Wednesday 29 September 2010

World Pole Dance 2010 - Move Syntax Coordinator

Move Syntax Coordinator

Deb Riley has been given the unique position of Move Syntax Coordinator along with Donna Gant as support - This position is for the WORLD FINALS ONLY
And one that is brand new to the pole competition industry!
This position was tested by Deb Riley last year on the judging

Move Syntax Coordinator – Deb Riley

This job will be challenging as she will need to watch the whole routine from start to finish without a blink!!!
So being able to write down and label the moves as they are performed
Knowing the names of the moves is essential or being able to describe an unknown move/transition with speed – this may be a variation of a move.

Obviously the industry has lots of different names for many of the same moves
Some moves are combinations of two moves which maybe called a new name!
However as long as we use the same format and name for each contestant during the competition that is the main thing.
This position, on the judging panel, does not include judging the presentation or dance/fitness elements of the candidate’s performance just purely on the Tricks category

All other judges will still judge the tricks category

Execution of moves (safely and effectively) must be considered when marking and listing the moves down!

Her job is to look for any new moves / pole poses and to label them?!! And document them – Making History

There is an award BEST TRICKS too
From Debs documentation of moves and the rest of the judge’s scores collaborating they will all collectively come up with the winner of this award
This award will be decided during the judge’s deliberation after all the competitors have competed

Move Syntax Coordinator support – Donna Gant

This position is set to study each move during their routine and to document it, using the same format as the move syntax coordinator for every contestant
This position is placed as a backup in case the main syntax coordinator misses a move – which could easily happen due to the concentration required for the whole of the 5/6 minutes per contestant!! X 12 contestants

This documented information will also be used in the case of a ‘pole down’ whereby two same winners may have the same points then tricks decide the winner.

The amount of different moves will be counted; also duplications will also be noted
The one with more moves will be judged higher than that person with less moves - This will only be used during the deliberation process in the event there is a tie and not during the initial judging process in accordance to the main rules and regulations

for more information regarding world pole dance visit:-

Sunday 26 September 2010

Felix Cane Master Classes

Master Class schedule
World Pole Dance Weekend Friday 1 October 2010 - Monday 4th October 2010
Please arrive 10 minutes early for registration

Friday 01st October – no master classes

Saturday 2nd October – Rodney Mr Burlesque
Time: 11:00 – 13:00
At: Airport Fitness
Spaces available @ £70 or 111 Swiss Francs - payment in cash on arrival

Sunday 3rd October - Alesia Vazmitsel - Stretch class
Time : 10:45 – 11:30am
At: Airport Fitness
Spaces available @ £15 or 24 Swiss Francs - payment in cash on arrival

Sunday 3rd October – Felix Cane – Pole Tricks
Time : 11:45 – 1:15pm
At Airport fitness SOLD OUT

Sunday 3rd October – Felix Cane – Pole Artistry
Time : 13:30 – 15:00pm
At Airport fitness SOLD OUT

Sunday 3rd October – Jenyne Butterfly – Pole Tricks
Time : 15:30 – 17:00pm
At Airport fitness SOLD OUT

Monday 4th October – Felix Cane – Pole Tricks
Time : 10:00 – 11:30am
At Loft 1 Pole studios, Erismannstrasse 2, 8004 Zurich
Spaces available
Pre Payment through paypal to
@ £100 or 160 Swiss Francs- payment in cash on arrival

For more information on course content visit ‘Master Classes’ on

Saturday 25 September 2010

Felix Cane - World Pole Dance 2010 Australia Representative

Felix Cane the current World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion will be representing Australia and defending her title at the forth coming World Pole Dance Championships on October 2nd in Zurich Switzerland

She will also be hosting 3 Master Classes instructor sessions during the weekend offering her unique style of teaching to all pole enthusiasts and international instructors attending from 24 countries.

Felix has trained as a dancer from a young age and went on to performing in professional classical & contemporary dance companies.
Felix started pole dancing in 2006 in Perth WA, and after just 8 months worth of lessons she went on to win Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 and then won it again in 2008.
Felix Cane is currently the World Pole Dance Champion as she won it in 2009 with her amazing talent, performance and flexibility on the pole.
Felix defiantly has that X-Factor on the pole, as from winning World Pole Dance this then led to Cirque du Soleil ringing her up asking her if she wanted to be part of Zummanity, as they had seen impressive footage of her from YouTube footage from World Pole Dance.

Zummanity is cabaret sexy show held in Las Vegas by Cirque Du Soleil and a special character part was created for Felix to be a woman who breaks out of her shell to grab her lover’s attention by showing off her amazing, sexy, impressive moves around a pole, making her lover see her again for the very first time.
Since Felix’s successful she has done many Master Class Workshops over the world and is part and the sponsor for Pocket Pole and a Master Pole Dance Instructor in America!

Felix’s following Winning Titles:
• World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships - World Pole Dance 2009
• Best Female Stripper 2008 – Australian Adult Industry Awards
• Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008
• Miss Nude Australia National Final 2008 – Pole Dance Champion
• Miss Nude Australia WA Final 2008 – Entertainer of the Year & Hottest Body
• STAR Awards – Best Female Performer 2007
• Miss Hustler Centrefold Oceania 2007 – 1st Place
• Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006

Before discovering her passion for pole dancing, Felix was schooled extensively as a dancer firstly in Perth, from the age of 11 until the age of 15, when she moved to London where she continued to study many forms of dance, but predominantly contemporary and classical.

Alesia Vazmitsel - World Pole Dance 2010 - United Kingdom Representative

Alesia will be representing the United Kingdom in the forth coming International World Pole Dance championships 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland presented by Pole Passion and Loft1 on 2nd October and will be holding a stretch workshop class on 3rd October, available for all to attend.

Alesia started ballet dancing at the age of four.

From age 11 Alesia trained at a circus school and then worked in National Circus of Belarus as a gymnast and dancer. She has been pole dancing since 1997.

Alesia is a mesmerizing performer and very inspiring to watch. She has been working for various agencies doing performances for high class restaurants, parties and corporate events.

Alesia has lived in London for two years. Her hobbies include various sports and travelling the world. She also holds a B.Sc in Business Administration.

Alesia won Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 and is currently undefeated and then went on to be placed third in the World Pole Dance Championships in 2009 in Jamaica
Most recently Alesia was successful enough to make it through to the Semi Finals on Britain’s Got Talent, a National TV program finding National talent, which was a watched by millions of viewers all over the world and was received by the famous judges positively.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Aerial Hoops and Silks with Pole Passion

Pole Passion is proud to present their next hoops and silks session
Saturday 13th November 2010

Aerial HOOP & SILKS Workshops

Venue: Taylors Retreat Farm Aerial & Pole Studio, Capel

Date: Saturday 13th November 2010
Time: 11am-1pm Hoop, 2pm-4pm Silks

Price: £40 per workshop or £60 full day

You will also have an opportunity to have a 1-2-1 lesson at £75 for the hour

Limited places

Astra has been working in the circus entertainment industry for the last ten years as an aerialist and circus performer. Specializing in aerial hoop and silks but also skilled at static trapeze, doubles trapeze, rope and cloudswing. She is now keen to pass on her knowledge of the aerial arts to anyone who is interested in learning. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has discovered a love of teaching during recent years through teaching pole dancing for fun, fitness and confidence.

Due to the success of the sessions Astra will be teaching another 2 hour mixed ability workshop in hoop and silks. These sessions are suitable for complete beginners wanting to try these skills out, for those who have got the aerial bug and want more and also for those old timers who just can’t get enough of it! No previous experience is necessary but I would advise any newcomers that the ability to do an unassisted pull up or an inversion is a requirement as this is an aerial class and we will be needing some basic upper body strength in order to climb and use the equipment.

Hoop and silks are classic pieces of circus aerial equipment. During the session we will learn how to use the equipment safely, a basic vocabulary of moves and positions, along with technique and conditioning exercises, as many tricks as we can fit in and for the more advanced students we will be working on short sequences of moves.

Please wear comfortable training clothing that covers the legs such as leggings, tracksuits, catsuits etc. We will be working in bare feet. Some people find it useful to bring training gloves for doing hoop as they find that their hands become sore.
Benefits: You will develop core strength, particularly in the upper body and stomach regions, flexibility, agility, confidence and a new skill!

Please note that these sessions are challenging so come fully prepared to work hard!

call 0871 318 3838 to book your space

Jass Foley Photos in the Swiss Alps

Pole exploring the Swiss Alps

Dates in Zurich: 29th September to 5th October 2010

Dates available to shoot: 30th September to 4th October 2010

What: Exploring the Alps and the area around Zurich with the light weight and portable R pole a crew, and a whole load of camera equipment. Shoots will last about 4 hours. The aim is to create spectacular images with the portable pole and the very best performers in the world. We will aim to shoot either at sunrise, at sunset, or at night.
What you will get: 6 images. These will be given as a full resolution digital copy which you will have permission to use in any way you wish to promote yourself- facebook, twitter, youtube, newspaper, magazine, personal website etc.
What it costs: €500.
Travel: Travel will be included, but if you have a car there travel cost can be included.

Who to contact: Jass Foley, Photographer:,
00353 (0)861687194.

Full details are available at

Jass Foley, photographer and director of photographer, will be in Zurich from September 28th to October 5th 2010 for the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships. With a background in advertising, commercial and fashion photography, the Alps provide an alluring challenge to image creation for Jass. Having dived into photographing Pole Sport, this is an opportunity to take the amazing talent of these athletes into the equally spectacular Alps. Below is a short video showing some previous shoots and some pole images.

"The aim of this is creating spectacular images. It is an opportunity to have promotional and advertising images for pole instructors and performers from a truly unique setting. I'm doing this for sheer love of the creative process and my desire to push the boundaries of what can be done photographically. Head into the mountains with a portable pole? Sounds like a challenge to me!” For a very modest €500 (roughly £410 or $635), have a portfolio of 6 images created at one of these location shoots to use as your own promo and advertising material.

“I'm from an advertising background, where images are strictly licensed and controlled. This is not the case here. This is a passion project. You can use the images in any way you want. Put them on Facebook, your website, newspapers, magazines etc. Within reason of course- if the image will be projected on the surface of the moon, I might want an extra few Euro.”

As for the logistics of it all, I will be driving with my crew from Ireland. We will be arriving in Switzerland late on Tuesday 28th of September. We will be scouting locations on Wednesday 29th of September. We will be leaving Zurich on Tuesday October 5th. Depending on demand, we will arrange as many shoots as possible. This is a rather individual process that needs to be discussed with each person to create images that are unique to you. Locations ideas are Interlaken, the Stelvio Pass (just across the Italian border) and of course Lake Zurich and the surrounding hills. Translators and transport will be arranged by me as needed, but if you have a car with you, all the better.

I will also have Richard Geraghty, an award-winning director, with me recording behind the scenes video.
The beauty of this project is that it is not set in stone. As you can see from the video below, my shoots are fun and free flowing (but are actually meticulously planned in pre-production). We want ideas and inspiration. We want to hear from you!

If you are interested in joining Jass and you are a proficient poler please get in touch to discuss and organise.

00353 (0)86 1687194

World Pole Dance 2010 - The Contestants

24 countries 38 contestants The biggest pole event in History

Zurich Switzerland presented by Pole Passion & Loft1
Friday 1st Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October

Felix Cane 2009 champion - Australia
Allegra Australia
Roxana Vacca - Roxfly Argentina
Maria Luz Escalante Argentina
Mona Arbinger Austria
Ines Beranek Austria
Tanya Garbuz Belarus
Sarah Cavenaile Belgium
Rafaela Montanaro Brazil
Grazzy Brugner Brazil
Aline Kerber Brazil
Crystal Lai Canada
Oona Kivela Finland
Laurence Hilsum France
Doris Dorothee France
Estella Siebel Germany
Jeannine Wilkerling Germany
Simone Le Germany
Hanka Venselaar Holland
Melody Rose Hong Kong
Jo Robson Ireland
Arlene Caffrey Ireland
Alisa Pleskova Israel - Tel Aviv
Valeria Parsi Italy
Diana Hamm Mexico City
Melanie Brown * New Zealand
Elena Shishkova Russia
Kulagina Anzhela Russia
Anastasia Skukhtorova Russia
Julia Iririna Russia
Yevgeniya Stöcklin Switzerland
Karin Suter South Africa
Karen Chaundy United Kingdom
Alesia Vazmitsel United Kingdom - third place 2009
Maxine Betts * United Kingdom
Alethea Austin USA
Jenyne Butterfly USA - runner up 2009
Zoraya Judd USA

* unable to attend
list correct as of 22nd September 2010

for more information - visit

Friday 10 September 2010

French Pole Dance Championships 13th September 2010

Pole Passion head to -
Competition Française De Pole Dance

This will be France’s second year in having a Pole Dance Competition created
by Mariana Baum who runs a pole school called “Pole Dance Paris”.
Mariana will be representing The World Pole Dance Federation and is hoping that this competition will open more people’s minds in France, as to what a beautiful art form pole dancing is.
Pole Passion are very proud to be invited and to be supporting Mariana and her team for the French Pole Dance National competition. Chief director Kay Penney has been chosen to be one of the judges for this competition!
It was only in May 2010 Kay was just judging in Switzerland for the Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland, National championships and she will be heading off to Hungary to support and judge their Miss Pole Dance Hungary National Championships too on 18th September 2010. Kay who is founder of Miss Pole Dance UK in 2005 and World Pole Dance has supported over 28 National and international pole competitions across the globe culminating in the World Pole Dance Championships on October 2nd In Zurich visit for more information.

The French Pole Dance National competition will be held in Paris on the 13th of September 2010
For more information please click on this link:

Thursday 9 September 2010

The People's Choice Award ~ World Pole Dance 2010

‘The People’s Choice Award’
World Pole Dance 2010
~ sponsored by Mighty Grip ~

A fun award where the audience can be involved in the judging process too during the finals at the World Pole Dance Championships

Mighty Grip is offering a fantastic $500.00 US bank check (chq) to the winner of the
‘People's Choice Award – World Pole Dance 2010’.

The voting is to be done by the audience during the judge’s deliberation and final raffle prize ticket purchase.

12 boxes to be set with the names of the competitors on the outside. A vote is made by placing a donation in the box - suggestion of $1.00 , £1, 1 Euro or 1 Swiss Franc in the box with the name of the person on a slip of paper (supplied by the box)
Paper to be used for counting purposes!

The monies collected are to be donated to Breast Cancer charity – amount added and advertised after the event

Mighty Grip is offering a trophy

Whooo hoooooo Thank you so much Joel the competitors will be delighted

What will the audience be looking for??
• Crowd entertainment
• Music choice
• Charisma
• Fun
• Entertainment value
• Costume

for more inforamtion and to ourchase raffle tickets visit

Pole Passion proudly presents Maxine Betts Master Class September 2010

We are pleased to announce that the next
Master Class by Maxine Betts
is on
Sunday September 12th ~ 11-30 am to 4pm

This master class is suitable for all abilities although a good foundation of pole dance experience is highly recommended.

Maxine known well for her versatility in teaching will be hosting the day long Master Class at the fabulous Taylors Pole Studios, Capel

The format of the day will be the following:-

11.30am Arrival and registration

11.45am Meet and greet + Demonstration

12.00pm Spins & combination workshop - perfecting and progressing

1pm Lunch Break

1.30pm Intermediate/ Advanced tricks and drops workshop, perfecting and adapting

3pm Break

3.15pm Pole Ab attack off the pole !! ~ learn how to build core strength to progress & strengthen your moves – this section will make you sweat!!

3.45pm Questions, your pole photos and certificates

4pm Finish

The cost is just £60 for the whole day which is great value for money
Please bring a light packed lunch and refreshments, there are shower facilities on the venue for your use if you wish ~ Please bring your own towel
FREE parking on site also

Just email back if you wish to reserve your place or call 0871 318 3838 or 01293 888200 if you wish to register (just a £30 non refundable deposit, with the rest payable in cash on the day)

We look forward to seeing you there – a great place to network and make new friends too
email us on:

Pole Fitness Instructor Training - World Class

Pole Fitness instructor training – we are asked questions on a daily basis on how to become a certified and qualified pole fitness instructor
What a great question

– Hello, I have being attending pole fit lessons for over a year now and recently my teacher asked if I would be interested in teaching classes with her.
What would be the best course to take to train in teaching the art of pole?
I look forward to your reply Josie

Thank you for your question It really is a personal choice and does depend on your background & experience and of course your teaching confidence levels too
We are passionate about training pole instructors to be the best they can be and to represent the pole industry with integrity, professionalism and being highly qualified and proficient in their chosen sport and fitness.
Our courses are written with the group ETM Exercise To Music level 2 qualification in mind. Therefore it covers and recaps many of the elements of that course too.
Unlike other courses we also go over warm-ups and cool downs specific to pole techniques incorporating that touch of sensuality that so many participants come for.
Our courses cover the fundamentals all the way to elite health and safety instructor techniques of spotting, progressing and that all important on how to structure your class to keep them fresh and exciting not only for you but for your participants too.

Level 1 Pole Fitness instructor training course - PPF0801 and Level 2 Advanced Pole Fitness instructor training course PPF0802 have both been externally verified and assessed by the fitness industry awarding body Skills Active and are highly acclaimed in the industry by being awarded the highest amount of points within the fitness industry. We have even gone above and beyond that by having all our moves and grooves independently checked by one of Europe’s most qualified practitioners Stephen Deadman who is only one of 11 in the world who is a chartered physiotherapist and Osteopath
Our courses have been approved by the Fitness Association too. That means we are constantly monitored too! Giving you piece of mind so we don’t slack either!

We highly recommend you have the following or at least working towards:-

• PPF0801 and or PPF0802 (if you just hold one or both of these you are certified)
• ETM level 2 or equivalent (if you have PPF0801 and or PPF0801 then you are qualified)
• Public Liability ideally up to £10,000,000 - some council owned establishments require this level
• First aid certificate We now run these annually A pole sport, specific qualification - email us for the next course dates
• Annual Music license PPL – check out their website
• Experience on the pole
• Customer service experience

Participants of all levels attend our courses and we have a 99% pass rate too
Ladies new to pole but not new to teaching fitness
Ladies who are new to pole and new to teaching
Ladies who are experienced in pole but new to teaching
Ladies who are experienced in teaching already and experienced in pole they come for the recognition, networking opportunities, continual professional development and accreditations

So what are the main benefits?? I hear you asking what do I get for my money

As well as the amazingly informative course work books with over 9 detailed and pictured booklet, with over 250 moves transitions, poses, spins combinations and tricks, for you to keep for reference. We have taught hundreds of instructors to date form all areas of the globe, international students are taking up our consecutive day courses too
By joining a network of professionals you will never be alone we believe in sharing our knowledge to support you to be the best you can be
We offer ongoing instructor training by the UK’s best and also run the highly accredited World Pole Dance championships – Felix Cane just about to defend her title in Zurich! Miss Pole Dance UK championships – with Maxine Betts currently holding the prestigious UK title and Mr Pole Fitness too

Email us for a scheme of work which shows in detail a little more about our level 1 course and hope it is what you are looking for
or call us if you require further information or wish to book

tel: 0871 318 3838
TEXT US ON : 0792 194 8606