Wednesday 21 September 2011

Move Syntax Coordinator World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011 Budapest

Pippa Caesar has been awarded this role this year in Budapest a very important position in the finals category for the female and male Pole championships

Move Syntax Coordinator - This position is for the WORLD FINALS ONLY in all categories
This position was successfully introduced last year and held by Deb Riley

This job will be challenging as the whole routine from start to finish is watched without a blink (almost)!!!
So being able to write down the moves as they are performed is challenging - Knowing the names of the moves is essential or being able to describe an unknown move/transition with speed – this may be a variation of a move also.
the moves are graded and marked out of 5 - 5 being the highest mark depending on technicalities of the sport

Obviously the industry has lots of different names for many of the same moves
Some moves are combinations of two moves which may be called a new name!
However as long as we use the same format and name for each contestant during the competition that is the main thing.
this position, on the judging panel, does not include judging the presentation or dance/fitness elements of the candidate’s performance just purely on the Tricks category

All other judges will judge all other categories and also the tricks category

Execution of moves (safely and effectively) must be considered when marking and listing the moves down!

The job responsibility is to look for any new moves / pole poses etc. and to label them?!! And document them – Making History

There is an award BEST TRICKS too
From the documentation collected and the rest of the judge’s scores collaboration, the winner will be chosen .
This award will be decided during the judge’s deliberation after all the competitors have competed

The documented information will also be used in the case of a ‘pole down’ whereby two same winners may have the same points - the tricks score will decide the winner.

The amount of different moves will be counted; also duplication of moves will also be noted
The one with more moves will be judged higher than that person with less moves - This will only be used during the deliberation process in the event there is a tie and not during the initial judging process in accordance to the main rules and regulations.

The written information will be collected at the end of every competition

Jess Leanne Norris the youngest competitor to enter World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011

Jess Leanne Norris from Bolton, the youngest competitor to enter and represent the United Kingdom in the forth coming World Pole Sport & Fitness championships on 28th September - 2nd October in Budapest

Jess has been doing Pole Fitness for 3.5 years now, she is self taught and currently owns 2 Pole Fitness schools (JLN Pole Fitness) at just the age of 18!
Miss Pole Dance UK professional was Jess' first professional championships one which she has been training for for many years.

Jess is an extremely experienced instructor having taught thousands of classes over the past 2 years and isno stranger to show casing her skills. She has a passion for the Art of Pole Dance and her own ability is phenomenal.

Jess has been awarded:
Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 - 1st Place over 18's
Best Tricks Award 2011 - 1st Place over 18's
So You Think You've Got Talent 2011 - 1st Place

New Business Award 2010

for more information about World Pole dance and ticket sales visit

Tuesday 13 September 2011

NEW world champion soon to be crowned - Budapest 2011 October 1st dont miss it

Pole Passion members of the Register of Exercise Professionals are firm believers that pole fitness has now been accepted as a reputable form of fitness, so much so they are in full support of the petition pushing for the 2016 Olympic games to feature the controversial sport.

With World Pole Sport and Fitness 2011 championships just around the corner , created and organized by Pole Passion Director Kay Penney 45 year old fitness professional and mother of three and her hard working team in the UK , Switzerland and host country this year in Budapest incorporating 26 countries with a record number of professional contestants in the three categories female single, male single and for the first time on a world stage, synchronized doubles

Pole dance and fitness, an art that requires balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm, fluidity, grace, poise, and if it’s done right, it can tone up just about every muscle in the body. It’s no surprise then that it’s becoming so popular. All across Britain, both men and women are swapping their Pilates mats and exercise bikes for an Rpole, the portable free standing pole that means you can now do it any where!!! specifically designed for the gym environment

This fitness sport is now seen globally as a combination of dance fitness and gymnastics by professionals all over the world and physically and mentally an excellent form of exercise

For more details about the proposal of the Olympic sport visit

Felix Cane seen here during her amazing winning performance doing the incredible move called the spatchcock - the current 2010 world champion soon to be replaced on October 1st 2011 in Budapest

The Portable Free Standing Rpole - History of Pole Fitness & Dance Pole

The portable free standing Rpole

The history, the reasons why the pole was created

In 2005 pole fitness was now borne and thriving, my fitness programmes were in development, documented and student registration was on the increase, but something was missing………………. It was a pole that could be put up with ease, that I indeed felt safe on and one where I would feel sexy on too.
Without breaking a nail in the process without breaking out in a sweat whilst trying to erect the darn thing without fighting with spanners and step ladder or falling off a metallic podium whilst clonking my heels .

It was a vision to create a pole similar to that of a step that I often used for my fitness regime – maybe even a portable gym could be created on and around the design?

We (my husband Steve Penney and I) spend many hours exploring our creative ideas with passion and determination with a view of, if people can fly to the moon we can create a free standing pole with no ceiling or ground fixtures that would balance, be safe, yet light enough to be transported by the female instructor without injuring their back or straining a muscle before their teaching, with no tools, no manly mechanics, but pure elegance, sleekness.

I have never been so excited to see the boss (the central component) in manufacturer. For the first time in my life I could see how people are passionate about metal work!!
Our UK manufactured pole was a reality after hours of prototyping. - One of our first expeditions being explored by the worlds greatest at the inaugural World Pole Dance championships in Jamaica in 2009 of Felix Cane - Australia, Pantera Blacksmith USA , Alesia Vazmitsel UK, Tammy Morris Canada, Tracey Simmonds UK, Deb Riley UK to name a few.

Never had a free standing pole - flush to the floor without a stage or podium been developed and what’s more endorsed internationally.

It was actually a mistake our pole was always going to be a 50mm diameter (most popularly used here in the UK) but on the morning of the launch the pole (or boss) maybe had swollen during the international travel to Jamaica maybe it was the humidity!! But later learnt there is a difference between a 2inch and 50mm diameter (technical manly details!! Who knows ) however we had no choice but to use the 38mm as our demo model as the 50mm did not fit!

It was immediately loved by all, finding tricks more easily to execute with the smaller, more comfortable and secure hand grip – a revolution was identified

That was nearly 2 and half years ago and with continual progressions and development 24/7 the Rpole play is now the most light weight and portable pole on the market IN THE WORLD allowing all polers to pole where ever they want, whenever they want, however they want , challenging themselves to the extreme, developing core strength to its maximum with the slight movements challenging the inner core muscles more, just like Kat from Nottingham UK did here when she decided to climb up Ben Nevis, this summer, the highest mountain in the UK, with her Rpole play securely strapped to her back all the way – she even managed to do a short demo at the top much to the humour and amazement of fellow climbers!!

Im happy to share this clip with you – Kat my new friend and new inspiration into my pole world (now in my 10th year) will be developing new innovative ideas for the pole and our government approved REP’s accredited instructor training – that is one thing I love about poling you meet amazing people, seemingly from nowhere, every week of your life.

Kat being into extreme sports is not your stereo typical pole dancer, she is in fact a university lecturer, a doctor of psychology PhD – not your normal lecturer either!!

LIVE LOVE POLE co inventor of the portable most light weight pole in the world

Kay Penney xx

Thursday 8 September 2011

World Pole Dance backed by Hungarian Olympic Gymnast, Government & Gymnastic Association

Saturday 1st October 2011
Budaors Sports Hall
4pm start

World Pole Dance is a celebration of all styles of Pole Dance, representing sport fitness through empowering exercise for all women & men.

The very best dancers and performers from across the globe will be show casing their style from all over the world, in this year’s World Pole Dance Championship Finals.

We are delighted to share and celebrate this year in partnership with Doll House & Loft1 pole fitness studios from Hungary and Switzerland respectively, as they too share our vision our professional ethos.

Our ambition: to provide a new, fun and exciting form of fitness for women on and around a vertical bar. This unique fitness style, provides and promotes a healthier, positive lifestyle, available to everyone, through Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness and FUN!

World Pole Dance is the result of over 7 years research, innovation and networking with the world’s top pole performers and businesses. It is now recognised, with its strict guide lines and professional ethos, by the FIA (Fitness Industry’s Association), and by the hugely expanding pole industry, as 'THE' Pole Dance Competition.

Pole Passion Ltd, who developed and own the rights to this competition in the UK, have pioneered and expanded this competition through ‘Miss Pole Dance UK’ since 2005, attracting sell out audiences and national and international media coverage on all six National occasions.

Our Values: To represent pole fitness as an accepted form of competitive sport and fitness; and to educate and raise awareness of the athletic and artistic nature of pole dance; through inspiring performances

As the organizers of the Championship we are offering your Pole School a special ticket sale:
If you would like to come and visit the biggest pole event of the year, as a group, than we can offer you 1 free ticket, after every 10 tickets.
Please email Pole Passion on mentioning ’Pole Passion September Blog Offer’.

Or you are able to buy regular priced tickets, online:


Tuesday 6 September 2011

Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2011 winner Barbara Palmatty

MPD Hungary Saturday September 3rd 2011

Saturday showed Hungary’s most spectacular performers demonstrating Pole Fitness in the glamour and fitness categories at the Club Prestige in Budapest Hungary

12 contestants demonstrated the flexibility and control of athletes and gymnastic elements of the performances with spectacular costumes and pole presentations

Some candidates had only poled for 8 months but many also poling for several years.

‘When I was invited for the first time three years ago I had noticed a significant increase in the skills during the competition this year with more use of the floor, more advanced tricks and combinations and with this year’s winner Barbara Palmatty producing a beautifully choreographed performance, what was really exciting for the sport is that the chief of aerial acrobatics Association Tunde Vincze and Sandor Altorjai, the head of the gymnastic Association of Budapest was also endorsing the championships and presenting the prizes - Sandor himself an Olympic competitor in gymnastics.' commented Kay Penney - International & United Kingdom Judge and main organiser of the World Pole Dance championships.

Second place was awarded to Ilka Bardoczy with third place going to Eva Molvar

Barbara and Ilka will be representing the synchronised

doubles section in 2011 at Budapest this year for the first time – World Pole Dance on October 1st 2011 at Budaorsi Varosi Sportcsarnok starting for 4pm also show casing will be the World Pole Dance Men division and female singles division

Best Entertainer went to Barbara Palmatty
Best Tricks went to Ilka Bardoczy
Best Costume went to Barbara Palmatty

Barbara and Keem seen here in the photo

World Pole Dance 2011 Budapest 1st October 2011

World Pole dance tickets now on sale

visit the youtube link for more info

Astra Beck Aerial Silks & Hoops presented by Pole Passion

Aerial HOOP & SILKS Workshops
Venue: Taylors Retreat Aerial & Pole Studio, Capel, Dorking RH5 5HF
Date: Sunday 25th September 2011
Time: 12 noon-2pm Silks, 3pm-5pm Hoops
Price: £40 per workshop or £65 full day
You will also have an opportunity to have a 1-2-1 lesson at £75 for the hour
Limited places

To book follow the link below

Professional Instruction fully insured with 10 years experience in Aerial Arts

Limited Spaces!! – To book or for more info contact the team at
Pole Passion on 0871 318 3838 or
Text 0792 1948 606
Or Email

Thursday 1 September 2011

Fit Fantastic in collaboration with RIP Fitness, Pole & Burlesque Fitness

RIP Fitness in collaboration with Fit Fantastic with UK & International fitness presenters from Pole Passion & Burlesque Passion presenting REP's Accredited Pole and Burlesque fitness for the first time at Butlins

At Butlins, Bognor Regis, 16th September – 18th September 2011

With hand picked UK and international presenters non stop class action throughout the weekend to include, Zumba, Vibe, Urban funk, HiLo, Pole Dancing for Fitness, Burlesque for Fitness, Beyoncé tribute, Dance it up, Yoga, Power plates, Warrior work out to mention some of the exciting back to back presentations that will be taken place during the weekend.

For more information and bookings contact Pierre On
and mention Pole Passion

10 hour Danceathon in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

Pole Passion takes part in
10 Hour Dance ‘a’ Thon
To support
‘Macmillan Cancer Support’ for its second year

Pole Passion has again been invited to the amazing event at Arun Leisure Centre, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 8ED on Sunday October 30th 2011. 10am start – 8pm
This event is for raising vital money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the day will consist of 1 hour per dance style for people to come and participate in. Last year Pole Passion helped raise a massive £15,273.78

The Event Day

There will be over 400 people there joining in and the styles will be from sexy salsa to funky jazz, to Burlesque dance from our very own Burlesque Passion and this year new will be Can Can presentations.
All the dance classes will be kept fun and simple so everyone can follow them, whether they are a strictly come dancer professional, to those participants having 2 left feet!

Arun Leisure Centre has kindly donated their venue for this charitable event.

The lists of all the 10 dance styles for 2011 are:

Burlesque – Burlesque Passion
Can Can – Pole Passion
Pole Dancing – Pole Passion
Latin Ballroom
Hip Hop
Line Dancing

There will be entertainment between the breaks of the dance styles including Pole Passion Pole presentations and a raffle and all donations will go to this worthy cause.

Pole Passion is very thankful to be invited to such a great cause and hope that their sexy Burlesque and Can Can class will go down a storm!
Kay Penney chief director of Pole Passion is very excited at the thought of seeing hundreds of people shimmy and shaking with a feather bower in hand!!

Pole Passion will have the famous Free Standing R-Poles down at this event as well as the Bognor Pole Students, headed by Sue Thompson for everyone to see and to try out.

For more information on this event and to book yourself in for the day see: (same for 2011 too) Frequently asked questions click the link below

To be invloved in the day it only costs £10 per person for the whole day and 80% of all money goes to Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

For more information about our FUN parties from Pole Passion in different styles of dance to include

Burlesque, Pole Fitness/Dance and Can Can, please visit the website

For more information about our Pole Fitness Classes from Pole Passion please visit the website

Information on Macmillan Cancer Support and why we want to help:

As many of us are affected by cancer these days with one in three either being affected directly or know someone who has been affected we support the important research that charities such as Macmillan cancer support strives everyday to improve the lives of people affected by cancer; they provide medical and financial support and will make sufferer’s lives as easy as they can.
Kay herself being diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and whose mother was viciously attacked and consequently died by the disease in 2008
Macmillian’s ambition is to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer, as more and more people are having to cope with this disease in their daily life.
Macmillan also offer emotional and practical support too, invaluable to those suffers.
It is also about supporting families and communities and bringing them together to become stronger physically and emotionally even after distressing deaths.
Macmillan guide their patients every step of the way and fund nurses and health care professionals and cancer care centres.
Macmillan understands that people need support at home, so they provide carers and also for emotional support they have cancer support specialists to listen to.
Macmillan also give financial benefit advice for all the extra costs from travelling to the heating bills.