Tuesday 22 April 2014

Superman Pole Workshop hosted by Pole Passion Advanced Instructor Sue Thompson Budapest 2014

Superman Pole Workshop hosted by Pole Passion Advanced Instructor Sue Thompson - Budapest Internation Pole Passion Retreat 2014
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Is Superman your pole kryptonite?

Do you love it or hate it?
Can your thighs handle 90mins of transitions into and out of this essential pole move? 
Are you (super) man enough?

Often avoided by students and instructors because it can be (shall we say) a little uncomfortable on the inner thigh area, the Superman move is a beautiful pose with enough transitions in and out to be included in any routine.

Suitable for those who are comfortably inverting, this workshop will focus on identifying individual student strengths and utilising them to create tidy, seamless and (slightly less uncomfortable) superman transitions.

For those who have yet to master the move we will look at three different ways into it and safe controlled ways out.

For those of you more comfortable with the move, we will look at a few more advanced ways into it and some more daring ways out.

For those that are super(man) confident we have some fun doubles and assisted versions to try.

So.. Can you (super) man up and take the pain?

Everyone who gets through the workshop and can walk out unaided gets a free Superman Tshirt*

If you have any questions just get in touch.   theteam@passion-fitness.com
Hope to see you there!

Sue xx

*super powers not included

Superwoman craft section

Has your workshop left you walking like a (super) man?

Are you feeling bruised, pumped and unfeminine?

Come along to our 'Pimp My Shirt' workshop and customise your superman shirt to reveal your inner (super) woman.

This session will be an opportunity to adapt your shirt. Perhaps just with a 'I'm too super for this shirt' rip or knot

Or perhaps full on fabric pens, bling, sequins and crystals.
Whatever your style, join us in this informal creative session.
Some craft materials will be supplied but please feel free to bring your own sewing materials, scissors and glue.

A must have Tshirt accessory for all pole workshops