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Crawley Pole Fitness and Dancing Exercise

With Crawley Pole Fitness being the central hub for Pole Passion Elite Training Centre at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Centre, Crabbet Park, boasts up to 10 free standing RPoles Headed by Paula Bines and Kay Penney founder of Pole Passion pioneering pole fitness since 2001 they have many years of experience in the Pole Fitness industry.  Now offering license opportunities, apprentice schemes and REP’s accredited pole fitness instructor training courses training the trainers for the gym environment,  Crawley offers pole dancing lessons to people who are looking to lose weight, tone up and gain confidence by Pole Dancing and Pole Fitness throughout Crawley, Horley, Bewbush, Reigate, Redhill, Epsom, Sutton, Chipstead, Coulsden, Woodhatch, Dorking, Horsham and in the local areas surrounding.

With a team of over 30 instructors at hand. Crawley Pole Fitness instructors are friendly, enthusiastic, fully trained, highly experienced, qualified and insured.

The Pole Dance Classes are designed to help students develop physical strength helping students to achieve their goals and develop skills that were never thought possible, we help transform your body and teaching all levels from beginners to advance competition and grading level

The classes are for all ages and size wanting to try something fun, new and exciting.

Rpoles are the preferred professional choice of Pole Passion Poles using several types of teaching styles, verbal, physical and visual to help each student. The Poles are all free standing  which help burn more calories than a floor to ceiling pole because students are using core strength not only more effectively, but more often than they would with a floor to ceiling pole.

 Those who would like to try the pole that have previously used floor to ceiling poles are welcome any time to come and see how great they are.

where you will  find a local school to support you just call us on 01293 888200

Reigate Pole Fitness & Dancing Lessons Pole Passion

With many years of experience in the Pole Fitness industry, Pole Passion Reigate Pole Fitness offers pole dancing lessons to people who are looking to lose weight, exercise, tone up and gain confidence by Pole Dancing and Pole Fitness throughout Reigate, Redhill, Epsom, Sutton, Chipstead, Coulsden, Woodhatch, Dorking and in the local areas. Set up in November 2012, the Pole Dance Classes and Pole Dance Fitness Lesson is based in Reigate Town Centre, at Reigate College.

For information on gradings for pole fitness in Crawley, Burgess Hill, East Grinstead, Dorking, Horsham, Horley, Haywards Heath, Warlingham, Bognor, Brighton, Worthing, Littlehampton and surrounding areas visit or call 0871 318 3838

With a team that includes Samantha Causon, Sarah Watson and Karen Castle. Reigate Pole Fitness are Friendly and enthusiastic fully trained and Qualified, The Pole Dance Classes are designed to help students develop physical strength helping students to achieve their goals and develop skills that were never thought possible, we help transform your body and teaching all levels from beginners to advance with Reigate Pole Fitness's fully qualified Pole Dancing Instructors.

The Reigate Pole dancing Studio has 8 Free standing R Poles that are 2.5m High and Portable... The poles help to improve core strength using balance and conditioning moves that are used in Pole Dancing. With 3 Fitness instructors at all times we can help students to develop their skills each week with a professional and friendly teaching style to help students learn something new each week... Pole Fitness Classes help students notice the difference after just 1 lesson and has a noticeable physical effect after just 1 month. The Pole Dancing Instructors are on hand to help students get the most from the Pole Dancing Classes, which can be tailor made to help individuals, helping students to lose weight, tone up and feel the effects fast. Students feel and look better than ever from Pole Dancing developing and noticing real improvements every week. Private Pole Dance Classes and group lessons available. The classes are for all ages and size wanting to try something fun, new and exciting.

The Reigate pole dancing studio Can take up to 16 people and can have up to 8 Rpoles using several types of teaching styles, verbal, physical and visual to help each student.. The Poles are all free-standing  which help burn more calories than a floor to ceiling pole because students are using core strength not only more effectively, but more often than they would with a floor to ceiling pole... Those who would like to try the pole that have previously used floor to ceiling poles are welcome any time to come and see how great they are.. Reigate Pole Studio help students buy the best pole clothing and products and sell the Poles used in the studio and poles that you can use at home. The best thing about these poles are that they are Free-standing and can be taken anywhere, making them the most portable pole in the world for Pole Dancers and for Pole dance studios that want to use them at multiple venues, and they are available on line or at Reigate Pole Dance Studio.

Reigate Pole Fitness has a growing class full of fun and friendly students wanting to learn how to Pole Dance and tone up.. The classes are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, situated in Reigate, including students from the local areas such as Redhill, Epsom, Dorking and Surrounding areas.

Reigate Pole Fitness is a member of The Pole Passion
The Reigate pole dancing studio is run by Sam from Reigate Pole Fitness who has been a part of the Pole Passion Family after attending the Pole Passion Pole Dancing Classes herself and loving them so much that she decided to teach Pole Dancing in Reigate, hoping to share the benefits of pole dancing and the positive effects it has on your body and your confidence. Pole Dancing for fun and for Fitness and hoping to inspire a new and exciting way to keep fit.

For information on competitions visit and

For information on gradings for pole fitness in Crawley, Burgess Hill, East Grinstead, Dorking, Horsham, Horley, Haywards Heath, Warlingham, Bognor, Brighton, Worthing, Littlehampton and surrounding areas visit or call 0871 318 3838

Monday 10 December 2012

4 easy steps for you to get Pole fitness in your gym

1. TRY IT OUT attend a class to see if it is something you would like to train in - remembering not all pole fitness and classes are run the same! Pole fitness can come in many disguises :)

2. GET QUALIFIED attend our instructor training foundation course for £299 (2.5 day International Accreditation) -  Learn how to teach professionally and most importantly safely and ways on increasing your income - did you know one instructor can make up to £100 an hour !! click here for next instructor dates

3. FIND THE RIGHT PLACE choose a venue ( a private and comfortable space - this can be your local gym, sports centre, village hall, park, beach or field??!!  oh yes outdoor pole fitness is now possible with the LIGHT weight portable FREE standing poles (click here for the most suitable fitness pole that can literally go anywhere)

4. CHOOSE where you are going to take your new friends for a fun night out and how you are going to spend your new found income

Live love and laugh with Pole Passion fitness

RPole Snap and Win competition

Ania Pole Snap and Win winner

We asked her about the photograph she submitted

The photographer is Michal Kosakowsky
The photographs are team work, we both collaborated, i don’t remember who exactly suggested to move the pole to that glass windows, but opposite was the graffiti area, where we intend to take pictures at. `Then we noticed a nice reflection in the glass windows, and moved there. We had been experimenting, for example I developed the pole positions, and Michal worked with the unusual angles.

The shoes I am wearing are Japanese Tabi, They are very comfortable, light weight and look unusual . Japanese farmers use to use them to climb up the trees. I been doing a few butch performances wearing them, when performed outdoors, because they are protecting the foot, and at the same time the feet  movements are not restricted, and you feel like you not wearing any shoes. They also made me feel in a samurai warier or ninja spirit  -  it’s a right mood, which usually helps with the most complicated pole tricks.
The other sport clothes I was wearing was because i wanted to focus on acrobatic, and the sport  side of the pole dance and also because the photo shot was outdoors, it made me feel a bit more safe rather than if I wear a bikini or skimpier clothing

On the day of the photo shoot we had been taking lots of pictures, may be more than 500 (Michal probably knows the exact number, for me I was just enjoying the pole
J and most of the photos were amazing, because he is a great photographer, and we tried lots of different locations and ideas!

What I would like to say to the reader is POLE PASSION FITNESS FOREVER! The best way to get fit, and to get healthy, or to get clever, or to get sexier, to get anything you want is to do something you have real passion for.  Thanks to Kay and Steve and Pole Passion for organising this ‘Snap and win’ competition, amazing prize! And for discovering, developing and moving pole fitness forward, which I have a great passion for.

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2012 results


Keem Martinez, Natalia Tatarintseva, Barbara Pálmaffy and Ilka Bardoczy


Males category

Keem  Martinez     FRANCE                    
Oleksandr Shchukin UKRAINE
Loic Lebret      France
Aijiro Tanaka    Japan
Shaoxuan Yan    China
Nico Modestine United Kingdom
Ferios      Mexico
Davide Zongoli  Italy
Moises Ahurey Mexico
Kristian Lebedev       Russian
Edouard Doyle - injured     France

Keem Martinez
Tricks – 57
Oleksandr Shchukin
Loic Lebret
Aijiro Tanaka
Shaoxuan Yan
Nico Modestine
Davide Zongoli
Moises Ahurey
Kristian Lebedev
Tricks 54   
- 134.5


Nikolayenko Victoria and Mitina Tatyana's              RUSSIA                      129.5
Bendy Kate and Sarah Scott                                       UK                              137.5  
Barbara Pálmaffy and Ilka Bardoczy                         HUNGARY                 143.5
Olga Gordienko and Valentina                                  RUSSIA                      115     
Sonia Valerio and Arianna Candido                          ITALY                        100
Julia Irina and Erika Yakovleva                                 RUSSIA/ESTONIA    133
Eszter Varga and Judit Gábris-Baczakó                    HUNGARY                 111
Keiko Takemoto and Satoshi Murakami                   JAPAN                        93.5
Carla Raccagni and Enrica Saccone                           ITALY                           92


1. Julia Snopova RUSSIA 145
2. Veronica Solimano CANADA 137.5
3. Natalia Kuznetsova RUSSIA 119.5
4. Hanka Venselaar HOLLAND 152
5. Polina Volchek RUSSIA 161 Tricks 69.5
6. Bendy Kate UNITED KINGDOM 151
7. Barabara Palmaffy HUNGARY 140
8. Victoria Rame ARGENTINA 130
9. Laurence Hilsum FRANCE 161 Tricks 70.5
10. Natalia Tatarintseva UKRAINE 166
11. Alessandra Marchetti ITALY 140.5
12. Karry Summers NEW ZEALAND 154.5

For a free school listing and networking opportunity visit the website

Highlights of the Pole Passion and Burlesque Instructor training

Highlights of the Pole Passion Pole & Burlesque Instructor training

Pole Passion’s foundations were established in the Pole industry from its birth here in the UK since the early 2000’s before it was desired as a fitness form and most definitely before it was considered as one of the new ideas for thousands of ladies and some men, across the world to keep healthy and active while having great challenging fun.
Founder Kay Penney, passionate about all things fitness, decided to think out of the box and design something new for the fitness industry. Of course it didn’t start out like that as Kay found the techniques on and around the pole a personal challenge when looking for something to rekindle her figure and mental positivity, after having given birth of her third child. A mammoth and almost impossible task at that time, especially as the fitness consultant she employed to help her, after one year, told her Pole Dance and Fitness  would not be accepted or accredited in the fitness industry and IF they were,!!  it would take at least 8 years or so – Fuelled by those words, Kay, what some two years later, had Pole Passion’s comprehensive fitness Instructor level 1 and Advanced level 2 courses accredited by REP’s  (Register of Exercise Professionals) the route of all European fitness professionals that are monitored yearly and  governed by strict code of conducts.  Later published, Elite Accredited Level 3 and Burlesque for Fitness accredited courses, now also offered.
Pole Passion today is one of the most highly recognised Pole Training Providers and Brands in the pole world – developing comprehensive courses with great, comprehensive content and excellent value for money.  One day courses costing as little as £150, also offering  discounts if more than one course is booked at the same time too. Students have attended as far from the USA, Russia, Europe, Ireland and Scotland to learn the Pole Passion way.  Priding themselves on being thorough and progressing  each individual  student and instructor to their next stage, before, during and after they have attended our courses, whether an experienced instructor already with  a fitness and dance back grounds looking for the well-deserved credibility or whether totally new to fitness, dance and or even the pole 
What are the main benefits of becoming internationally Pole Sport accredited?

The main benefits of becoming accredited have to be by far the credibility aspect and industry recognition in what you do is recognised and awarded to the highest of industry awards not to mention the fact your insurance will be cheaper and valid too.  You will have the confidence and peace of mind you are teaching safely, correctly and effectively:-  learning ways of progressing and supporting your participants without causing possible delayed injury or incorrect techniques. Visit our website for our testimonials -

Why choose Pole Passion?
Our other achievements
Uniquely we wrote the Code of Pole Practice in 2006 to help advise and share our knowledge with others and to help set the industry standards, desperate to keep and acknowledge all the hard work that was being invested and created in the pole industry by this time.

Competition Rules and regulations
We designed rules and regulations for national and international competitions of all grades and created courses

Master Trainers
Create, support and invited the first master trainers to the UK by the arrival of Pantera USA in 2006 to support UK polers. 

License Opportunities
NEW for 2012 we are now offering license opportunities to join our team at a very low set up costs once you have reached the required industry standards. 

Pole Equipment
We also offer you to join our  Rpole equipment affiliate programme whereby sharing the rewards throughout the pole industry.  Rpole was innovated by the Pole Passion team as there was a need for a portable and lightweight pole that could go anywhere, easily, to support our training programmes – Today we are proud to have created the world’s first, most portable and lightest pole in the world.  We inspire people from all walks of life, from world champions, Felix Cane and Alesia Vazmitsel  to everyday people, like me, offering world wide networking opportunities and to be part of World Pole Dance and Miss Pole Dance UK, owned and operated by Pole Passion, with our motto always being  -
 Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness & FUN!

Kay Penney :  Founder Pole Passion LTD

Own your own part time pole business

So you want to start your own pole business?

A typical email we receive

I have been taking classes just for a little while maybe 6 months or so,
but I wanted to start my own pole business as there is nothing like you offer in my area. I am in Dallas Texas USA and  I have a business degree
No insurance or licenses yet but just gathering information at this point. – hope you can help.

Hi Pole friend,

Well the most important thing is to get qualified in pole! It is important that you are highly skilled and knowledgeable in teaching your chosen field to avoid injuries to not only yourself but most importantly to that of your students. We at Pole Passion offer accredited and certified International instructor training certifications and qualifications
This way you know what you’re teaching is correct, safely and effectively teaching techniques
Then think about the right pole for you, your customers (your students) and your venue – there are many on the market, some suitable for just purely light domestic use and some for teaching professionally on – we at Pole Passion highly recommend the quality, flexibility and light weight portability of the free Standing RPoles the only pole in the world that is CE marked and certified.
 and incredibly portable unlike others that claim they are but are really too heavy!!

Once you have decided on your poles and how many you would like to teach from the next step is to find a suitable venue.
We have many stipulations and recommendations on our instructor training courses that will support you in your venue choice.

Once you have these things in place think about insurance, business details such as bank accounts, accountant/book keeper, computers, telephone and communication systems
Then it’s down to marketing your new classes professionally and sensitively (as people do tend to wrongly judge if the marketing isn’t correctly done!)

Once you have your customers queuing at your door and your registers full you must focus on yourself too – so that you keep one step ahead of your students!
Focus on attending lots of master classes, competitions (even entering some maybe) and keeping your student coming back for more.  We own and operate the largest national championships Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance

Now having said all that we are happy to consider you for a Pole Passion License in Dallas Texas J If you are an exceptional individual who like to work hard and is passionate about people and their health goals. You would however have to attend our instructor training too, so a trip to the UK maybe or if you would like to work along side us then email us know as we will be happy to come to you?

I hope the above has helped lots and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

How do I structure a pole fitness class?

How do I structure a class when teaching POLE FITNESS

Refer to section taken from International Instructor Training Pole Passion accredited Level 1 instructor training Course

Refer to the work book part 1 level 1
‘Examples weekly 1hr lesson plans
Beginner course’

Within the two pages you will find examples of what we are looking for, only you will be required to do 4 x 1hr sessions for your homework and not only two that is listed in the book
Objective - listing the moves just briefly (you can refer to the core moves booklet too) also distributed on Level one REP’s accredited Pole Passion Instructor training course.

The time taken to teaching moves, tricks and spins vary from participant to participant according to their level and ability (flexibility and coordination)
In my class structure i generally have 5-6 core moves per week on paper (or now in my head) to work from.

Ensure the moves scheduled encompass a variety of muscles over the whole body so that overload of a specific muscle does not happen, creating muscle cramps and spasms

Some weeks I only use two of the planned moves during the session, because I maybe combining them with other flowing transitions and poses. If the move is difficult to master due to their flexibility or coordination 2/3 of the planned moves will be attempted and achieved in which case you can carry those moves forward to the following teachings!!
Or on the other hand if the participants pick the moves up really quickly I like to have other moves I can use too which combine with the moves I have just taught. 

Sometimes I have even been asked to show a move that is similar or a variation that is not on my plan.  I am quite happy to add that one in too if it works well with the class structure I have scheduled.

Just be careful when planning you don't do (for example) - 3/4 moves off one hand grip as this may create muscle strain 
or spin after spin, making the participants feel dizzy and unsafe,
The split grip for beginners is especially hard on the forearms and wrist so you may only wish to put 5 minutes of learning this move on your plan (carousel spin) rather than 15 minutes

For more information about professional REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) accredited instructor training to support you in your continual and professional development contact us at  - Pole Passion on
Or give a member of the team a call on Tel: 0871 318 3838

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Pole Passion Chertsey - Kelly Ball

Pole Passion Chertsey - Kelly Ball

I have been poling for just over a year now. I started it up to meet new people in my area and build confidence as I moved to Bognor Regis a year before and needed something to keep me active, away from my children and everyday life.

I have always been interested in pole fitness from a young age but never had the courage to do it, then I found Pole Passion in Bognor and an amazing instructor Sue.

When I went to my first lesson I was greeted with a warm welcome and was shown a couple of spins and poses, since then I have been addicted.  It has increased my flexibility and confidence enormously.

Kelly now has just started up in Chertsey running small classes at

River Bourne Health Club, Chertsey, Surrey

Kelly's Qualifications:      
·         REP’s Accredited Advanced Level 1 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
·         First Aid Certified

No of poles:         5 x 38 mm RPole Portable Free Standing Poles with safety mats

Saturday 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Beginner to Intermediate  
Suitable for all levels of fitness

Cost: £75 for 6 lessons or £15 per lesson. First lesson is £10.

Suitable: Beginner / Intermediate - beginners welcome 

Kelly can be emailed directly on

Pole Dance Fitness lessons are perfect for all women aged 16+. Incorporating pole tricks, spins, transitions and poses we will have you moving like never before!

Join our fun and friendly classes with professionally qualified instructors with many years of pole fitness and fitness competence. Expect to increase muscle tone as you progress each week, accomplishing moves you never thought possible. With just some simple and achievable techniques you will begin to feel and see a transformation projecting your new found confidence along the way!

We even have a grading system in place which means you can now be awarded certificates and levels for your progressing standards.

What To Wear: Shorts or leggings, T shirt or vest top, trainers or bare feet.

As a health and safety consideration please avoid wearing jewellery, moisturisers or oils on the skin.

River Bourne Health Club
Heriot Road
KT16 9DR

Empowerment, confidence fitness & FUN!!

Join Kellys facebook page too -

Thursday 18 October 2012

Pole Passion supporting Sparks the Children's charity

Virgin Pole dancers get wet for charity

At Pole Passion we like to support charities throughout the year and this one sounds like fun! We would like to invite you all to take part in the Virgin Active Triathlon in Crawley for charity on Saturday 3rd November 2012 in the afternoon around 3pm! (More info attached).

Whilst testing your fitness and raising money for charity we will also be promoting Pole Passion, you as instructors and the new Pole Passion policy for pregnancy on the pole! This will also be blogged!

You’ll start off with a stint on the treadmill, before hitting the exercise bike and finally splashing down in the pool. The name of the game is to get fit and have fun, so it’s all about doing things at your own pace. Go hard. Go easy. It’s up to you. The only person you’re competing against is yourself. So get involved and tri something a little different!

Run -   1.2km
Cycle - 5km
Swim - 200m

This can be completed individually or as a group too!

Team Pole Passion

Dressing up is encouraged, we have been told the Virgin PT’s will be in their short shorts too! We are thinking of wearing T-Shirts stating  ’Virgin Pole Dancers Get Wet For Charity’!? Or maybe just our Pole Passion T-shirts and hot pants? It's optional.

All money raised per completed triathlon will be donated to Spark's charity -

About SparksAs a leading children’s medical research charity we are dedicated to funding and championing pioneering research into a range of conditions affecting babies, children and mums-to-be.
Since 1991, we have committed over £23 million into pioneering research projects across a wide spectrum of medical conditions including childhood cancers, cerebral palsy, premature birth and spina bifida. In total, the charity has funded 233 research projects in more than 80 hospitals and universities across the UK.
Through the research we fund, we aim to improve the quality of life for children and families affected by serious illness or disability today, whilst seeking ways to better diagnose, treat and prevent these conditions in the future.
The medical breakthroughs we make possible, make a difference not only across the UK but for thousands of children and families around the world.
Please confirm if you would like to join our team , friends and family of all ages welcome.

All you need to do is –

  1. Confirm your name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Address
  4. Contact number
  5. Train hard
  6. Turn up on the day!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Itac2 Pole Dancing Grip for Pole Xperts

Itac2 Pole Dancing grip back in stock at Pole Passion

There is now two strengths
Regular strength &
Ultra strength

Many of you requested it
Now we have it back in stock and pleased to be promoting it again

Come and pick up your free sample at

UK Pole Dancing & Fitness convention
19th – 21st October 2012
Where there will be the opportunity to try the world’s most portable free standing poles too
The Rpole   

There will be pole dance shows competitions aerial arts silks hoops pole products poles and many other fitness products

Come and visit Pole Passion and Rpole stand
We look forward to welcoming and seeing you

The First Ever United Kingdom Pole Dancing & Fitness Convention 2012. This event is being held over 3 days starting on Friday 19th October until Sunday 21st October 2012. Doors open daily 10am till 4pm. Some of the biggest named pole dancing will be hosting daily private pole dancing lessons & pole dancing workshops.

The UK convention will be host to five (5) Major pole dancing competition Grand Finals. Pole dance studios from around the UK & Europe will perform dail
On the main stage there are daily pole dancing & fitness seminars, showcases and lots more going on each day all for free yes you do not need to pay any extra  - all included in the day pass.

The convention will feature a vendor fair with display stands & tables all displaying the best pole dancing products from around the world.

Other events going on are the London pole dancing Limo fun day out & the London pole dancing boat cruise. There is FREE DAILY ZUMBA & BOKWA CLASSES for everyone so bring your ZUMBA & BOKWA outfits with you on the day or just dance as you are. Visit the FREE pole dancing workshop sponsored by Pole2Pole Magazine and the Pole2Pole Magazine chill out room.

There are so many fantastic pole dancing & fitness attractions going on daily all under one roof. Plus relax with a chair head massages or full body sports massages. Daily Fun mini Pole Competition, Friday 19th , Sunday 21st - R-Pole Fun One Trick Wonder Competition (10am - 4pm). You will find lots to do each day and there will be lots of prizes given away. The daily bar & food bar will be open 10am to11.30pm.
Daily Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops:

Sally-Ann Giles (UK) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
KT Coates (UK) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Loïc Lebret (France) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Marion Crampe (Italy) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Hanka Vanselaar (Holland) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Pantera Blacksmith (USA) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Annie Norris (UK) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Jeni Janover (USA) Liquid Motion (Workshops Only)
Lou Safire (UK) (Burlesque Workshop Only)

For more information visit

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Healthy diets for pole dancers

Keep healthy snacks in convenient places at all times, such as your desk drawer, the car glove compartment or your pole bag!!

I often prepare raw vegetables such as carrots or sliced apples in the morning and put them in a bag or small pot and put peanut butter or hummus in a small container.

This way, you'll always have a healthy, convenient snack ready to eat when you begin feeling hungry. Which if you are like me quite often, this keeps your energy level up and your metabolism working efficiently, and will prevent you from losing control later in the day. 

For more information about pole fitness classes or Instructor training visit us on

Healthy and happy poling

Pole Passion Northern Pole Dance Pole fitness Instructor training

Pole Passion and Northern Pole Dance delivering Level 1 Accredited Pole Instructor Training in Newcastle from the

19th - 21st October.  2012

Venue Address
Northern Pole Dance
4th Floor
Sunco House
Carliol Square
Newcastle upon Tyne

Registration on Friday 19th will be from 9 - 9.30am, with the course finishing at 5.30pm
Saturday 20th 9.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday 21st 12pm - 4pm

Sandwiches can be provided from the café, typical sandwich shop prices apply… £2ish for a large sandwich/Panini/soup etc.  Tea and coffee facilities provided for everyone free of charge. Bottles water, soft drinks, crisps, cereal bars etc are available to purchase in the studio shop

Parking and travel
Parking charges will apply, the cheapest option and closest (1-2min walk away from studio) are Manors and Oxford Street car parks, the charges there are £1.10 per hour, free after 5pm and on Sundays. There is on-street parking directly outside the studio; it is also £1.10/hour however it is only 2 hours at a time you can pay for. There is another car park almost opposite the studio (through barriers) which costs a kidney, an arm and a leg for a few minutes – this is definitely NOT recommended!!!!!

Hotels / Accommodation
Closest Premier Inn is Newcastle Central or Newcastle Quayside, both 0.3miles from the studio with rooms starting from £29

Closest Travelodge is Newcastle Central at 0.2 miles from the studio with rooms from £30

For more information about booking please call us on 0871 318 3838 or email us on

For more details on more courses visit our website - Leaders in Pole Fitness since 2001

Pole Passion Reigate - Pole fitness & dancing

Pole Passion Reigate will be held at LINDLEY SPORTS CENTRE - Dance Studio

Reigate Sixth Form College, Castlefield Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0SD 

Start date -  1st November 2012

2 beginner classes  are scheduled and at the moment both classes you will be taught the same content
Please note it may not be possible to change from one time to the other

Please contact Sam Causon on

First Class:

Second Class:

9.45pm close

Prices for the classes will be £10 for your first taster session
£12.50 for pay as you go
£40 for 4 consecutive weeks

Sam is REP’s level 1 certified and qualified Pole Passion Instructor

Leaders in Pole fitness training the trainers

Wednesday 26 September 2012

The funny things you hear in a pole fitness class

Does my bum look good in this?
How  high should my shorts be?
What’s the best grip for that move?
When  can I go upside down?
What do I wear to your pole class?
Which leg? Gemini or is it called scorpio?  Outside leg hang or inside leg hang?
Arch your back Point your toes…. Breathe!!
Squeeze harder!! common
Will the pole tip?  Wow it moves
Awww look at my bruise?  No darling…… pole kisses
How long will it take me to be that good?
Can you do the spatchcock?
Awww im slipping?
Is the pole old or worn out is that why I can’t hold on any more?
No it just cold in here
Point your toes
OK so now im going to let go!!
What… you want a mat?
I cant do it!!
If I try hair spray will that work?
More alcohol for the dirty pole
I cant spin there’s too much grip on the pole
The gloves make me stick better
Do you think they match my outfit?
Wow its up already!!
You’re so strong!!
I wish I was as light as you,  I could then do that move
I wish I was as flexible as you I could then do that move!
I need more grip
Wow that’s a big pole – im used to 38 RPoles
What’s your favourite size? mines a 38!
I used to be a pole dancer – can I go to level 3 instructor training certification now
Do I have to wear a thong?
Omg I haven’t shaved!
I can’t do it!
Ive got it ive got it!! Yeyahhhhhh
Can someone help me down please………..

For Empowerment Confidence Fitness and FUN come and join us at Pole Passion

Nico Modestine teaches the Spatchcock

Learn the SPATCHCOCK move and techniques with Nico’s Master Classes

The move many of us only dream of!
So where did it come from and where was it first seen
For many of us it was Felix Cane in the summer of 2009 who famously executed it initially during the World Pole Dance championships in Jamaica for public viewing during her world class performance
A wondrous account of super human flexibility with the over stretch of the legs and back

So what does the word mean?
It is how cooks prepare an uncooked chicken by flattening it on the grill plate
Glad you asked now ??  no means a sexy or glamorous name choice !!

However we must not let this somewhat unflattering choice off label misinterpret the skill and hyper extension required for this move

This move of course always look so much more amazing on a spinney pole

Come and support Nico at the world championships on November 10th 2012  
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Nico Modestine’s Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion  2012 and RPole Model, delivering his Master Class during the celebrations of Miss Pole Dance Hungary National Championships this weekend
At the luxurious training rooms at Dollhouse in Budapest he challenged their National World Pole Dance Doubles Champions  Barbara and Ilka with his unique strength moves, flexibility  and conditioning tricks on and off the pole.
Nico will be touring the UK in the near future challenging UK pole enthusiasts.

For more information email Pole Passion and RPole who also supported World International champions such as Pantera - USA, Felix Cane - Australia, and Alesia Vazmitsel - UK and Belarus  on

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Nico Modestine supporting RPole

Congratulations Nico for a successful Master Class in Budapest supporting and mentoring national champions Ilka and Barbara (World Pole Dance 2011 Hungarian Doubles Champions)
the day after the Miss Pole Dance Hungary national championships Nico was proud to support those challenged in his 2 hour class
From pole conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, pole tricks, poses, stretches, routines and FUN

Sunday 23 September 2012

RPole Giveaway Competition Snap & Win

One lucky pole enthusiast, Brighton based, Ania Pshenichnikova


has just been announced the winner of the 2012 RPole, ‘snap and win’ competition advertised on their website

Anna now becomes the proud new owner of the  most innovative, portable, RPole Play Pole enabling Anna and her photographer Michael K to take pictures anywhere at any time.

So you thought Pole was just for the private settings of individuals! To allure tease and tantalise – well at RPole ‘R=revolutionising’ the pole techniques can now go anywhere anytime

The picture entry was chosen by the skilled developers at RPole and shortlisted amongst all the applications that had been sent in over the summer months of 2012 and placed on the website.

Anna’s winning photo was chosen because it met the following criteria of:-
Imaginative content. Uniqueness, Compelling  and Visually appealing, Create emotion and  fun!

Its URBAN outdoor feel, the fun and colours of the graffiti in the reflection, the solid structure of the building in the back ground, her move showing her incredible fitness form, her hair free in the wind, and quirky unconventional white baseball sport boots, all encompassing RPole’s message of taking the fun of  pole movement to places never thought of or ever seen before!!

RPole developed by  pole dancers for pole dancers since 2004, has constantly worked hard to create a stable strong and yet fun and sexy item to supports all polers needs.

We hope to be bringing more photos of Anna on the RPole in the very near future.

For 2013 competition see the below link