Thursday 17 August 2023

How to write a competition bio Miss Pole Dance UK / Mr Pole Fitness UK

 How to write a Miss Pole Dance UK / Mr Pole fitness UK pole dance competition bio

One of the first questions many people ask is - Should a bio be written in ​​the first person (referring to yourself as  I) or third person (using your name)?

At Miss Pole Dance UK - we like it written in third person, but it’s not incorrect if you use first person

Keep it short and make your biography interesting (there are many read out on the day of the competition) so make it punchy and informative! Feel free to add in the odd funny comment to keep your audience interested 

How long should my bio be?

Anything between 40-100 words is good

Introduce yourself

  • Your name, this may be different from your real name, so make sure you have informed the organisers of this name change

  • Your location 

  • Which pole school will you be representing

Be genuine and truthful and mention your other experience if you have some and don't be afraid to say it's your first competition too!

Add in your current goals, where do you see yourself in the future

Mention your profession, and how long you have been poling for and if you have any other interesting hobbies

Add in your personality or character you will be using on stage - your bio is an extension of your performance

What is your favourite trick or move or what is your nemesis move (if you have one)

A shout out to those who have helped you create your performance, who and or what inspired your routine and how did you chose your music

Least of all send in your website and social media links - they may not always be read out on the day of the competition but they will be added online for future promotion

Good luck -    Kay Penney

Founder Miss Pole Dance UK 2004 - The UK’s most established national pole dance competition