Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2012 special guest judge appearance David Richards

With the increase of men training on and around the pole in dance and for fitness, Pole Passion is delighted to promote and welcome the following incredible competitors for the 4th Mr Pole Fitness UK championships in Brighton at Concorde2 on 2nd June 2012
The competition will be held along side and amongst the prestigious Miss Pole Dance UK national championships demonstrating both female single and mixed  doubles categories through the day and evening
The competition will begin at 3pm, with the doors opening at 1pm with a great place to network with the professionals throughout the UK
The competition will be the start of three national competitions held that day – please purchase your all day ticket via the ticket link on the website   www.misspoledance-uk.com

Who will be going to Switzerland to represent the UK in  the World  Pole Sport & Fitness Championships on November 10th 2012? www.worldpoledance.com

The competitors – the finalists
Daniel Rosen – Business Development Consultant from  Hemel Hempstead
Aiden Kelly – Nurse from Manchester
Carl Taylor – Dancer from Oldham
Mark Vernon – Dance instructor from Manchester
Josh Taylor – Surrey  Pole Dance professional
Ian Matthews – from Surrey
Nico Modestine – Walthamstow London – Fitness Instructor
Daniel Roe - Barnett – Brighton – an events promoter

Special Guest Judge
David Richardson – owner and founder of The Dreamboys www.dreamboys.co.uk

Visit the website www.misspoledance-uk.com for more information 

For tickets for an afternoon and evening show (three competitions) visit the below link

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Highlights of Pole Passion International Training programs

Pole Passion’s foundations were established in the Pole industry from its birth here in the UK since the early 2000’s before it was desired as a fitness form and most definitely before it was considered as one of the new ideas for thousands of ladies and some men, across the world to keep healthy and active while having great challenging fun.

Founder Kay Penney, passionate about all things fitness, decided to think out of the box and design something new for the fitness industry. Of course it didn’t start out like that as Kay found the techniques on and around the pole a personal challenge when looking for something to rekindle her figure and mental positivity, after having given birth of her third child. A mammoth and almost impossible task at that time, especially as the fitness consultant she employed to help her, after one year, told her Pole Dance and Fitness  would not be accepted or accredited in the fitness industry and IF they were,!!  it would take at least 8 years or so – Fuelled by those words, Kay, what some two years later, had Pole Passion’s comprehensive fitness Instructor level 1 and Advanced level 2 courses accredited by REP’s  (Register of Exercise Professionals) the route of all European fitness professionals that are monitored yearly and  governed by strict code of conducts.  Later published, Elite Accredited Level 3 and Burlesque for Fitness accredited courses, now also offered.

Pole Passion today is one of the most highly recognised Pole Training Providers and Brands in the pole world – developing comprehensive courses with great, comprehensive content and excellent value for money.  One day courses costing as little as £150, we also offer discounts if more than one course is booked at the same time too. Hundreds of students have attended  since the launch of the fitness courses in 2008, participants as far from the USA, Russia, Europe, Ireland and Scotland to learn the Pole Passion way.  We pride ourselves on being thorough and progressing  each individual to their next stage, before, during and after they have attended our courses, whether an experienced instructor already with  a fitness and dance back grounds looking for the well-deserved credibility or whether totally new to fitness, dance and or the pole 

The main benefits of becoming accredited have to be by far the credibility aspect and industry recognition in what you do is recognised and awarded to the highest of industry awards not to mention the fact your insurance will be cheaper and valid too.  You will have the confidence and peace of mind you are teaching safely, correctly and effectively:-  learning ways of progressing and supporting your participants without causing possible delayed injury or incorrect techniques. Visit our website for our testimonials - http://www.polepassion.com/fitness/become-instructor/

Our other achievements
Uniquely we wrote the Code of Pole Practice in 2006 to help set the industry standards, desperate to keep and acknowledge all the hard work that was being invested and created in the pole industry by this time, from many key individuals throughout the UK. We designed rules and regulations for national and international competitions of all grades and created courses and invited the first master trainers to the UK by the arrival of Pantera USA in 2006 to support UK polers.  NEW for 2012 we are now offering license opportunities to join our team at a very low set up costs once you have reached the required industry standards.  We also offer you to join our  Rpole equipment affiliate programme whereby sharing the rewards throughout the pole industry.  Rpole was innovated by the Pole Passion team as there was a need for a portable and lightweight pole that could go anywhere, easily, to support our training programmes – Today we are proud to have created the world’s first, most portable and lightest pole in the world.  We inspire people from all walks of life, from world champions, Felix Cane and Alesia Vazmitsel  to everyday people, like me, offering world wide networking opportunities and to be part of World Pole Dance and Miss Pole Dance UK, owned and operated by Pole Passion, with our motto always being  -
 Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness & FUN!
Kay Penney :  Founder Pole Passion LTD

Bendy Kate workshop presented by Pole Passion

Bendy Kate and Kate Johnstone
A Workshop with this amazing duo was an opportunity not to be missed recently on 29th April 2012
Headed by advanced instructor Sue Thompson at Pole Passion Bognor

The workshop was ideal for doubles pole partnerships wishing to perform,  compete or just have fun trying new inventive doubles tricks on and around the pole. In this workshop held recently at the Arun Leisure Centre the World Pole Dance 2011  Doubles Runners up - Bendy and Kate  covered their unique acro balances on the floor which stemmed from Bendy’s acrobatic background. They also showed interesting ways onto and off of the pole (using  doubles partners of course!)
They demonstrated their signature doubles tricks which helped them win Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles in 2011 and secured their place in World Pole Dance last year in Budapest www.worldpoledance.com

To top their afternoon session they  finished with fun doubles conditioning exercises and partner assisted stretching to improve  strength and flexibility  creating more for more doubles fun.

The class was aimed at all levels of fitness
And was a sell out
For more information on how to reserve your  future masterclasses  and workshop places visit www.polepassion.com
 or email us on theteam@polepassion.com

Tuesday 8 May 2012

What makes a World Class Pole Athlete

What makes a World Class Pole Dancer Pole Dance:- The artistic words of movement So you want to be a world class pole dancer ?
Following in the footsteps of World Champions Felix Cane (2009 2010) and Alesia Vazmitsel (2011)

 • Incomparable elegance and style

  • Qualities of an artist AND stamina of an Olympic athlete 
  • • Industry leader in Pole Fitness and Dance and ambassador to all 
  • • A mastery of passion on and around the pole 
  • • The creativity to stand out and be unique 
  • • The flexibility and strength to create straight lines with ease 
  • • To effortlessly coordinate and balance to vary speeds to maintain interest and variety throughout 
  • • The grace and the fluidity for mesmerizing smooth transitions to create seamless and effortless routines 
  • • Always oozing the passion to others around you on and off the pole - unconditionally 
  • • Time to practice 
  • • The will to win and succeed So how do they do it??

  •  Elegance can be learnt but more often than not this is embedded from a very early age through parenting or classical dance training, for example. You can of course learn these techniques at any age with practice practice and more practice. Bringing joy to all those around you shedding love from the inside and out unconditionally Elegance can be seen through many avenues and come in many forms Self confidence an inner and outward confidence Shared relationships, sharing knowledge and support to all those around you Lifestyle, a balanced lifestyle of fun and hard work Beauty and personal grooming and dressing Manners and etiquette and thoughtful of others at all times Socialising a person who is willing to mingle with all cultures and beliefs Intelligence, education and experience and a willingness to share unconditionally to others around you One who is quick to smile- a smile encourages another smile and is bilingual And last but not least personal refinement 

  •  • Qualities of an artist AND stamina of an Olympic athlete Painting a blank stage with colour, depth and warmth throughout your whole routine requires skill to keep an audience engaged and mesmerised and on the edge of their seats in awe at all times Stamina is required to maintain this position of power and creativity of the mind to be able to paint the picture of the story being portrayed throughout the routine 
  •  • Industry leader in Pole Fitness and Dance and ambassador to all One who is knowledgeable who goes above and beyond not only for self-improvement to that of others around them at any level 
  •  • A mastery of passion on and around the pole Passion is a strong emotion that happens within each of us when we are doing something meaningful that makes us feel better, not only about ourselves, but that of others around us. When we have passion it’s easy for us to follow our heart and do the things we love. 
  •  • The creativity to stand out and be unique This element is probably becoming more harder and harder for the pole performer to stand out from the crowd however every day we are presented with choices. We can choose to follow the crowd or choose to listen to our own inner voice and do things differently!! Creating visual interest and dramatic effect. Performers are like architects who design shapes of interest from the human body and pole entwined together. Working with geometric forms and vertical space. 

  •  • The flexibility and strength to create straight lines and curves with ease Here we talk about a choreographers composition and bio mechanics. The body shape of a performer rather than the size or proportions focusing on the torso and limbs of the performer linking extended long lines that are either straight or curved linked with transitional moves 

  •  • To effortlessly coordinate and balance to vary speeds to maintain interest and variety throughout Here we notice the tempo of the performance the speed variations to slow motion to high speeds 

  •  • The dynamics of the performance This is often the most powerful of all the elements of being a world class pole dancer – this is quite often also being quite difficult to describe in words but can only be seen and felt as a powerful performance adding again a uniqueness and richness to the composition  
  • • Grace and the fluidity for mesmerizing smooth transitions to create seamless and effortless routines This comes with practice and of course incredible strength. This comes with a strong action of solidness yet a light action of finesse 
  •  • The will to win and succeed This element again is a self belief that runs through the veins of every vessel in your body and again back to master your art with practice, lots of it. 

  •  Kay Penney – Pole Passion - Head judge www.worldpoledance.com

Pole Passion License opportunities

Is Pole Dance and Fitness Your passion ?? Do you want to earn lots of money doing what you love to do - Part time of full time opportunities available world wide If you have a Passion for pole and want to share the secrets of the pole with other like minded individuals, then seriously think about becoming accredited and certified with industry leaders - Pole Passion. This identifies that you have been assessed and measured for the highest award in the Pole Fitness Industry License opportunities and affiliations with one of the highest and well respected pole brands in the world now has opportunities for you. Please email for further details to :- theteam@polepassion.com and visit this link and YouTube link http://www.polepassion.com/fitness/become-instructor/

Arlene Caffrey on the Rpole Play

Arlene Caffrey seen here on the Rpole play, World Pole Dance finalist 2010 and Irish Champion 2010
Rpole Fitness introducing the 'Play' Innovating portable dance and fitness poles sets to launch the lightest, smallest, sexiest, light weight pole in the world and is now available for purchase Making travelling with the Rpole even easier than before Users commented on its stability, practicality, quality and the fact no screws, spanners or step ladders are needed New mats for the Rpole play design are in production too making the safety of pole fitness paramount R= Revolutionary www.r-polefitness.com

World Pole Dance champion Alesia Vazmitsel

Alesia Vazmitsel World Pole Dance Champion finalist 2009/2010 - Guinness Book of Records 2011: and World Pole Dance Champion 2011 seen here in the sword pose
The longest time to hold the acrobatic pole dancing position called “the sword” is an amazing 1 minute 24.62 seconds Alesia Vazmitsel, who was also the undefeated Miss Pole Dance UK champion from Belorussia, who resided in the UK at that time, set her record on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 14 April 2011 www.worldpoledance.com

Zumba instructors learn burlesque dance

Zumba instructors are reaching out to tease and tantalise
In the most recent burlesque instructor training course, organised by the Burlesque experts Burlesque Passion, Zumba instructors exchanged their baggy trousers for stockings, corsets and heels. Learning to burlesque dance and to teach it is the objective of course creator Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre. Passionate already about dance and motivating students, many instructors are always looking not only to professionally develop themselves but always trying to find a new way to tease and tantalise their student to come back for more too:- To tone, stretch, shimmy and shake. Come and join us for a full day of training on Thursday June 7th 2012 at Siams Burlesque Lounge in Crawley Gatwick, to see what all the fuss is about No experience necessary For further details of Instructor training courses which award you REP’s point too, email Sally on theteam@passion-fitness.com for our detailed scheme of work Or visit the website www.burlesque-passion.com

FitBeat 2012 supported by Pole Passion Bognor

FitBeat 2012 supported by Pole Passion innovative fitness FitBeat is back! After a huge success last year, FitBeat takes place on July 7th 2012 where Emsworth Park will be transformed again into a sporting extravaganza Supported by Havant Borough Council, FitBeat is organised by George Turner, director of Innovations Fitness. Long term healthy lifestyles and bringing fun to fitness and aims to help so many people in the community. Funds will also be raised for Rowans Hospice and Hayling Responders too. The aim of FitBeat is to encourage the whole family to get active and try new sporting activities within the local area, so this is where Pole Passion fits in. With its professional and innovative Rpole fitness equipment , the wonderful students and Instructor Sue Thompson, from Pole Passion Bognor Regis, will be showcasing at this event. With the focus on the Olympic Games, Pole Passion and FitBeat want to capture that enthusiasm to introduce local people to new sports and activities. So they will enjoy themselves so much they will continue the sport long after the last medal has been awarded at London 2012!! The day will run from 11am to 4pm. At the heart of the event, will be an Olympic Challenge with teams of local people competing for glory! Many local sports and activities will be there also;- dance, yoga and other health based companies. If you are passionate about sport then this event is not to be missed and a great opportunity to dispel all those myths you have heard about Pole dancing too!! For more information contact us on theteam@passion-fitness.com www.polepassion.com

World Pole Dance 2012 competitor registration

Pole Passion Ltd (UK), Loft1 (Switzerland) and Doll House (Budapest) are proud to announce The Official World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2012 (World Pole Dance) Will be on Saturday 10th November at the Volkshaus in Zurich Switzerland
www.volkshaus.ch Venue Address Volkshaus Zurich Stauffacher Strasse 60 8004 Zurich Formal applications for competitors and international judges will be available from mid May 2012 from – Please apply in writing to theteam@polepassion.com and events@passion-fitness.com To qualify as a competitor please note the following basic requirements All correspondence must be in English (please seek a representative or translator if English is not your first language) State whether you are male or female State which category or categories you are applying for (you can apply for singles and doubles) - Male singles - Synchronised Doubles – mixed and same sex gender - Female singles All applications must be over 18 years old (on or before November 01st 2012) It is the applicant’s responsibility to gain all relevant visas in time for registration Please note: there is a £30.00 GBP charge per visa application letter requirement for the visa requests from the World Pole Dance Organsiation – this must be paid via paypal to theteam@polepassion.com before the letter is sent World Pole Dance holds no responsibility for unauthorised applications or refusals Pre auditions will be confirmed in due course but will be the week commencing 10th November 2012 We recommend that no applicant organises their travel arrangements etc before they have received an official request to do so. All applications will be considered however national champions and runners up will be considered as priority. Please seek out your National Championships for 2012 – if your competition does not appear on the authenticated list of competitions then please contact us we would love to hear from you. We look forward to welcoming you all to the World Pole Dance family 2012 – Remain healthy and on behalf of the massive operations team we very much look forward to sharing the Passion of the Pole in November with you all With sexy, healthy & warm wishes from Kay Penney - Founder For and on behalf of World Pole Dance (since 2009)

Irish Pole Fitness and Dance 2012 Championships

Pole Passion & Rpole fitness are happy to support the Irish Pole fitness and Dance 2012 pole championships this year being held in club 92, Leopardstown Racecourse Foxrock Dublin 18 Ireland The competition begins from 7.00 p.m. and has an impressive array of experienced and knowledgeable judges to include UK based Justine Mc Lucas, who recently appeared on Sky1’s Got To Dance and Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 best entertainer award Sarah Mackey Tanya Ross Leona Brolan Sharon Thompson

Dew Point Pole Grip - Ingredients from Pole Passion

I was recently asked the ingredients of Dew Point Pole body grip So here it is Distilled blue solar water Vegetable glycerine Phenoxylethanol Calphryl glycol The grip comes in a choice of a clear or a glittery coverage. A very fine spray coverage used for the legs, arms and torso this incredible grip is also a moisturiser too!! Contrary to what we all preach as pole instructors to remove all moisturisers before training - this new innovative product hydrates the skin too which is especially beneficial if you suffer from dry skin. It is highly recommended to start off with the medium coverage and either take it up to ultra if its not enough or take it down to light coverage if the medium is too grippy. I personally prefer the ultra grip spray but then after nearly 10 years of not using a moisturiser on my non poling days my skin has become dry. The sample pack is probably the most popular product we sell giving you all three coverage strengths which will allow you to add and mix your strengths too 3 small sprays of 10ml and ideal for your pole bag For more information check out our online shop http://www.polepassion-shop.com