Tuesday 24 March 2009

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2009

The list of competitors are now confirmed

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships
~ 2009 Jamaica ~

World Pole Dance 2009 will be held on the beautiful island of
Jamaica in Runaway Bay
from Monday 20th to Saturday 25th April 2009.
World Finals will be held on Saturday 25th April.
"Oh my god, what a wonderful, fantastic place!
Perfect for the World Championships."
Sally Ann Giles - Miss Pole Dance UK winner 2007
Competitor applications are now closed
The Official World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships
include competitors from:~
AUSTRALIA ~Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 & 2008 Winner - Felix~
BRASIL ~Miss Pole Dance Brasil - Marcela~
CANADA ~Miss Pole Dance Canada - Justice~
GERMANY ~Miss Pole Dance Germany 2008 Winner - Jeannine~
HUNGARY ~Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2008 - Orsi~
JAPAN ~Current World Champion - Reiko
Miss Pole Dance Japan 2008 Winner - Vanilla~
NEW ZEALAND ~Miss Pole Dance NZ - Amy Richardson~
RUSSIA ~Lena Shishkova
Julia Irina~
UNITED KINGDOM ~Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 Winner - Alesia
Miss Pole Dance UK 2006 Winner - Tracey Simmonds~
Tanya Jordan
US Pole Dance Winner 2009 - Jenyne
Kay Penney (Head Judge) - United Kingdom
Tammy Morris - Canada
Deb Riley - United Kingdon
Sabrina Pankow - Germany
Alma Pirner - Hungary
Special Guests offering Stretch classes
James Charnock - 2nd Dan Senior Martial Arts Instructor
Alma Pirner - Miss Pole Dance Hungary

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The Naked Truth

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