Tuesday 12 August 2014

Elena Artamonova - moves

Pole Passion Instructor Certified
Membership number - PPF1690512

Elena Artamonova - Russia

Pole Ambassador Awards 2014 Miss Pole Dance UK Pole Sport

To nominate your Pole ambassador's  - tell us who and why
Email us your nomination and we will list them all here - events@passion-fitness.com and we will credit them on the stage at Miss Pole Dance UK 4th October 2014

2014 nominations so far - 
Sam Remmer -  PDC
Millie Robson -  Pole Photographer
Donna Gant -  Master Trainer Trainer
Bendy Kate - World Pole Dance Champion
Emma Haslam O'Toole - Britains Got Talent 2014
Steve Penney - RPole Fitness

AMBASSADORS for the  Pole Sport, Dance & Fitness  New Industry AWARD created by Miss Pole Dance and World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 4th October 2014

This title and position is about recognising the contribution and innovation to the pole industry world wide and is the first of its kind in the pole dance and fitness industry.

Created in 2013 by Kay Penney, founder of Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness - World Pole Dance -  to recognise all the individuals and companies that have and continue to contribute their time and money in professionalising this relatively new industry

People are awarded this status by giving either their time or money or both to the community in the way of helping out,  by either contribution, judging, coaching, being a mentor, supporting competitors and others, developing the training, developing the  knowledge, promoting the talented and educating all etc.

Naturally the list of people is extensive and the public, students and fellow polers are requested to send in their nominations (more than one if necessary)  via email to

events@passion-fitness.com - detailing why they would like to nominate their mentor or Ambassador

Considerations for nominations would be for;-
Length of service to the industry
Position held
Name of the company they represent
What have they currently done or are doing to help expand, develop and professionalise the pole community, now and in the future, to make it a positive, safe and professional place for all who wish to be associated to the Pole dance and fitness industry.

We, the Miss Pole Dance, World Pole Dance Organisation, will be awarding a certificate and recognising some individuals on the main stage during the presentations of all Miss Pole Dance and World Pole Dance competitions and is proud to be leading and innovating  the industry with this new award scheme.

Ambassadors Industry Award recognised by Miss Pole Dance and ~ World Pole Dance

for more details on the 2014 nominations -  visit

Yuliya Stecher - Ukraine
Deb Riley - United Kingdom
Donna Gant - United Kingdom
Pippa Loveridge - United Kingdom
Stacey Sneddon - United Kingdom
Lena Shishkova - Russia

Also awarded on 1st February 2014
Kate Edwards - UK
Fawnia Monday - USA
Jamilla Deville - Australia
Jenyne Butterfly - USA

Awards by Kay Penney - Head of Miss Pole Dance & World Pole Dance


Friday 8 August 2014

Why I Love Pole testimonials from Pole Passion Pole Fitness Classes

Debbie Nichols Pole Passion Crawley Worth
 I enjoy Jana's Crawley Worth class.  Jana's warm up's and down are different to any other I have done in many a long year.  Dance intensive and fun......and exhausting!  Jana also treats each person individually and tries to build up their weaknesses by working on combo's.

....and here is the poem.  All points I made in it still stand (and I am still working on some of the moves I couldn't do then !!!)

Why I Love Pole

“Why do you love pole”? I was asked today
How to put it in words, what to say?
Is it the challenge that brings me back week after week?
The great sense of achievement that I seek
By finally getting that evasive move?
Is it because to myself I am trying to prove
I’m not old, I’m not knackered?– Look what I can do
And if I can do this I’m sure you can too
The bruises we wear with pride – call them pole kisses
They show how we’ve tried.  Let me tell you that this is
The fittest and strongest that I’ve ever been
Me upside down on a pole to believe must be seen
Not to mention the friendships, advice and support
From all other polers enjoying the sport
It may take me months to achieve one position
But I don’t need a psychiatrist or a physician
I believe in myself now – for the first time.  You see
That’s why I love pole, that’s what pole’s done for me

My pole experience.

When I first started pole I was like the little caterpillar you said. I was shy, body conscious, quiet, and dealing with stress and anxiety disorder from a hard personal life. After meeting some beautiful kind caring people who I now call my friend I am a true butterfly like I aimed to me. I'm happy, so confident, feel good about myself an addicted to pole Where it distresses me and allows me I just be me in my own world of pole. Everyone in the pole passion team are awesome at what they do and truly make the class an amazing experience which I would recommend to everyone :-).

Kirsty Seymour Pole Passion Worth

So why after 4 months am I still doing pole? Because it’s great at every stage from learning your first fireman spin to learning to invert- there is always something new to work on a new way to progress and develop your skills. Most importantly the teachers are amazing so supportive and they even create individual plans for everyone in the class. It’s been awesome and I can only see it getting better :-) Just want to say a massive thank you Tamara for all your support and guidance :-)

Lauren Mundle Pole Passion Worth

email: theteam@passion-fitness.com


Thursday 7 August 2014

Bella Monnery Pole Passion Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing www.polepassion.com

Pole Passion’s newest recruit and  fitness expert Bella Monnery is more than sexy hip swirls and happy hip shakes!!

Fitness preparation and training for tough mudder 2014
For over 3hours a week of pole, Bella is using her pole techniques for training for one of the hardest and most gruelling and physically challenging courses on the planet.

She will be using the pole techniques for upper body strength to get her up the ropes, over the walls and across the monkey bars.

Her Kickboxing and cardio classes for fitness and strength.
Her Gym sessions, and at least 2 runs a week. 1 long distance, 9 miles plus, 1 hill run. 
Bella commented, ‘ I actually love all the training :) I remember when I first started running, 1 mile was hard! It's amazing to see yourself get stronger and faster, it's a great feeling of achieving.
The hardest thing is finding the time lol I drag my dogs along for some of the runs.. We go in the rivers together too! 

My biggest fear.....
Hmmm, there are a few! 
Electric shocks and ice cold water is what I'm dreading most! 

My reasons for entering....
I'm probably a little mad lol
But, I love a challenge :)
I entered a few smaller obstacle courses last year.... Now I want to go for the big one!! 
Yes this is a big challenge! But I know I will love every minute :)’

London South is Europe’s most gruelling Tough Mudder event! Set in acres of barren jagged farm land and hills, not to mention all the obstacles designed by the special forces, mud and water!!

Bella Monnery Pole Passion Advanced Instructor -  Shoreham-by-Sea

To find our more about Bella's classes visit www.polepassion.com
or email theteam@passion-fitness.com

Tuesday 5 August 2014

MISS POLE DANCE UK 10 years on

Celebrating 10 years on....www.misspoledance-uk.com
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional (singles and doubles) & Mr Pole Fitness UK Professional Championships 2014 is back and applications are NOW OPEN!

Please submit your pre audition video clip and application form to

events@passion-fitness.com no later than
Friday 15th August 2014

Email us now for an application form and more details to the Pole Passion events teamevents@passion-fitness.com

Finals date: Saturday 4th October 2014
Venue- The Hawth Theatre
Doors open at 11am
Competitions start 3pm – 10pm
Venue:Hawth Theatre
Hawth Avenue
London Gatwick
West Sussex
RH10 6YZ

All day tickets are still only £24.50pp (Children/OAP’s £12.50) and can be purchased on line now via www.hawth.co.uk   Front stall and circle all day tickets available – Group and discount student and children/OAP  tickets available via Pole Passion via theteam@passion-fitness.com or telephone or text - 0792194 8606.  Access for our disabled friends too.

We chose the Hawth Theatre, (seated), as it boasts that it offers the most diverse programmes of arts and performances in the South East.

Our hotel choice is the Arora Hotel in Crawley and Holiday Inn Three Bridges (mention 'Hawth' when you book)

Please submit your applications and pre audition video link for the 2014 competitions before Friday 15th August 2014 – you will be notified on or before Friday 29th  August 2014 if you are successfully through to the finals on 4th October

Males Category  - Mr Pole Fitness UK professional category only
Doubles Category – Mixed gender professional category only
Female Singles Category  - Miss Pole Dance UK professional category only

Email ‘events@passion-fitness.com

For an application form, tickets, sponsorship and vendor information and any other competition details  
please visit  www.misspoledance-uk.com

We are also happy to receive donations for raffle prizes too - your name will be included on the DVD and during the afternoon and evening stage introductions

Master Classes so far.....
Bendy Kate - World champion
Lorna Thomas - MPD UK Female current champion
Dan Rosen - Mr Pole Fitness UK current champion 

Miss Pole Dance UK was established in 2005 in Brighton and hopes it is going to be the UK’s biggest pole event of the year and not to be missed! Held again in the prestigious arts centre and theatre at Crawley, West Sussex - The venue boasts free parking, ample hotel, walking distance from Three Bridges train station & 10 minutes from Gatwick Airport

All pole related companies are invited to show their items and to network & celebrate with us throughout the day - Further sponsorship and event information can be found on our website.

FREE ADVERTISING - We have space for one lucky group performance on the main stage.

Please email us if your school is interested in promotion and performing on the main stage during the day - www.misspoledance-uk.com

Date: Saturday 4th October 2014

Sponsor area and doors open from 11am
Competitors gathering from all over the UK for the prestigious title of

 - Mr Pole Fitness UK from 3pm

 - Miss Pole Dance UK Synchronised Doubles  -  from 4 pm professional category

 - Miss Pole Dance UK Championships from 6.30pm

Special awards will also take place for  each category

Best Entertainer
Best Tricks
Best Costume


International Judges so far

Kay Penney – UK coordinator – Miss Pole Dance UK Founder
Alma Pirner- Hungary – Pole Fitness Founder
Lorna Thomas -  MPD UK Singles Champion 2013
Bendy Kate – UK – World Champion 2014
Dan Rosen – UK – Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2013
Emma Haslam O'Toole - Pole Beat Champion 2014, BGT Pole Ambassador 2014

 Winners of each category go on to represent the UK in  the World Championships - www.worldpoledance.com with national and international exposure, national and international recognition & opportunities to enter Sky 1's Got to Dance & Britain's Got Talent

Spectacular acrobatics, dance and showmanship - demonstrating mesmerising,  jaw dropping performances from men and women, which proves to be the most established and exciting pole dance and vertical fitness show case competition of the year

Master Classes opportunities on the day so far confirmed from
Dan Rosen – Mr Pole Fitness UK 2013  males champion
Bendy Kate – World Champion
Lorna Thomas – Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 Singles champion

Sponsorship and networking opportunities – let us know which pole school you are representing and send us your logo 

......... and  if that wasn’t enough – spectacular and  unique performances throughout the day will be announced and confirmed on the website  shortly www.misspoledance-uk.com 


Email us with your name and details

JOIN our facebook group too keep up to dated - 


Mr Pole fitness UK 2014 Who can apply?

Miss Pole Dance UK and Mr Pole Fitness UK 2014 is the National championships competition for all British nationals
Ireland &

Some questions you may ask if you are able to enter
www.misspoledance-uk.com and www.mrpolefitness.com

Are you entitled to live in the UK for more than 6 months?

Do you hold a national insurance number ?

Are you over the age of 18 on the day of the competition finals

Are you a UK resident entitling you to UK residency

Are you available to support the industry for a minimum of one year after the competition as a figure and ambassador for pole fitness and or dance,  in a professional manner, through attending other events, either as a coach, mentor, performer, teacher, ambassador, presenter or judge

Are you willing to dedicate your own time & energy, unselfishly to the growth and development towards our dance and sport

If so, then yes you may apply :))