Thursday 13 December 2018

Pole Passion Bognor, Pole Passion Crawley & Pole Passion Shoreham/Worthing Student charity show case dates now announced

Dates are now announced for the three Pole Passion student showcases all in aid of Charity

Pole Passion Bognor - 3rd March 2019 - Charity to be confirmed
Pole Passion Crawley - 22nd June 2019- Charity Crawley Open House
PolePassion Shoreham /Worthing - 19th October 2019 - Charity to be confirmed

To help out or to donate please email us at



Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing can help people suffering from Mental Health issues

UK Active and Leeds University have conducted a  study as to how exercise can give a positive benefit and increase the general well being of students who are less active.

Not only can pole help with flexibility, strengthening, and conditioning. It can have a huge impact on the general wellbeing of students suffering from mental health issues

Exercise increases the serotonin levels in the bloodstream therefore giving that feel good feeling, boosts your mood and overall sense of well-being. It can also improve your appetite and sleep cycles, which are often negatively affected by depression.

Regular classes also help balance your body's levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline.

Book your Pole Passion Pole Fitness class for 2019 or register onto instructor training and begin to make a difference to people's lives as well as your own!

We give you support throughout your training 
Register now by dropping us a line

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Top 6 benefits of Pole Fitness with Pole Passion new students welcome

We offer pole dance, aerial hoop and fitness lessons in Bognor, Crawley, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Shoreham, Worthing, Chichester, Littlehampton, Brighton
The benefits of  these classes are often underestimated

Why don't you check us out today as we are recruiting NEW students every month

Top six benefits of pole fitness include:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Builds strength, mentally and physically
  • Surrounded by new friends

Many thanks to Crawley Instructor Model Triz Power

Wednesday 17 October 2018


The grading is a unique concept to pole fitness. Developed by Pole Passion in 2009 with the objective to support students and instructors in their development and first steps towards performing and competing.

We are proud to announce the Pole Passion Grading system to all our students (and instructors alike), incorporating the system throughout our national network of professional instructors and licensees and in all our weekly student training sessions, which will enable students to gain a certification of their achievements in a structured manner.

ASK your instructor for the grading moves and syllabus – Register through your instructor or the office (theteam pre registration is essential.



How to register

1. Simply ask your instructor in class, for a copy of the grading system level you are currently working on, starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 6. Find out the moves that need to be incorporated into your routine grading performance.

2. Select your music – Please email it on mp3 mp4 only format to
email : theteam@passion-fitness. com no later than 7 days before the grading date.
Please speak with your instructor for guidance and it is important that you show your completed routine to your instructor BEFORE the day of the grading – PLEASE NOTE: Your routine must not contain a move or trick higher than your grading level.

3. Create your routine, either working with your instructor or creating your own (make sure the length of your routine (music) is the correct time for your grade (see below).

4. Payment – the grading cost is £30 per level, per participant and you will receive
Professional certificate for you to frame for your wall
Professional on line badge certificate, for your social media sites
Goodie bag, contents will vary from grading to grading
The grading is a place where students can show off their skills to family and friends without the fear of being judged in a professional fitness environment. For many of our students, level 1 is their first opportunity to showcase their practised skills of tricks, spins, transitions, poses and floor work combining them into a routine set to music of their choice.

Gradings take place 3 to 4 times per year.

NEXT DATE - Pole Passion Grading
Friends and family welcome


Booking on a first come first served basis, spaces are secured on payment online or to your instructor.


ONLINE POLE FITNESS CERTIFICATIONS with industry leaders since 2003

Pole Passion has been mentoring and supporting students since 2001 and is one of the largest pole schools in the world. We are proud to have established links worldwide, enabling us to offer the first ever international masterclasses and training opportunities.

Pole Passion were the first school to own and operate national and international championships; Miss Pole Dance UK, Mr Pole Fitness UK and the World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championships. We have supported and mentored some of the most influential pole dance and pole fitness performers of our time.

We understand the needs of the instructor and the students and have dedicated thousands of hours to training and supporting students and instructors across over 30 countries worldwide.

We look forward to supporting and mentoring you through our course and during your ongoing journey of pole fitness and dance instruction.

Foundation and Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor Courses covers all the fundamentals of becoming a pole fitness instructor. Beginner, intermediate to advanced moves are covered in a step by step online training course or these can be taken face to face.

Courses includes all the essential knowledge required for setting up a pole fitness business. Start your instructing career the right way with a qualification that gives you all the knowledge and skills to be safe and effective instructor.

Course is split into theory and practical sections, each with an assessment

Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor Training by Pole Passion®. Leaders in pole fitness since 2003 for, 
Internationally recognised course. Enhance your knowledge and understanding and practice of Pole Fitness.
For instructors who want to gain a professional edge.
Research proves that individuals with professional qualifications earn more than going it alone.
Improve performance and effectiveness with structured training and class ideas.

We offer flexible training options with attend in person or online courses – book anytime and study at your own pace where our examiners and team will support you throughout your training.

For the perfect teaching poles and teacher training aids check out our online shop - 

Congratulations Sally Ann Giles Miss Pole Dance UK champion 2018 - HISTORY OF THE WINNERS | | |
Miss Pole Dance UK - GROUPS Division (2017)
Gotham City Sirens - 2017/2018

Miss Pole Dance UK - CHILDS Division (2018)
Elise - 2018
Miss Pole Dance UK - Amateur Division (2010)
Beatrice Morgan - 2010 / 2011
Ayumi Tozaki - 2012
Anna Newberry - 2013
Christine Feekery - 2014
Danielle Jones - 2015
Sammy-Jo Adams - 2016
Lauren Costello – 2017
Tara Beazley 2018
Miss Pole Dance UK - Semi Pro Division (2010)
Lucy Cork - 2010 / 2011
Rebecca Howard - 2012 Students
Hannah Taylor - 2012 Instructors
Sophie Geldeard - 2013 Students
Hannah Kaynes - 2013 Instructors
Anna Louise - 2014 Students
Amy Cowles - 2014 Instructors
Cheryl Teagann - 2015 Students
Chelsy Vaney - 2015 Instructors
Laura Yell - 2016 Students
Charlotte Tait - 2016 Instructors
Robyn Churchill - 2017 Student
Holly Munson - 2017 Instructor
Cecilia Fabris - 2018 Students
Paige Mallen - 2018 Instructor
Miss Pole Dance UK - Semi Pro Doubles (established 2013)
Rachel Breheney & Leah Walters - 2013
Ruth Vass & Neil Vass - 2014
Jade Bensilum & Alana White - 2015
Elizabeth Gerrard & Nicola Burke - 2016
Lauren Seifert & Lilith Seifert - 2017
Kate Kershaw & Kerry Fuller - 2018
Miss Pole Dance UK FEMALE champions since 2005 (established 2004)
Elena Gibson – 2005/2006
Tracey Simmonds - 2006/2007
Sally Ann Giles – 2007/2008
Alesia Vazmitsel – 2008/2009
Maxine Betts – 2009/2010
Jess Leanne Norris – 2011/2012
Sarah Scott - 2012/2013
Lorna Thomas - 2013/2014
Yvette Dusol - 2014/2015
Jess Leanne Norris - 2015/2016
Cheryl Teagann - 2016/2017
Rachel Tolzman- 2017/2018
Sally Ann Giles - 2018/2019
Mr Pole Fitness UK Champions since 2009 (established 2009)
Keem Martinez - 2009/2010
Daren Pritchard – 2010/2011
Nico Modestine - 2012 /2013
Dan Rosen - 2013/2014
Dave Skda - 2014/2015
Michael Donohoe - 2015/2016
Sam King - 2016/2017
Silvio Ghiglione - 2017/2018
Theo Robertson - 2018/2019
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Doubles champions (established 2009)
Penny Howarth & Anna Chisholm - 2009/2010
Kate Johnstone & Kate Czepulkowski - 2010/2011
Sarah Scott & Kate Czepulkowski - 2012/2013
Charlotte Robertson & Steph K Foster - 2013/2014
Kristina Walker and Heather Walker - 2014/2015
Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler - 2015/2016
Elizabeth Gerrard & Nicola Burke - 2016/2017
Cheryl Teagann & Julien Roussel - 2017/2018
Jessica Yardy & Justin Judge - 2018/2019
World Pole Dance Champions (established 2009)
Felix Cane - AUSTRALIA - 2009/2010
Felix Cane - AUSTRALIA - 2010/2011
Alesia Vazmitsel - BELARUS - 2011/2012
Natalia Tatarintseva - UKRAINE - 2012 /2013
Kate Czepulkowski - UNITED KINGDOM - 2014/2015
Galina Musina – RUSSIA - 2015/2016
Natalia Tatarintseva - UKRAINE - 2016/2017
Violaine Richard JAPAN - 2018/2019
World Pole Dance Champions (established 2018)
Huang Doudou - CHINA - 2018/2019
World Pole Dance Champions (established 2018)
Heidi Hildersley UNITED KINGDOM - 2018-2019
World Pole Dance Champions (established 2011)
Evengy Greshilov - RUSSIA 2011/2012
Keem Martinez - FRANCE 2012/2013
Kristian Lebedev - RUSSIA 2014/2015
Dimitry Politiv - RUSSIA 2015/2016
Ke Hong CHINA - 2016/2017
Ke Hong CHINA - 2017/2018
World Pole Dance (established 2011)
Ilka Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy - HUNGARY 2011/2012
Ilka Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy - HUNGARY 2012/2013
Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh - IRELAND 2014/2015
Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh - IRELAND 2015/2016
Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler - UNITED KINGDOM 2016/2017
Xavier Estraguesn & Elisenda Gomez - SPAIN - 2018/2019 | |

Miss Pole Dance UK 2018 Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors vendors and supporters

A massive thank you to our lupit pole sponsor again this year at Miss Pole Dance UK 2018 Professional championships. 
MPDUK 13th year,  with the three professional categories, incorporating special guest performances was attended by hundreds of spectators from all over the country who came to watch the 20 plus pole dance routines.

The NEW Miss Pole Dance UK Female single and Doubles and Mr Pole Fitness UK Male champions were crowned on 6th October .

For 2019 sponsorship please email us at -

The results can be found here -

Th list of sponsors can be found here -

Monday 8 October 2018

2018 THE RESULTS Miss Pole Dance UK -

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2018 Results

LUPIT POLES ANNOUNCED as Mr Pole Fitness UK sponsor

🏆Males winner
Theo Robertson

Second place
Brandon Griffiths

🏅Best Entertainer 
Brandon Griffiths 
🏅Best Tricks
Brandon Griffiths 
🏅Best Costume 
Theo Robertson 

Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2018
LUPIT POLES ANNOUNCED as Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles sponsors

Jessica Yardy & Justin Judge 

Second Place
Karen Gaunt & Laura Leather

Third Place
Dawn & Naomi Walsh

🏅Best Entertainer 
Jessica Yardy & Justin Judge  
🏅Best Tricks
Jessica Yardy & Justin Judge  
🏅Best Costume 
Karen Gaunt & Laura Leather

Miss Pole Dance UK 2018 Female singles 
Sally Ann Giles

Second place
Jade Bensilum

Third Place 
Vania Noble 

🏅Best Entertainer 
Sally Ann Giles 
🏅Best Tricks
Heidi Hildersley 
🏅Best Costume 

Sally Ann Giles

Tuesday 14 August 2018

POLE CAMP DATES Budapest 2019 announced

Pole Camp Dates for 2019 Budapest Hungary

week long training & fitness experience exploring your mind body and soul

And/ OR If you are an accomplished student you may have thought about becoming an internationally certified instructor?
Budapest is the perfect place to learn all the teacher training techniques in an intensive few days before the camp starts

You will be in the same accommodation for both events
1. Pole Camp retreat following on from the instructor training days
2. International Pole Sport & Fitness Instructor training - internationally recognised  Foundation and Advanced teacher certifications

1. THE CAMP dates where you can focus on you, as a student, learning months and months worth of  teaching content or just for your own personal development if you are not currently teaching - The cam is suitable for all levels of students and instructors 

The dates: 
ARRIVE Sunday May 5th
Training Schedule starts: 10 am Monday 6th May  –
DEPART Friday May 10th 

CAMP Full price: £575.00 GBP
Flights and transfers are not included
Secure your place: £100.00 GBP deposit

Full payment to be made no later than the 31st March 2019 (Payment Plans available) 
The schedule starts 10 am Monday 6th May Morning and finishes on the Thursday night with an evening event. 
Friday is left free for spa days, sightseeing/free time and travel home.
- A detailed timetable will be offered and you may do as much or as little as you like  during the back to back timetable - all is included  with additional 121 slots and massage available at additional costs

email us for more information

Payments must be made in full before the 31st March 2019 
Full refunds, excluding £100 deposit, are available up to 28/02/19 if unable to attend, however, no refunds can be given after the 
28/02/19 due to bookings already having been made and paid for.

It's self-catering so we are in shared rooms. (Please let us know at the time of booking if you wish to share with anyone in particular.  
Eating out is so cheap in Budapest, approximately £15 per evening meal including alcoholic drinks, with local shops 1 minute walk from the accommoation and the main tram line is within 2 minutes walk too.
Remember to let us know if you wish to share a room with someone specifically 

The schedule is packed Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm with 60 minutes and 90 minutes workshops to include the below plus evening events with:-

-        Pole tricks all levels beginner to world class status
-        Pole choreography all levels
-        Handsprings ( Strong Grip)
-        Shoulder mounts
-        Superman/woman
-        Splits flexibility training
-        Stretch and flex on and off the pole
-        Dance choreography (knee pads may be required) 
-        Mixed ability pole spins class
-        Aerial hammock ( leggings required)

-       Aerial hoop  intermediate / advanced ( Leggings, socks, Long sleeved tops)
-        Lap Dancing ( Bring a man's white buttoned shirt and heels)
-        Martini glass workshop sexy style
-        Chair dancing ( Heels required)
-        Hoops beginners ( Leggings required, Gloves optional )
-        Conditioning ( Preparation for pole moves )
-        Bands body conditioning and around the pole
-        Pole circuits fitness body conditioning (Dominatrix style!!)
-        Meditation
-        yoga
-         Introduction to Figure & Bikini Natural Bodybuilders workshops
-        Personal diet and training consultations
-    Private 1-2-1 training sessions
-    Jogging, Pilates
-        Talent Show and super hero dress up evening
-     Pole photo shoot Streets of Budapest

and so much more -  spas are a must visit whilst in Budapest (additional entrance fee required), street pole with informal photos (bring your camera), site seeing tour, nights out to including super hero evening dress up and relaxation with our personalise masseuse at the hotel  and pamper sessions also available (additional fees apply)

All that is required is a £100GBP deposit now to secure your place

Please note flights and transfers are not included
We fly Easyjet from Gatwick and flights are now available (about £70-£90 early booking price return)
Transfers are approximately £25-£30 each way by taxi (if we book together it becomes cheaper per person too)
Cheap Flights:  From London to Budapest (BUD) daily
Ryanair - Stanstead
WizzAir - Luton
EasyJet - Gatwick
Flights must be booked as soon as possible (Prices are rising higher approaching the flight dates.)

Fun and fitness and let's not forget the social and networking side too, meeting and mingling with other instructors and students sharing and experiencing so much more than the pole.

Do not miss this fun and exciting experience, you could not receive this level  and consistency of training anywhere for this price

Master Trainers to include:-

World & National Champion - Barbara Palmaffy – Hungarian National champion & World Champion Doubles – specialist pole choreography & advanced tricks
World & National Champion - Ilka Bardozky – Hungarian national champion & World champion doubles – aerial yoga and hoops
National Champion - Manyi Deak – Hungarian National champion 2013 – specialist pole choreography & advanced tricks
National Champion - Michael Donohoe - Mr Pole Fitness UK National champion 2015/2016Miss Pole Dance UK and Mr Pole Fitness UK Professional champions 2018
Akos - Hungarian Advanced Fitness and Pole Instructor trainer
Jess Leanne Norris - Miss Pole Dance UK Champion
Georgia Raffan - Pole Flips and pole street style choreography
Bella Monnery – Pole & stretch – Black belt champion
Livia O’Toole – Body builder and sexy bikini body – nutritionist and personal trainer
Kay Penney – Owner founder Pole Passion – Dominatrix Role Play for confidence, Sexy burlesque / lap dance plus private lap dance 1-2-1 sessions creating your own routines and sensual photography & lap dance videos

And/ OR If you are an accomplished student you may have thought about becoming an instructor?
Budapest is the perfect place to learn all the teacher training techniques in an intensive few days before the camp starts

You will be in the same hotel for both events
Pole Camp retreat following on from the instructor training days

2. International Pole Sport Instructor Training: Pole Fitness Foundation & Advanced Instructor training:-

Arrive - Thursday 2nd May 2019 - check in at Hotel
Friday 3rd FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION Training (Thursday and Friday night accommodation are included) 
Sunday 5th sightsee/travel home or stay on for the camp. 

ONLY £299 each accreditation course INCLUDING ACCOMMODATION - payment in full is required at the time of booking and you will receive full online access to the course and videos as soon as you are paid in full- see below

If you book both courses together the DISCOUNTED cost is £448 which includes both courses all training ONLINE AND IN PERSON and accommodation at the Hotel

Depart - Sunday 5th May, afternoon or evening  if you are not staying on for the camp

 (or stay on for the Pole Passion CAMP days and training for an extra £575 GBP see below). 

- Foundation Instructor Training & International Accreditation Only = £299.00 (Including accommodation Thursday and Friday) 
- Advanced Instructor Training & International Accreditation Only = £299.00 (Including accommodation Friday and Saturday)
- Foundation & Advanced Instructor Training together over the weekend  = £448.00 (Including accommodation on a shared room basis Thursday Friday and Saturday). 

Certifications valid in all of Europe, Australia, SA, NZ and USA

Pre online learning is essential to attend these courses   approximately 6-10 hours required
Online theory test must be completed BEFORE YOU ATTEND the camp, if you wish to become accredited in Budapest and takes approximately 30 minutes - Full payment must be received no later than 1 month prior to the event for online access - Online access is available NOW

Two experienced trainers and assessors will be on hand and will be on call for the 48 hours you will be with them for in person Face to Face training!

WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING BACK and welcoming you to this years group 

Kind Regards

Kay and Angela