Friday 22 January 2010

R Pole on Celebrity Quitters

Chloe Medley is supported by Pole Passion's founder Kay Penney and advanced instructors Natasha and Debbie and taught the art of pole fitness and dance to help her quit her smoking habit of 7 years.

Within an hour of instruction the nervous Chloe featured on channel 5's reality TV show Celebrity Quitters which follows the challenging stories of 5 smokers who are keen to give up their habit for good.

Chloe chose pole fitness which is an activity sweeping the nation's gyms as her fitness activity. Presented on the new R-poles, specifically designed for studios with no ceiling fixtures, a one hours session had Chloe hooked and wanting more. After the initial nervousness and uncertainty, which lasted about 5 minutes she found the techniques fun and challenging.

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Wednesday 20 January 2010

R-Pole supports Haiti charity event

R-Pole is supporting the Haiti charity pole event on Sunday January 24th 2010, at Taylors Pole Studio in Capel, Surrey.

This huge venue, holds 12 poles and has room for 150 people.

Performing during the afternoon will be Miss Maxine Betts – the current Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 champion, also Alesia Vazmitsel who is the 2008 Miss Pole Dance champion, also current 3rd place title holder of Miss Pole World 2009 Champion.

There will be a charity steeplechase, involving local riders and horses from Capel.

A HUGE raffle, with the 1st prize donation being a R Pole – sponsored by R-Pole & Pole Passion (worth £800)!!!

2nd prize – 1 2 1 private lessons with Maxine Betts

And many, many more amazing prizes all donated by friends and families from the pole community

The event is being organised by Vicky Heasman, Debbie Merchant and Emma Pearson, whereby the entire UK pole dance network is pulling together for this amazing event!

For details call Vicky 07500 281741

Comments by Kay Penney Pole Passion founder and R-pole
‘I first heard about the event on facebook, late on Saturday evening, just busily catching up with emails, Debbie was online and asked for help as her close friends Vicky & Emma were wanting to set up the event. I nonchalantly mentioned it to Steve (R-pole creator) who was nearby, who mentioned it would be great to donate an R-pole for a raffle, with all proceeds to the people of Haiti. WOW I said, really??? OMG that’s amazing YES YES YES lets do it.

So I messaged Debbie to say R-Pole would like to donate a brand new R-pole to raffle for the pole community, in which she replied YES YES YES !! within minutes it was on facebook and people were beginning to message and email us wanting more details. More an more people begun to donate. It was the best feeling.'

As we have all been hit by the devastating daily news of human suffering in Haiti, it’s a way we felt we could perhaps make a little difference.

Thursday 14 January 2010

Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland

Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland championships
proudly supported by Pole Passion

The 1st Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland held on 29 May 2010 will be held at the exclusive and new Blu Radison Hotel at the airport in Zurich (Switzerland).

The winner and 1st Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland will go on to represent her country in the world pole dance championships

Visit the website for more information
Here you will find all the information about the event.

Taking place on the same weekend (Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May 2010) Whereby there will be many national and international presenters

The convention program will be published in early February - the most lightweight and portable, fitness, dance pole currrently on the market

Pole Dance International Magazine

A New Pole Magazine dedicated to the Art of Pole. Pole Passion & R Pole proudly supporting this new publication

If you have ideas and updates for this bi monthly publication or simply anything to do with pole then this magazine wants to hear from you.

Contact them directly with your forth coming events, thoughts, ideas, product reviews and stories and of course those all important pictures.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

National Synchronised Pole Dance Squad ~ Routine For The Nation

National Synchronised Pole Dance Squad (NSPDS)

Routine For The Nation - Sunday 23rd May 2010

Pole dancing has evolved considerably over the last decade. Some skills, which are now considered relatively common, would have been hailed as ‘World Class’ not so long ago! The pole community has turned out to be a very social entity, with pole jams held regularly and flocked to by pole lovers from far and wide.

It seems that pole dancers everywhere are keen to be challenged and to learn new moves. One move conquered, and then another and another, so the overall standard has crept up. Or perhaps I should say ‘leapt up’ considerably. However, we do seem to be a community that is hungry for change, challenge and different events. So how can NSPDS help?

The National Synchronised Pole Dance Squad’s (NSPDS) vision, supported by Pole Passion and a collection of pole enthusiasts and poles schools across the country is to create a synchronised routine that can be rolled out to pole performers all over the Country.

Any age, size and shape can join as long as a minimum skill level of amateur moves such as Gemini, Scorpio and Invert slide to Serpent for example, can be achieved competently.
It is not essential to be a member of a pole dance school to participate, but it would be a more fun, supportive and effective way of learning the routine.

Schools embracing the learning of NSPDS routines will eventually be listed on the Pole Dance Community website so that newcomers will know where they can be involved within this exciting venture.

The initial aim is to learn a synchronised routine involving as many dancers as possible.

Notwithstanding opportunities that might present, great fun and experience is to be gained. Participants will find themselves being able to join in with colleagues around the Country, performing NSPDS synchronised routines whenever and wherever you choose!

On Sunday 23rd May 2010 the first National Synchronised Pole Dance Squad event will be held at Oceana, Coxside, Plymouth, Devon PL4 OLG. The NSPDS Competition’s aim is to find our 'Routine for the Nation'. The winning routine will be rolled out to dancers all over the Country to learn, enjoy and perform together.

Our Winners will gain the NSPDS reward and recognition for their outstanding achievement. Entrance to the event is £6 per person on the door. Details with regards VIP tickets will be available in due course. Further information with regards discounted accommodation and surrounding events for that week-end (and we have lots planned!!!) will be released soon.
Once we have found our winning ‘Routine for the Nation’, training events will be hosted over the UK and many pole dance schools will be on board with their own training sessions locally. You will be free to attend as many or as few of these as you want. The objective is to have fun, learn, keep fit and gain fun opportunities and experience along the way.

Details with regards the NSPDS and the ‘Routine for the Nation’ competition can be found on the Events page of our website The Registration Form for entry to the competition can be downloaded directly from here.

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