Tuesday 28 June 2011

Dew Point Pole Grip UK

A revolution in grip agents - Pole Passion is proud to present a new pole grip to the family of gripping agents used around the pole

Dew Point Pole naturally moisturizes your skin while increasing your grip on the pole. With this moisturiser you will no longer have to choose between dry skin OR the pole ...

All natural ingredients
Moisturises without being slippery
No mess! it's not chalky, tacky or greasy
A grip agent that is actually good for your skin

Available in
Light - ideal if your skin is not very dry
Medium - you have dry skin or you are unsure which formula to get this one gives you a good starting point
Ultra - You live in a dry climate and you have dry skin or you live in an average climate but your skin is very dry.

We stock
Pack of 3 x 10ml samples no glitter - 1 x light, 1 x medium and 1 x ultra
1.5oz (44ml) without glitter available in - light, medium and ultra grip
2.5oz (74ml) WITH BODY GLITTER available in light (silver), medium (gold) and ultra grip (red)

So light you wont know its there but you'll definately know when it's not.

Perfect for pole dancing, aerial hoops, silks and more.....

Rebecca Butcher recommends this grip as her favourite body grip for legs arms and sides

All products include FREE Postage and packaging in the UK & Ireland


Sunday 26 June 2011

Jess Leanne Norris winner of Miss Pole Dance 2011

Our congratulations go to Jess Leanne Norris aged 18years

winner Miss Pole Dance UK 2011

Founder of Miss Pole Dance UK, and Pole Passion, Kay Penney interviews Jess Leanne Norris – with only 12 weeks to go before the finals of Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 Annual National championships - one of the youngest contestants that has entered Miss Pole Dance UK professional category, Leanne who just turned 18 in April 2011

Jess started to Pole Dance at the very early age of 15, encouraged by her Grand Dad!! Aged 60.

Jess has worked very hard and mentions this is her first competition. Over the years she has taught thousands of ladies and many men and has now a successful pole dance and fitness studio in Bolton.
Jess’s story is inspirational to all women, young and old and we are delighted that this year she is joining the amazing and professional line up we will have for all the pole fans across the globe.
She is passionate about helping people and has a huge heart in supporting and transforming people’s lives

This year’s championships was back in Brighton on June 25th 2011, where 9 of the best UK competitors transcend to Brighton at Concorde2 to battle it out to wear the ultimate crown and represent the UK in the World Pole Dance Championships in Budapest where they will be dancing next to the world’s greatest pole performers and tricksters

Jess now is following in the footsteps of Miss Pole Dance UK champions:-
Elena Gibson – 2005/2006 winner
Tracey Simmons – 2006/2007 winner
Sally Ann Giles – 2007/2008 winner
Alesia Vazmitsel – 2008/2009 winner
Maxine Betts - 2009/2010/2011 winner
Jess Leanne Norris – 2011/2012 winner
Why are you considering entering Miss Pole Dance UK professional category this year?
This competition was just a dream of mine when I first started to pole. To be given the opportunity to perform at MPD where some of the world’s greats have competed really is a dream come true.

How long have you been training for Mpd??
I could say since the day I stared 3 years ago :D

What has been your biggest achievement to date in the pole world?
Opening JLN has been a huge achievement for me; I have been given the opportunity to inspire thousands of people to take up pole which has been the best journey of my life!

What do you hope to get from the championships this year?
The satisfaction of performing on the MPD stage will be immense!

Who is your pole Idol
The legendary Felix Cane the current World Pole Dance Champion www.worldpoledance.com

Where do you see yourself in one year! /five years
Hopefully life will be as exciting as it is at the moment, that will be enough.

Anything else you may like to add ?
When I first started pole it was to get fit and have fun, which I did, although I did find ‘myself’ when I started to perform. Listening to the music and dancing around the pole is like magic, I’m in a world of my own and it truly is the best place to be. Pole has given me strength from within not just physically and I’m on top of the world! Everyone should try it xx



Lucy Cork winner of Miss Pole Dance & Fitness UK Semi Pro Championships 2010 is all set to enter Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 Professional catergory

Lucy Cork winner of Miss Pole Dance & Fitness UK Semi Pro Championships in October 2010 organised by Pole Passion is all set to enter Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 Professional category - A huge leap in such a short space of time

Lucy who will be representing and who is trained by The Pole Studio in Sussex could be going on to represent the United Kingdom in October in Budapest if she is sucessful at winning on 25th June in Brighton, where she will be battling it out amongst 9 other finalists during the evening of events at the most prestigious music event stage at Concorde2

For more information and to buy tickets to watch Lucy and the other top pole performers visit

or email

Got To Dance 3 Invites Pole Passion Performers for their TV series

Britain’s biggest dance show, Sky One's GOT TO DANCE, is back for a third series. Davina McCall will host the competition, with Ashley Banjo, Kimberley Wyatt and Adam Garcia all returning as Judges, as dancers battle it out to win the life-changing sum of a quarter of a million pounds and the chance to become the GOT TO DANCE CHAMPION 2012.

Applications are now being accepted and they are particularily wanting anyone who thinks they have what it takes to come to their auditions - whether they're 4 or 84, into Street or Salsa, a soloist or in a group, a professional or an amateur. Whatever their style of dance, whatever their ability we want to see it! Auditions are in July and August.

They are particularly keen to get some more POLE DANCERS AND PERFORMERS involved in this series as the show tends to be dominated by other genres. Contact us at Pole Passion if you are interested and would like to get invovled and perhaps display the flyers in your class area TOO.

Anyone wanting to apply should go to

www.sky.com/dance and please feel free to mention this link on your facebook/twitter page should you have them or contact us on

Where we will be happy to support you

Free standing light weight portable poles for dance and fitness

Lessons, competitions and fitness

Tel: 0871 318 3838

Health & Safety Compliant - Pole Instructor Training

Pole Instructor Training, REP’s Accreditations and Qualifications Level 3 predominately focuses on the Health & Safety of Pole Instructors and their participants

Industry Leaders Pole Passion set to revolutionise the Pole Fitness industry once more, Global Leaders in Teacher Training announce a further submission to REP’s, specifically focusing on the safety on and around the vertical bar.
Pole Passion currently supports and inspires International world champions and national leaders with the annual World Pole Dance championships and advising on pole safety to hundreds of companies through their government approved courses which have been educating the pole fitness and dance industry since 2003.

REP’s Accredited Advanced Teaching Training Techniques - Level 3 is a bespoke course complying specifically with current Health and Safety regulations for professional pole instructors who are teaching or even the casual instructor who occasionally teaches, as it is a very important issue and element of pole instructor training and one with serious consequences if it is not taught right.
Specifically designed for the safety of fitness and dance participants and their instructors incorporating up to date and revolutionary equipment and mats www.r-polefitness.com
Insurance companies have welcomed this news.

‘Level 3 has been designed, focusing specifically on Pole Safety, incorporating spotting techniques, drilling techniques for additional strength building on and off the pole and safety elements complying with Duty of Care and all current insurance requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act for all professional instructors,’ comments the course author and owner/founder of Pole Passion Ltd - Kay Penney

Prerequisites for level 3 are Rep’s accredited level 1 & 2 Pole Instructor training certifications
Call 0871 318 3838 for more information and booking


POLE INSTRUCTOR REP's accredited level 3 (8 Rep’s points pending) One Day certification and course - Theory to include

Who should be inverting
Spotting techniques
Injury prevention
Anatomy of an invert
Safe Instructing techniques
Body positioning
Hand grips
Drills and simple strength tests
Stretching for progression
Core moves 80% of moves must be accomplished by the instructor
Basic inverts below with variations
Inverted crucifix
Inverted slide down landing
Inverted spin landing
Thigh hold
Knee release
Ankle release
Inverted V
Inverted handstand
Inverted thigh hold
Outside leg hand - Gemini
Inside leg hand - Scorpio
Flatline Scorpio

Spymonkey to show case at Miss Pole Dance UK

Special guest appearances by Spymonkey's performers
Bringing the comedy to the pole - Special guest appearance - doubles act taking time out of their crazy schedule to be with Miss Pole Dance UK
Saturday 25th June - Brighton Concorde2

In 2003 Spymonkey and director Cal McCrystal were invited by Cirque du
Soleil to create and perform the comedy numbers for ‘Zumanity - Another Side of
Cirque du Soleil’, the adult cabaret they were creating in Las Vegas.
Spymonkey’s surreal and irreverent style made them the uproarious highlight of
the show. Between its opening in August 2003 and Spymonkey's much mourned
departure in August 2005 their numbers in ‘Zumanity’ were enjoyed by over half
a million people.

come and see them at Miss Pole Dance UK
tickets www.misspoledance-uk.com