Friday 28 June 2019

Pole Passion Crawley donates over £1000 to Open House charity

Well done Charlie Clarke, Crawley Pole Passion in Bewbush and to her team of students and instructors, on such a smoothly run showcase on Saturday evening and making, over a thousand pounds for the Open Reach charity in Crawley ( looking forward to knowing the final amount when all the proceeds have been counted ) 
We also welcome Anna-Louise Sales who will be taking over the Pole Passion Crawley Bewbush License from July and we wish her well, we are all here for you in your new and exciting venture
I just wanted to say a massive thank you Charlie for being such a professional in all you do and for supporting the hundreds of Pole Passion students instructors and apprentices you have helped over the years
We have truly loved you being part of the team and your contribution in supporting everyone has always been amazing too.
On behalf of all the Pole Passion Crew we wish you well in your new ventures and we look forward to seeing you at our Miss Pole Dance UK 6th July and then in October too 💕💕
All the best much love Kay PENNEY 
Founder and Owner Pole Passion ltd