Friday 19 May 2023

Rpole feedback

"Hello Rpole team my pole was delivered today with no issues; I’m super pleased with it and it fits perfectly in my front room (actually much better than I thought it would).   I just want to say thank you so much for your help. I feel I’ve done nothing but bombard you with questions and you’ve answered every one of them brilliantly.  The service has been excellent from the very first contact and if you have somewhere that you use for reviews please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to leave an excellent review.

Thank you once again, Debbie "

Friday 12 May 2023

Pole Passion pole fitness and dance classes

 Introducing our pole fitness and dance courses in Wakefield, Bognor, Shoreham, Worthing, Newark, Oxted, East Grinstead, Brighton, Crawley, Lewis, Chichester, Littlehampton

4-week intro to pole courses costing approximately £40 for 4 weeks

Unfortunately no refunds for missed classes, however, come and join us at the above venues where we will be gently introducing you to all aspects of pole fitness for empowerment, confidence, fitness & FUN!

This course is for everyone and anyone over 16 years old (some classes teach children too)

No previous experience is necessary

No upper body strength or flexibility needed

Come join us at a Pole Passion venue -

OR FOR THE SUPER NERVOUS or super committed!

Why not try our 121's 

Working at your own pace

At a time to suit you, day or evening 

 4  x 1-hour packages for £100

or a taster session at £25/£35 per hour

Contact us at - or call on 07753585054

Kay Penney Fitness Pole Passion Wakefield

Pole Fitness since 2000
Mum of three inspires others to take up pole fitness 
Now teaching in Wakefield West Yorkshire she continues to empower other mums to take up this challenging sport


What pole to choose - Rpole

There are many different types of poles and qualities of poles on the market to choose from these days. This can be a little daunting when you are looking for your first pole, therefore the team at R-Pole & Pole Passion has come up with the following information to make the buying process a little easier but remember to test the pole before you buy just visit a studio from the list of venues who have been using these poles for years!

Please find below the information on the differences between the poles supplied by Pole Passion and R-Pole. 

The quality of the poles we recommend is to the highest manufacturing and gripping standard available on the market.  Therefore not compromising the quality or safety of you on your pole.

Poles come in a variety of grip diameters

38 mm is ideal for the smallest and medium hand grip and children's hands

42 mm / 45 mm is ideal for the small, medium, and large hand grip

50 mm ideal for the medium and larger hand grip

Poles can be static or spinning or static and spinning

A static pole stays still when you are on it

A spinning pole is a pole that rotates with you on it 

There are different techniques required when using a static pole and a spinning pole and generally for a spinning pole you need additional strength to stay on and you'll need to become accustomed to the many continual rotations! Hence why at Pole Passion we always start beginners on a static pole

Fixed Pole - Floor to Ceiling

This is a traditional style of a pole which is ideal if you are not planning on moving your pole from location to location.  This pole does not need to be regularly checked to see if it has come loose, making this the safest pole on the market. Once it’s up it stays up! Your pole will be screwed into the ceiling and into the floor.
Comes as static or static and spins in a 38mm or a 50mm grip diameter. 

Semi-Removable Poles – Floor to Ceiling

These poles can be fitted with the minimum of tools and expertise. After the pole has had its ceiling fixing installed, the pole can easily be taken down when not in use. Comes as a static pole in 38mm, 42mm, or 50mm. This pole is ideal for fitness classes whereby the fixtures are from the top and bottom.

R-Pole - Free Standing - Gym Studio Class - fully portable & lightweight

With or without mats as these can be bought separately

This Pole is for use anywhere. 

Home, studio, gym, park, fields, gardens, mountains, the list is endless

It is lightweight and portable including an integral safety mat and you have no need to measure ceilings as there are no ceiling fixtures. There is no noisy stage or heavy platform to fall off to. It is designed to be used in a gym environment and has been tested up to 100kg in weight, it also is fully waterproof, which makes it ideal for water pole aerobics and photo shoots!!. This pole comes as a standard 2.5m height but can be cut shorter if required, but can not be made higher! The pole can be one length or split into two pieces, with a seamless connector for ease of portability and transporting from location to location in a car or on public transport, for example. This most popular pole comes only in a static setting.  Travel bags are also available

Garden Pole

This pole is for every pole enthusiast, who loves to pole outdoors. 

It's the pole above!!

UK standards

All our poles are regulated by BS standards and abide by World Pole Dance guidelines for the highest safety standard in the world 

To purchase your pole Speak to your Pole Passion instructor or click the link here - It's an easy 3-step process

  1. Choose your desired hand diameter
  2. Height
  3. Mat/pole colour
Alternatively, email us at -

Mimi Pole, Kay Penney and Miss Pole Dance UK


Easy Pole Fitness instructor training courses available now online and in person

 Practical and easy-to-follow instructor training courses in pole and aerial hoops

Join our leading instructors for videos and progression information in the pole fitness industry 

No subscription ties 

Buy individual courses or packages to cover your yearly CPD’s 

Meet all your learning needs with our fantastic online courses 

Highly practical courses from beginner to intermediate to advanced standards all meeting the highest pole fitness regulations for insurance purposes 

Simple Payment structures through online PayPal and debit and credit card facilities too

All with 24/7 what’s app support by real pole people who are highly experienced trainers & assessors 

Ask us anything as no question is a silly question we’re here to help you every step of the way 

Email us for more information -

7 secrets to getting a fit and toned body whilst doing pole fitness - Sam.fitness365

  1. Focus on a balanced and nutritional diet - visit our nutrition page on the website to download some amazingly healthy recipes 
  2. Increase your protein intake, pulses, fish, eggs & lean meats  - download our protein-rich recipes packed full of nutritional recipes 
  3. Avoid refined carbohydrates and replace them with complex ones
  4. Don't be scared of fats, not all fats are bad for us 
  5. Stay hydrated by drinking plain water 
  6. Try pole fitness to boost your self-esteem and feel energised - It's scary at first but we have all been there!!
  7. During your sessions you use your body as your weight in fact in most classes it doesn’t even feel like exercise!



on Instagram for nutrition and fitness techniques off the pole 

What happens in a Pole Passion Wakefield Fitness Dance Class

No two classes are the same! 

At each class will have a 5 -10 mins warm up on or off the pole 

Then we work through a series of moves, tricks, spins, transitions, poses, flexibility stretches, progression stretches, and strength conditioning all ending in a relaxation session at the end 

Some moves you’ll love 

Some will challenge you

As everyone is different 

Most people don’t have upper body strength when they come to pole so each week you will gain new strength  and flexibility and the beauty is you forget you’re exercising ( until the next day or so afterward) 

Benefits of pole fitness with Pole Passion 

🌟 A total body workout

🌟 Uplifts your mood 

🌟 We encourage all styles

🌟 Adds variety to your training 

🌟 Creates fun in your training 

🌟 Excellent for increasing balance, coordination & flexibility 

🌟 Tones tighten & conditions muscles 

🌟 Increases your power & strength 

🌟 Has a social side 

🌟 Creates high self-esteem 

🌟 Boosts body confidence 

🌟 Improves posture

🌟 Helps with weight loss

🌟 Improves mental well being 

🌟 Improves bone strength in the spine, hips, legs, arms & wrists 

🌟 Suitable for all ages 

🌟 No experience necessary 

🌟 A grading system for all levels 

Email us:  Whats app/text 07753585054

International Pole Aerial and Fitness Camp 2024

We are super excited to launch the 2024 International Pole fitness and Aerial camp in Budapest

We are delighted to be returning to Budapest for our 11th year and offering international pole, aerial, and fitness camps for over 16 years  !!

Suitable for beginners/advanced students as we will have a mix of top instructors teaching all levels.

Socialise with like-minded people with fun and entertaining party nights! 

Photo opportunity in front of the stunning Liberty Budapest Bridge.

Draft itinerary

Sunday 5th May – Arrive in Budapest
Monday 6th to Thursday 9th May – Pole & Aerial Training & Workshops

Full daily itinerary of training activities, including, pole dance, pole tricks, performance, and combination workshops. *PLUS EVENING ACTIVITIES

Depart Budapest Friday 10th May

*Evening activities available include Ruins bar, Party night. Optional extras, Riverboat cruise, spa day, massage.

Cost: Retreat at £675 inclusive of all training and accommodation. 

Fully refundable up to 12 weeks prior to the event, minus the deposit

Our centrally located hotel within the city is within walking or tram distance to our training venues & evening entertainment, restaurants, and bars and has been a very popular choice with past participants.

Your tuition is daily with all training & lessons included in the price, with over 20 hours of training classes to choose from - we know this is exceptional value for money  

Suggested Itinerary (subject to change)

Sunday 5th May – Arrive in Budapest

Monday 6th to Thursday 9th, 2024 – Pole, Aerial Training & Fitness Workshops fill our days - you can choose as much or as little of the timetable as you wish but all are included in the price. Full daily itinerary of Pole activities, tricks, performances, and combination workshops. *PLUS EVENING ACTIVITIES will be issued in April 2024

Depart Budapest Friday 10th May

Cost: Camp cost remains at £675 inclusive of all training and accommodation.

* Accommodation on a shared room basis (single room and double bedrooms can be purchased at an additional cost) in centrally located hotels within the city and close to our training venues.
* Tuition daily with all group training & lessons included in the price.

* A walk to the local market for fresh fruits and vegetables 

Not included: 
* Flights (we recommend Easyjet from the UK),
* Transfers
* Meals
* Private 121's or 221's
* Riverboat cruise
* Thermal Spa Baths
* Massage 

We offer suggestions for arrival and departure transfers in Budapest and arrange transport for you if you wish. If you are planning on traveling alone please let us know so we can support you with your journey within Budapest.


Accredited Pole Instructor Training is also available during the week
* Beginner/Intermediate Pole Instructor Training - 2 courses in 1

* Advanced Pole Instructor Training
* Beginner Aerial Hoops Training

These courses will be started online, so enrolling can be now with in-person assessment by a qualified assessor held in Budapest during your stay.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Budapest Pole Aerial & Fitness camp 2023

​It was such an amazing pole fitness, aerial, and hoops camp this year in Budapest

Our 10 th year and first one following Covid 19

We wanted to create a challenging yet fun week for all the participants who traveled as far as the USA & Israel 

The participants had a variety of classes throughout the week with entertaining activities during the evenings which they could participate in if they liked

The highlights are the famous Budapest Ruins Bar and Danube river cruise with traditional national dance and celebrations on board whilst drinking amazing cocktails 

For more information on the 2024 May, pole, aerial and fitness camp please visit 

Our website : 

Link -

Or email us at :