Wednesday 26 October 2011

Rpole New and Innovative designs October 2011 with lights

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Here is a sneak peak of products to come

First Aid For Pole Fitness and Dancing presented by Pole Passion the leaders in pole safety

First Aid –

Accidents happen, especially during sports. While it may be possible to limit the number and severity of injuries with injury prevention strategies, one wrong step or accidential slip can result in a sudden, painful injury.

Someone may have an accident and lose consciousness, someone could even go into shock, would you know what to do? When this happens, you need to be prepared to act quickly. What you do in the next 3 minutes could save someone’s life!

Next Annual Date: Saturday 12th November 2011
Duration: 6 hours 9.45am registration – 5.00pm
Delegates will each receive professional tuition, first aid book, literature, pen, paper, & a 3 year certification

Maidenbower Community Sports Centre,
Oriel High School,
Maidenbower Lane,
Crawley, West Sussex
RH10 7XW

The course cost is £90 per person less than £3 per month. (This is had been reduced from last year)

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The NEW Pole Dancing R Pole hard base with lights

Monday 24 October 2011

The History of World Pole Dance

Pole Passion Presents The History of World Pole Dance

In 2004 the first World Pole Dance champion was crowned in Holland name unknown at this time
Yvengenia S

In 2005 World Pole Dance was held in Holland again
Elena Gibson from the UK was crowned but was then disqualified the following day by the organiser John Benner due to the controversial ‘stripping’ rule
Reiko Suemune of Japan who came second therefore took the crown

The History of Miss Pole Dance UK
Miss Pole Dance UK 2005/06 – Elena Gibson
Miss Pole Dance UK 2006/07 – Tracey Simmonds
Miss Pole Dance UK 2007/08 – Sally Anne Giles
Miss Pole Dance UK 2008/9 – Alesia Vazmitsel
Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 – Maxine Betts
Miss Pole Dance UK 2011/12 – Jess Leanne Norris

In 2009 World Pole Dance, also known as World Pole Sport & fitness was held in
Jamaica at Hedonism III
Was won by Felix Cane representing Australia

In 2010 World Pole Dance was held in
Was won by Felix Cane again for the second time representing Australia

In 2011 World Pole Dance had two new categories added and was held in
Female singles – Belarus - Alesia Vazmitsel
Male Singles – Russia – Evengy Grishilov
Synchronised doubles - Hungary - Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy

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Pole Fitness Industry Leaders - Pole Passion World Pole Dance Miss Pole Dance Mr Pole Fitness

Pole Passion – are hiding no secrets as to being the Pole Fitness Industry leaders, innovators and pioneers not only in fun lessons, fun parties, professional national and international championships, competitions and events but also including REP’s accredited teacher training course and structures since it’s development in 2001 when the movements from the exotic dancers inspired industry pioneer Kay Penney under the banner of Pole Passion to create as a new form of fitness challenge.

Kay also is the creator of the current world stage and platform and mentor to the female world champions, Felix Cane 2009-2011, Alesia Vazmitsel 2011-2012, Evengy Grishilov the first Male World Pole Dance champion and Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy Hungarian synchronised double Winners
Pole fitness and dancing equipment too has been an amazing achievement for the company who also own and operate Rpole Fitness (with the ‘R’ standing for revolutionary)

Kay with her engineering business partner invested 5 years into the research and innovation of the first, most light weight, free standing, portable dance and fitness pole, with integral mat designed for pole fitness with no raised stage, (like that of a podium) that may prevent stretching or even sharp edges that may cause injury to a leg or other body part.

Their REP’s accredited instructor training courses set the standard in pole fitness and have continued to do so since 2006

Innovating the first, pole sport specific, First Aid training for students and instructors alike passionate about pole safety.

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Tuesday 18 October 2011

World Champion Pole Dancer Alesia Vazmitsel at the Opera in Bern

World Champion Pole Dancer Alesia Vazmitsel at the Opera

Last Saturday 15th October 2011 was the premier of the new opera at the Bern`s Theatre, "The Rake`s Progress" where Alesia Vazmitsel the current World Pole Sport & Fitness champion performed her elegant Pole Dance act around the famous opera singers. Alesia commented, ‘ I was so happy to see ordinary people coming to me at the end of the show and saying how beautiful pole dance could be. I knew It `s something that they have probably never seen before and even more so they would find it more unusual to see it at the Opera too’

Male Pole Dancers create history World Pole Dance 2011 BUDAPEST

Loic had the incredible history making challenge of opening the 211 show representing the future of male pole dance and fitness world wide with his amazing costume which he designed himself and won best costume award. He was technically perfect and with his solid performance the crowd erupted with his emotive performance a phenomenal opening.
Alexandra, the eldest competitor of the championships performed a manly Chinese inspired performance using his strength to climb the pole with his pumps with his incredible leaps and drops which were breath taking.
Ferios from Mexico had a very dance inspired performance demonstrating incredible strength and flexibility.
Next up was Keem with his unique and challenging costume as a mermaid - the only performance seen with legs tied together!! his music malfunction, stopping his routine under the 3 minute rule, whilst the whole crowd gave him a standing ovation clapping to his silent rhythm encouraging him to continue. The judges gave him the opportunity to perform once more which he did to perfection the second time.
Evgeny Greshilov new to World Pole Dance merged his charisma, talent and other dance styles to his show, a combination of fun and acrobatics, dance and strength winning the hearts of the judges and crowd winning him first prize.
Davide from Italy performed a circus inspried theatre style performance as a joker.
Matty Shields from Australia also an unknown performed for his second time after his doubles performance His Aboriginal style performance and urban dance style created a unique, entertaining and fluid performance, a great start to the world of Kings on the pole.

Synchronised Doubles World Pole Dance champions 2011

Synchronised doubles NEW category for world Pole Dance championships 2011

Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy Hungarian Winners
seen here standing at the back

An incredible opening show from the Japanese male and female doubles wearing white costumes, demonstrating incredible spinning routines from one hand, where Masayo was suspended in the air with the palm of Kasuya's hand.
Next up was Kate and Kate from the UK with their fun suspensions and jokey performance using innovative combinations and mime suspensions from the neck creating a powerful performance. Barbara and Ilka from Hungary danced to Tears of a Dragon, a risk of a song as former world champion Felix Cane also used that song in her championship performance, they partnered shoulder to shoulder with incredible balance, both with equal strength and being flyers throughout their routine with creative new shapes, beautiful creativity and a perfect performance winning them first prize.
Cecilia and Ana from Argentina wearing a silver costume both red and white, had dramatic and moody music demonstrating suspensions away from the pole. They started in 2010 for fun and with hard training created their routine together.
The fifth competitors Michelle and Matty a mixed double had a superb acro balance beginning with incredible strength from both competitors melting and merging as one they have only been performing for 6 months together.
Last up was the Russian couple Olga and Valentina which had an operatic feel and movement to their presentation winning the best costume award for their category.

Zsuzsa Csisztu Olympic Gymnast representing World Pole Dance 2011

Zsuzsa Csisztu

World Pole Sport & fitness championships in Budapest 2011 October 01st was proud to have Zsuzsa Csisztu as their compare, she is perhaps the most well-known former gymnast in Hungary.
Granted, her fame is not because of her gymnastics career, but rather because she is now a famous TV sports announcer for a commercial television channel in Hungary
Zsuzsa studied the rules and regulations and worked with the team making positive suggestions for the future and Olympic improvements which will be implemented in 2012

Monday 17 October 2011

World Pole Dance the scores and placings of the best pole dancers in the world

World Pole Dancing Champions all set to enter the Olympics

New category - synchronised doubles running order (on two static competition Rpoles - one 38mm- one 50mm Rpole)
113 1.Masayo Okamoto, Kazuya Japan
122.5 2.Kate Johnstone & Bendy Kate United Kingdom 2nd Place
126.5 3.Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy Hungary 1st Place
106.5 4.Ana Laura Brito & Cecilia Ines Vozza Argentina
119.5 5.Michelle Shimmy & Matty Shields Australia 3rd Place 116 6.Olga Gordienko & Valintina Chervakova Russia

Best Pole tricks Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy - Hungary
Best Entertainer Kate Johnstone & Bendy Kate – UK
Best outfit/costume Olga & Valentine – Russia

Male competitors in running (one spinning 38 Competition Rpole – one static 50mm Competition Rpole)
141 1.Loic Lebret France 3rd place
105.5 2.Alejandro Cuchallo Argentina
119 3.Fernando Esteban Lopez Avelar (Ferios) Mexico
153 4.Keem Martinez United Kingdom 2nd Place
173 5.Evgeny Greshilov RUSSIA 1st place
111.5 6.Davide Zongoli Italy
138.5 7.Matty Shields Australia

Best Pole tricks Evgeny – Russia
Best Entertainer Evgeny - Russia
Best outfit/costume Loic – France

Female singles (one spinning 38 Competition Rpole – one static 50mm Competition Rpole)

Joining last year’s No 2 seed – In running order

185.5 1 Maria Luz Escalante – Argentina
Group A
181.0 2 Elena Shishkova – Russia
197.0 3 Karry Summers – New Zealand
172.5 4 Valeria Bonalume - Italy
Group B
168.0 5 Yevgeniya Stocklin – Switzerland
188.0 6 Angela Kulegina – Russia
178.5 7 Elizabeth Munoz – South America
Group C
220.5 8 Alesia Vazmitsel – Belarus 1st Place
202.0 9 Alessandra Marchetti – Italy
170.5 10 Shanyn Pollard – Canada
Group D
212.0 11 Laurence Hilsum – France 2nd Place
206.0 12 Zoroya Judd – USA
206.5 13 Hanka Venselaar – Holland 3rd Place

Best Pole tricks Hanka - Holland
Best Entertainer Zoroya - USA
Best outfit/costume Alesia Vazmitsel - Belarus

International finals judges
Kay Penney - Head Judge UK
Alma Pirner - Hungary
Pippa Caesar - UK move syntax
Reiko Suemune - Japan
Fawnia Dietrich - USA
Jamilla Deville - Australia
Daniela Baumann - Switzerland
Jenyne Butterfly - USA

Friday 14 October 2011

Pole Passion wins industry awards from Pole Dance International Magazine

Pole Passion, Pole fitness and Pole Dancing industry leaders now in its 10th year, wins amazing awards from Pole Dance International Magazine. After 11 months of long research, calculations and votes from industry supporters; Pole Passion has won the following BEST OF AWARDS:


OUR BUSINESS, Pole Passion, will be featured as one of THE exclusive winners in the highly awaited, historical BEST OF Issue of Pole Dance International Magazine. The expected release date of this huge issue is by OCT 16th. There have been hundreds of nominations and numerous facets to this long-term survey of the pole industry. The methods of research will be highlighted in the upcoming issue and spotlight those who have achieved the highest form of recognition!

Anyone wishing to support the magazine or to order your copy please contact them directly, on email

Current & Back Issues:

Pole Passion supports the industry through professional education, instructor and student courses and Lessons, National and International competitions, Product Development and Pole Fitness & Pole Dance equipment

Lessons courses and master classes -
Events –
Products -
National pole championships -
World pole championships -

Can Can parties in Brighton and Crawley

The only company in Brighton and Crawley providing professional dance wear to accompany our parties
visit the website for more information about our professional and fun parties

Kay Penney to Judge Pole For U and I Inter University Competition 2012

Pole for yoU aNd I was set up in 2010 with our first competition held on February 19th 2011.

The vision of pole for yoU aNd I is a competition run for students by students.It's aim is to bring students together to celebrate the art of pole and making an arena where competition is a achievable reality like it is in all other university sports.

The founders and organisers of Pole for yoU aNd I are Amadea Hills, Anna Meekums and Vici Hemming (this is who you'll be talking to throughout the process of entering and competing in the event). They were all members of a university Pole Fitness Society when they entered their first external competition and considered entering an inter-university competition if possible. Upon looking in to entering such an event, they found that there was nothing of this kind available in the UK. The event was set up not long after with the first competition happening in February 2011.

Amadea, Anna and Vici are looking forward to making Pole for yoU aNd I even bigger and better than last year and are excited to meet everyone again in 2012.

Professional and experienced judges this year will be headed by Kay Penney probably one of the most highly qualified competition judges in the world with judging over 40 competitions world wide since the beginning of national and international championships since competition introduction since 2005 Kay is the founder of the largest National pole dance championships Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance now incorporating over 26 different countries and their cultures
She is excited to support the competitors and hopes to be seeing a future world champion amongst them too.

Also on the judging panel is Jess Leanne Norris - the current Miss Pole Dance UK professional champion and Pippa Caesar who is also an international judge and tricks expert.

Judging criteria World Pole Dance Move Syntax coordinator

Pippa Caesar Move Syntax Coordinator World Pole Dance 2011 – Budapest

It was my second time to the worlds, 2 out of 3 is pretty good! I didn't make it to the first as it was in Jamaica and that's a bit far.... In 2010 I was very kindly asked by Kay Penney, head judge, to be an accompanying judge at the preliminaries. I was very honoured to have been asked, I don’t perform and I don't compete (I did compete, once back in 2008 and almost exploded with fear and nerves. It’s not an experience I want to repeat, I just needed to know how it felt to be on the stage and be judged, so I would be able to speak from experience and inform my students, should they want to compete). I am not well known, not super flexible, I can't train daily and I am on the more 'advanced' side of 35, but I have been a student of pole since 2006 and been instructing since 2008, and I am also a HUGE fan of pole and of polers.

I am an official 'pole-slag' (loving everything about it and everyone who does it) and have trained with, under and alongside some of the world’s best. I am empowered by every single student, performer, competitor, instructor and judge that I meet in this industry. I am a human Pole-Sponge...And I was blown away by the standard of the competitors last year. It was a hard job to judge that 1 preliminary heat. I was watching each performance like a hawk, checking toes, technique, strength, trick standard, lines, grace, innovation, presence, form and entertainment. I spent every one either grinning like a Cheshire cat or gawping with my mouth agog, and most of the time, BOTH! I have attended judging courses and am passionate to represent each competitor to the best of my ability

The final in 2010 was simply outstanding, my team (who made it out to Zurich) and I loved every second! We had tears, we had laughs, we had some serious 'stalker' face photographs with our poling idols and we agreed to make a trip back the next year.

This year, Kay asked me to judge at the prelims and at all the heats of the final as Tricks Syntax Co-ordinator, a position usually held by the pole-guru Deb Riley - UK, so I was blown away and under immense pressure! I did LOADS of homework, checking doubles, male, Chinese and single pole routines on youtube and facebook. I sat for hours on end with a pen and scribbled every move, transition, trick and spin down, I noted if toes were pointed, if lines were clear, how long positions were held for - counting the seconds on an iron x, and a flatline sm. I created a code for moves that would be seen a lot in performances, LH for leg hang, TG for twisted grip, X for iron X, J for Jade, JD for Jade Drop. I invented codes for a move or trick or transition that was new to me, and another code for an extremely hard move. And I sat and tried to memorise moves from all over the world. It didn’t matter if I called a Scorpio a Gemini or even if I called a butterfly a Frank, as long as I always called it the same thing consistently throughout the competitions.

AND HOLY SMOKES was my right hand abused that night?!!! New tricks left right and centre, incredible doubles moves, mind bendingly hard holds and lifts..... One hold was held for an outstanding length of time, over 12 seconds I seem to remember!

I simply cannot express how amazing it was to be on that top table of judges, shoulder to shoulder with some of my pole Heros and such incredible talent. Every single competitor performed to their utmost maximum and I was brought to tears during 3 performances! (Which made writing the moves down even harder!) I had lactic acid build up in my thumb and forefinger and almost burnt a blister on the side of my hand from it moving across the desk as I wrote. I got dry eye staring at the stage and performers by trying not to blink during complicated tumbles and combinations. I gawped at the performers with stalkerish intensity. Doubles, Males and Females. I wrote down tricks, moves and transitions from all performances and I was tested to the limit with the unprecedented amount of talent and innovation.
I cannot wait for next year and I cannot wait to see the moves so gracefully introduced to pole on that night being emulated at the new few competitions I am judging. The event was so well managed and executed, thanks to Dollhouse and Pole Passion’s seamless integration with the polers and the non pole performers of the night. I was present at pole history and I was there with some of the most talented people in the business. Humbled and over awed? Yes, every single second.
Huge congratulations to everyone who took part, who competed and didn’t make it to the final, to the family and friends of the competitors, to the judges and most of all to everyone backstage who made it all happen. It was an incredible event, and I am so very happy to have played my part at the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships 2011.

Pippa Caesar - Polenastics UK

Friday 7 October 2011

Rpole the Benefits ~ The most Portable lightweight Pole dancing pole available IN THE WORLD

The benefits Rpole
Some people still call it a striper pole
some people use it in a gym
some people use it for pole fitness
some people call it a pole dance pole
some people use it for pole dancing
some people like to pole, wearing their heels heels heels !!
some people like to do it with more than one on the pole

This new revolutionary and incredibly portable free standing pole caters for all - listed below are the benefit as to why you should use the Rpole

Lightweight, the most portable pole in the world
Smaller pole dimension for a more secure and confident grip for the smaller hands
Manufactured in the UK to highest of British and European safety standards. Helps comply with the duty of care regulations
Medically endorsed
Ease of putting up and taking down - within minutes
No spanners
No Allan keys
No step ladders
No tools
No complicated manuals or DVD’s to follow - simple design
No additional staff required to set up poles with top loading mechanisms
No additional weights or sand bags required to balance and secure the base of the pole
Easily transportable via the smallest of cars
Easy to transport via public transport, can be checked in on an airline under sporting equipment
You can mix and match with all the Rpole products, making it very versatile
Choice of pole colours
Choice of pole grip ability stainless steel or a powder coated with a stronger grip
Choice of pole heights - domestic or gym professional
Poling now anywhere even in the water - it is rust free (stainless steel pole only)
Easy carry bag with wheels - optional extra
No chrome to peel or wear off
British and European safety standard compliant
The chance to win your pole cost back
Up in literally minutes - our 13 pole studio was timed to take 4 minutes 20 seconds with 3 member of staff
The Rpole is designed, however, for the students to set up the pole, NOT the instructors
Will not damage or mark floors or ceilings
Will fit in a home, park or garden, beach, suitable public and private demos and parties
Professional and elegant design
Better core work out, balance and control required compared to a fixed floor to ceiling pole
Can incorporate floor work as part of your routine as no stage restricting movements
Suitable for promotions, production, stage shows and music videos
Hard and soft bases available

Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness, Pole Performance, Pole fun ~ YOU decide

Contact Sales Manager at Pole Passion ~ Paula Bines and her friendly team tel: 01293 888200
online purchases now available world wide

Thursday 6 October 2011

Keem Martinez Mr Pole Fitness UK champion and runner up World Pole Dance 2011 Budapest

Keem Martinez UK won 2nd Place at Budapest World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships - World Pole Dance 2011

I've touched so many things in my life and started pole dancing at the age of 24, my other hobbies include horse riding, Circus, Gymnastics and ice skating

Keem seen here on the left No 2 seed
Evengy Greshilov - Russia No 1 seed
Loic Lebret - No 3 seed

Keem Martinez UK won 2nd Place at Budapest World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships - World Pole Dance 2011
With his unique performance dressed with his two legs tied together as a Mermaid
After his first performance where there the music failed at 1 minute 20 seconds he had the opportunity to dance and perform again – he took up that challenge dispite continuing with his performance with no music but just to the standing ovation claps and cheers of his name.
He was nervous that he wouldn’t have the energy to do it for a second time and would the music work again too?? It did, and his more relaxed performance won him second place – with the winner being Evengy Greshilov from Russia

Since the age of 16 I trained at the national conservatory of dance in Avignon France
At 18 I became a member of junior ballet BCP (Ballet de la Cites Des Papes) for 2 years
I have a Degree of modern dance.
After that I moved to Paris for dancing in The Musical show Gladiator for 1 year and after that Pal Frenak in Budapest for 3 years At the same time I was working for TV as a dancer & choreographer doing TV shows.
In 2008 as part of my training I tried Bi Kram yoga - I competed in an international competition representing France with my prize taking me to Los Angeles for the first time.

It was there I found my love for pole dance in a club. I watched in awe the pole dance performers. It was at that moment I knew this was my destiny.

When I arrived back to France I was in search of lessons which at that time there were non I met with Laurence Hilsum (currently seeded No.2 in the females World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011 category) who was my first teacher and inspiration from there she became my best friend.
I went on in search of work which lead me to the UK to gain my Pole fitness instructor accreditation and instructor training award with Vertical Dance headed by KT Coates
I went on to enter Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 demonstrating the art of pole dance piped at the post by Susan Boyle !!!

My competition experience
French Pole Dance championships 2009 winner
Mr Pole Fitness 2009 winner presented by Pole Passion
Headhunted by BBC to Promote male pole fitness following on from the Mr Pole Fitness UK competition on the Russell Howard Goodnews TV show in 2010
Invited instructor for Pole Passion International trainer for the pole week, long event in Spain in 2010

Feature performer and master class trainer in Hungary, Paris, London & feature guest performer at the box in London & teacher instructor at the Pole Dance Studios and Pole and Dance in Paris for Lawrence.

For more information about Keem Martinez Please contact Pole Passion Events team
Please call us on 0871 318 3838 or +44(0) 07921948606 Monday - Friday 10- 6pm

Article written By Kay Penney October 2011

Astra Beck Aerial hoops and Silks tuition

Next class December 11th 2011 at Taylors Retreat Dorking

Astra has been working with Pole Passion and in the circus entertainment industry for the last ten years as an aerialist and circus performer. Specializing in aerial hoop and silks but also skilled at static trapeze, doubles trapeze, rope and cloudswing. She is now keen to pass on her knowledge of the aerial arts to anyone who is interested in learning. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has discovered a love of teaching during recent years through teaching pole dancing for fun, fitness and confidence.

Due to the success of the sessions Astra will be teaching another 2 hour mixed ability workshop in hoop and silks. These sessions are suitable for complete beginners wanting to try these skills out, for those who have got the aerial bug and want more and also for those old timers who just can’t get enough of it! No previous experience is necessary but I would advise any newcomers that the ability to do an unassisted pull up or an inversion is a requirement as this is an aerial class and we will be needing some basic upper body strength in order to climb and use the equipment.

Hoop and silks are classic pieces of circus aerial equipment. During the session we will learn how to use the equipment safely, a basic vocabulary of moves and positions, along with technique and conditioning exercises, as many tricks as we can fit in and for the more advanced students we will be working on short sequences of moves.

Please wear comfortable training clothing that covers the legs such as leggings, tracksuits, catsuits etc. We will be working in bare feet. Some people find it useful to bring training gloves for doing hoop as they find that their hands become sore.
Benefits: You will develop core strength, particularly in the upper body and stomach regions, flexibility, agility, confidence and a new skill!

Please note that these sessions are challenging so come fully prepared to work hard!

call 0871 318 3838 for reservations

Kay Penney Head Judge World Pole Dance Championships 2011

One of the first pole dance for fitness instructors in the UK and world, who started practicing pole dance techniques in 2001 soon after the birth of her third child as a new fun way to remain in shape mentally and physically, innovating and pioneering the UK pole industry.

As a dance, health and beauty professional expert and fitness professional from a very early age Kay has made Pole now her sole dance and fitness passion.

She is co-inventor of the Rpole , the first ever free standing, light weight, portable pole, with no stage, designed specifically for the gym environment and pole fitness programmes and accredited instructor training she developed in 2008, awarding students the highest awards in the industry from foundational courses to Master trainer status.

Kay has spent the last 8 years continually creating, networking internationally and supporting all pole athletes across the world working with different cultures and ethics, with her simple mission and message in mind – that to allow all to showcase their art of dance and passion on a world stage without the fear of being wrongly judged. She created he own pole business in 2003 Pole Passion Ltd and went on to create the largest and most respected pole competition in the UK Miss Pole Dance UK , following on adding all categories, amateur and semi pro divisions, including the first Male championships Mr Pole Fitness UK, culminating in the creation of World Pole Sport & Fitness – World Pole Dance in 2009 in Jamaica.

She continues to have a daily and very active role in her business’ despite a busy family life, supporting cancer charities which is close to her heart with her mother and herself both being sufferers of the disease, also women and men in this chosen genre and is proud to have her burlesque instructor training certifications accredited in the UK for fitness too.

2001 - Started Pole Dancing for fun and fitness
2003 - Owner and founder of Pole Passion Ltd
2004 - 1. Miss Pole Idol Competitor - Regional winner
2005 - 2. The Inaugural Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Finals - creator
- 3. World Pole Dance Finals - Amsterdam – invited judge
2006 - 4-11.Miss Pole Dance UK Professional regional heats x 8 in Newquay
12. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional finals – head judge
Miss Pole Dance UK fitness category created and introduced
Author of the world's first published Code of Pole Practice
Introduction & creator of Master Class workshops for instructors in the UK

13. Local Amateur Pole competition – invited judge
2007 -
14. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional – head judge
Miss Pole Dance synchronised doubles category created and introduced
Author of two accredited Pole Fitness Instructor training qualifications
2008 -
15. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional – head judge
16. Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur championships created and introduced
17. Miss Pole Dance Japan – invited judge
2009 - The Rpole is born
18. World Pole Sport & Fitness championships created and introduced – head judge
Invited Honorary Board Member of the Pole Fitness Association
Invited on Cirque du Soleil Pole Dance casting research team
19. Miss Pole Dance Hungry – invited judge
20. Miss Pole Dance Russia – invited judge
21. German Pole Dance Competition – invited judge
22. Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur – head judge
23. Mr Pole Fitness UK championship Inaugural event created – head judge
24. Miss Pole Dance UK professional knockout created
25. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional – head judge
26. Latinamerica Pole Dance championships – invited judge
2010 -
27. Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland invited judge
28. Invited instructor to Dubai and programme development
29. Invited judge Copenhagen
30. Routine for The Nation - nominated facilitator for group session, full day, judging workshop - the first of its kind
31. Invited judge Pole Dance France National championships
32. Invited judge Miss Pole Dance Hungary

Author of Published International Judging criteria available worldwide

Kay has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years, is a qualified fitness professional, burlesque instructor, presenter and performer and supports her team of qualified instructors and runs her own weekly pole fitness lessons ~ ~ and is a qualified beauty therapist and sports masseuse for 20 years. She is a member of the Fitness Industry Association and is co innovator of the Portable and Free standing 'R Pole', specifically designed for pole fitness in gyms.

Her main ambitions now are to continue to support the most talented all the way through to those new to pole too. Her lifelong affiliation and love of all sports, dance forms & performing arts and a caring attitude to support those who have a desire to be the best they can be, have brought her to this destiny. -owner and founder
www.misspoledance-uk - owner and founder - owner and founder - co owner and founder - owner and founder

Tel 0871 318 3838 or +44 (0) 7921948606

Kay seen here with twice world champion Felix Cane

Jenyne Butterfly judges the finals at World Pole Sport and Fitness

Jenyne, also known as Butterfly, has been a professional pole dancer for 10 years. She
first began pole dancing, which then led her to other circus aerial apparatus and it was
then she truly discovered her love for flying. The focus of her life became performance
art and she moved to Las Vegas. Jenyne acquired positions performing in the shows Le
Reve (produced by Cirque du Soleil director Dragone) and for world famous DJ’s such
as Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, and David Guetta. She teaches and performs on trapeze, hoop,
fabric, rope, hammock, straps, bungee, and she created the first female aerial pole act.
Jenyne won the first ever US Pole Dance Federation Champion and then placed 2nd in
the World. She is currently available for instructional workshops, performances, hosting
special events, and judging competitions. Jenyne recently visited places such as Australia,
Russia, Canada, England, Scotland, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and the
Jenyne is an innovative mentor in pole safety and fitness programs, as well
as federations supporting the growth of pole dance. She is honored to be recognized for
her passionate and dedicated leadership in this amazing industry.

for more information about world pole sport visit

Jenyne seen here with Loic Lebret France chmapions and 3rd Place in the mens division

Alesia Vazmitsel WINNER of World Pole Dance 2011 - Budapest

Alesia Vazmitsel Belarus
NOW CROWNED world champion 2011

Alesia started dancing at the age of four. From age 11 she trained at a circus school and took lessons of different dancing styles. She also holds B.Sc in Business Administration. She has been pole dancing since 1997. She started poling for fitness 6years ago as she wanted to get in shape after having her child.

2008 was a great year for her as she entered the glamour category for Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championship in Scala (London) and took home the winning title a defining point in her pole dance career.
In 2009 she entered to the World Pole Championship held in Jamaica and took the 3rd place. She vowed then to finish her competition career!!

In April 2010 she broke a record at the Guinness World Record Show (the longest time to hold the acrobatic pole dancing position called “the sword” is 1 minute 24.62 seconds). She also started to train on the aerial tissues (silks) and she is progressing at a steady pace. Her hobbies include various sports: swimming, weightlifting, acrobatics and acro balance.
In 2010 she entered World Pole Dance once more taking 4th place and winning best costume award.
She is always happy to try something new. This she can discover while travelling to another countries or continents. She likes visiting new places, meeting people and trying local food. This year she went to Brazil and Australia to share her teaching experience with other poledancers. She also took part at the Pole International Showcase 2011 - Pole Reflections in Sydney and shared the stage with the most famous female and male dancers such Remi Martin, Jamilla Deville, Marlo, Adam Devis. She will be involved at the new opera of Igor Stravinsky -"Rakes Progress" with her Pole Dance acts this year.

For her to win this championships is like a dream, she was genuinely shocked to hear her name announced and in her winning speech she expresses that this is the best feeling in the world and for 14 years she could only dream of this day
Alesia is a great ambassador for the pole dance community and we congratulate her on her win

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Kate and Bendy Kate runners up World Pole Dance Championships Budapest 2011

Kate Johnstone and Bendy Kate are great ambassadors for World Pole Sport and Fitness 2011 championships

They started training for doubles a year ago for their pole school - Spin City's 2nd Birthday Party and since then have brought a unique, acrobatic style to doubles pole performances. Bendy acts as the flyer in the partnership due to her acrobatic background where as Kate is the base and holds herself and Bendy with phenomenal strength. Bendy is 21 and has been poling for just under 2 years, Kate who has just turned 29 has been poling for 5 years. For Kate and Bendy doubles pole has been an opportunity for Bendy to relive her acrobatic days and Kate has had the opportunity to develop new moves and challenge herself as a choreographer!

They have also developed a unique friendship and trust since becoming a partnership last year. This is Kate's last doubles performance so this is a very special competition for them and they hope to go out in spectacular style!
Kate and Kate are also Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 synchronised Doubles champions

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Alejandro Cuchallo Male Pole Dancer World Pole Sport and Fitness eldest competitor

Alejandro Cuchallo - Argentina

Short Biography
a) How did you start Pole dancing ?
First I started doing chinese pole. Thanks to my partner I begun to pole dance
b) How long have you been poling?
Three years
c) How old are you? I am 47 years old
d) What motivates you? Pole dance practice as it makes me feel good
d) What are your favourite things in life My sport, my family life and I enjoy all things in life.

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Evgeny Grishilov The World Champion Pole Dancer male Division

In the New Males category, for World Pole sport and Fitness, Evgeny Greshilov from Russia took first place, as well as the awards for Best Pole Tricks and Best Entertainer.

MENS World Pole Dance Champion 2011

Evgeny Greshilov was born in a small town in Siberia. As a boy, he had experience in different kinds of sports and drama studio. After school he arrived in Moscow for his education and graduated from Government College of Circus arts. Like artist of circus he performed in Great Moscow Circus (2006) and took part in a show "Shangrila-3", Japan (2007), as an aerial gymnast and a dancer. He Graduated Government University of Culture and Arts, department choreography. He worked in a dance troupe of the one Russian singer, for about 3 years. At this moment he is working as an instructor of different dance styles, such as: Hip-hop, House, Contemporary, and Pole Dance and has been practicing pole dance many years ago, but seriously started pole dancing little more than 2 years ago. In spring 2010 he knew about World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship and decided to take part then.
‘ In the process of preparation and presentation I realized that it was mine! =) In this art i can combine all that i can. I can express my perceptions of the music in dance. I can do power and acrobatic elements! This is what i was looking for. And finally have found it thanks to this championships and the rules that it allows. That's what I do with great pleasure! And it is more and more like it! Professional growth and development is very important for me!’

His listed achievements in the Pole Dance: 1-st place “2-nd CUP ARDO” (2010) Moscow
1-st place “Golden Pole” (2010) Krasnodar1-st place “Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition”
(2010) Moscow The Best Russian Pole Dancer 2010/2011.
1-st place “Aerial Pole International Championship” (2011) Bern, Switzerland
1st place World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships Budapest October 1st 2011 Men’s Division

Keem Martinez, representing the UK, took second place after a standing ovation from the crowd. Third place went to Loic Lebret from France, whose dazzling outfit of glittering stones won him the Best Costume Award.

for more information contact Kay Penney organiser

Press Release - Pole Dancing, World Pole Sport and Fitness 2011, Pole Fitness,

World Pole Sport and Fitness 2011 – Budapest Pole Dancing at its best

The first weekend of October saw the event that Pole Dance and Fitness professionals and exercise professionals and pole instructors all over the world had been waiting for - The Worlds Pole Sport and Fitness (Official World Pole Dance Championships 2011). Presented by Pole Passion – UK; Doll House – Hungary; and Loft1 Fitness - Switzerland, the Championships – dubbed “the World Cup of Pole Dance Fitness”- took place at the BVUSS Sports centre, “Budaörsi Városi Sportcsarnok, Uszoda és Strand” 2040, Budaörs, Hársfa Street 6. Hungary.

Many competitors have a career in fitness or work in a gym or are fitness training instructors or personal trainers. The competition saw 13 finalists from every corner of the globe compete in the female singles category, for a chance to hold the coveted title for the coming year. Top seed Felix Cane representing Australia (of Cirque du Soleil) was unable to attend due to her ever increasing work commitments since her phenomenal second world champion win last year in Switzerland. Rafaela Montanaro (Brazil) was also unable to participate this year due to injury, and pulled out last minute, however Marie Luz Escalante (Argentina) automatically went through to the finals – second seed, with the remaining twelve places up for grabs during the four group preliminary stages held in Hungary on 29th September (a mixture of 39 seeded and unseeded wildcard entries).

In this years event, two new categories ran for the first time ever – Male Singles and Synchronised Doubles. The inclusion of these new categories demonstrating the ever increasing popularity of pole fitness and its gradual but relentless move towards acceptance as a mainstream form of fitness.
During the competition, contestants were judged on their presentation; dance and fitness; and pole tricks. The standard was unbelievably high from all contestants, with beautifully choreographed routines, superhuman strength, death defying stunts, impossible spins and seamless transitions demonstrated by all.

In the Female category, Hanka Venselaar from Holland, who didn’t quite make it to the finals last year, progressed massively and took third place, as well as Best Pole Tricks Award, after wowing the audience and judges alike with her seamless and daring tricks. Second place went to Laurence Hilsum from France with a beautifully choreographed routine. Laurence was a finalist last year. But the final’s champion was Miss Pole Dance UK champion in 2009, and World Pole Dance finalist last year, Alesia Vazmitsel, who took home the crown for Belarus after performing a spell-binding routine with her trademark flexibility, incredible strength innovative moves and tricks and smooth combinations – telling her story through a dream performance where she expressed most of her new moves are created through her dreams. Alesia expressed the day before she felt she was taking a risk with new choreography for her – she was nervous and self-doubting, but after a sympathetic ear and words of encouragement she performed her faultless routine with immaculate precision.

In the synchronised doubles category, Ilka Bardoczy and Barbara Palmaffy took first place for the hosting country of Hungary, as well as Best Pole Tricks award. Kate Johnstone and Bendy Kate took 2nd place representing the UK; as well as Best Entertainer Award, with a highly original concept and routine, UK doubles only being together training for about one year and have had additional training in the circus arts and acro balance. Michelle Shimmy and Matty Shields travelled all the way from Australia, demonstrated amazing and equal strength and took third place

In the New Males category, Evgeny Greshilov from Russia took first place, as well as the awards for Best Pole Tricks and Best Entertainer. Keem Martinez, representing the UK, took second place after a standing ovation from the crowd. Third place went to Loic Lebret from France, whose dazzling outfit of glittering stones won him the Best Costume Award.

Founder and co organiser Kay Penney had this to say about the event “I am so proud that all the competitors have exhibited such a high professional standard of dance performance, fitness, strength and decorum during the competition. The World Pole Dance Champions must be both athletes and ambassadors for the pole industry and I believe that in all the categories we have found the Champions to fly the flag world wide”.

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Kay Penney Managing Director Pole Passion & World Pole Dance

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