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Budapest Pole & aerial camp - where fitness meets adventure 2024

Every year, the enchanting city of Budapest becomes the backdrop for the annual Budapest Pole Camp, hosted by Pole Passion. This unique event transcends the boundaries of traditional pole fitness training, offering participants an immersive experience that goes beyond the confines of the studio.

One of the standout features of the Budapest Pole Camp is its emphasis on cultural exploration. Participants not only engage in rigorous pole fitness training but also get to explore the rich tapestry of Budapest's cultural heritage. The event organisers curate an experience that includes a riverboat cruise, providing attendees with breathtaking views of the city's landmarks while enjoying a delightful meal.

For those seeking a taste of Budapest's vibrant nightlife, the camp takes participants to the famous ruin bars, adding an element of socialising and entertainment to the itinerary. The large market, offering a plethora of traditional gifts and local crafts, allows attendees to take a piece of Hungarian culture home with them.

The Budapest Pole Camp takes relaxation seriously, providing a refreshing contrast to the intense workouts. Participants have the opportunity to unwind at the local spas and baths, immersing themselves in the city's wellness culture.

Team bonding is another integral aspect of the camp, and what better way to foster camaraderie than through team rides exploring the city? The quaint traditional hotel serves as a hub for all activities, conveniently situated within walking distance from various attractions.

Budapest's charm extends to its traditional cafes, cat-themed restaurants, tea rooms, and authentic eateries. Participants can savour the flavours of Hungary in traditional restaurants, accompanied by the warm hospitality of the friendly locals.

In summary, the Budapest Pole Camp hosted by Pole Passion is not just about pole fitness training; it's a holistic experience that combines fitness, cultural exploration, relaxation, and camaraderie. Attendees leave not only with enhanced pole skills but also with lasting memories of a captivating city that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.

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Pole Passion was established in 2001 and hosts
Miss Pole Dance UK National championships 
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Budapest Pole & Aerial camp 2024 a fusion of fitness, fun and lifelong bonds

Embark on a fitness journey like no other at the annual Budapest Pole Camp, curated by Pole Passion.
This exceptional event, not only offers amazing value for money, but also transcends conventional pole fitness by offering a diverse range of activities, ensuring that participants not only hone their skills on the pole, hoop, and mat! but also create lasting memories and friendships.

Beyond the captivating world of pole fitness, the Budapest Pole Camp introduces enthusiasts to the enchanting realm of aerial hoop activities. Participants have the chance to elevate their fitness routine, mastering the art of both pole and aerial hoop under the guidance of expert instructors.

Fitness conditioning takes center stage, providing attendees with a well-rounded approach to strength and endurance. Engaging workouts go beyond pole and aerial hoop disciplines, ensuring participants leave with a heightened level of overall fitness.

Stretch and flexibility sessions are seamlessly woven into the camp's fabric, allowing participants to enhance their range of motion and achieve new levels of flexibility. The picturesque setting of Budapest serves as the perfect backdrop for these sessions, blending physical exertion with the city's aesthetic charm.

Doubles activities add a unique and dynamic element to the camp, fostering teamwork and collaboration. Participants can explore synchronised routines, enhancing their skills while forging stronger connections with their fellow attendees, from all over the world.

Amidst the whirlwind of fitness and skill development, the Budapest Pole Camp is designed to create friendships that last a lifetime. The shared experiences, whether during intense workouts or cultural explorations, form the foundation for bonds that extend beyond the confines of the camp.

Socialising in Budapest
As participants explore Budapest's cultural gems, indulge in the local cuisine, and unwind in traditional spas, the camp becomes a holistic experience that goes beyond the confines of a typical fitness retreat. The quaint traditional hotel, strategically located for easy access to various attractions, becomes a hub for both physical and social activities.

In conclusion, the Budapest Pole Camp is not merely a fitness event; it's a fusion of fitness, fun, and the formation of friendships that last a lifetime. Whether navigating aerial hoops, engaging in fitness conditioning, or stretching against the backdrop of Budapest's charm, participants leave not just with enhanced skills but with cherished memories and connections that endure well beyond the camp.

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Pole Passion was established in 2001 and hosts
Miss Pole Dance UK National championships 
World Pole Dance
Pole Passion Instructor  Training provider

Wakefield Pole Passion Fitness Lessons and small private 1 to 1's

Welcome to Wakefield pole fitness classes for all including small group and private parties and 1 to 1's


Welcome to Horbury Pole fitness

Here below are my 121 and group session details 


I have availability in the day or evening 

Monday TO Friday and some Saturdays and Sundays too 


For 121’s is £36/hr (1per pole)

For 221’s, (two people) - come with your friend,  it’s £25 each/hr (1 per pole) £50 in total 

Group class COURSES 

£10 for a taster class
For the 4 weeks, Beginners program we hold them on 

Tuesday 6-7pm and 7.15-8.15pm and 

Wednesday 6.30 -7.30pm and 7.45-8.45pm

 ( 8 people max, 2 per pole) is 

£40 total each, for the 4 weeks 

( no refunds for missed classes SORRY) 

Payment in advance of your lesson via cash or bank transfer 

bank details  I can send



Just say hi and I will send you the monthly timetable
Just choose a 1 hr taster session either in a group or 121 (prices are above)


Just wear your normal gym stuff, trainers, and socks ( we usually take our trainers off when on the pole mat) 

T-shirt or vest top

Shorts - wear shorts only when you’re ready and we start climbing and sitting on the pole ( I can always adapt the moves to suit you if shorts aren’t your thing ! )

 I know at first you will feel nervous as that’s natural 

We like to teach for 

Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness and FUN! x 


Avoid moisturisers, oils, and cream on your hands and legs as this can make your pole slippery! :) 

Avoid wearing jewellery, belts, and buttons which may scratch the poles

We’re on SOCIAL MEDIA too 

Join my 

- Facebook - Pole Passion Wakefield page too if you haven’t already done so 

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We look forward to meeting you shortly and the information is correct as of January 2024

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Wednesday 7 February 2024

Geoff Pegler Photography meets the pole passion world

I am thrilled to provide a glowing review for Geoff Pegler Photography. 

Our collaboration with Geoff spans well over 13 years, and I cannot emphasise enough the exceptional quality of his work. 

Geoff's dedication goes beyond merely capturing moments; he encapsulates the essence of our pole dance and sport, creating a visual narrative that resonates with both history and emotion.

Geoff's professionalism is unparalleled. His seamless integration with our performers, spectators, sponsors, and business associates reflects a commitment to excellence. What sets Geoff apart is his unwavering commitment to giving his all – consistently delivering outstanding photos and videos that speak volumes about his passion for his craft.

In every project, Geoff has proven to be not just a photographer but a true partner in our journey. His ability to go above and beyond has become a hallmark of our collaboration. 

Geoff Pegler Photography is more than a service; it's an investment in capturing the moments that define our story.

I wholeheartedly recommend Geoff Pegler Photography for anyone seeking a skilled and dedicated professional who brings both artistry and professionalism to every project.

Photo of Coco World Champion - World Pole Dance
Photo of Lisette & Terri World doubles champion - World Pole Dance

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