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Healthy diets for pole dancers

Keep healthy snacks in convenient places at all times, such as your desk drawer, the car glove compartment or your pole bag!! I often prepare raw vegetables such as carrots or sliced apples in the morning and put them in a bag or small pot and put peanut butter or hummus in a small container. This way, you'll always have a healthy, convenient snack ready to eat when you begin feeling hungry. Which if you are like me quite often. This keeps your energy level up and your metabolism working efficiently, and will prevent you from losing control later in the day. For more information about pole fitness classes or Instructor training visit us on like us on facebook too Healthy and happy poling WWW.POLEPASSION.COM

Paula Bines - Pole Passion advanced instructor

Paula Bines, found her passion for pole dancing back in 2008. She started as a Pole Passion student to help build her confidence and self-esteem. After having had just a few one hour lessons at our Burgess Hill studio and with no dance, gymnastic or fitness background she entered her first Miss Pole Dance UK amateur pole dancing competition. With her new found love for the pole and continual training she soon became a certified pole fitness instructor with Pole Passion.
Paula has since competed in many pole dance and fitness competitions and has performed at various shows and events. Whilst training and teaching weekly pole fitness classes for Pole Passion she is now an exceptional advanced Instructor and key member of the Pole Passion team assisting with the organisation of World Pole Dance Championship events and International training events worldwide! Paula is now fitness qualified and an advanced pole fitness instructor with Pole Passion. She strives to be the best and loves a challenge! She is currently working on being a Trainer Assessor for Pole Passion Grading system ‘Success isn't how far you've got, but how far you have travelled from where you started!’ For more in

UK Olympic Victory supporting Pole Dancers world wide

Since the UK Olympics in 2012, there has been an increase in people attending Pole Passion Lessons and enquiries for Pole Instructor training certifications are on the up. People have been inspired by athletics and sport which can only be a benefit. - Yes the shorts worn by the volley ball team were shorter than we see in our pole lessons - Yes the splits were just as wide on the beams as they are on our poles! There was however, more sequins and certainly more tantrum than we see at our prestigious Miss Pole Dance UK pole championships!! come join us -

Pole Passion Fitness and Dance Classes

Hello!! Welcome to Pole Passion Pole Fitness. Thank you for joining our blog as it gives us the opportunity to tell you why we LOVE pole and the benefits you will receive from our classes. Some info from one of our instructors Sarah Watson - Crawley Pole Fitness
♥ Pole dancing is a well talked about subject, but in more recent years for a different reason............... a FUN & EXCITING way to get fit! ♥ Pole can be adapted to suit your style. I personally prefer graceful with a sprinkle of sexy, but we know this is not everyone's cup of tea...DONT WORRY. This is your fitness session and we are here to teach a combination of spins and exercise that will give you a great workout and a huge sense of achievement, no matter what your style. ♥ With Spins, dance moves, climbs and sometimes floor work a typical pole class combines so many different types of exercise. With different levels of intensity pole can be classed as interval training, which is a great way to burn fat and fantastic for toning. ♥ Pole is fun and exciting, you won't even realise you are exercising (until the next day!!). You will feel a great sense of achievement when you master your first basic spin or a step and glide. That feel good factor will boost your self esteem and pole will soon become addictive! ♥ There is something for everyone. It doesn't matter if you have never been to a dance class in your life. Playing football most of my life, when presented with a pole I was TERRIFIED!! Granted my spins were a little bumpy at first, but it was so much fun I stuck at it and a year or so on I am teaching! Teaching at the ripe old age of 29 just goes to show that pole is not something you have to start at 7 years old. ♥ If all of the above isn't enough to give it a go pole is also a great way to meet new people. My time poling has introduced me to some amazing people and made some great friends. we hope to see you all and being nervous at first is something we find with nearly all our students so we will be supporting you well What to wear: Gym shorts, T Shirt, vest top, legging's (Please note leggings may restrict as you progress to more advance moves), General workout clothes, trainers for the warm up. What not to wear: Please do not wear moisturiser or apply fake tan before class, it will make the pole slippery for you and others Please do not wear jewellery, to prevent damage to the poles and your jewellery. ** Please bring drinking water** Pre booking is essential. To book in for the class please email us on:

World Pole Dance News

From Huffington Post Posted November 2012 : ARTICLE OF WORLD POLE DANCE  list your school for free

NEW Rpole design for pole dancing and pole fitness

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It’s hard to believe the RPole is made from the highest
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Pole Dancing Vouchers available for all the time of the year

Pole Passion Fitness Dance and Party vouchers available for Birthday Celebrations and more

Customer testimonial January 2013

Hello Pole Passion,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the voucher you emailed over to me last minute today, my friend liked her present :). You have a great communication system. I look forward to our fun pole dance lesson.
Have a great day,

How old do I have to be to pole dance?

How old can my daughter be to start pole dancing for fitness?

We have set the age range from 16 plus in line with what our gyms want for our classes.
We will however allow 15 year olds to attend with their parent/guardian’s consent :)

We have these guidelines of 16 + as a moral guideline for our sessions is our professional answer

Our unprofessional answer would be - Just so we don't get any confused and upset weirdoes attacking us for being irresponsible people attracting girls into the sex industry!!  Soooo 1980’s

There is nothing in our syllabus that we teach that is offensive, in fact we go out of our way to make everyone comfortable with their choice of pole for their exercise and dance regime

Come along and see for yourself and that there is not anything remotely sexy during our hard physical training sessions of flexibility, core strength and coordination -   apart from the odd  body swerve ( if you choose!') - you see worse on Got to Dance from 8 year olds !!

Come and join us for fun and fitness – if you love a challenge

I have long nails and want to start Pole Dancing

I have long nails, will it affect my pole dancing?  A recent question to Pole Passion from a new student wanting to start pole dancing for fun and fitness

My only question... As silly as it seems, is that I have acrylic nails ... Would that make it more difficult to do pole dance fitness, is it worth getting them done shorter? I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Dani

With any sport, fitness and dance discipline it is important to keep nails at a length that they cannot get caught in clothing, hair/hair accessories, and equipment or indeed scratch you during the activity and of course pole dance fitness is no exception.

Nails that are longer than the finger length themselves  do pose more risk than nails that are not beyond the finger length. And the longer the nail the higher the risk of getting them caught and causing damage, to yourself, equipment especially mats, and or your fellow participants (should you be doing doubles pole work or spotting techniques during more intermediate advanced pole moves)

It would be our recommendation to keep nails short during training (by short we mean no longer than three millimetres beyond the finger.
Especially acrylic or gel nails, because if they get caught they are not as flexible as the more natural nail that has more flex and give in them.
The acrylic nail is more likely to damage the nail bed should it get caught, causing a more permanent and painful injury to that of the natural nail, should it get caught.

However that being said if you have had your nails a long time, depending on the length you will be more familiar with them and you will have already made adjustments to the way you do things on a daily basis.

We hope that has helped

For more information visit – lessons page

Pole Dancing Grading System with Pole Passion

Pole Passion ~ Student Grading System

We are proud to announce the Pole Passion Grading system to all our students (and instructors alike), incorporating the system throughout our international network of professional instructors and licensees and in all our weekly student training sessions, which will enable students to gain a certification of their achievements in a structured manner. - Registration through your instructor is essential.

NEWS! Student Grading Date: Saturday 9th February 2013 at Nuffield Health & Wellbeing, Crawley, Turners Hill Road, Crawley, RH10 4ST - 
Everyone Welcome to come along and watch from 2.30pm - 4.30pm


The system is easy:- 
1. Simply ask your instructor in class for a copy of the grading system level you are currently working on, starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 6. Find out the moves that need to be incorporated into your routine grading performance 
2. Select your music  - Please bring it on either CD or ipod format
3. Create your routine, either working with your instructor or creating your own (make sure you finish your routine at the correct time for your grade - see below.

Pass Rates for Pole Passion Grading’s

Level One (routine 1min - 1.30 minutes) Max points 35 
Points to Pass 21 
Points to Pass Plus 30
Level Two (routine 2mins - 2.30 minutes)
Max points 35
Points to pass 21
Points to Pass Plus 30
Level Three (routine 3mins - 3.30 minutes)
Max points 50
Points to pass 35
Points to Pass Plus 40
Level Four (routine 4mins - 4.30 minutes)
Max points 60
Points to pass 40
Points to Pass Plus 52
Level Five (routine 5mins - 5.30 minutes)
Max points 60
Points to pass 48
Points to Pass Plus 55
Grading for level Six  - You will be invited to grade with our level six assessor.

Saturday 9th February 2013   Student registration 2.30pm  - 3 - 5pm

Sunday 19th May 2013

Saturday 21st September 2013

What To Wear: Shorts, short skirt or leggings, T shirt, trainers or bare feet. Avoid wearing jewellery, moisturisers or oils on the skin.  No costumes or props allowed

Who can attend?
Everyone is welcome to watch, family friends and students, including children, as long as they are supervised by an adult at all times.
Eating and drinking will not be permitted in the studio, however there is a cafe and seating area in the gym down stairs - 

Please note: The lift is currently out of order therefore this event temporarily is not suitable for wheelchair access  

Nuffield STUDIO 1
Crabbet Park
Turner's Hill Road
Worth, Crawley
West Sussex
RH10 4ST