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Pole Passion Grading 4th July 2015 - Burgess Hill

Pole Passion ~ Student & Instructor Grading System

Pole Passion Grading 4th July 2015
Pole Passion - Burgess Hill
Places for People (New Name) - FREE parking (Triangle Leisure Centre)

Spin and Pole studio
Triangle WayBurgess HillSussexRH15 8WA

Order of the day
1.30 - 2.00 room set up
2.00 - 2.30 music and payment registration
2.30 START
4.30 ish finish - dependant on how many grading
4.30 - 5.30 -Pole Jam
5.00 - 6.00 Continual Professional Development - staff –

10 healthy snacks for post pole workouts by Pole Passion

Whether you are a complete beginner on the pole or an advanced trickster, the chances are you may want a bite to eat before or after your pole fitness, pole exercise or pole dance lesson

So let’s think healthy snacks full of protein, for after the session, which is actually more important for the body to help repair the muscle tissues and replenish glycogen stores which are very often depleted after a strenuous workout around the pole

Some top snacks that don’t take too long to prepare

1. Tropical fruit mix – This can be bought already prepared
Blend  ½ a handful of each: macadamia nuts, dried coconut, dark chocolate chips for that added treat and dried banana chips.

2. Banana milk shake
One medium sliced banana with 1 cup low fat milk – blended together

3. Peanut Butter & Banana on Rice Cakes
Try a healthy peanut butter and banana sandwich. Instead of bread, try your peanut butter on two brown rice cakes

4. Hummus and Pita bread
Another great carbohydrate and protein combination: Hummus and whole wheat pita. Hummus, a dip made from puréed chickpeas.

5. Low Fat Yogurt & Fresh or Frozen Berries
Protein makes sense after a workout, since it contains amino acids that help build muscle. Your muscles are depleted of amino acids after a workout, so you need an adequate supply of protein to help build them up.

6. Whole Wheat Pitta with Tuna
Warm the pitta in a toaster and fill with cucumber, chopped into tuna and placed in your pitta, add salad and chopped tomatoes and or chopped fresh peppers for that added crunch

7. Turkey & Cheese with Apple Slices
If you are trying to skip bread then just spread the cheese over the turkey and add sliced apples for that added crunch

8. Protein Shake mixed or blended with Banana
A protein shake made from whey protein, water, and half a banana is a great choice, since your body quickly turns it into energy.

9. Scrambled egg mixed with chopped herbs and chopped onion

10. A fresh bowl of chopped cucumber, feta cheese, tomatoes and advocado

11. Sliced Apple dipped in home made

Remember to always keep hydrated too so increase your water intake before, during (sips) and after pole.

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Thursday 12 March 2015


In April 2015 Pole Passion will be travelling to China with a  team of professionals and pole dance athletes to Co host the prestigious World Pole Dance Championships event on the 11th & 12th of April, globally promoting the worlds most ambitious & talented in pole sport and dance fitness performance


Bendy Kate
Daniel Rosen
Charlotte Robertson
Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh
Kat Bailey & Daniella Haynes
Sam Willis
Yvette Du Sol
Lorna Walker
Donna Gant
Michael Donohoe
Liam Walker

Kay Penney
Steve Penney

Sue Thompson
Sisi Zheng

We will be offering fantastic opportunities for master classes & workshops with the World Champion Bendy Kate who will be travelling from the UK for this prestigious event
We will also be sharing knowledge through our Internationally recognised Skills Active Endorsed and REPs accredited Pole Fitness Instructor training, Foundation and Advanced Teacher Training courses.

This event looks to be yet another massive progression across the Globe for Pole Fitness Professionals and has high expectations following on from previous World championships hosted in Jamaica 2009, Switzerland 2010, 2013 Budapest 2011/12 & the UK last year 2014

We have competitors travelling from all over the world to attend this event from countries including: Russia, Ukraine, France, USA, Poland, Columbia, Norway, Cyprus, Hungary, Argentina, Taiwan and many more

Wednesday 4 March 2015

PRESS RELEASE Pole Sport & Fitness World Championships set for China Beijing April 2015

PRESS RELEASE  - World Pole Dance Championships 2015 World Pole Sport & Fitness CHINA BEIJING & TEIJIN

By Kay Penney
APRIL 2015

Pole Passion, UK, based Pole Fitness Company, is set to host the next World Pole Dance championships in China, Beijing & Tianjin on 11th & 12th April 2015
Over 50 men and women National competitors  and 10 professional international pole fitness and dance judges will be descending over the  Friday and Saturday.
Countries included in this international sporting event includes, New Zealand, Belarus, Cyprus, Brazil, Japan, all of Europe, Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, United Kingdom, Italy Philippines Russia and Ukraine.
Kay Penney Owner of founder of Pole Passion in 2001 and World Pole Dance in 2005 initiating the World Pole Dance Federation, will be collaborating with China’s leading Pole Fitness Company; China Pole Dance, headed by Mr Fing Yuan.  Fing, a former Lawyer, and Kay have been working together formulating this China Pole Sport & Dance championships for over 2 years where they have been sharing and connecting ideas and theories working closely with the cultural and economic challenges of all the competitors worldwide  to coordinate this spectacular event

Kay will be taking over a dedicated UK team of 11 professional competitors in pole sport and dance athletics representing the UK & Ireland including the current World champion ‘Bendy’ Kate Czepulkowski (Females division UK 2014) and Sam Willis (Mr Pole Fitness UK runner up 2014) including Daniel Rosen (Mr Pole fitness UK Champion 2013) Yvette Dusol (Miss Pole Dance UK National Champion 2014) along with 2013 Female Miss Pole Dance UK Champion and Doubles tricks champions Kat Humphrey & Danielle Haynes. Joining them will be a team of 4 including a Chinese Translator who will be supporting Kay with the communication and delivery of the International Teacher Training courses she has written.

The closed, semi finals for the females, the most attended and popular category, will be taking place in Tianjin on  11th April where 11 other competitors will be selected to join Polina Volchez, last year’s runner up, Natalia Tatarintsva, 2013- 2014 World Champion and Fi Yuan, who will be the chosen champion representing China in the female finals

Each contestant for the finals, from the three categories Men's (9 competitors), synchronised doubles (10 pairs) and females (14 competitors) have to compete a demanding series of combinations incorporating pole tricks, spins, poses transitions between 5-6minutes on two stainless steel poles, one static and one spinning, both creating different dynamics and techniques on and around the pole. The doubles will be performing on two static poles

9 International judges including the very first World Champion Reiko Suemune from Japan, which was the first documented World Pole Dance Championships in 2005 will be  judging  the three categories
Each contestant will be marked
10 marks for the presentation of their routine, including costumes and props enhancing their artistic performance element and storytelling, many contestants bringing in their ancient art and countries history to their presentations.
10 marks for the dance and fitness performance section which includes their variety of choreography music interpretation control and demonstration of strength and power, elegance and grace, throughout their gruelling routine also including the use of both poles and full stage, creating height and depth to their dance and acrobatic performances
15 marks demonstrating the tricks and combination of tricks including fluidity and effortless transitions to their performance  including, but not limited to, floor work, acro balance and circus skills.  Unique styles and moves are awarded more marks

Additional awards are also awarded on the day of Best costume, Best Tricks and the Most Entertaining award for each of the three categories
Last year China competitors ,
Meng Yifan & Zhong Qianie, were awarded the Best Costume Award in the doubles category and Fang Yi in the female singles category too

For the first time in History the World Pole Dance Federation will also be organising Master Classes from the 2014 World Champions from the UK – Bendy Kate, Kristian Lebedev, Russia and Polina Volchez - Russia

2015 World Pole Sport & Fitness
Additional Awards -


Additional Awards -
Additional Awards -

2014 winners
WINNER FOR GOLD - Kate Czepulkowski - UNITED Kingdom
SECOND PLACE - Polina Volchek – RUSSIA
THIRD PLACE - Tatyana V Gordiyenko - UKRAINE
2014 final competitor list
Galina Musina – RUSSIA
Hanna Antonova – UKRAINE
Valeria Bonalume – ITALY
Alessandra Rancan – BRAZIL
Fang Chunyan – CHINA
Elena Kravchenko – UKRAINE
Felicity Logan - UNITED KINGDOM
Ekaterina Guseva – RUSSIA
Margit Deak – HUNGARY
Mona Arbinger - AUSTRIA

Ambassadors of Pole Award
Additional Award – also created for the pole fitness and dance industry. The first time in History ‘Ambassadors to Pole Award,’ whereby contributors to the health and safety and development of professional Pole throughout the world are awarded and officially recognised by their piers and the World Pole Dance Federation.
Mr Fing Yung Biao, the head of China Pole Dance; a qualified Lawyer, who now dedicates his time in supporting and professionalising the sport and the national competition in China, has shown considerable attention to the World Pole Dance championships for the last four years and is working hard with the run up to the competition, posing a serious bid to host the largest Pole Dance Championships in the world.
Mr Yung Biao has been studying English to prove better communications between Pole Passion and the head of World Pole Dance and originator Kay Penney, to make this a reality in 2015.

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To learn more about this competition, please contact
Kay Penney, Media Relations
Pole Passion Ltd
West Sussex
RH10 7QE
Office: 01293 888200 / mobile 07921948606 or 07753585054

20 Reasons to Pole Dance for fitness with Pole Passion

20 reasons to pole
Increased Muscle Strength
Increased Flexibility
Reduce stress levels
Reduces osteoporosis
Reduces weight gain
Increases Social networking
Ample Laughter
Increase joint mobility
Improves blood pressure
Stronger core
Creation of a six pack!
Improves posture
Increases coordination
Increases muscle tone
Improves self esteem & personal achievement
Improves confidence
Improves Empowerment
A fun sexy fitness
Appeals to the non fitness community

Much more fun than the gym!!

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