Thursday 22 March 2012

Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 - Brighton Concorde 2 on Saturday June 2nd

Receiving this message this week from the UK Miss Pole Dance UK Professional national champion Jess Leanne Norris spurs us on to do an even better production for 2012 which will be held on
June 2nd 2012 in Brighton at Concorde2 - Miss Pole Dance UK 2012

'Hi Kay

Miss Pole Dance UK, it goes without saying the competition has raised the bar as far as standards in the industry go, it has been a huge benefit to Jess’ career this past year. Without these competitions people have no goals and would soon become disheartened, it’s amazing work what you have done for the industry and I’m sure it goes un noticed! Jess has always been taken seriously by those that know her and those who knew of her, but having this title gives her that much extra, people’s opinions automatically change and they realise that pole dancing isn’t just about the strip side there are actually people working hard for years to gain the strength to actually compete and be proud to say they are entering these types of competitions. I couldn’t be prouder, Jess has completely blown me away with her dedication and continues to do so, wish I had half her energy ;)
Kind regards

JLN Pole Fitness'

Thank you Alana and Jess we look forward to the exciting things you will be bringing to the pole world in years to come also

Maxine Betts ~ Deb Riley ~ Karen Chaundy ~ Jess Leanne Norris ~ Justine McLucas ~Alma Pirner ~ Kay Penney

Karen Chaundy ~ Jess Leanne Norris ~ Justine McLucas

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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Pole Passion Stroud – Pole Fitness for all

Hi my name is Jo Thomas , I am the newest member of the Pole Passion team. I have been poling on and off for nearly 10 years & I love poling, it’s very addictive! I do lots of exercise but pole is the one thing that really gets you in great shape! It works muscles you didn't even know you had! I am most excited about teaching pole fitness to people in my area; and whilst im excited to be sharing my knowledge with people new into pole I would say my biggest fears are not pleasing everyone and keeping up with others progressions.

My biggest ambition is to run pole fitness classes all over the South West and be the best that I can!

I will support my students in every way I can, mentally and physically, being there to listen and help them achieve their personal goals.
Fitness is my passion, I love training and keeping fit, pole fitness is different to any other fitness, it’s fun and really helps tone your body. There are so many sides to Pole Passion fitness too i.e pole circuits / pole conditioning etc.

My new studios and venues have been very helpful and supportive; they are looking forward to having pole fitness in their gym! So would like to say a big thank you to them also

Fifth Dimension Gym
Ebley Wharf Mill


Randwick Village Hall, Chapel Fields, Randwick, Stroud, Glos. GL6 6HS

My favourite pole move is the angel, but the one I want to perfect is the flag! With pole I think it’s a never ending learning curve!

My other hobbies are any kind of fitness! I have dogs and love being outside with them, I enjoy cooking and gardening!

My family support me with my passions. I am unsure of what my community think as it’s very new to my area, but the response and interest I have had so far has been very positive!

I just can't wait to start my lessons!

For more information about Pole Passion fitness classes in Stroud contact Pole Passion on or directly to Jo on -