Tuesday 31 January 2017

Student Instructor Testimonial Crawley Pole Passion Worth - Melissa Fish

My name is Melissa Fish and I'm 27 years old.
I love to attend Pole Passion at Crawley Worth under my instructor Kay Penney

I work as an office administrator although I'm currently on maternity leave. I started pole as I was looking for a way to get fit and build strength and I was always terrible going to the gym. I love pole because not only does it keep me fit and build strength but it also gives me confidence that I'd lost over time.
After just giving birth I know it will build confidence I've lost while being pregnant.
You also meet some amazing people and build friendships with other students you cheer each other along when you get a move you've been working on.

A big positive I get out of pole is that not only are you keeping fit, you achieve something new each week and that also keeps me going. I was worried about doing it first as I thought I wouldn't be able to do it and that I'd be too weak for it but you work at your own pace and the instructors will always make sure you achieve your goals.

When I first told my family that I did pole I got mixed reactions, they called it pole dancing all the time but once you explain that you don't actually dance it's about fitness and strength etc they are more accepting of it and think it's amazing that I can do well at it and enjoy it.

Monday 9 January 2017

Kay Penney asked to support the World Pole Sport Championships in Turin 2017

Kay Penney is the Chairwoman of The World Pole Dance Association, co-organising World Pole Sport & Fitness championships since 2009 organising the competition in countries such as Jamaica, UK, Budapest, Switzerland, Beijing, China & more recently the World Championships in Bucharest September 15th & 16th 2016.

Kay is also the owner, founder and Managing Director of Pole Passion Ltd (www.polepassion.com), and is responsible for bringing pole to men and women as a pole art form and dance for fitness.
Kay is the owner and creator of Miss Pole Dance UK established in 2005

Kay created Pole Passion Ltd in 2003 with a passion to pass on her experiences and passion for the pole, promoting the very talented and ambitious, from beginner students to the World champions, like Felix Cane (double world champion) and Bendy Kate. Kay adapted the early pole techniques, inspired by exotic dance, in the beginning, to create what is known as pole fitness today and is constantly affirming her vision by achieving international accreditation for all her instructor training qualifications in 2007 with Skills Active and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Her programmes are shared and learnt by men and women all over the world now with the online programmes, with a continual passion along with her dedicated and experienced team. Women from all over the world now train with Pole Passion. Pole Passions Instructor Training  Accreditations are valid in all of Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia & USA.

Kay is a business graduate and has the pleasure to attend seminars including speakers such as Sir Richard Branson & Alan Sugar. 
She is a health and beauty expert, professional sports masseur, aromatherapist and Indian massage and Swedish massage therapist and has diplomas in beauty and nutrition.
Kay has had a love for sport & dance all her life and has been involved and certified in Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Football, Cricket, Orienteering, Badminton, swimming & Gymnastics and is a REP’s qualified Fitness Instructor and Exercise Group Instructor.
With her experience of competitions in other fields, she formulated and founded Miss Pole Dance
UK Championships in 2005 & Mr Pole Fitness UK competitions in 2009.

She is the creator of World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships from 2009 (Jamaica). She developed and wrote the rules for the first synchronised doubles category in 2010 Passionate about the health, safety and well-being of students and instructors alike she created a First Aid, Pole Sport Specific course in 2010 and instructor and spotting safety course for instructors and students based on the cheerleading principles of spotting, the first of its kind.
She is and has been members of the following associations;
Equity, Fitness Industry Association (FIA), UK Active, Sussex Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Member of Pole Fitness Association USA, International Pole Sports Federation Chair of Events 2009.

She is a qualified first aider, pole specific and continues to teach weekly pole fitness lessons where she is her most happiest.
She wrote the first Code of Pole Practice specific to professionalise pole fitness, which is specifically followed by her team of 38 instructors for Pole Passion.
Kay is passionate about high-quality and professional and safe teaching techniques and devised an apprentice scheme and grading system to pass on and continue professional and ongoing education for her team, world wide.

She is co-inventor of the RPole, one of the first free-standing portable poles specific to pole fitness and dance techniques, without a platform stage and the only pole which incorporates a safety mat as standard. The RPole also is the only pole currently built to the high standards of the British and European safety laws.
She is actively involved in Teacher training and assessing in both Pole and Burlesque Dance techniques. Kay has appeared on National and International TV :- BBC, Sky Bravo TV and local radios and many times  & has been featured in local and national
newspapers and magazines.

She is a presenter and public speaker for pole fitness and over the years her and her team support cancer charities 4 times per year and has raised thousands of pounds for such charities to include McMillian, St Lukes Hospice, Breast Cancer Awareness, Wear it pink. She has taken the RPole to the top of Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the UK to support her chosen charities.
Each year Kay is passionate about networking and supporting other countries and cultures and sharing knowledge.
She is currently learning Fitness for pregnancy and for children 5-15 years old.
Competition Achievements:
2001 Founder, owner & Managing Director Pole Passion Ltd.  (polepassion.com)
2003 Regional Champion  - Pole Idol Championships
2005 Founder, Owner & Managing Director Miss Pole Dance UK & Mr Pole Fitness UK
2005 - 2017 Main competition organiser
2006 Code of Pole Practice Creator - http://www.polepassion.fitness/code-of-pole-practice
2009 Founder & Creator of World Pole Dance – Rules & Regulations and Judicial system including move syntax coordinator -  worldpole.fitness
2005 - 2013 Head Judge  - Miss Pole Dance /  World Pole Dance
2010 Synchronised Doubles Creator
2013 - 2016 Competition compare

Kay has judged and mentored in countries such as China, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Germany, France, Switzerland, Jamaica and United Kingdom and is looking forward to adding Italy to her list in 2016

Kays contact details:
Whats app: +44 77535 85054
Twitter: Pole Passion
Facebook: Kay Penney

Instagram: Kaypenney01