Friday 26 July 2013

National and International Pole Dance Competition Judging Qualifications

Setting the standards of competitive pole dance and fitness competitions

A strict judging criteria for Miss Pole Dance UK was formulated in 2004
for more information on how to apply visit

RPole built for a life time of poling

DID you know that the world's first, light weight, portable, free standing, dance and fitness pole without a platform or stage, was developed by Pole Passion  to accompany the Fitness Industry Association approved,  Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor Training!!
It took 5 years to develop, with the help of the Faculty of Education and SportUniversity of Brighton. and  hours and hours of ongoing safety testing

Feel free to contact us for us to forward the NEW brochure to your friends, students and colleagues
Sue Thompson is your customer service contact in Pole Passion / Rpole if you have any questions or sales enquiries - - Not all dance and fitness poles are created equal !

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Winged Angel MPD UK 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK
Winged Angels Promo girls wanted
Promoting the Miss Pole Dance championships 15th September 2013 at Hawth Theatre

10 Special  Winged Angels NEEDED THIS FRIDAY
Location – Crawley Town Centre
Friday 26th July
9.00pm – 11.00pm
9.00pm meet at Nuffield health and Wellbeing GYM or
9.30  Asda Car park IN CRAWLEY TOWN

Walking around the town promoting the event through the bars and clubs :)  
ONLY 2 hours of fun and may even grab a drink or two


WHAT WILL THE winged angels  get up to??

Looking great with an outgoing and bubbly personality
Customer service focused
Dressed to impress
Support the organisers, sponsors and spectators
Advertising the Rpole and other sponsors at the event
Photo shoot and advertising the competition on the day and before the event
Handing our flyers and information

Clothing for winged angels - think black
Black shorts  or short skirt
Black wings (supplied) please return for future events
Black corset  or top
Black tights or stockings with a black suspender belt for the really naughty!!
Black shoes or boots (yes even dust off your thigh highs!! -  which you can walk comfortably in (Please supply your own for a good comfortable fit) 

If you wish to register to be a  Winged Miss Pole Dance Angel
 email us on

Miss Pole Dance UK Winged Angels

Miss Pole Dance UK
Winged Angels Promo girls wanted
Promoting the Miss Pole Dance championships 15th September 2013

10 Special  Winged Angels
Location – Crawley Town Centre
Friday 26th July 2013
9.00pm – 11.00pm

Duties for winged angels

Looking great with an outgoing and bubbly personality
Customer service focused
Dressed to impress
Support the organisers, sponsors and spectators
Advertising the Rpole and other sponsors at the event
Photo shoot and advertising the competition on the day and before the event
Handing our flyers and information

Clothing for winged angels
Black shorts  or short skirt
Black wings (supplied) please return for future events
Black corset  or top
Black tights or stockings with a black suspender belt for the really naughty!!
Black shoes or boots which you can walk comfortably in (Please supply your own for a good comfortable fit) 

If you wish to register to be a  Winged Miss Pole Dance Angel

Local Crawley Councillor accusing Miss Pole Dance UK & Mr Pole Fitness UK as Sleazy

The Pole Dance show must go on.......


Dear Anna (Local news reporter)
Thank you for your email today quoting a Crawley Councillor (unnamed) as to calling our show sleazy

We would love to respond to the recent comments from a councillor stating that pole dancing shows ‘undermine women, they are sexist and sleazy not the standard of production that should be on at the Hawth theatre'..

First of all I would like to start by saying the Miss Pole Dance competitions and productions, leading on to the World Pole Sport & Fitness annual World Championships was created way back in 2004 to educate and promote the art of the pole dance and fitness techniques required on and around the vertical bar, in a positive manner.
It was my soul ambition in the year 2004 when Pole Fitness and dancing did not exist outside of gentleman's clubs and sex establishments and to give these 'athletic and creative dancers' the credibility they deserved, on a non-judgemental stage, away from leering gentlemen for tipping and stripping !

Even Davina McCall's, 'Got to Dance' and Britain's got talent, wanted our talent to appear on their shows !

I do not blame the councillor for making such nieve comments, as I believe they have not been educated to modern concepts of the pole fitness and dance, which I live and breathe every day running my pole fitness company Pole Passion Limited, which incidentally has now over 4000 local students mainly women, (although we are seeing an increase of guys wanting to give it a go,) With the average ages of students anything between the ages of 16 and 60 and operating a successful licensing operation throughout West Sussex operating out of gyms such as Nuffield Health and Well Being and the Triangle, Freedom Leisure, Lifeline fitness, Virgin Active to mention a few, this sport and dance genre is here to stay and growing expotentially.
We even defied the fitness industry and have REP’s accredited pole fitness instructor training courses which are growing yearly and approved by Skills Active and FIA - the fitness Industry Association.

As a fitness and beauty expert with over 25 years experience working along side women, enjoying the variety of dance and fitness available to all, it became apparent to me after the birth of my third child there was nothing accommodating my fitness desires at that time.
I was in search of something to help me, not only tone and become healthier both mentally and physically, which included fun and most importantly for me to feel womanly again and regain my post baby shape, which let’s face it, after three was going to be a challenge for any sport to tackle!!

Unlike my councillor friend, i thought out of the box and thought if I were to remove the pre conceived misconceptions of pole dance history, maybe I could also help other frustrated women like myself, feeling trapped in today's modern, gender role changing, society.

So to cut a very very long story short (yes it’s film worthy!!) of surviving cancer, supporting women with muscular dystrophy, self harm people, ladies with low self esteem, obese ladies who still want to have some fun in a non judgemental environment, post natal mothers, disabled ladies unable to participate in other sports and dance, doctors, lawyers, police superintendents and the list goes on. I am still as passionate today, about my vision as i was when i first found pole (accidentally at a party waaaaay back) 
Promoting the ambitious and talented - educating and introducing these endless, gymnastic and acrobatic, artful and skilful techniques to all who have the right and wish to try something new and challenging both mentally and physically !

I even created Mr Pole Fitness UK in 2009 in an attempt to change the stereotypical visions of public perception too of men on a pole - NOW, oh my goodness, are these guys catching up!!

Check out our current champion Mr Nico Modestine who incidentally will be showcasing and creating most of the cheers from the 90 per cent female audience at the Hawth on Sunday 15th September - so therefore not undermining women in the slightest!

Incidentally Nico has no dance back ground just martial arts and this was his first pole dance performance and had only been doing pole for 6 months !! quite impressive by any fitness standards i think the councillor will agree.

I am proud i have created a non judgemental and safe, drug free, non smoking, environment for these artists and I believe it will continue for centuries to come with a new breed of polers now emerging to our lessons.

I chose the Hawth as they boast they offer the liveliest and most diverse programmes in the arts and performance sector. One of my first questions to the Hawth, when in search for a sit down theatre venue (My home theatre) was, what will the council say?? will they approve it ? Their spokes person said, ' If we can have the Puppetry of a Penis where men are making shapes with their genitals, I think another dance show will be just fine !!' - Naturally I loved their support and answer !! 

Happy to chat further - and in the words of the great performer Freddie Mercury - The show must go on !

Kay Penney
Owner Founder of Miss Pole Dance UK 2004
World Pole Sport & Fitness UK 2009

tickets -

Apprentice Pole Fitness Job Positions Available

Apprentice Pole Fitness Job Positions with Pole Passion
Pole Fitness Teacher Training qualifications
Pole fitness Teacher Trainer and Assessor qualifications
Judging Qualifications

If you have a passion for people and to see them grow mentally and physically through the power of the pole then this is definitely for you.
You will officially become part of the growing Pole Passion  (International) family - be offered opportunities to train with the team at reduced rates at Master Classes, lessons, workshops, competitions and events.
You will receive an apprentice bag which includes auniform, when representing the company - you can purchase more via the office and we have some vest Tshirts and hoodies on order too.  Our corporate colours are purple and pink so these colours are fine to accompany the Tshirt too.  A folder is included in your pack indicating all the moves and syllabus and access to the NEW Pole Passion grading system, which runs 3/4 times per year.
You will be guided by qualified pole fitness instructors throughout your training who will support you with the lesson planning
You will also have opportunities to train next to the highly trained Pole Passion team and network with some of the most influential pole Masters in the industry; just to mention some of the benefits of the job.

Please email us in the office on for any training questions.

Listed below are some of your responsibilities to support your instructors, during your time with Pole Passion
We pride ourselves on being friendly towards all Pole Passion team members.

•        To represent the company and instructor in a professional and helpful manner during class and throughout the social media networking channels
•        To support the main instructor or instructors during class and throughout the social media networking channels
•        Check up to date promotional material is visible at the venues via posters and flyers
•        Welcome new students with warmth, passion and support
•        Help with registrations and inductions during new and first sessions and taster sessions
•        Help with payments and paperwork registrations at sessions from students
•        Support with warm ups and cool downs in sessions as appropriate
•        Open and close studios where appropriate
•        Set up studios with poles where appropriate including flyers
•        Advertise all other Pole Passion classes,  forth coming competitions and events,
•        Grading support and knowledge
•        Promote and talk about Pole Passion events to students when appropriate (Miss Pole Dance UK the national pole dance championships is on 15th September !! which we own and operate and always welcome your support at our events
•        Check venue for cleanliness, privacy, drinking water appropriate heating, appropriate lighting

What we would expect from you

We would expect you to be working towards registering on the Pole Passion instructor training accreditations and certifications The foundation instructor training course and the Advanced course – You must be signing up for these courses during your apprentice position.  Contact Lou in the office on 07921948606
The length of the apprenticeship usually lasts between 3-6 months or when you reach the instructor training course, but can be bespoke to the individual based on previous fitness teaching experience and confidence.

This role can be taken as part time -  every other week (allowing you still to progress in class every other week (alternative to the apprentice role)

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Pole Sport and Fitness Master Class opportunities at Miss Pole Dance UK

Pole Passion presents Master Class training at the forth coming Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships

On 15th September 2013

At Hawth Theatre Crawley West Sussex

Hanka Venselaar – World Pole Sport & Fitness Champion 2012/2013
representing Holland
registration 9.15am – 9am-11am 90 minutes

Sarah Scott – Miss Pole Dance UK Singles and Doubles 2012/2013 champion
registration at 9.15am – 9am-11am – 90 minutes
Nico Modestine – Mr Pole Fitness UK Males 2012/2013 champion
registration 10.45 – 11am – 12.30 – 90 minutes

Bendy Kate – Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2012/2013 champion
registration 10.45 – 11am – 12.30 90 minutes

For more details to register visit
Or call/ text us on 0792194 8606

Mixed ability classes available

Saturday 13 July 2013

The Official Miss Pole Dance UK professional poster 2013

15th September 2013
tickets now available

3pm onwards
3 National competitions

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2013

Pole Passion presents
Mr Pole Fitness UK National Pole Fitness championships

ON:  15th September 2013

From:   3.00pm

AT:  Hawth Theatre

For competitor registration visit - or

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2013 registration now open

Pole Passion is proud again to present Mr Pole Fitness UK National championships
Established in 2009 we are now taking pole fitness and techniques even further than it has gone before.

Males across the UK are now executing pole techniques as an entertaining and unbelievable new level, demonstrating remarkable feats of strength and agility

Tickets now available for Mr Pole Fitness UK finals on 15th September 2013
Hawth Theatre - London Gatwick

Professional Male performers already signed up are
Dan Rosen
Ian Matthews
Dan Roe Barnett

Relay For Life REIGATE with Pole Passion

Relay For Life

It's about cancer survivors battle for life. It's an inspirational overnight 24hr event that honours cancer survivors and their families

JULY 13th 2013

Relay For Life Reigate
12 noon (duration 24hrs) 
Priory Park, 
Bell Street, 

As a cancer survivor myself  i'm proud that Sam Causon, the leader of Pole Passion Reigate is heading the Pole Passion 24 hour pole team

Shane Richie will be playing with his band, The Prelude, on Sunday morning, so please come and support them and us over the weekend

LIFE is like inches 
We fight for every new inch
We claw for every inch
There are only inches between living and dying
Fight and die for that every inch?

Look at the people next to you.
Who are prepared to go that every inch with you?
Let's heel as a team
Or we will die as individuals 

That's pole

What are you going to do? 
Go that extra inch today. Join us and support cancer charities who are fighting daily for that extra inch 
Reigate Pole Passion Fitness with Sam Causon. Come and support her Pole Passion team and together we will gain extra inches for life.

Kay Penney

Passion Fitness 

World Pole Sport 

Thursday 11 July 2013

Sarah Scott Pole Passion Miss Pole Dance UK interview June 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK champion female singles and doubles - 2012/2013

Since winning the singles and double titles at Miss Pole Dance UK championships in 2012 in Brighton, how would you say this has changed your life, if at all?
I am doing my absolute dream job; Teaching and travelling, meeting amazing people

How many times a week do you find yourself on the pole now – is this more or less than a year ago?
Around 3-5 days a week, which is similar to last year - but Id say I’m more specific with when and how I train now.
Due to nature of my schedule I try to put aside specific times for my own training so I get the most out of it.

Would you say the title win has helped in your pole fitness career?
I had started teaching a few workshops before MPD but it definitely excelled my career and gave me confidence as a performer. It’s great that a non-professionally trained dancer can go onto such a big stage and win the title. Definitely, life changing.

Are you more recognised worldwide or just nationwide?

Yes I have been very lucky travelling the world teaching XPERT Pole fitness and my signature workshops, I have been to the US, and all over the UK and Europe.

Has it been easy or hard for you to adapt to your new role in the pole industry?
For the first few months it was difficult to adapt as my life changed so much. When I started I always looked up to the winners of the competition such as Alesia Vazmitsel and Sally Ann Giles and since my win I have realised how important it is to be a good role model in the industry, being positive, friendly and encouraging everyone to pole dance no matter who they are.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Still busy, I am off to Mexico in October, the USA in January and plans to tour in Australia and South Africa are being worked out. I have just launched my new website which I will be working on with my partner Adam on nutrition and helping people change their food habits. It’s exciting.

Who is your favourite person to train with on the pole and why?
I love training with lots of different people, I am lucky I get to meet and train with many pole dancers across the world.

Last year you had the opportunity to attend the World Pole Dance championships in Zurich what was your favourite moment of the event?
Watching the amazing talent on stage, it was such a friendly atmosphere. It’s amazing how so many different people and countries can meet and share their love of Pole.

What are your future plans for the Pole industry in the near future?
I will be continue to tour around the world teaching my workshops, but also working on nutrition and encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. Also to encourage people to get involved in pole for all different reasons. I am an XPERT Master Trainer so we have many teacher training courses coming up, teaching teachers is another one of my passions and helping to grow the pole community by making sure we have safe and effective teachers is one way I can give back.

And finally do you have any training words of wisdom to be the best?
Make sure you don't forget the little things, they can make or break a performance. Take the time to perfect your climbing, inverting, spinning and transitions - not just the tricks. When you perform - look out at the audience. Dance for you - be the best version of you.  Be confident and enjoy being on stage!

Thank you Sarah - We look forward to seeing you at Miss Pole Dance Semi pro day on 29th June at Taylors pole retreat and then again at the professional championships on 15th September at the Hawth theatre where you will be passing on the crown.
We look forward to you  show casing your expert skills on the pole and also will be promoting your workshops those days too.  Hugs

Kay Penney – founder Miss Pole Dance UK

Looking forward to performing too!

Look forward to seeing you - they will be fantastic events!

Sarah x

To see sarah perform live come to the Hawth theatre Crawley West Sussex
15th September 2013