Friday 29 November 2013

NEW Pole Passion apprentices in Crawley Bewbush and Pole Passion Burgess Hill

We welcome our newly appointed Pole Passion apprentices
Robyn Clay – Crawley Bewbush
Megan Burley – Burgess Hill

We welcome back two valuable members of the Pole Passion team for 2014

Samantha Clarke – Burgess Hill – Advanced Instructor - Level 1 Instructor certified (July 2008)
Sarah Ngo – Worthing – Advanced Instructor - Level 1 Instructor certified (June 2010)
Level 2 (November 2010) – Level 3 (July 2011)

 We congratulate our newly qualified Pole Passion apprentices – International Advanced Pole Sport & Fitness Instructors leadership course

Charlie Wood   - Crawley Bewbush

Currently Pole Passion schools operate out of:-

Bognor – Sue Thompson
Littlehampton – Sue Thompson
Chichester – Sue Thompson – Dee Bodle
Crawley Worth – Kay Penney & Paula Bines
Crawley Bewbush – Charlie Wood
Chertsey – Kelly Ball
Redhill – Kay Penney
Brighton and Hove – Michelle Bebbington
East Grinstead – Karen Davis
Worthing – Elyse Donovan

Sam Causon Couldson – with drawn
Sam Causon Reigate – with drawn

If you are keen to join our team  - Email us about more information on
We are currently recruiting apprentice Instructors for 2014 let me k now if any of your students are keen to take  on this fun and rewarding role or if you would like more information about it – Empowerment Confidence Fitness & FUN!

Professionals + education  = Jobs – the industry is growing people

Pole dance and fitness business takes time

‘Building a successful Pole Dance business takes time, determination, passion and belief in what you are doing will make a positive impact on someone’s life’.

Kay Penney 
Pole Passion Ltd

November 2013

Paula Bines Crawley Pole Fitness, Pole Passion, working alongside ITV Fixers

Pole fitness and dance is a high intensity work out

ITV Fixers approached Pole Passion earlier this year, to help show the world, how pole fitness can benefit all  fitness professionals and change the negative public perception of Pole Fitness, by taking a pole class to Crawley Rugby Clubs weekly training session. 

Pole Passion 's very own Paula Bines who started pole fitness as a student at Pole Passion Burgess Hill when she was 19, 5 years ago, Paula has been mentored and trained with Pole Passion ever since and was suggested by Kay Penney, owner of Pole Passion, as the ideal candidate for the Fixers brief.

Paula's aim is to constantly promote Pole dance and fitness in a positive light

Pole Passion Students, Ben and Sam were put on heart monitors, whilst working out on the pole and the results showed their heart rate went up to 180 in under three minutes, which in conclusion proves Pole Fitness IS a high intensity workout. 

This proves pole fitness can have the same cardio vascular workout like sprinting, but with the added benefits of weights and flexibility training, balance and coordination which is included in static pole holds for increased muscle definition including resistance training all at a maximum intensity.

The Poles used are RPole Portable Free Standing Dance Poles which are proved to burn more calories compared to fixed floor to ceiling poles

Phase two of the Fixers project enabled Paula to highlight more about the skills required for pole fitness techniques

Check out Crawley Pole fitness on youtube -

Come and train with Paula every Friday at Crawley at Nuffield health and wellbeing 7.30 - 8.30pm
she will be happy to motivate you

Mighty Grip People's Choice Award Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 presented by Pole Passion

Mighty Grip - People's Choice Award Miss Pole Dance UK 2013

A Massive congratulations to Kat Humphrey and Dave Bailey - Nottingham and representing Pole Kat Fitness who won the prestigious prize of the
People's choice Award during the Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 professional championships held at the Hawth Theatre on 15th September 2013

The voting was done by the audience during the judge’s deliberation at the end of the evening after the 24 competitors have performed during the three Championships
Mr Pole Fitness UK - Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles category and Miss Pole Dance UK female singles category

24 boxes to be set up upstairs and
24 boxes will be set up down stairs

Each box represented the 24 competitors with the names of the competitors on the outside.
Each audience member was issued a yellow tiddly wink on leaving the theatre seating which they placed in the box corresponding to the competitor they voted for

The performer/s with the most yellow tiddly winks was awarded the winner cash prize supported by Mighty Grip

What were the audience be looking for??
·       Crowd entertainment
·       Music choice
·       Charisma
·       Fun
·       Entertainment value
·       Costume

Thank You mighty Grip for your contribution to the Pole Dance competitors and community
Kay Penney for and on behalf of the Miss Pole Dance UK organisation

Kat & Dave's Bio
Kat owns Nottingham-based pole company PoleKat Fitness, and is passionate about pushing pole into mainstream fitness. Kat was supposed to be competing with her pole partner Jack, but after training him for a year, Jack quit just two weeks before the competition, leaving Kat with no dance partner. In a bid to show Kat how much he loves her, David, Kat's boyfriend, stepped up and offered to be her partner for the competition. Dave has never danced or poled before, and they had just two weeks to make a routine and costumes from scratch. Kat says that although she no longer expects to win anything this year, she couldn't bare the thought of pulling out completely and letting down all the amazing people that have come to support. Now she just wants to get out on stage and have some fun.

Dave later went on the propose to Kat during the evening celebrations - Kat said yes and they are set to be married on July 17th 2014

Purchase the Professional DVD - to see their routine (click on the link below)

Thursday 28 November 2013

10 truths about being a Professional & Elite Pole Passion, Pole Fitness & Dance Instructor

 Elite Pole Passion, Pole Fitness & Dance Instructors

1. You will NEVER be 100% ready to teach – no one wakes up in the morning and says ‘im ready’.  Instructing is an on-going journey and learning process.
2. Practice makes perfect – If you want to grow out of your comfort zone then push yourself to your limits and beyond on a regular basis.
3. Sometimes you may be asked to dedicate your time and expertise for free. You have been asked for a reason – Just take a moment to think … the cause or experience gained worth it?
4. Some students and fellow instructors may not become your best friends – celebrate you have a professional and focused approach to teaching, over and above your social life.  You cannot be everything to all people.
5. You can’t change the past, BUT you can focus on improving in the future.
6. If you want to be the best – then prove you are the best- at Pole Passion we focus only on those dedicated instructors who give 100% to Pole Passion’s students and fellow Pole Passion instructors, unconditionally sharing and networking, working as a united team.
7. There is a lot that you don’t know – even our least favourite Pole Passion colleague or student will teach you something – The minute we think we know it all, is the time to move on and away from Pole Passion
8. Pole Passion Instructing is hard; we expect the very best, there maybe days that you feel like giving it all up! You are not alone and only the strongest survive – Congratulate yourself -  you are one of the Pole Passion Elite and the team is here to support you
9. Embrace your teaching skills with Passion, there’s a reason why we chose that name – Teaching is more than just a job
10. You can’t control everything that goes on around you – Do not worry about the things you can’t control – Focus only on the positive, the here and now and always keep an open and flexible approach and positive mental attitude

Kay Penney – founder Pole Passion Ltd established 2001

For more details about becoming part of our Elite teachers  - email us on

Wednesday 27 November 2013

History of Pole Passion

Interesting facts about Pole Passion and why choose us?
Did you know that Pole Passion............                              

Created Miss Pole Dance UK Championships the largest pole championships in the UK (2005)

Created Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships the first male pole competition in the UK (2009)

Created Synchronised Doubles concept and Championships (2010)

Created the first World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships in 2009 - World Pole Dance inspired by the 2005 event which we judged

Created 5 World Champions

Created a national and international competition judge's package and on line training course

Innovated the first, free standing, portable pole fitness pole RPole Fitness - in the world -  without a stage (2004) incorporating a safety mat

Created a pregnancy policy for pole fitness

Created the world's first student grading system for pole fitness (2009)

Created a pole business license opportunity, to share knowledge and support students and instructors on an international scale

Introduced the very first Master Class teaching training & coaching system, sharing international & national knowledge (USA Pantera Blacksmith 2006) when pole was in its infancy and people were protective about their knowledge

Created a structured REP's accredited teacher training package and system to take Pole fitness to the fitness world 

International Training Provider for Foundation Teacher Training and Advanced Elite Teacher Training in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia

Created the first pole sport specific, First Aid training course to support all instructors and make them more competent instructors

Support both men and women with pole techniques over the age of 16

Created an apprentice scheme to support all trainee students and instructors incorporating all different skill sets throughout their programmes


Tuesday 26 November 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 DVD's Amateur and Semi Pro including Pole Beat

2013 Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur and Semi Pro Instructor and Student categories
Saturday June 29th 2013

INCLUDING semi pro doubles category and the bonus and exclusive footage of Pole Beat
including professionals
Donna Gant
Kat Humphrey
Dan Rosen
Dan Roe Barnett
Sam King
Ian Matthews
performing like you have never seen them before!!

This professionally boxed 4 DVD set includes over 40 performances with over 4 hours of viewing time
Disc 1 - Amateur championships
Disc 2 - Doubles category
Disc 3 - Semi Pro student category
Disc 4 - Semi Pro Instructor category PLUS bonus and exclusive footage of Pole Beat

The perfect gift for anyone wishing to enter the competitive world of competitions

Professional performances include Miss Pole Dance UK Professional champion Sarah Scott 2012/2013 - 'The power house of pole'

RRP  £19.95GBP plus £3.50GBP postage and package UK

Rest of the world p&p = £8.00GBP

Email us at for orders and enquiries

Monday 25 November 2013

THE LIST OF Miss Pole Dance UK WINNERS since 2005 Pole Passion presents

Pole Passion Presents………MISS POLE DANCE UK AND
MR Pole Fitness UK list of HISTORY WINNERS
The winner of the singles, Males and Doubles categories will be representing the UK
and the World

Miss Pole Dance UK  -  Amateur ( established in 2010)
Beatrice Morgan  - 2010 /2011
Ayumi Tozaki  – 2012
  Anna Newberry  - 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK  -  Semi Pro (established in 2010)
Lucy Cork -  2010 / 2011
Hannah Kaynes  -  2012
  Sophie Geldard  - 2013 student
Hannah Kaynes – 2013 Instructor
Rachel Breheney & Leah Walters - 2013 doubles winners

Following in the footsteps of the exceptional talent of
Miss Pole Dance UK previous champions since 2005 (established 2005)

Elena Gibson – 2005/2006
Tracey Simmons  2006/2007
Sally Anne Giles – 2007/2008
Alesia Vazmitsel – 2008/2009
Maxine Betts – 2009/2010
Jess Leanne Norris – 2011/2012
  Sarah Scott - 2012 /2013
Lorna THOMAS – 2013-2014

Mr Pole Fitness UK Champions since 2009 (established 2009)

Keem Martinez 2009/2010
Daren Pritchard – 2010/2011
Nico Modestine - 2012 /2013
Dan Rosen – 2013 / 2014

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Doubles champions (established 2009)

Penny Howarth & Anna Chisholm 2009/2010
Kate Johnstone & Kate Czepulkowski 2010/2011
Sarah Scott & Kate Czepulkowski 2012 / 2013
Charlotte Robertson & Steph K Foster  2013/2014

World Pole Dance Champions (established 2009)
Felix Cane - AUSTRALIA - 2009/2010
Felix Cane - AUSTRALIA - 2010/2011
Alesia Vazmitsel BELARUS   2011/2012
Natalia Tatarintseva  UKRAINE  2012 /2013 

World Pole Dance Champions (established 2011)
Evengy Greshilov    RUSSIA 2011  /2012 
Keem Martinez    FRANCE 2012 / 2013    

World Pole Dance (established 2011)
Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy       HUNGARY   2011/2012 

  Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy       SWITZERLAND   2012/2013

sponsored by

media - enquiries

Pole Passion continual professional development - innovators promoting the talented


Master classes worldwide EDUCATION AND SHARING since 2006
        The very first UK documented International Master Class  -  Pantera Blacksmith – 2006, 2007, 2008
        Deb Riley - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole - 2008
        Deb Merchant – Advanced Pole -  2008
        Rachel Excell Dunkley – Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole - 2008
        Felix Cane – World Pole Sport & Fitness Competition Pole – 2009
        Alesia Vazmitsel - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole  
        Tammy Morris – Miss Pole Dance Canada Competition Pole - 2009
        Jenni Barrell – Advanced Pole 2009
        Annie Norris - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole  - 2009
        Astra Beck (Hoops & Silks) - 2009
        Maxine Betts - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole  - 2010
        Rodney Syaranamual – Burlesque Dance 2010
        Kay Penney – Burlesque Dance - 2010
        Alesia Vazmitsel - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole  - 2011
        Jamilla Deville - Australia Competition Pole 2011
        Fawnia Dietritch (Mondey) - USA Competition Pole 2011
        Jenyne Butterfly – USA Competition Pole 2011
        Kay Penney – Burlesque Dance 2011
        Jess Leanne Norris - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole  - 2011
        Dan Rosen – Advanced pole 2012
        Bendy Kate - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole 2012
        Nico Modestine – Mr Pole Fitness  UK Competition Pole 2012
        Sarah Scott - Miss Pole Dance National UK Competition Pole 2012
        Zoroya Judd - USA Competition Pole 2012
        Kay Penney  - Burlesque Dance 2012
        Lawrence Hilsum - France Competition Pole 2012
        Hanka Venselaar - Holland Competition Pole 2012
        Keem Martinez - French Competition Pole 2012
        Barbara Palmaffy – Hungarian Competition Pole 2012
        Veronika (Aerial Yoga) – Hungarian 2012
        Andi Ariseanu – Hoops and Silks 2013
        Deb Riley and Hollie Webb – Advanced Stretch for pole - 2013
        Lena Shishkova - Russian Competition Pole 2013
        Kat Humphrey – Advanced UK Pole 2013
        Sue Thompson – Advanced UK Pole 2013
        Ilka Bardoczy - Hungarian silks and aerial yoga – 2013
        Alma Pirner – Burlesque Dance
        Lena Shishkova - Russian Competition Pole 2013
  •         Bendy Kate – Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles champion 2013

  •         Hanka Venselaar – Worlds Tricks Champion representing Holland 2013

  •         Sarah Scott – Miss Pole Dance UK Singles and Doubles champion 2013

  •         Dan Roe Barnett – Advanced pole 2013

2014 coming soon…
Natalia Tatarintseva  - World Pole Sport & Fitness Russian World Champion  (February 2014)
Alesia Vazmitsel – World Pole Sport & Fitness Belarus World champion (February 2014)
Dan Rosen – Mr Pole Fitness UK 2013 Champion Pole (January and February)
Kay Penney – Burlesque Dance – 2014 (February)
Dan Roe Barnett – Advanced pole 2013 (February)
Jess Leanne Norris – Miss Pole Dance UK Champion Pole (February)

Kristian  Lebedev - World Pole Dance & Fitness Championships Pole  (February)

Sunday 24 November 2013

Redhill pole fitness presented by Pole Passion



Learn to Pole Dance - Pole Dance Fitness Classes Lifeline Fitness, Redhill

Instructors name: Kay Penney
Assistant instructor: Samantha Clarke
Apprentice: Hilda Veenstra
Apprentice Instructor position available - email us at

Kay's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified
Trainer / Assessor - Gradings
Sam's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified
Hilda's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified
No of poles: 4 x 50mm floor to ceiling poles

***  Join the waiting list and text us on  07921 948 606 ***
How to join the class: Simply text - 07921 948 606 confirming your name, date you are attending and 'Redhill Pole Fitness' in the message.

Suitable: Beginner / intermediate: All levels of fitness - beginners welcome anytime

Pole Dance Fitness lessons are perfect for all women aged 16+. Incorporation pole tricks, spins, transitions and poses we will have you moving like never before!

Join our fun and friendly classes with professionally qualified instructors with many years of pole fitness and fitness competence.Expect to increase muscle tone as you progress each week, accomplishing moves you never thought possible. With just some simple and achievable techniques you will begin to feel and see a transformation projecting your new found confidence along the way!

What To Wear: Shorts, short skirt or leggings, T shirt, trainers or bare feet. Avoid wearing jewellery, moisturisers or oils on the skin.

Where: FREE parking in the Belfrey shopping centre (collect your yellow token at the entrance of the car park) and exchange it for an exit token at the lifeline fitness gym reception on the first floor -  before the class starts

Lifeline Fitness
(next to Curves)
Tower House
The Belfrey Centre

Fun Pole Parties available on request - text or call us on 07921948 606

Refund policy:Your registration and payment guarantees your place as such there are no refunds as your place is guaranteed which means other students may have missed out on taking this class.  If you have difficulty making any classes you must notify your instructor at registration (not the office). Exception apply where a medical certificate is produced proving injury to prevent further participation on the course where you will be refunded pro rata for lessons remaining and less £10 admin fee.

What makes an elite Pole Passion fitness Instructor

What makes an Elite Pole Passion Fitness instructor that we all work so hard to strive for in our Pole fitness and Dance industry
We are recruiting NOW –
We offer elite training at foundation level and at advanced level and as a bonus that no other Training Provider offers
You can come back on a similar course FOR FREE within a year of you taking it  - you can never have enough knowledge!

There are many factors that affect us as instructors and to identify exactly what an elite instructor is, I have gathered some important information to share
An elite instructor is not one willing show their ability to fly alongside ceilings and fly through the air in their egotistical manner. Impressive as it is, (that’s just a small proportion of an incredible competitor or performer.  I have identified in my 8 years as a qualified teacher trainer assessor the following characteristics and attributes, however as leaders and innovators of Pole Fitness since its beginnings in 2006 here in the UK networking with other leaders and innovators such as USA. Fawnia Dietritch and Daniella Baumann, founder of Switzerland’s Pole fitness, Alma Pirner  founder of Hungarian Pole fitness, Elena Shishkova, founder of Russia Pole fitness, to name but a few.  We have been taking into account the  very important ethical and moral international, ‘rules and regulations’ with in our chosen sport and dance, not to mention that of discrimination to those less fortunate than some who may have some mental or physical challenges too, not always evident to the untrained eyes!!
It’s fair now, I believe to make the assumption that not all leaders gain or have the same qualities – that would be boring now wouldn’t it? And Pole is about creativity too and not just creating machines and pole drones.

Those fortunately to have attended and experience the Pole Passion leadership training (for both mental and physical attribute development) we have identified some very important characteristics and standards each candidate must uphold – not only in the three short days they are with us but going on forward from their professional training and beyond
Health and Safety has to be paramount, and in the forefront of every instructors mind; that of the student instructor and that of the student!
Health and safety of all equipment is paramount.
Customer care and professional delivery of each course offering value for money is paramount with money back guarantees.
Continual professional development students and instructors alike
A sound understanding of the Bio mechanics, the muscular skeletal system, first aid qualified and an ability to identify a student’s and instructor’s progressions and adaptions
An ability to have the intuitive approach during nonverbal communication
Ability to communicate through body language
An understanding of moral beliefs  and personal influences that may affect a students and instructors learning capabilities
A professional manner of integrity and support to fellow instructors  ethically and morally supporting those who you value the most and least
A professional code of ethics and professional decorum at all times and a loyalty to that of your founders, your teachers and mentors, guiders and friends
A pathway of continual professional development through shared training on and off the pole
An ability and time to continually professionally develop yourself and then share unconditionally without greed to the community keen to learn more.
In all our leadership and mentoring programmes whether it be through paid instructor training or free apprentice programmes we offer, all leaders are stretched and if they are not…. the door ways are always open unconditionally without discrimination, for new and innovative ideas.
 Pole Passion has always prided themselves with this approach
Occasionally along our journey an individual from the outside looking in, trying perhaps to gain more significance in their lives, by ‘running down’ others, a fellow student or instructor  or member or colleague with challenging and  different methodologies  - isn’t that the easy, weak, procrastinating route  to look at life?
Pole Passion’s approach has always been to make a difference by stepping up through contribution and working hard and trying  different approaches – and if that doesn’t work then try a different approach and if that doesn’t work then guess what ?……
We have never been fearful of challenge and controversy
We have never been fearful of competition, in fact we train our competition to be better
We are proud creators of World Champions  (7 to date) -  not many can boast that credibility
We are proud creators of Professional National Champions (14 to date)
We are proud creators of Innovative Poles now selling around the world enabling pole techniques to be taken everywhere
We dare to be different – so we applaud all those who do the same and who follow and share our journey

For many it’s a lonely life being an independent in the pole industry – no one to really trust or honour .
Pole Passion is here to support those and so proud to say that hundred’s of instructors have successfully gone on to make wonderful business and a living out of our foundations and advanced teacher training
We are proud and hold our heads up high and will continue to do so for many many more years

Pole Passion LTD

Monday 4 November 2013

Frequently asked questions, for pole fitness

Find the Answers... 
At Pole Passion, our passion is great customer service, value for money and naturally we are passionate about supporting you with your fitness and dance goals.
People attend pole fitness for many reasons and with over 13 years of pole experience and knowledge we are confident we have covered most scenerios.  Our instructors are amongst the most highly trained in the industry and as a company we train the trainers too ! so you will have the confidence that they are all upto date with the latest moves and grooves.
although we offer group sessions (and 1-2-1's) we appreciate you will progress at your own level too.
Let us support you

We are all highly qualified and insured
We are a friendly team, focusing on your goals (not ours!)
No experience is necessary to join any of our classes
We are only an email, text or call away! contact us now - we are waiting to support you

 You can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions by searching or browsing the topics below. Or feel free to contact us on 01293 888200 or email us at theteam or find us on Facebook

How safe is it?
We take safety very seriously. All lessons are risk assessed before each lesson and poles are professionally installed and checked before each lesson also. Most of our venues will use RPole Portable Free Standing Dance Poles which are proved to burn more calories compared to fixed floor to ceiling poles and are also safer as the only portable pole that comes with a safety mat and is safety tested!

I'm feeling nervous?
This is very normal and part of the experience and will soon have you laughing and feeling relaxed as all tuition is based on Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness and FUN! You certainly will not be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with and our instructors are all very warm and have a caring intuitive approach and receive regular training to maintain our very high standards of customer care. 
Dancing around the lamp posts on your way home is optional however!

What do I wear?
Many students wear gym clothing that you can wear doing Yoga or Zumba. You do not need to wear shorts unless you are comfortable. Bare legs are essential for some pole work, so shorts, short skirt & T-shirt is ideal but being comfortable is more important. 
Wear clothing that is non restrictive and long trousers or leggings are fine too, if you prefer, as we will work around this if anyone is uncomfortable baring their legs. 
Remove any jewellery as this may scratch the poles and damage your jewellery!
No zips or belts and most importantly your legs and thighs need to be free from all creams and oils so you don’t slip on the pole. 
This includes not eating a packet of crisps just before class!!

The focus is definitely on fun and no-one is made to feel uncomfortable in any way!

How can I book?
Ideally it's best to inform the instructor directly to book onto a class where you can then talk about any specific goals or focus you have. You will be made to feel very welcome.
click on the area you are closest  to under weekly lessons and get in touch with your instructor who can chat to you about your goals.

Can I book on the day or last minute?
Mostly yes, however we highly recommend you contact us at the office of the individual instructor if you can - phone or text is best short notice.
If you are unable to get in touch with the instructor then you can just turn up at class early and speak direct with the instructor but remember spaces may be limited as we have certain ratios of participants to pole equipment and this varies from class to class and area to area.

Do I need to bring anything to the Class?
If you have pre paid then bring your copy of the paypal receipt
If you are paying on the day, then bring cash to pay for the lesson (the right amount is perfect.)
Also we recommend you bring a bottle of water or sport hydrating drink with you so that you have it to hand if you need it and bring a small hand towel if you have one, to keep the poles slip free and your hands dry. 

Getting to Class and Parking?
All our lessons have a venue address and Google map showing how to get to class and most classes have plenty of FREE parking. Sample of this is below...

Do I need any Experience?
No, our instructors are fully qualified to help you progress safely at any level and with other skills too you may have such as gymnastics, flexibility, upper body strength! - as instructors we particularly enjoy the diversity and challenge that each new participant brings

Medical Conditions
You will be asked if you have any medical conditions before you start class and all students are asked to confirm they don't have an injury before each class, old or new - which may become more aggravated once you start training.
As in any new exercise always speak to your doctor if unsure and stop immediately if you feel feint or short of breath. 
Our instructors are fully qualified and have First Aid training and can help you with a tailored plan that doesn't effect your injury and in most cases can even help strengthen it. 

If you have Asthma or an acute allergy please bring your inhaler or epipen with you and let one of the instructors know where it is during the lesson, so that we can access it if we need to!

Refund Policy
Your registration and payment guarantees your place and as such there are no refunds as your place is guaranteed which means other students may have missed out on taking this class.
We recommend you informed your instructor giving  no less than 24 hours notice, if you are unable to make a booked class or if you are on a course.
If you have difficulty making any classes you must notify your instructor directly, not the office. 
Exception apply where a medical certificate is produced proving injury to prevent further participation on the course where you will be refunded pro rata for lessons remaining and less £10 admin fee. 
Most instructors work with you to see if you are able to attend lessons as we know shifts and single mothers are not always able to attend class every week 

How do I book?
Email, call or text the instructor direct in the area you are most interested in to confirm your booking. 
All we need is your name and when you would like to book on! 
Alternatively text 0792 194 8606 or email theteam

Why Pole Passion?
Pole Passion are leaders in pole fitness since 2003. 
We train the trainers so we know what we are talking about and we do it safely and with YOU in mind!

Can I become a Pole Fitness Instructor?
Yes! Our instructors come from all walks of life and run pole fitness classes as a means of keeping fit, increasing their social life and earning a good 2nd income. We regularly run instructor training courses and starting your own class isn't as daunting as it may first seem. Pole Passion will support you every step of the way and will even help find and set up your studio. Click here for Pole Fitness Teacher Training

Sample Studio Directions

Nuffield STUDIO 1
Crabbet Park
Turner's Hill Road
Worth, Crawley
West Sussex
RH10 4ST

Visit our website for a venue near you

Sunday 3 November 2013

Pole fitness and dance gradings certificates from Pole Passion

Pole Passion grading 3rd November 2013


Congratulations go to the nine members of the Pole Passion Fitness classes who successfully completed their grading this afternoon at Nuffield Health and Well Being gym in Crawley.

The grading is a place where students can show off their skills to family and friends without the fear of being wrongly judged and in a professional private, fitness environment
For nearly all the students it was their first ever time to perform their practised routines in front of a non paying audience for fun, fitness and a confidence boost. ‘Im very nervous but excited at the same time, this is the first time I have ever done anything like this.’ stated Debbie Reason, who won best entertaining level 1 routine of the afternoon.
Debbie from Pole Passion Reigate school was joined by other areas of  Pole Passion including schools operating out of Chichester, Chertsey, Bognor and Crawley, there were spectators from Worthing, Brighton & Hove and Redhill.
The grading is a unique concept to pole fitness and to Pole Passion’s school of teachings and was set up by Founder Kay Penney in 2009.  With the objective to support those students, in their continual professional developments for that of the students and instructors alike.
Routines are just a small element of the teachings at Pole Passion

The day ended with the trainer assessor Andi Ariseanu,  demonstrating a 5 minute professional pole fitness performance to, ‘Say My Name (spectrum) Florence and the machine’.
The grading take place between 3 and 4 times per year.

Congratulations to

Elyse Donovan Bognor
Sallie Donovan Bognor
Sue Thompson Bognor, Littlehampton, Chichester
Charlie Ranken - Bognor
Karen Hemmings - Chertsey
Kelly Ball - Chertsey
Debbie Reason – Reigate – Best Entertainer Level 1
Kelly Lowing – Reigate – Best Entertainer Level 2
Dee Bodle - Chichester

For more information about joining the Pole Passion fitness classes visit their website to find a class near you.
or email