Wednesday 5 November 2014

Pole Camp May 2015 presented by Pole Passion

Pole Passion International Retreat 2015 Budapest

After successive years organising our annual Pole Dance Festival and Training week in Jamaica and Europe. Pole Passion are proud to announce the 7th annual International Pole Training Retreat will be held in Budapest, Hungary after a very successful EVENTS in 2012 2013 & 2014.

Our 2015 trainers this year -

WE are delighted to announce our international instructors will be

Barbara Palmaffy -  Hungary - National and World Champion (Doubles & Singles)
Elena Artamonova - Russia - World Champion Finalist, stretch flex and advanced tricks
Ilka Bardoczy - Hungary - National and World Champion (Doubles & Singles)
Manyi Deak - Hungary -  National  and World Champion finalist 2014
Sue Thompson - United Kingdom - Advanced International Instructor trainer and assessor
Kay Penney - United Kingdom - Advanced International Instructor trainer and assessor Founder Pole fitness in the UK
Bella Monnery - United Kingdom-Kickboxing and jogging
Livia Francis - United Kingdom - Body builder and nutritionist
Alma Pirner - Hungary Burlesque and pole choreography founder of pole fitness in Hungary
Yvette Dusol - MPD UK National champion and contortionist 2014
Dawid Skowronek - Mr Pole Fitness UK champion 2014

For 2015 Pole Passion proudly present the opportunity to learn the skills of Pole Dance Performance and sexy confident related dance styles and corresponding fitness classes. A total immersion and relaxing week where you can chill, train, stretch, work on that move you can almost do! while networking, sightseeing this amazing cosmopolitan city and de-stress while giving 100% focus on your own personal development  without the interruption of family, teaching and working.

Dates of this event are:

Pole Fitness International Certification, Accreditation & Instructor Training 2015
Arrive Budapest Thursday 30th April
Teacher Training Level 1 Foundation & Advanced Level 2/3 - Friday 1st 10am to Sunday 3rd May 5.30pm

Holiday Retreat & Pole Camp Conditioning & Training
Budapest 2015

Arrive Budapest Sunday 3rd May
Pole Retreat Training times - Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May
Depart Budapest Friday 8th May

For more information and bookings

Lucy Pole Charity Cup 2014 - Sunday 2nd November

All proceeds to Help the Heros and Mind, Oxfordshire
A great afternoon spent in Crawley just outside of Oxford at the Crawley Mill Industrial Estate. After weeks of hard labour, sweat and tears, the studio was ready.  I was joined by fellow judges Emma Haslam O’Toole this year’s Britain’s Got Talent pole sensation  and Mr Pole Fitness UK finalist, Ian Matthews.
Congratulations go to all the competitors for competing in the second Lucy Pole Cup but also for Lucy, launching her new pole venue.
Despite the cold and damp conditions outside, all the competitors competed brilliantly, with my best costume and makeup award going to the creative Halloween nightmare costume of Evelyn Minall

The Results

Beginner Category

1st - Cerrie Minall
2nd - Katie Hickman

Intermediate Category

1st - Leanne Davey
2nd - Evelyn Minall
3rd - Renata Javor

Advanced Category

1st - Zoe Haslam
2nd - Vikkie Louise Bushnell

Three easy ways to learn a new pole move - every time with Pole Passion pole fitness training provider

Three easy ways to learn a new pole move - every time

What style of learner are you?
Depending on your specific learning style, not all three ways will be easy for you, so choose the best way that suits you specifically

1.  Visually
Watch the move performed by your instructor first focusing on their hand positions, body alignments and feet beginning and landing positions

2.  Auditory
Listen carefully to the instructions given by your instructor. They need to be specific and ask questions if need be so they are specific.

3.  Kinaesthetic
Practice, practice practice  - have a go

For more information on being an Elite Pole Instructor delivering the best classes in the industry visit

The power of a pole hug

The power of a pole hug!

A hug is a good medicine
It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift
You need four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth
It's a form of communication
And something usually shared !

How to Hug
Hugs are a great way to express affection. Hugging shows that you care about a person and that you support that person through good times and bad. However, you want to hug your lover differently than you hug a friend or family member. Read on for some tips on the best ways to hug the people that you care about.

Hugging your new partner

Approach them carefully.
Smile and say some caring words. Make sure that he or she is expecting a hug! It can be awkward if you come up and hug someone out of the blue.
Hugs often happen at celebratory events like birthday parties, graduations, or when two people are reunited after a long absence.

Lean forward and put your two arms around your new partner, pressing the person you are hugging warmly toward you. Lucky you!

If you are a man, her arms should be around your neck, and you should be embracing her around the waist. Keep her in that position for no more than a couple seconds, and let go and soon as she does. Look her in the eyes when you separate and continue the conversation naturally.
If you are the woman, put your arms behind his neck and press your chest lightly against his chest. Let go as soon as he does.

Hugging a Friend

Girls: Close your eyes and think about how much you love your friend when hugging. Press as much as you feel like without squishing your friend. Do not clap the person you're hugging on the shoulders. Some girls think you don't like them if you do it that way.
Guys: Embrace strongly, and clap each other on the top of your backs. If you're having an emotional moment, hold the hug for a brief moment and do not clap each others backs.

Hugging a Lover

Approach your lover and put your hands on his or her shoulders. The experience is just as romantic whether no matter who initiates the hug.

Look your lover in the eyes and say, "I love you." If you want to, tell him or her how much you care and how much you love spending every second together.

Males: Carefully sliding both your hands down from her shoulders, put them on her waist and slide them around her lower back. Put your head on her shoulder and press her towards you for as long as you like.
If you want to, you can give her a small massage with your hands, and try to warm her.
You can also lift her in the air and shift her weight towards you. Girls especially love this one.
When you separate, you can look into your lover's eyes, smile genuinely and, if the situation is fitting, kiss her like you mean it.
Females: Extend your arms toward him and wrap them around his neck and shoulders. Lean as close as possible and press your torso against his.
In situations of extreme intimacy, interlocking your leg in his is appropriate.
Avoid holding your arms below his shoulders and embracing too tightly, even if you're about the same height as he is.

Hugging a Family Member

1 Walk over to your family member. Approach your family member with kind feelings. Obviously, the feelings won't be the same as what you'd feel for a crush, a lover or a close friend (unless you and your family members are also friends).
2 Embrace your family member. Continuing to talk while hugging is okay.


Girls like tight hugs so be sure to squeeze them a little, not too tight though!

Tip for guys- girls especially love it when you come up from behind an wrap you arms round their waist and hug them tight (not too tight though!).

If you're a guy and you're going for a more intimate hug, place your head on her shoulder and kiss her neck gently.

Hugging a lover should last at least a few seconds longer than platonic hugs

Smile, be warm and inviting if you're going to hug your crush.

A good approach in any relationship is to walk up to the person from a few feet away with your arms open.

In a "manly hug", it is common to pat twice on the back before disengaging.

Gently wrap your arms around her neck. If she is tall, then under their arms, but light your head on her chest. Make it romantic but not too romantic.

Unless you've hugged the person before, don't hug without asking first. In addition, use your best judgement in choosing when and where to hug someone. In certain situations you might be embarrassed to be seen hugging someone else.


for FREE hugs visit any of our pole lessons - WWW.POLEPASSION.COM

Kay Penney - 5th November 2015 - Happy Guy Fawkes

Monday 27 October 2014

The History of Pole Champions in the UK - 2005 - 2014

Pole Passion Proudly presents
Creators and The winners of the UK National Pole Dance Championships Singles, Males and Doubles categories and those who will be representing the UK and the World Pole Sport & Fitness championships  - World Pole Dance 

Miss Pole Dance UK  -  Amateur Division (established in 2010)

Beatrice Morgan  - 2010 / 2011
Ayumi Tozaki 2012
Anna Newberry 2013
Christine Feekery 2014

Miss Pole Dance UK  -  Semi Pro Division (established in 2010)

Lucy Cork -  2010 / 2011
 Rebecca Howard 2012 Students
 Hannah Taylor 2012  Instructors (established 2012)
 Sophie Geldeard 2013  Students
 Hannah Kaynes 2013 Instructors
Anna Louise 2014 Students
Amy Cowles 2014 Instructors

Miss Pole Dance UK  -  Semi Pro Doubles (established 2013)

Rachel Breheney & Leah Walters 2013
Ruth Vass & Neil Vass 2014

Miss Pole Dance UK  champions since 2005 (established 2004)

Elena Gibson – 2005/2006
Tracey Simmonds  2006/2007
Sally Anne Giles – 2007/2008
Alesia Vazmitsel – 2008/2009
Maxine Betts – 2009/2010
Jess Leanne Norris – 2011/2012
  Sarah Scott - 2012 /2013
Lorna Thomas - 2013 / 2014
Yvette Dusol – 2014/ 2015

Mr Pole Fitness UK Champions since 2009 (established 2009)

Keem Martinez 2009/2010
Daren Pritchard – 2010/2011
Nico Modestine - 2012 /2013
Dan Rosen  2013/2014 
Dawid Skowronek 2014/ 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Doubles champions (established 2009)

Penny Howarth & Anna Chisholm 2009/2010
Kate Johnstone & Kate Czepulkowski 2010/2011
Sarah Scott & Kate Czepulkowski 2012 / 2013
Charlotte Robertson & Steph K Foster 2013/2014
Kristina Walker & Heather Walker 2014/2015

World Pole Dance Champions (established 2009)
Felix Cane - AUSTRALIA - 2009/2010
Felix Cane - AUSTRALIA - 2010/2011
Alesia Vazmitsel BELARUS   2011/2012
Natalia Tatarintseva  UKRAINE  2012 /2013 
Kate  Czepulkowski UNITED KINGDOM 2014/2015

World Pole Dance Champions (established 2011)
Evengy Greshilov    RUSSIA 2011  /2012 
Keem Martinez    FRANCE 2012 / 2013
Kristian Lebedev RUSSIA 2014/2015    

World Pole Dance (established 2011)
Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy       HUNGARY   2011/2012 
  Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy       HUNGARY   2012/2013  
  Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh  IRELAND 2014/2015  



If you are new to routines then think 4 – 6 weeks minimum for practice and preparation
Mental and physical preparation is most important
Obviously this varies from person to person but as guide!
If you are rushed, your nerves will be harder to control simply because you haven’t given yourself enough time to prepare!!

Who is your character?
What is your message?
What will you be wearing?

Pick your own music
Yes this might mean going through YouTube for hours and hours!!
Pick your tempo, words, style, length, mix
Did you know a winning song has all the senses in it in the lyrics  - touch smell, taste, hear, see

Keep it simple
Think 3D
Think height, depth, side to side and floor work
Flow, flex and FUN
Smile Relax Prepare and Practice

Get help if this is not your strongest part
Think and count in sets of 4, 8 and 16 – you will never listen to music the same again!!

Ask someone to help with this
Ask them to search for 10 things they can change for the better in your routine – even if they can just find 2 it will make them look for more

Most important have fun and embrace this challenge remember this is a great confident boost and a way to show all your hard earned skills to family and friends
Pole choreography is a skill, that can be learnt -

2015 International Pole Sport and Fitness Teacher Training with Industry Experts

International Pole Sport & Fitness Instructor Training days Foundation and Advanced

Thursday 30th April arrive in Budapest Instructor Training Registration
Friday 1st May -  instructor training
Saturday 2nd May -  instructor training
Sunday 3rd May -  instructor training

Site seeing opportunity  

Retreat week

Sunday 3rd May - site seeing or instructor training and (check in arrival of guests for week retreat 17.00pm)
Monday 4th May - Day 1 training all day
Tuesday 5th May - Day 2 training all day
Wednesday 6th May - Day 3 training all day
Thursday 7th May - Day 4 training all day
Friday 8th - Day 5 training in the morning (check out from hotel) additional site seeing too in the afternoon depending on your flight time

The training timetable will be finalised until early part of 2015

email us on -
call us on - 01293 888200

Pole Fitness and Dance Holiday May 2015 - All abilities All welcome

 The week long schedule is packed with a years worth of training, whether you are an instructor or a student this week is suited for all abilities :-

Checkin Sunday 3rd May 2015 - Friday 8th May 2015
BUDAPEST  for just £500 GBP all in  which includes your accommodation and all your training

Pole Passion presents

-        Pole Tricks all levels to world class status
-        Pole choreography
-        Handsprings ( Strong Grip)
-        Shoulder Mounts
-        Superman/Woman
-        Splits Training
-        Bridges
-        Ballet pole
-        Stretch and flex
-        Floor work intermediate (knee pads)
-        Floor work advanced (knee pads)
-        Dance choreography (knee pads)
-        Mixed ability pole spins class
-        Relaxation class (leggings, towel to lay on)
-        Aerial Yoga ( leggings)
-        Silks Beginner (Leggings, Socks, Long sleeved top)
-        Silks Intermediate / Advanced ( Leggings, socks, Long sleeved tops)
-        Lap Dancing ( Bring mans white buttoned shirt and heels)
-        Martini Glass workshop sexy style
-        Chair dancing ( Heels)
-        Hoops Beginners ( Leggings, Gloves )
-        Conditioning ( Preparation for pole moves )
-        Bands body conditioning and around the pole
-        Pole circuits fitness body conditioning (Dominatrix style!!)
-        Meditation
-        Floor yoga
-        Kickboxing – boxercise
-        Introduction to Figure & Bikini Natural Bodybuilders workshops
-        Personal diet and training consultations
Private 1-2-1 training sessions
-        Pilates
       -     Spa, site seeing and relaxation

Come and join in the fun and train with industry experts and world champions in the exquisite city of Budapest

Friday 24 October 2014

Pole Dancing Mats – Crash mats for exercise

One mat fits all:- Suitable for floor to ceiling poles and free standing poles including RPole / Xpole / Platinum Stages / Alistage Poles

Comes in a heavy duty PVC, which will offer great protection from high heels or bare feet!
1 Piece construction, connected together with industrial strength Velcro – you don’t even know its there!
Carry handles for easy transportation
Available in a wide variety of colours

The safety mat is suitable for Pole Fitness and Pole Dance Classes -
Great also for comfortable Stretching, Exercise, Floor Work & Yoga / Pilate Fitness

Large round safety mats 1800mm (6ft)  30mm thick
Designed for falls from 2.5mtrs making this the ideal choice for teaching and safe practice when learning new moves or inverts. Insurance compliant
Premium Quality 1800mm (6ft) 50mm thick fully reversible Safety Mat
Premium Mat comes complete with under foam as standard. ( Essential for RPole training ) The ideal choice of mats for teaching and safe practice when learning new moves or inverts.

RPole Fitness are the only pole and pole mat manufacturer to supply their professional studio poles with a full sized safety mat as standard. NO HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS
RPole are committed to safe practice and improving standards of teaching to help instructors comply with safety of students and Duty of Care to protect against injury when practicing or teaching pole fitness.
RPole offer Professional Pole Teacher Qualifications through their training center in the UK or online through  Pole Passion the UK's foremost teaching provider so you can turn your investment in your RPole into a business opportunity to teach Pole Fitness Classes safely AND complying with European Insurance standards.

RPole Mats - Ready in seconds! All mats come standard with fold ability for storage or transport
with easy to clean & hygienic with wipe clean covering. Folds away when not in use or for travel.
Comes complete with carry handles and weighs just 6kg.
Health & Safety tested to 6P for Phthalates

ORDER ONLINE NOW most credit and debit cards accepted with our secure payment partners Worldpay and PayPal
You do not need a PayPal account to make payments with your credit or debit card.
Bank transfer available on request. or call  UK (01293) 888200

Pole Photography - Photo shoot advice - Pole

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Pole Fitness and Dance Classes in East Grinstead - Pole Passion Industry leaders

NEW Pole Passion Pole Fitness and Pole Dance classes in East Grinstead
Felbridge Village Hall,
31 Crawley Down Road,
East Grinstead,
RH19 2PS

Classes will be running here from the 3rd November 2014
Monday evenings 7:45pm-8:45pm  &  8:50pm-9:50pm

Cost: £12.50 pay as you go First Lesson just £10 cash on the day / £40 x 4 Weekly

Suitable: Beginner / intermediate: All levels of fitness - beginners welcome

Pole Dance Fitness lessons are perfect for all women aged 16+. Incorporation pole tricks, spins, transitions and poses we will have you moving like never before!

Join our fun and friendly classes with professionally qualified instructors with many years of pole fitness and fitness competence. Expect to increase muscle tone as you progress each week, accomplishing moves you never thought possible. With just some simple and achievable techniques you will begin to feel and see a transformation projecting your new found confidence along the way!

What To Wear: Shorts, short skirt or leggings,
T shirt, trainers or bare feet.

Avoid wearing jewellery, moisturisers or oils on the skin.

For further details visit

We also operate the largest National championships, Miss Pole Dance UK championships, International Pole fitness Training schemes and apprentice schemes and master class and workshops in all areal arts

Thursday 9 October 2014

Science of Stupid pole dancing - featuring Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 champion Sarah Scott

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional judges 2014 4th October 2014

Miss Pole Dance UK Judges BIOS 2014

Alma Pirner  - Head Judge

Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary

Profession: Aerial Showgirl and burlesque performer, fitness expert, Owner and creator of Dollhouse Exotic dance, Poledance/Pole-Fitness and Aerial Skills Studios, courses, trainings and franchise
Organisator of Miss Pole Dance Hungary competitions, and the World Pole Sport&Fitness Competition 2011
International judge for pole dance and fitness competitions including Miss Pole Dance UK
Her experience is in acrobatics, aerial skills trainer, pilates, yoga, exotic dance, striptease  Antigavity yoga, aerial yoga, stretching and fitness

He travels the UK teaching and also has his own pole school in Hemel Hempstead. IFA Pole & Aerial has now been going for just over a year and Dan has now left his part time job to dedicate his time full to the art he loves.
Dan could barely touch his toes 5 years ago and has now made a name for himself in the pole industry for being one of the most flexible pole boys in the UK. 

Lorna Walker  (Thomas)
She has recently got married this year to Liam Walker 
From that day on it has consumed her life. She opened Pole Athletes 6 years ago to share her passion for pole and teach others the art of pole dance and performance. 
Her business has grown from strength to strength and I now eager to push herself as a performer and athlete.
Ian's passion for performing started in the dance industry over 15 yrs ago as a pro hip hop and street dancer. 

They have just recently won World Champion Status at World Pole Dance
The both are from Ireland and they are delighted to continue to offer  Master Classes around the globe for everyone
World Pole Sport & Fitness – World Pole Dance Doubles Champions 2014
World Pole Sports Doubles Champions 2013
All Ireland Champion & Runner up Solo 2013
Irish Pole Fitness & Dance Champion 2013
UKPPC Runner up Solo 2013
All Ireland Champion & Runner up Solo 2012
World Pole Dance Semi-Finalist 2012
All Ireland Runner up Solo 2011

Bendy Kate  - Kate Czepulkowski
Bendy (as seen on Got to Dance 2012) is an innovative pole artist, acrobat, aerialist and hand balancer from the UK. Kate is in her twenties and trained as an acrobat from a young age.
Since beginning pole she has won several pole fitness titles including second place in the World Pole Sports Championships 2013, the UK Professional Champion 2011/2012, UK Amateur Champion 2010 and World Doubles Pole Runner up three times!
 She now teaches pole fitness and circus masterclasses, private pole and aerial lessons, performs at dance events and circus gigs.
As an accomplished pole instructor and finalist competitor in Miss Pole Dance Fitness UK professional competition in both ‘glamour & fitness’ categories in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and invited judge for Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 amateur competition, she is now building a considerable reputation within the global pole industry, culminating in her appearance at the World Championship finals in April 2009 in Jamaica where she represented the UK.
Emma Haslam O'Toole

She enjoys performing and is happiest on the stage and to inspire and support others with the same ambitions

Daniel Rosen
Dan has been pole dancing for 5 years after being introduced to pole through friends. He has been competing over the last 3 years and is very grateful for all of the opportunities which competing has presented to him. 

The current Miss Pole Dance UK female champion who represented the UK recently in February at the World Pole Dance championships
Has been pole dancing for 6 years. Who started with no previous experience in dance or gymnastics. She states she was always a bit of a Tom Boy whilst growing up, and one day decided taking a pole dancing lesson might help her to empower her femininity. 

Ian Matthews
Over the following years Ian worked at many top venues and joined some of the UK's top agencies in performing arts.
Ian has also had vast experience  within the fitness industry including a level 2 qualification in personal training.
Ian has been a featured performer at many pole and dance related events over the last 5 years, showcasing on an array of stages and has competed to the highest level in professional Pole Competitions.
" In this competition, what I am looking for up on that stage in the competitors is the emotional content, a connection with their audience throughout their performance, I want to see them bring the stage to life! "
"I'm very honoured to be judging the 'Mr Pole Fitness UK 2014' as I am very fond of this competition with many good times had, and to be able to see these very brave talented pole performers from a different perspective!"

Terry Walsh
Lisette Krol
Lisette & Terri have been working and performing together as synchronised doubles partners since 2011 in the arts of Pole, Acro balance, Aerial Hoop, Fire Acts and Dance.  The both have their own studios - Terri has Fierce Fitness Dance Studio and Lisette has Tribe Fitness Dance Studios. (Sister Studios J)

The current World Pole Dance Champion
Disciplines: Acrobatics, Pole Fitness, Hand balancing and Aerial

Deb Riley
Deb Riley is the owner and head instructor at the British Pole Dance Academy. She is most renowned for her amazing, unique and advanced pole tricks. Due to her continual dedication and hard work over the last decade working within the pole industry and with her natural flare, daring approach and friendly professionalism she is well recognized as the best tricks instructor in the UK.
She is a well-respected judge and choreographer

Emma Haslam

 has been poling since 2006,and aerial silks, hoop and trapeze since 2011 she is the founder of IPAAT, (International Pole and Aerial Tournament) and owns Emma’s Pole Dancing and in Derby. She runs 15 Pole fitness and 4 Aerial classes a week along with stretch and strength classes. Emma has been a bit of an internet sensation with over a million views on her YouTube video and being sponsored by The Sun for her first competition in February 2014 which she placed 3rd.
She was also asked to be on Britain’s Got Talent and got 4 yesses from Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Williams.   Also Emma’s Pole Dance Routine went viral over night She has appeared on Italian news along with being in USA Pole and Aerial Magazine. She has performed and been on TV shows in Brazil, Romania, Madrid and 3 different city’s in Spain.

We are proud that Emma is with us today