Thursday 13 January 2011

Burlesque for Fitness with Burlesque Passion 6 week course

Burlesque Passion BOOM Chicka BOOM
Do you dream of being a performer, jaws agape in your direction?

Perhaps you lack the confidence or technique to express your sexiness?
Then these lessons and classes are for you. Over 6 weeks we will be exploring the art of burlesque.
Follow in the footsteps of Gypsy Rosa Lee, Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese as you learn to perfect your techniques of burlesque

During the 1 hour classes ever week for 6 weeks you will explore what burlesque really is – the history, the craft and the glorious moves, including bumps and grinds, feather boas, chair routines, clothing, tassels and much more all in a fun

Burlesque Passion presents a 6 week course in
Beginner Burlesque Lessons for every day women
where no experience is necessary

What to wear: Heels you can dance in, tights/stockings, basques, tops, gloves

At: - Bar Med Crawley

Time: 7pm-8pm

Start Day: Tue 25th Jan – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd Feb, 1st Mar 2011

Cost: £90 for 6 week course

Course pre registration is essential

Call or Text: 07921 948 606
To pay by debit or credit card (an additional £2 booking fee is charged)
Or via PayPal (no additional fee applies) send your payment to –
Email: /

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Excuses Why NOT to pole - Pole Dance International Magazine

We were sent this article from Pole Dance International magazine USA to share throughout the pole world and thought Brilliant as one of the leading Pole Training schools in the world we thught yes let's share.....

This article will be published this week in Pole Dance International. (Jan 2011) We think it's a helpful piece that will help many address the common insecurities and issues related with utilising the POLE FOR FITNESS. It's straight forward and honest, and even a little humorous! Please share it with your friends, students and fans-and look to see it in publication this week at: Also available in print!

Common Excuses NOT To Try Pole Dancing(Put To REST!):

Excuses, excuses.....We've all heard at least a few of these, if not every last one! Many people still have fears about just jumping up on the pole with the rest of us. So, here it is: The reasons people give for steering clear of the pole and some perfect responses you can share with them to end their fears & fuel their confidence to give it a spin!

1 "I'm Too Old"
The pole is effective & fun at any age! There's NO limit. The studios we surveyed had taught students from 18 mnths to 70+!

2 "I'm Not Strong Enough"
Not many people are strong enough to do what they have seen or think they want to do on the pole when they start out. It's a ridiculous notion to think you would already be at an advanced level of anything before you actually tried it. No one is. Nothing works that way. You start out where you are, and progress from there. By doing it, you get better, and stronger.

3 "I'm Too Big/Out of Shape"
Another ridiculous notion. You can't change something by doing nothing. If you don't like the size or shape of your body, the only person who can change that is you. Pole Dancing is 100% effective for whole body fitness. Start where you are today, tomorrow you'll be glad you did!

4 "I Will Look Stupid"
Everyone in your class will be thinking the same thing you are. As you learn, you're technique & your confidence will help alter this self-defeating thought! Honestly, who cares!

5 "I'll Fall Off the Pole/Get Hurt"
Here's the truth. No one's ever magically 'fallen off' the pole in class-especially in the beginning-Mostly because in the beginning, you're not even 'ON' the pole in a way that you'd be physically able to fall off of it! You get it.....For that same reason, you won't get hurt. Experienced instruction & proper technique will ensure your safety! Look for an accredited studio with certified instructors & you'll be in good hands.

6 "I Have a Previous Injury"
This is a good thing to address, actually. Always tell your instructor about any current or previous injuries that may affect your ability to do certain moves. Always have a physician approve any work-out program before you start it. Tell your instructor if anything is hurting you in class. Beyond those things, the pole is a great way to 'rehab' injuries of all kinds. It is easy on joints, helps improve flexibility, muscle tone & core/upper body strength-which helps significantly improve and/or heal a multitude of injuries.

7 "My Family/Friends May Not Approve"
This one is definitely a challenge for some, however, if they are properly educated, the capacity to change their outlook is a viable one. Pole Dancing isn't what most people think it is still-those days are gone. Pole is a fun, beautiful form of art & sport in today's world. Invite a friend to class, pull up a you tube vid, talk to them & share. Knowledge is power.

8 "I'm Uncoordinated"
If this is true, then you definitely need some pole in your life! You will learn to become more flexible, stronger, and even more rhythmic! As you put moves together and practice choreographed combinations, you will find your two left feet evolving fast! Remember, if you were already a pro at the fox-trot, you'd probably be teaching the class, not taking it....right?

9 "I'm Too Shy; Don't Want Others To See Me"
Trust me, you're not the first, and won't be the last....There's a lot of shy people out there-and really, we all lack a little confidence when we're learning something new. It will come. And when it does, you'll evolve with it. Trust in your instructor to make you feel comfortable, and know that everyone in the class is probably feeling the same thing to a certain degree. No one's watching. It's not a competition. You're not being tested or judged. The classroom is a safe environment where you can learn & enjoy yourself!

10 "I'm Not Flexible Enough"
Let's go back to #2 on this one. There's no initial 'flexibility requirement' to sign up for a class. Think of it like anything else. You wouldn't decide not to go to the gym because you weren't already in shape. That's why you go...results to follow!

11 "It Seems Silly"
Trust me, it's not. It works and it's a ton of fun. Come with an open mind.

12 "I'm Not Sexy"
Being 'sexy' is one of those things... Some people really 'have' it, some don't...yet. What I can say for sure here is it's NOT a requirement to be sexy to work out, have fun & get in shape. However, the pole does possess a little bit of magic for some in this area....You may discover you've got more of this power than you think....

13 "I Don't Have Time, or Money to Learn"
Here's what I've personally learned about this: If you really want to do something, you'll figure it out. It's funny how that works.

14 "I Don't Want to Wear 'Skimpy' Clothes"
Once again, let's educate here. 'Skimpy' is not a necessity. That's a style option. What is helpful in the beginning, and more necessary as you advance, is skin grip. Some skin is required for most moves on the pole...just like a swimming suit is required for swimming. Shorts are ideal for most pole work. Tees, tanks & sport bras, skirts, 'skorts' or boy shorts are good choices that vary depending on your comfort & your level of practice. There's no reason you can't be modest & comfortable.

15 "Whatever other reason in the world you've come up with to pretty much defeat yourself from ever trying anything new, exciting & totally effective-because you are stuck in a BAD pattern!"
My advice: Get over it! Come have the most fun you've ever had while getting in shape & totally learning to love yourself!
**The point here is, if you have a question, fear or curious notion...we have the response. We've heard it, seen it, done it , worked through it and got the t shirt. Don't be afraid to ask! But be prepared, we've convinced many to try the pole, and don't intend to quit anytime soon....It's for your own good!**

By: Chastitie Lujan
Please circulate & share! AND WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT

For accredited Pole Fitness Instructor teacher training and student support please contact

Pole Passion Pole & Burlesque Event Spain 2011

Pole Passion proudly presents for the 4th year your Pole Retreat which will include a variety of different classes for all different levels of pole dancer from beginner to advanced level.
This year it will be held in an exclusive setting in Spain
The schedule will include pole tricks, performance techniques, stretching techniques on and off the pole, lap & chair dancing, burlesque choreography including performance and confidence, feather boa techniques and much more.

Your head instructor and pole mentor this year will be the amazing Keem Martinez, Mr Pole Fitness UK champion 2009 and the undefeated French Champion 2009/2010. Keem who is also a dance choreographer, will not only bring his diverse and challenging pole moves but also his dedication and Art of Pole performance for you to learn.

The week will include different socialising and networking events in the evenings. Including a fancy dress competition, games nights and finishing the week with a performance night, where everyone gets the opportunity to show off your skills they have learnt over the week.

Provisional Schedule of Classes and Events* (January 2011)
Spain 2011 Monday 2nd – Monday 9th May

Monday 2nd May
Arrival at the venue no earlier than 2pm
20:00 Group Welcome meal

Tuesday 3rd May
10:00-11:00 + Level 1/2 POLE Instructor training certification theory
11:00-13:00 Pole Tricks Workshop beginners to advanced with progressions and adaption’s
14:00-16:00 +Level 1/2 POLE Instructor training certification
17:30-18:30 Stretch Class in gardens
20:00 onwards Welcome party pole jam and party games

Wednesday 4th May
10:00-11:00 + Level 1/2 POLE Instructor training certification theory
11:00-13:00 Pole Performance Workshop beginners to advanced with progressions and adaption’s
14:00-16:00 +Level 1/2 POLE Instructor training certification
16:30-18:30 Pole jam
20:00 onwards Sexy fancy dress night and competition

Thursday 5th May
10:00-11:00 + Level 1/2 POLE Instructor training certification theory
11:00-13:00 Sexy Bad Girls Workshop beginners to advanced
18:00-19:30 Burlesque Workshop
20:00 onwards Free evening into town ~ night life!!

Friday 6th May
11:00-13:00 Pole Tricks Workshop beginners to advanced with progressions and adaption’s
14:00-16:00 +Level 1/2 POLE Instructor training certification and assessment
18:00-19:00 Lap dancing lesson
20:00 Performances from Keem Martinez
20:30 onwards Team games night

Saturday 7th May
11:00-13:00 Yoga Pole Workshop beginner to advanced with progressions and adaption’s
16:00-20:00 Rehearsal for all performers for Pole Passion Star performer
11:00-13:00 Rehearsals for Pole Passion Star performer
20:00-22:00 Pole Passion’s Star performer showcase & talent show
22:00 onwards Farewell party night

Sunday 8th May
Chill day
11:30-12:30 Stretch Class in gardens

Monday 9th May
Check out and travelling home

+ Level 1& 2 Pole Instructor Teacher Training available during the week- Advanced booking essential

Booking through Pole Passion on £399 Additional cost for intensive additional teacher training level 1 & 2 and recognised International certification. Email us for more information and registration.

* We reserve the right to change the above timetable at short notice due to local conditions

For more information and booking visit

Miss Pole Dance Championships Japan 2011

Miss Pole Dance Japan Competition organiser

On a pole, a dancer can defy the gravity with physical power, gracefully. As she spins 360 degrees, all the audience near and far off the stage, can watch her beautiful postures, poses and artistic and captivating routine. Pole Dancing is a mesmerising sport, fitness and dancing style.
In 2005, the year the first official World Pole Dance championship was held in on Friday November 11th where Reiko Suemune from Japan took the championship title.

Who expected it would become this popular?
Since 2005, so many great pole dancers have emerged all over the world. They started teaching, providing every person the some opportunity to learn pole dancing casually. It didn’t take very long for this sport to become main stream, now there are various organisations, communities, and competitions world wide.
It’s no more a dream for pole dancers to “seize a chance.”

It still is open to dispute that how we should score pole dancing at competition level; Should we just evaluate the incredible strength and flexibility? Or emphasise the artistic aspects, or even estimate the accuracy of each trick?
Each competition has its own answer and by working closely together worldwide we share our wealth of experience, knowledge and passion and create something BIG and amazing supporting each and every competitor, taking different cultural and ethical balances into consideration. I think the multiplicity we see today is the proof of the Pole dancing industry’s progress and positive achievements.

Miss Pole Dance is a collection of credible championships throughout the world with its founding member championships of :-
Miss Pole Dance UK created in 2005 along with
Miss Pole Dance Australia
Miss Pole Dance Canada
Miss Pole Dance Germany
With now Miss Pole Dance and other pole dance championships following and joining the network of professional national championships all culminating towards the World Pole Dance Organisation which has the longest history as the official world-class pole dancing competitions. As the “Original championships”, we make it a rule to invite top level pole performers and key figures experienced in judging on to the panel, so as to choose the champion who is really skilled, powerful, unique, beautiful and lovely both outside and inside, adequate to represent their country which is an honourable position to claim.

Pole dancing has unlimited potential.

How the future of this sport, fitness and art form would be, is up to each dancer’s performances and behaviours. The winner of the competition will have to bear the gravest responsibility under the name of “Miss Pole Dance Japan Champion”. It will be hard and challenging to be that champion, but the title would surely take that individual to the higher place. They will have the opportunity to see a new world.

We are waiting for a lady who can work together with us, to continue to professionally promote the mesmerism of our sport and the unlimited possibilities of pole dancing not only in Japan, but also to all over the world.

Miss Pole Dance Japan Competition organiser

2011 championships
Saturday March 5th at Warehouse702 Tokyo

Adaption’s and additions by Kay Penney World Pole Dance Organisation 2011
2011 Budapest Hungary