Sunday 29 June 2014

The Results - MISS POLE DANCE UK AMATEUR & SEMI PRO Championships 2014

Saturday June 28th ~ Taylor’s Pole Retreat 
Pole Passion Presents - 
Miss Pole Dance UK Amateurs Category

Best Costume – Zara Atanes - Melo
Best Tricks – Christine Feekery
Best Entertainer – Amy Jackson

1st  Place - Christine Feekery – 78
2nd Place - Amy Jackson – 76
3rd Place - Zara Atanes – Melo – 74.5

Lauren Wood - 60
Ashwini Gandhi - 65 
Kinga O - 51
Kelly Rynsard – 54.5

Semi Pro Student Category

Best Costume – Anna Louise
Best Tricks – Anna Louise
Best Entertainer -  Katherine Collins
1st Place – Anna Louise - 87
2nd Place - Nathalie Layton – McIntosh 72 (Tricks 37)
3rd Place - Zoe Haslam – 72 (Tricks 32)

Sharon Adams – 62
Katherine Collins - 61
Lucy King - 52
Racheal Porteous - 34
Lucy Gazzard - 29
Emily Keenan - 58
Lauren Moss - 43

Amateur Semi Pro DOUBLES 

Best Costume – Penny & Sam
Best Tricks -  Penny & Sam
Best Entertainer -  Ruth & Neil

1st Place – Ruth Vass & Neil Vass - 81
2nd Place - Penny Dent & Sam Sproson - 75
3rd Place - Natalie Farmer & Amy Darby - 64

Semi Pro Instructor Category

Best Costume - Kate Linsell
Best Tricks - Amy Cowles
Best Entertainer - Claire Cotterill

1st Place – Amy Cowles - 79
2nd Place - Claire Cotterill - 78
3rd Place - Kate Linsell - 74

Gemma King - 55
Nicola Ghalmi  - 60
Becky Hampson (Rebecca) - 57
Cassie Bee (Laura B) - 48
Claire Andrews - 48
Amie McLaughlin - 33
YuliaTomnatova – 42

 Pole BEAT winner 2014
Emma Haslam O’Toole

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A very warm and fabulous thank you from Kay  Penney and the organisers and the team at Pole Passion =  to all the helpers, sponsors, supports, the audience, the back stage, the office staff, the competitors, the judges, the RPolers, the pole cleaners; This was truly another amazing event, supporting and promoting shining new talent.
See you all on 4th October 2014 for the MPD UK Professional championships and Mr Pole Fitness UK – Group and Pole school tickets from - - text us on 079219 48 606 -  or via the Hawth website direct –

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Thank you to the pole sponsors - RPole -
Thank you to the venue - Taylor's Pole Retreat
Additional sponsors - Pole Passion / Pole Performers / Spinny Tbags / Spin City / Wink 
Photography - Elicit Images Photography
Video  - Stay Filming 

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Miss Pole Dance competitor feedback and performance analysis

Miss Pole Dance competitor feedback and performance analysis

If you wish to receive a detailed report, for your continual professional competition development, regarding your performance from the judges on the day, please register below, stating your 
a) full name
b) category you entered
c) where you were placed (if known)
You will receive;- the comments of the judges, your break down of scores in the three different categories, details of any deductions, positioning in your group and the final scores - 
All will be sent in a pdf report within 7 days of payment received (after the competition)

Many request Feedback from performances from our competitions

We provide feedback as a way of highlighting areas for improvement based on the Miss Pole Dance rules and regulations which have three areas of performance. It is not feedback on your personality or you as a person directly.

We understand feedback is not always welcome by everyone, however we provide feedback in a positive manner, focusing on areas of improvements and what was good about your performance, and what you must keep on doing in the future.  Remember this feedback is based on what the judges see during your performance only

We aim to make the feedback constructive, honest and of benefit, if you wish to go on and enter more competitions

The presentation – the story, the flow, the costumes, makeup and hair

The dance and fitness performance – elegance, balance, poise, choreography, strength, stage presence, variants of moves, choice of music and interpretation

Pole Tricks - Originality of the tricks and combinations of the tricks, within the competition, level of difficulty, flexibility on and off the poles, pole flow, execution of tricks, control during lifts, straight lines etc.

We wish you all a safe and fun time at Miss Pole Dance on Saturday and remember to enjoy your moment, where egos are allowed and pole characters are born

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Spin yourself out of depression - with Crawley Pole Fitness

Pole fitness Classes in Crawley are wishing to challenge doctors - rather than prescribing anti depressants send them along to a one hour pole fitness class at Nuffield's Health & Wellbeing centre  for free.

By working on posture, deportment, breathing and a sense of challenge and achievement we can make a difference to those who are feeling down and depressed.

Kay Penney owner and founder of Pole Passion, who started pole to help her 'snap' out of the depressive state after having her third child, is happy to support all those who feel they maybe on the slippery slope to sadness and depression.
' Building self esteem and feeling womanly is just two of the main reasons as to why I took it up over 10 years ago and i've never looked back.  Many of my students now describe their first pole session as a life changing time, especially that first pole spin which is like the leap of faith.'

Lessons : competitions : grading : workshops : masterclasses

Why men should pole dance for fitness - with Pole Passion too

So the team at Pole Passion came up with some wonderful ideas as to why men should pole dance too - October 4th 2014

1. Increase their upper body muscle tone
2. Increase their strength
3. Increase their flexibility
4. Increase their creativity
5. Bring fun into their life
6. Doing something different
7. Increase their coordination skills
8. Support their girlfriends
9. Become an excellent safety spotter
10. Because women love male pole dancers
11. To meet women/men
12. To make new friends
13. To learn a new fitness
14. Because it's fashionable at the moment
15. A new challenge
16. Variety of fitness activity
17. Challenging muscles in a new dimension
18. Improve dance ability
19. To compete
20. Focuses the mind
21. Excellent conversation starter
22. Safely pushes the body's limits
23. To fly the flag for male pole fitness
24. To support other male pole fitness individuals
25. To educate other males and females of the benefits of male pole fitness
26. To share an activity that both partners enjoy
 — with Pole Passion and 19 others.