that a pole exercise professional meets the required standards of good practice, and professionals who join the register will need to:

• Have gained a recognized and approved certification or qualification
• Demonstrate leadership and competence in their working environment
• Be committed to their own (ongoing) professional development in fitness
• Hold current CPR and first aid certificates Have public liability insurance that meet the minimum requirements for registration
• Adhere to an industry accepted Code of Pole Practice approved by governing awarding body, Skills Active

In isolation, any one of these six points is of little value – but together they measure the suitability of individuals to be members of the pole dance and exercise community and members of the Register.
Any professional misconduct or avoidance of compliance with the terms of the membership of the Register will lead to the member being disqualified from the Register immediately.

This Code of Pole Practice defines what is best in good practice for the professionals in the pole industry by reflecting on the core values of rights, relationships, responsibilities and standards. The term “professional” is used in a qualitative context in this Code and does not necessarily imply a paid position or person. Pole exercise and dance professionals who assent to this Code accept their responsibility to: participate in pole exercise and dance; other fitness professionals and colleagues; their respective fitness associations, professional bodies and institutes; their employer; and society.

It is important to establish, publicize and maintain standards of ethical behavior in the pole fitness instructing practice, and to inform and protect members of the public and customers using the professional services of those individuals who have demonstrated excellent commitment and standards with regards to exercise on and around a pole.

Physical activity dance and exercise can contribute positively to the development of individuals. It is a vehicle for physical, mental, personal, social and emotional development. Such development is enhanced if the individual is guided by an informed, caring and enlightened pole fitness professional operating within an accepted ethical framework as a self-monitoring professional.

The Mission Statement of the Register of the pole professional is:
“To ensure that all pole dance and fitness professionals are exceptionally knowledgeable and informed on up to date health and safety standards for all concerned, at all times.”

The roles of the pole dance and fitness professionals are to:

• Identify and meet the needs of individuals.
• Empower individuals during every session.
• Improve confidence, by creating a safe and comfortable environment to encourage and develop individual performance and fitness levels through programs of safe, effective and fun exercise.
• Create an environment in which individuals are supported and motivated to maintain participation and improve performance or fitness.
• Conform to ethical standards in a number of areas – humanity, relationships, co-operation, integrity, advertising, confidentiality and personal and professional standards.

Pole dance and exercise professionals will:

• Promote the rights of every individual to participate in pole dance and exercise, where possible and recognize that people should be treated as individuals.
• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being and their ultimate right to self-determination. Specifically, pole dance and exercise professionals must treat everyone equitably and sensitively within the context of their activity and ability – regardless of gender, age, disability, occupation, ethnic organ, color, cultural background, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or political opinion.
• Not condone or allow to go unchallenged any form of discrimination, nor publicly criticize or engage in demeaning descriptions of others.
• Be discreet in any conversations and not impart any personal information without consent.
• Recognize the right of all individuals to confer with other professionals.

Pole dance and exercise professionals will:

• Develop a relationship with their customers based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.
Inform participant(s) of their qualifications, experience, and Registration details and should provide the opportunity for the participant to consent or decline for training/instruction by that person and respect their opinions when making pole exercise decisions.
• Not engage in behavior that constitutes any form of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, bullying, etc).
• Not engage in behavior that constitutes any form degrading manner (touching the breast, groin or bottom area during their teachings).
• Always promote the welfare and best interests or their participants, and encourage and guide their customers to accept responsibility for their own behavior and actions in training and in their relationship with others.
• Ensure that physical contact is appropriate and necessary and is carried out within recommended guidelines and with the participant’s full consent and approval. Always ask before you touch a participant during instruction.
• Avoid sexual intimacy with clients whilst instructing, or immediately after a training session, and should arrange to transfer the client to another professional if it is clear an intimate relationship is developing.
• Take action if they have a concern about the behavior of an adult towards a child, or an adult towards another adult. Never engage in any form of sexually related contact with minors, including the use of innuendo, flirting or inappropriate gestures and terms.
• As a social obligation be extremely sensitive and cautious in the case of underage participants and always maintain that a consenting adult is present at all times during the instruction of a minor. Explain fully that it is not due to the content taught, rather as a social obligation.
Be aware of the physical needs of people, especially those still growing, and ensure that frequency, intensity, duration and type of training are appropriate.
• Discuss with parents, carers and other interested parties the potential impact of pole training programs offered to children, young adults or those with disabilities and/or impairments. Due to the sensitivity of pole dance and exercise we at present do not feel it is appropriate to teach children under the age of 16 (18 in some areas and venues) only as a social obligation rather than the content of the lessons.
• Clarify in advance with participants the number of sessions, fees (if any), method of payment and any other potential costs involved in participation.
• Communicate and co-operate with registered medical, clinical and ancillary practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of participant’s medical, physical and mental problems.
• Not to work with any professional’s customer without first discussing or agreeing both with the professional and customer involved.

Pole dance and exercise professionals will:

• Demonstrate proper personal behavior and conduct at all times.
• Be fair, honest and considerate to all participants and others working in the pole dance and fitness industry, and to display control, respect, dignity and professionalism.
• Project an image of health, cleanliness and functional efficiency, and display high standards in use of language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation.
• Not smoke, drink alcohol or use recreational drugs before or whilst instructing, or to take actions which could compromise the safety of participants.
• Not adopt practices to accelerate performance or fitness improvements which might jeopardize the safety, total well being and future participation of their customer(s).
• Pole dance and exercise professionals must never advocate or condone the use of prohibited drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances.
• Ensure that the activities and training programs they advocate and direct are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the participant(s).
• Advertise their services taking respect of their qualifications, training, knowledge and ability and must be accurate and professionally restrained. They must be able to present evidence of qualifications and registration upon request and be able to support any claim associated with the promotion of their services.
• Have valid public liability insurance to cover adequately and appropriately cover their legal liability in the event of any claim being made.
• Within the limits of their control, have a responsibility to ensure as far as possible the safety of the participants and the equipment used with whom they work.

Pole dance and exercise professionals will:

• Work towards attaining a high level of competence through qualifications and make a commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct pole practice which will maximize benefits and minimize risks to all participants.
• Promote the execution of safe and effective pole practice and plan all sessions so that they meet the needs of participants, and are progressive and appropriate.
• Welcome and share knowledge from other professionals.
• Need to accept responsibility for their actions and recognize when it is appropriate to refer to another healthcare professional or specialist.
• Seek to achieve the highest level of qualification(s) available and maintain up-to-date knowledge of technical developments in the pole dance and fitness industry.
• Engage in self-analysis and reflection to identify professional needs, and to develop a concept of lifelong learning and personal development on and off the pole.
• Not assume responsibility for any role for which they are not qualified.
• Confine themselves to practice those activities for which their training and competence is recognized by the Register.
• Training includes the accumulation of knowledge and skills through formal education, independent research and the accumulation of relevant, verifiable pole experience. The National Occupational Standards for coaching, teaching and instructing (and/or other appropriate fitness awards) provide the framework for assessing competence at different levels of register entry. Competence should normally be verified through evidence of qualifications and practice not inferred solely from evidence of prior experience.
• Welcome evaluation of their work by colleagues and be able to account to participants, employers, trade associations, professional bodies and the Register for what they do, and why.
• Have a responsibility to themselves and their participants to maintain their own effectiveness, resilience and abilities and need to manage their lifestyle to avoid overtraining.

© 2008 - 2011. Pole Passion Ltd. All rights reserved
Adapted from Code of Fitness Professionals
All information is copyright protected and remains the intellectual property of Pole Passion Ltd. Author Kay Penney.

No part may not be disclosed, copied or distributed by any means without prior written permission of Pole Passion Ltd unless the author and source are clearly identified.

Thursday 11 November 2010

Which Pole Dance & Fitness Pole is best for me?

Which Pole Is Best For Me?
There are many different types of poles on the market to choose from now.
Please find below information on the differences on the poles supplied
by R-Pole.

Fixed Poles

This is a traditional style of pole screwed in at the top ceiling and bottom floor, which is ideal if you are not planning on moving your pole from location to location. This type of pole although needs a qualified person to install has the least amount of maintenance checking. Once it’s up it stays up!

Semi Removable Poles

These Poles can be fitted with the minimum of tools and expertise and a qualified person is advised for installation. After the pole has been installed, the pole can easily be taken down when not in use with minimal disruption to ceilings and floors. Some poles have top fixings which are more challenging to install and some are ‘bottom’ loaded which are much safer and easier to install.

Removable Poles - One Length

This pole can be fitted with no drilling or leaving permanent marks on your ceilings or floors. It is easy to install and remove. The pole comes in one length and must be measured accurately for a perfect fit – this is the most popular floor to ceiling pole.

Removable Poles - Split

This Pole has the added benefit of being portable from place to place of different room heights and fixings as an additional part maybe added to change the length of the pole. It breaks down into sections that are lightweight and will comfortably fit into your car or smaller cupboards for storage when not in use.

R-Pole - Free standing, portable - One Length

This Pole is for use anywhere. It is lightweight, portable and up in minutes, you have no need to measure ceilings as no ceiling fixture is required. It can be used in a gym, in the garden, at home, on the beach and simply anywhere else you would like to take your pole to! These poles come in either 2m or 2.5m heights. High grip pink or black pole or stainless steel – the width of the pole is 38mm easier for the female hand to grasp too

R-Pole - Free standing, portable - Split Length

This pole is the same as above but the pole is split into two to make it easier for transportation and for storage. These poles come in either 2m or 2.5m heights.

Garden Pole

This pole is for every pole enthusiast, who loves the outdoors. It is supplied with the pole and ground fixings only (additional cement is required for the ground) It comes with an instruction manual on how to install it in your garden. These poles come in either 2m or 2.5m heights.

Static or Spinning poles?

A static pole stays perfectly still the whole time you are using it.

A spinning pole rotates with you.
You will find that different techniques are required for both types of poles.
Most people prefer the static pole to begin with.

50mm or 38mm diameter hand grip?

50mm is the standard size pole in the United Kingdom. A 38mm is a smaller diameter and is suitable for people with smaller hands. Some feel they can achieve more on a 38mm pole too. This is the most common pole in America and Australia but is becoming more popular over here now due to the R-Pole.
Fixed floor to ceiling 38mm poles are recommended to only go as high as 3.5m, and 2.5m for the garden and R-Pole (where there is no ceiling fixture).

Competition Poles

These are very bespoke poles and it is very important due to the nature of advanced moves being done at professional level that they comply with health and safety installation regulations and standards.
R-pole is proud to state they supply poles to the National Miss Pole Dance UK competitions and World Pole Dance championships 2009 and 2010

For more information on you choice of pole please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit

Pole Passion Ltd recommend the R-Pole and many thanks to the models in the pictures

Felix Cane - World Champion 2009 2010 Australian National champion
Jenni Gooch - UK Advanced Instructor
Jenyne Butterfly - USA Advanced Instructor
Deb Riley - UK Advanced Instructor

Proud sponsors of the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships

Benefits of Pole Fitness

The Benefits of Pole Dance Fitness with Pole Passion

At the mention of pole dancing, the image that comes to mind is not always one of fitness for some people, but the fact is that pole dancing is now a mainstream form of fitness with gyms around the world now accepting this physical form of fitness and dance because it offers an all over workout that is fun and more appealing than the usual workouts and suitable for all women regardless of age, shape or fitness level as instruction and moves are adapted to suit everyone. The important thing is that you just have fun!

Pole dance fitness mixes gymnastics, ballet, modern dance and offers an all over body workout improving muscle tone, burning calories and leaving you feeling empowered, fit and more sexy.

During the classes you need to be able to complete the warm up session, grip the pole effectively and safely, have freedom of movement and feel good, so you need to ensure you are wearing the correct clothing and follow some very simple guide lines. No oils or moisturisers must be used on the body prior to all lessons as a health and safety element, as bare legs are essential for safety reasons, if you want to grip on to the pole (you will slip with tights or trousers on). The ideal outfit is a pair of short shorts, skirt or hot-pants (if you are feeling a bit more confident), and something comfortable, but not restrictive, on your top half (a T-shirt is ideal) and trainers for pole fitness.

Pole Passion, one of the first Pole Fitness schools worldwide, have pioneered Pole Fitness since 2003 and have created a National Pole Dance Competition ‘Miss Pole Dance’ ( which is linked with most Countries around the World and incorporating the first World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Championships creating a World Champion and ambassador for the sport. (

Pole Passion also offer accredited and recognised Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Training Courses, approved by Skills Active and registered with the Register of Exercise Professional (REP’s) and this ensures all our instructors are fully qualified to teach Pole Fitness safely, ethically and effectively and further have gained approval from registered Osteopaths that the instruction is safe and beneficial.

Effective and safe teaching is very important and so is the equipment used to teach pole fitness on. Most dance poles require a ceiling fixings which creates problems for most health clubs with the alternative being a stage or podium pole which could be too high, unsafe, very heavy for instructors to assemble and move and completely unsuitable for a health club, so Pole Passion along with Brighton University spent 3 years developing their very own portable dance pole (the R Pole) which is designed to recognised safety standards for free standing fitness equipment and is completely flat to the floor (no platform or stage) allowing floor work and stretching and comes with a safety mat, complying with manual handling regulations too. (

Want to know more or learn to teach Pole Dance Fitness?

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Tuesday 9 November 2010

Why choose Pole Passion to support you?

1. Endorsed training

We have two comprehensive accredited Pole Fitness Instructor training courses, the highest awards in the fitness industry, endorsed by Skills Active. This means we are assessed regularly too, to ensure you are receiving the best training the pole industry can offer. These qualifications help you gain essential insurance too.
We have in house assessors, trained by Pole Passion and externally to the highest award in the pole industry and the fitness industry can supply.
We network world wide, sharing our growth with companies and individuals world wide to.

2. Innovative & Industry Leaders for Ongoing Support & Additional Training

Our Passionate and skilled Pole Passion team members are proud to be constantly innovating
• Pole fitness courses for fun and physical and mental development
• Pole parties for fun and enjoyment and gentle introductions to our skills
• Industry health and safety creating pole safety standards, the only one to BS standards for exercise equipment in the world.
• Introduction of First aid courses, pole specific for students and instructors alike
• Pole equipment - the first ,non stage, free standing, R pole, allowing floor work and safer exercise around the pole
• Organising and creating national and international Master Classes with the pole Masters - Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Pantera, Alesia Vazmitsel, Maxine Betts to name some of the pole Masters.

3. Customer & Student Focus

You as our customer and your customers too, so we are constantly showing a caring and supportive approach and often offering advice and support for free. – We offer telephone and email consultations for free too, before, during and after your courses and lessons with us.

4. Secure & Brand reliable

A reputable World wide brand creates customer quality and confidence – our brand has been around since 2001 and is now recognised as one of the industry leaders and innovators. We offer secure and safe methods of payments.

5. Highly Experienced, Passionate & Qualified Team

We focus on continual professional development for our instructors and students, organising National and International competitions worldwide. We own and operate World Pole Dance the most reputable pole competition in the world. With many years in business we care too.

We own and operate the annual Miss Pole Fitness and Dance UK Amateur, Semi Pro and professional categories & Mr Pole Fitness UK. We head hunt and support the best in the industry to help support you.

6. Excellent Value for Money

We work hard for our customers so they are always receiving great value for money. We offer payment schemes too on your larger purchases – just ask for one that will support you.

7. Insured & Fully Licensed

We care about your protection. We are fully licensed, insured and abide by the Code of Pole Practice as well as the Fitness Industry Association Code of Practice.

Our moto ~ Empowerment Confidence Fitness & FUN! - -

Thursday 4 November 2010

Lucy Cork winner of Miss Pole Dance & Fitness UK Semi Pro Championships 2010

Seen here with Maxine Betts (right) - the current Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009/2010 champion

"Hi Lucy, how does it feel to have won Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro?"
I'm shocked! It was my first proper competition and I knew how high the standard was going to be. It still hasn't sunk in really.

"How long have you been poling for?"
2 years

"What made you get into Pole Dancing?"
My Mum! She started having lessons with my teacher Sarah and she took me along.

"What style of pole dancing would you say you were?"
Fluid, strong, graceful and a bit cheeky.

"How many hours do you train a week?"
I train 2 hours every other day.

"What advice would you give to girls who wish to compete, who have never done it before?"
Get yourself an experienced teacher, who can see what your strengths are and just train, train, train!

"What are your favourite moves?"
The swan drop, Aysha, Twisted Hand Grip Flag, and the Marley

"Who is your Pole Idol?"
Leigh-Ann, Orsi and Tracey Simmonds

Will you be entering into Miss Pole Dance UK Professional next year?

Thank you very much Lucy! And all the best in the future.

The Pole Passion Team x
For more information on Miss Pole Dance UK visit the website below.

Wednesday 3 November 2010

CHINA joins World Pole Dance Federation 2011 event organised by Pole Passion

October 2010

Pole Passion and World Pole Dance is proud to welcome our newest International partners and Chinese athletes by linking and supporting China Pole Dance

The 2011 Pole Dancing Championship of China has begun.
This will be China's first formal pole dancing competition, and for them this no doubt will be very meaningful.
We are proud to be working along side them, culminating in the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships in October 2011 in Budapest

Samjoy coach Yifun is China's chief coach
Official sponsors of World Pole Dance

Tuesday 2 November 2010

The results Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur/Semi Pro and Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010

Passion proudly presents Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010, Miss Pole Fitness UK Amateur & NEW semi pro category

Congratultions go to all the competitiors this year an amazing collecting of professional pole performances from all over the UK

Miss Pole Fitness UK Amateur 2010

Beatrice Morgan FIRST
Stephanie Reeves SECOND
Samantha Baker THIRD
Allyson Eidson
Suzanne Mc Gregor
Alice Vereker-Hales
Louise Fairbrass
Anna Meekums Best Pole Tricks
Joni Verity Best Costume
Amadae Hills
Victoria Hemming Best Entertainer

Miss Pole Fitness & Dance Semi Pro UK 2010

Lucy Cork FIRST Best Pole Tricks
Lisa Graham SECOND Best Entertainer
Nikki Fenton THIRD
Katherine Forrest
Paula Bines
Sharla Ansett
Sue Odams
Victoria Coleman
Olga Pozdeeva Best Outfit / Costume
Sam Allen Turner

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 Awards

Darren Pritchard FIRST Mr Strong award
Keem S Martinez SECOND
Moses Fapohunda Mr Cool Award
Stephen Hilton

for more information visit

Darren Pritchard Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 Champion

Darren Pritchard
Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010
Interview the day after his win on
October 31st 2010

Welcome Darren and thank you for entering Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 now in its second year.

1) Hi Darren how does it feel to be crowned Mr Pole Fitness 2010?

I’m totally honoured

2) What made you get into Pole Dancing?

The beauty of pole dance mainly. Seeing a great pole dance leaves you blown away, it an amazing technique and discipline. I wanted something to challenging myself with as I have been dancing for years and wanted something else that was physical and also had some artistry involve. Pole dancing combined the both!

3) How does Pole Dancing compare to your regular dancing, as you are a professional dancer, more challenging or just different?

Pole dancing is most probably the hardest thing I’ve done! It’s much more physically demanding than the dance i’ve done before. I have danced full 1 hour programmes, however after a 5 min pole set i’m done in. Being a good dancer does not translate into being good at pole, it’s a technique like anything, so you have to train in it to be good at it.

4) Did you expect to win this competition?

No not at all - I only came to showcase

5) Do you think the male side of pole dance competitions will grow and grow?

Yes, the male scene just needs it inspirational poler’s, who will inspire more men to do it, we need a male Felix!

6) Favourite pole move?

Peter pan drop I love the drama of it

7) Do you have a Pole Idol?

Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane I can’t pick between them

8) Do you want to take your Pole Dancing skills further and perform more in it?

Yes i’m a true pole junkie now so constantly need my fix

9) Were you nervous on the day of your competition?

Yeah I was a total unknown and knew no one! So it was a brand new experience for me

10)If another Male Pole Dance competition comes up with Pole Passion, will you be entering?

Yes I think I would! Competitions are a great way to see the best pole dancers and also push yourself to go beyond what you would normally

Many Thanks Darren and we hope your win will attract more and more males to pole fitness and dance and we hope you will be representing the UK in the next years Male division of the World Pole Sport & Fitness competition 2011 in Budapest

The Miss Pole Dance Organisation and the Pole Passion Team x

Monday 1 November 2010

To Strip or Not to Strip? - The History - Miss Pole Dance UK

Picture of Elena Gibson the first Miss Pole Dance UK professional champion

Stripping or Costume Change??
The History - Miss Pole Dance UK 2010

To strip or not to strip this is the question?

In 2005 there was controversy in the newly acclaimed Pole Dance competition industry (now being introduced for fun and fitness!!) - This ruling, in the inaugural Miss Pole Dance UK Professional category and competition held in Brighton, a new competition created specifically not placed in the gentleman’s clubs to help educate and formulate a more professional and accepted art form and image, and was in fact designed primarily to be more for ladies eyes only!!

It was decided that the act of clothing removal could be deemed as ‘stripping’. Which is what the organisers of Miss Pole Dance Organisation, headed by Kay Penney, founder of Miss Pole Dance UK (2005) and subsequently Miss Pole Dance Amateur ( 2008), Semi Pro categories (2010) and Mr Pole Fitness (2009) , defiantly wanted to move away from, as to become more accepted and to divert the eyes more towards the technicalities of the art form as opposed to the nakedness of the female form which was definitely apparent in the early days of Pole technique and Pole Competitions pre 2005 –

In 2006, however, it was decided by the organisation there needed to be a distinct clarification between ‘stripping’ and ‘costume change and or removal’ during the pole presentations and competitions.

The organisation was mindful that the use of elaborate, flowing and decorative costumes definitely enhanced pole performances at competition level, creating more interest for the viewer and the use of costumes on and around a pole was definitely a technique that requires skill and exact precision. Not only adjusting moves carefully and calculating, where limbs are safely placed around the pole:- where the material does not inhibit the safe grip on the pole. Questions were also asked by judges during the costume change, as to whether the fluidity of the routine has been compromised.

Where a candidate may score more for creativity and presentation with a glamorous and eye catching costume, may in fact loose points for a poor and non fluid routine and techniques due to the costume change and removal!
Most importantly we also have to consider the health and safety factors of the competitor when using clothing and indeed props, within a routine, on and round the pole – Clothing could also be a main slipping and tripping hazard or may attach and trap limbs to the pole too!!

This was very evident by one contestant in the preliminaries at the World Championships, held in Zurich this year, 2010, where officials were at hand to step in a t a moments notice had her costume thread not snapped as it wound around her limbs as she was suspended high on the pole, apparently unaware and ablivious as to the seriousness this may have been.

Will the outer costume come loose during a performance and become tangled? Will it entangle around the person and or the pole during rotations, especially on fast spinning poles? Which could be extremely dangerous too? For example, this could cause strangulation or attachment of a limb that needs to be freed suddenly and quickly during a complicated move or combinations of moves and prohibit a proper and secure execution and grip.

The clarification was set that if outer clothing or over garments are to be removed during, before or after a routine this must be done in a NON sexual way –The definition and meaning of stripping –To allure your audience in a sexual manner, to entice and tease your audience!! (hence the word - strip tease) and at Miss Pole Dance we believe is definitely more suited in a more traditional burlesque routine!!

This non stripping ruling is still in effect today in many pole competitions across the world and of course only applies to outer garments There also is a very strict ruling of no exposure, either accidential or on purpose! of the bottom (g string underwear effect), groin or breasts (exposure of nipples), which very rarely happens luckily.
However, since Elena Gibson, the very first Miss Pole Dance UK 2005 professional champion was ‘stripped’ of her world championship title in 2005 in Amsterdam, for this same ruling after it was claimed, allegedly, she was found admitting to ‘stripping’ on video camera after her official crowing!! For removing her tutu in her transition from a ballerina to a rock pole chick. One of which was embarrassing for the organisation to retract her official title after being awarded in front of a very large crowd and devastating for her as a professional competitor too, who had obviously worked hard on her pioneering and award winning routine.

The ruling and word ‘prohibited’, is used within the Miss Pole Fitness UK Amateur category level, which we have been successfully running as an organisation since 2008where the competitor, who is new to competitions and indeed pole, who’s main focus is on her strength building, variety and uniqueness of tricks at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, developing her own individuality around the pole, all excluding inverts! – which we believe is actually quite difficult to do as (poling for under one year in a non teaching capacity) creativity is challenged and stretched , combinations, techincalities, lines flexibility and presentations of moves on the floor and pole as a performer in a choreographed set sequence of moves all set and interpreted to their own music choice all in less complicated costumes!! The focus therefore being mainly on technicalities of pole moves. The candidates’ extensions, lines, technique incorporating not only the height of the pole but the floor work and circumference of the pole too. Combinations are explored too – all the fundamentals of Semi Pro and the Professional categories – ones that are very much easily forgotten once the ability, challenge and fun is often found in the inverts!!

In the new category introduced this year, the Semi Pro, this particular ruling is a little more relaxed and a candidate is not disqualified for costume removal, as long as it is not done in an alluring and sexual manner, which runs through the whole 3 judging elements of their routine of course.

1) Presentation - 5 marks maximum
2) Performance of dance and or fitness – 10 marks maximum
3) Tricks – 15 marks maximum

The organisation reserves the right to change its rulings yearly as the industry continues to develop and evolve, as the main society accepts and acknowledges the true art form pole creates and as this being the first year of Semi Pro - we will be allowing costume change in the future at Semi Pro level.

At Miss Pole Dance UK Professional level, costume change is also permitted.

For more information regarding Miss Pole Dance Organisation and its competitions, the rulings and regulations and judging please email us on – industry leaders and experienced event organisers in pole competitions since 2005

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