Thursday 29 October 2015

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Elena Artamonova, Pole Passion International Trainer & Assessor, Moscow, Russia 2015

Elena Artamonova is the chief instructor and choreographer at one of the highly acclaimed dancing studios in Moscow and one of the founders of Pole Dancing art in Russia.
She fell in love with Pole 12 years ago and never stopped since. 
She has 11 years teaching experience and moreover she is one of the world’s best athletes in this field.

“I had to train very hard work to reach the level I am today and the results I've achieved in my dancing career, and owing to diligence and grit, I am now a Champion of Russia, 3 times Finalist of World Pole Dance Championship and Pole Cup, and repeated winner as well as prize winner of many Russian and International competitions’, - says Elena.
Having 2 university degrees ( pedagogical and choreographer), being a CCN gymnastics, D-level ballroom dancer and professional fitness &gym instructor, this young woman keeps constantly developing and increasing her level of knowledge.
In 2012-2014 she passed Beginner & Intermediate Instructor courses, arranged by Pole Passion Ltd. and in 2014 became an ambassador of safe and effective Instructor training as well as one of the chief teachers of world-famous Pole Passion International Camp & training Retreat Week that is organized each year in Europe.
Every year Elena visits different Pole Dance and Fitness Conventions all around the world, and each time brings back new experience and information that she could pass over to her students. In 2015 she successfully passed Aerial Hoop Instructor training also, and has created her own signature Beginner Aerial Hoop teaching program.

When talking about her job, this is what Elena says: “Pole dance for most of my students is a remedy from stress and fatigue. Some of them come in and say: I feel “different” now. They feel more confident now, they walk with the different air about themselves and they just feel better knowing that they have something that they can do, and it influences them from inside. That’s what the “different” means. Sometimes it’s hard to explain… but when I see all these changes in people, then I understand that my work isn't in vain. That’s why teaching for me is not just a job. It is something I’m planning to do as long as I can, and I will never stop. I help people to overcome their fears, overcome themselves, and love sport”.

From this year Elena has become a part of the large International Pole Passion family - a representative in the branch of international pole sport and fitness & aerial hoop instructor education, Worldwide and in Russia particularly.
“And, in conclusion, my advice for the beginners. Anyone can do this! In this type of sport there are no age or height, or constitution limits. The pole holds up to 200 kg. So if you’re under it- come and try! As long as the pole holds you-you can do it! As long as you’re open, want to try and have fun you’ll make it!

If you are happy to travel to Moscow, I'm waiting for all of you – for training and professional development!

With love, Elena xxx”.

Tel: +44 (0) 1293 888200
Training Information :

Pole Fitness Accreditations about to enter Russia, Moscow and Turkey, Instanbul

International Pole Sport and Fitness Pioneers, Pole Passion, founded by Kay Penney in 2001, are all set to train the trainers in Russia, Moscow and Turkey, Istanbul in 2016

With the popular growth of the pole fitness and dance industry worldwide, we are proud to be expanding into the new cultures and countries with these accreditations, for empowering, safe, effective and professional instructor training, pole sport & fitness courses

Pole Passion have been delivering their International REP's Accredited courses throughout Europe since 2008 and have since entered into the Asia market in 2015 by delivering their first course in China, Beijing in April 2015

Trainer Assessor Elena Artamonova - Budapest 2015

                          Trainer Assessor Elena Artamonova - Budapest 2015

For more information about Pole Fitness in Europe, China, Russia and Turkey, visit  and email us on

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Category 2015 - RESULTS

Final Results, Pole Passion Presents
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championships 2015

- Where professional men and woman battle it out to be the best in the UK -  Where pole friends support each other creating a unique and beautiful pole family, Where encouragement knows no bounds, Where Passion, Determination, Power, Sport, Fitness and Sexy are celebrated to the full!
Held on Saturday 10th  OCTOBER 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Category (Female)
1st -    Jess Leanne Norris  -161.5
2nd - Lauren Red  -156
3rd - Hannah R Kaynes  -149
Catherine Meadley  -132
Annalisa Muresu  -125
Rose A Lisa   -123
Heidi Hildersley  -120
Nicole McIntyre  -108
Rebecca Plume  -107
Chelsy Vaney  -104
Nicola Ghalmi  -102
Leah Rose  -102
Toni Mansell  -98

​Best costume - Nicola Ghalmi
Best entertainer - Lauren Red
Best tricks - Jess Leanne Norris

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Doubles (Mixed)
1st - Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler  -153.5
2nd - Jade Bensilum & Alana White  -138.5
3rd - Stevie Hilton & Andrea Tozer  -121.5
Melissa Sidki & Timonie George  -118
Rosa Lisa & Zoe Ednay  -109

Best costume - Yvette Dusol and Jade Tinkler
Best entertainer- Stevie and Andrea
Best tricks - Jade and Alana

Mr Pole Fitness UK (Males)
1st - Michael Donohoe  -145
2nd - Sam King  -137
3rd -Marcin Miller  -107.5
Theo Robertson  -106

Tuesday 27 October 2015

The Difference between a Basque, Bustier, Waspie and a Corset

The Difference between a Basque, Bustier, Waspie and a Corset

So whilst discussing my next year birthday celebrations, dressing up was naturally mentioned
My friend’s question was, what’s the difference?!!!
All these feminine items are worn by both men and women in the world of burlesque and provide a sexy feminine, hourglass, appearance of a slimmer waistline and exaggerated bust  & cleavage
Basques will generally use a hook and eye fastenings down the back, similar to the way a bra is fastened.

Basques generally have defined cups with under wiring and will therefore give more support to the bust area whereas corsets simply push the breasts up and together.
Basques are sometimes preferred for comfort as they do not have the same rigid boning as corsets.  When wearing a corset it is advisable to wear it a few days in advance of its first outing to enable the ridged plastic structuring to mould to your shape and for you to get used to the feeling.

Generally a corset has laces at the back to tighten the garment securely and is more restricting, often using someone with skill to tighten it correctly.  The result of these different fastenings is that a corset will make a big difference on the shape of your body whereas a basque creates more of a 'skimming' effect and is less restricting.

Finally, you should expect to pay more for a corset than a basque, mainly due to the fact that basques tend to be less structured and more like lingerie, thinner more delicate materials.  This also means that corsets can last longer if well cared for.
Corset are structured with a strong plastic rod, metal or bone which run the length of the garment sown the torso

Dry cleaning is well advised for corsets
A Bustier is a cropped basque and usually used as lingerie  to cover the breasts

A waspie is a smaller corset or larger suspender belt placed around the torso lower waist and upper hip area without the bra cup section whereby used to bring in the waist and accentuate the bust , either worn with an additional bra or  loose fitting blouse or nipple tassels
When deciding whether to opt for a corset, bustier, waspie or a basque, the key factors will therefore be your
how long you intend to wear it for
and its function.

Ischemic flossing - my first treatment

Ive just received my first treatment and experience of ischemic flossing, carried out by Sports Therapist, Alex Wheatman, where a tight band was placed around my upper arms linked together behind my shoulder blades

As a pole dance and fitness trainer, my body and joints are put through an immense about of pressure and manipulation weekly and have been for the last 15 years
After being recently involved in a minor road traffic accident and experiencing some whip lash I reached out to my favourite osteopath the Back Care Clinic in Crawley owned and operated by Stephen Deadman.

Trigger point and deep tissue back and shoulder massage was carried out over the one hour treatment, ending in just a 5 minute ischemic flossing, where a specialist strap was placed over my clothing – I felt immediate relief from my neck and upper back spasms.

I had a slight itchiness and tingling in my hands and fingers soon after the treatment, which subsided quickly however most importantly my mood had lifted considerably.

Fully recommend this treatment with Alex although I jokingly did mention it reminded me of my recent rope bondage course I went on recently !!

23 October 2015

Pole Passion Fitness Haywards Heath OPENS Monday January 4th 2016

Pole Passion Fitness - Haywards Heath
Haywards Heath, Lindfield, Skaynes Hill, Cuckfield, Balcome

Monday Evenings 8.30-9.30pm (starting from January 4th 2016)

The Dolphin Leisure Centre
Dance Studio 1
Pasture Hill Road, Haywards Heath,
West Sussex,
RH16 1LY


Mixed ability classes ranging from complete beginner level to advanced level
Must be 16+ but there is no upper age limit :)

First Lesson: £10.00 Taster
Pay as you go: £12.50 Per Lesson
Pay Monthly: £40.00 for 4 lessons

Text: 07900 398 994 with (Name and the date of the lesson you wish to attend)

Bookings now taking place limited spaces

Underwater Pole shoot at K2 in Crawley Olympic size swimming pool

A massive thank you to Steve Penney & RPOLE portable and free standing pole fitness equipment and the 7 mermaids and helpful staff at the Olympic size swimming pool, K2 in Crawley for making this underwater shoot happen

Kay Penney - Co creator of the RPole - Advanced Pole Passion Fitness Instructor
Yvette Dusol - Miss Pole Dance UK singles champion 2014/2015 - Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles Champion 2015/2016
David SkDa - Pole Sport Artist and Instructor
Nikki Mafia -Pole Sport Artist and Instructor
Radek Gora - Photographer
Bella Monnery - Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor - Shoreham-on-sea
Sam Clarke - Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor - East Grinstead
Nadia Budurusi - From Romania Miss Pole Dance

Georgia Raffan Interviews Kay

1) Have you ever done an underwater pole shoot before?
Yes I did my first underwater shoot on the Pole Passion camp in Spain in 2011

The water was freezing !!

How did this shoot compare?
My first shoot was amazing because it was something that had never been achieved before and I love pioneering pole fitness in different situations

My love of water, my desire to be a synchronised swimmer and it was something that had never been done before was an added bonus  and that it was achieved with the portable RPOLE

This recent shoot was more organised
There were more taking part and above all we had a professional camera man enabling a 90 minutes shoot rather than a 15 minute shoot

2) Did you have specific moves planned for the shoot?
I had certain ideas but like with all my shoots I tend to have more than required outfits and love the freestyle and inprovision of the shoot

3) Do you feel the Water made it harder or easier to achieve poses? Why?
The water was certainly a challenge but for me whilst the moves were easier to accomplish it was harder in the sense you had the challenge of controlled breathing going upside down and I opted to do it without goggles and a nose clip
So more than often it went up my nose making it extremely uncomfortable

4) Do you feel happy with how the shoot went?
Yes the shoot went very well

5) If you do another underwater photo shoot what would you change?
I would research underwater eyelash glue !!
My false eyelashes fell off within the first 10 minutes and I would research underwater lipstick too - any offers??

6) What preparation would you suggest for somebody looking to do an underwater photo shoot who hasn't done one before?
Chose dark colours
Pale colours don't look as striking underwater
Go for flowing material
Take your time
Dare to be different

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'd like to thank the photographer Radek Gora for his patience and bringing his underwater equipment to make the shoot such a success

for more about Pole Passion and Pole Fitness Lessons contact us on

Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler Miss Pole Dance UK synchronosed doubles winners 2015

Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler Miss Pole Dance UK doubles winners

Yvette and Jade have both been performing dance, contortion and gymnastics since the age of 3 but only began pole dancing 3 years ago.

They started training together only about 6 months ago and realised their style and skills were very similar so decided to try some pole doubles and loved it!

Yvette is the Miss Pole Dance UK Singles professional category 2014 winner,
and World Pole Sport & Fitness Finalist 2015.

Jade won first place at the Midlands Pole Championships,
and first place Instructor Category UKPPC 2014.

This was their very first doubles competition and im sure we will be seeing alot more of them

For more information about Yvette & Jade please

Michael Donohoe Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2015

Michael Donohoe
Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015 champion 

I have been doing pole acrobatics for 3 years now. I train and teach at Fierce Fitness Dance Studio in Ireland.
I am a full time Pole Instructor, acrobatic strength coach, nutritional advisor and lifestyle coach at Fierce Fitness Dance Studio. 
I have been in the fitness industry now for 10 years and love what the world of pole is bringing to it. 
I have 5 winning Irish titles, 
I placed 3rd last year at Mr Pole Fitness UK
and recently was a finalist at the World Pole Sport & fitness Championships in China, Beijing. 
I have also had the pleasure to teach a variety of workshops in a number of countries around the world, and look forward to teaching more. 
Michael’s background is in Street Dancing and some experience in gymnastics but none compared to pole when it came to enjoyment and fulfilment

for more information about Michael -  Please contact

Jess Leanne Norris, Double Professional champion Miss Pole Dance UK 2015

Jess Leanne Norris  - Miss Pole Dance UK 2015 Professional Champion takes the title once more to be crowned the first Miss Pole Dance UK DOUBLE Female single's WINNER
10th October 2015
Hawth Theatre
Crawley, West Sussex

Jess from Bolton, started her pole journey at the incredible age of 14,  whilst looking for a new hobby. As soon as she found pole fitness, she was hooked! 
Jess was training daily and within 6 months of self training she began teaching.            

Jess now at 22, owns her own dance and pole studio and was able to make pole dreams come true by sharing the knowledge and understanding of pole that she had worked so hard to gain.           
Jess's talent shone, and she quickly became a UK figurehead in the pole fitness industry, winning the professional title at just 18 in 2011, creating and teaching original and incredible moves. Her signature style and breath-taking performances at such a tender you age, left the entire industry in awe.
Jess now holds the title once more after her incredible performance on 10th October 2015 with her exquisite routine dancing to  Dirty Diana - By The Weekend

For more information and booking master classes with Jess please contact
Tel: 0792 1948 606

View Jess here

Sam King Mr Pole Fitness UK....running around the woods in only his pole shorts!!

Pole Passion Chichester, owned and operated by Karla McCarthy, was proud to host Mr Pole Fitness runner up 2015 and Best Entertainer Champion, Sam King in October 2015, soon after the Mr Pole Fitness UK championships, for a series of one to ones and master classes. 

Sam has performed all over the globe as a pole dancer and holds such titles as:- 
European Champion 2014, 
Polenastics Male Champion 2014, 
BPSC Male champion 2014, 
Mr Pole fitness UK 2015 Professional Category, Runner up & Best Entertainer Award 2015. 

Karla arranged for Sam to visit after he had been supporting his students at Miss Pole Dance UK semis and amateurs, earlier in the year. Sam contacted Karla about a photograph that she had taken and the remainder of the story unfolded. 

'Sam taught two workshops at our Chichester venue. An intermediate workshop and his Ninja Moves workshop and with his wonderful teaching manor, I found he was great at adapting to students of all levels without once making anyone feel like they are not achieving. Everyone felt very safe with Sam spotting', explained Karla, 'and during the workshops, Sam was very careful to teach everyone how to spot the moves that were being practised before everyone started so that they could be safe working with each other.' 

The content in the workshops was great. Rather than lots of individual moves that may have left people feeling deflated, Sam focussed on walking everyone through some of the combinations of spins and transitions that he is known and loved for. Everyone got through a huge amount of content and everyone was able to achieve something overall. Sam makes the lessons incredibly fun and is amazingly positive and inspiring throughout. Everyone was thrilled to receive one of Sam's 'big tens' at one point or another! 

The rest of the weekend was also great fun too . After finishing workshops, the Manager of Pole Passion Chichester classes Karla,  along with some other colleagues took Sam out for dinner and then the night finished off with some fun chat and a cheeky glass of red. 

On Sunday morning, Karla picked up Sam and they headed over to Slindon woods where she put her other skills, as a photographer to use and held a woodland photoshoot. Running round the woods with a man in his pole shorts was not the worst job Karla has ever had! They attracted quite the attention from the dog walkers in the woods with massive amounts of positivity being received about the athleticism and strength that Sam's woodland possesses. Once that was complete, it was on to more one to ones for Sam and then a massive plate of nacho's before the train ride home. 

Karla has said that all of her girls have demanded that she organises Sam's return next year. He is one of the most kind hearted and genuinely happy people that Karla says she has ever met and she is chuffed to now count him amongst her friends and pole gallery greats! He has said he would be happy to come back again and Pole Passion Chichester cannot wait to get it organised! 

For more information about Karla McCarthy
Manager & Photographer
Pole Passion Chichester
Tel: 07900 582 582

Monday 26 October 2015

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Pole Business Work For You Pole Passion License Opportunities Available

6 easy ways to make your pole business work for you, business development

Plan your day first thing - write a list and tick off as you go
If you are a busy entrepreneur and working on and in the business like me then this is very valuable

2.  BLOCK AND CHUNK YOUR TASKS  - makes you more efficient
Phone calls
Emails to send -
Weekly students to connect with,
Venue arrangements to confirm and make ,
Online banking and Admin
All things have different motivations and brain patterns
Then leaves you to become more creative during your teaching time

3, Focus on the IMPORTANT TASKS FIRST that are going to make you more productive - delete the less trivial tasks
We all love Facebook and social media chat but do at least one difficult task each day that pushes you forward

4. Delegate - GET HELP -  Trust your staff, family and helpers, they know what they are doing - learn to let go and focus only on your strengths as a leader

5. STANDARDISE  - create templates for regularly used documents such as Master classes workshops, new student enquiries,  events & reply emails

6. AUTOMATE - online tools can make replying more easy
 Don't loose the personal touch though, remember to nurture and care for your customers always

Teacher Training online or in person - ask us how


Kay Penney

Danielle Brown Pole Passion Crawley Student trains hard for her Level 1 Pole Fitness Routine

21 Year Old Danielle Brown, aiming for her Level 1 Pole Passion Grading certificate on
7th November 2015
Crawley Pole Passion Student


1. When did you take your first pole lesson?
- I started end of May 29th May 2015, I believe.

2. How nervous were you when you attended your lesson?
- I was nervous that the class was going to be full of skinny athletic girls and there's me walking in as a big girl. But I had a lot encouragement from friends and family. I also went with my 2 best friends.

3. What was your main motivation in coming to pole?
- My motivation to do pole was to get back into dancing and to maybe when I get my own pole is to start free styling routines up and recording them whilst gaining some strength and losing some weight.

4. Why pole and not Zumba or aerobics?
- I still do Zumba on a Monday night, although I haven't been going for the past few months. Really need to get back into it again. But aerobics on the other hand can be really boring and too repetitive. Pole was another thing I've always wanted to do since I discovered the amazing videos you see on YouTube and thinking to myself "i wanna do that!!"

5. Did you ever think ... This isn't for me?
- When I first started I couldn't even hold my body weight up so I did think "hmmmm maybe I'm just not strong enough". Another time was when I had a session about a while back, I got very emotional at the end coz I was struggling to even do basic spins and just felt I'm losing it. But after speaking to my instructor and a student I soon realised that everyone has bad sessions where they struggle with moves alot.

And how did you get through those thoughts and keep coming?
- My friends, my boyfriend, family and my pole family really just helped encourage me and I'm not one for giving up easily I'm quite a stubborn person. I love pole too much to let it stop me.

6. What do your friends and close family really think?
- From seeing the videos and pictures I've posted up recently I'd say they're proud and seem impressed by what I can do. It's nice to have such great support from everyone.

7. What are you looking forward to next in attending your classes?
- Well atm looking forward to practising my level 1 grading. I'm looking forward to getting my shin climbs stronger too.

8. What's your favourite move and why?
Atm it's a one handed side spin. Just because it looks really impressive and loving the fact I can do it one handed!!! I also love how much I can spin around the pole a lot in this move. I love spinning!!!

9. What's your least favourite move  and why?
- Jet spin. Because it's so hard to get it to keep spinning in the right position. I can only do it for one second. It's a nemesis move for me.

Nicola Ghlami, designer Fionnuala Bourke, Best Costume Award Miss Pole Dance UK 2015

Pole Passion presents, Miss Pole Dance UK

Congratulations to Nicola Ghlami,and her designer Fionnuala Bourke seen here with Kay Penney, also wearing Fionnuala Bourke Design  for winning Best Costume Award 2015 

at Miss Pole Dance UK

Photography & Video by Geoff Pegler
Photography / Video: Geoff Pegler Photography (

10th October 2015
Hawth Theatre
West Sussex

Mr Pole Fitness UK Best Costume Awards 2015, Tiago Gambogi & Victoria Gugenheim

Pole Passion presents, Mr Pole Fitness UK

Congratulations to Tiago Gambogi and his designer for winning Best Costume Award 2015 
3 D body painting 
Victoria Gugenheim (
at Mr Pole Fitness UK 
Photography & Video by Geoff Pegler
Photography / Video: Geoff Pegler Photography (

10th October 2015
Hawth Theatre
West Sussex

Miss Pole Dance UK - The RESULTS presented by Pole Passion

RESULTS MISS POLE DANCE UK 2015 professional

1st - Jess Leanne Norris
2nd - Lauren Red
3rd - Hannah Kaynes

Best costume - Nicola Ghalmi
Best entertainer - Lauren Red
Best tricks - Jess Leanne Norris


Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles

1st - Yvette and Jade
2nd - Jade and Alana
3rd - Stevie and Andrea

Best costume - Yvette and Jade
Best entertainer- Stevie and Andrea
Best tricks - Jade and Alana

Results are in!!! Mr Pole Fitness UK

1st - Michael Donohoe
2nd - Sam King
3rd - Marcin Miller

Best costume - Tiago Gambogi
Best entertainer - Sam King
Best tricks - Michael Donohoe