Friday 1 November 2019

Dew Point Pole has a new look at Pole Passion online shopping

If you haven't tried this pole grip, dew point  from the Pole Passion online shopping, then this winter time is the right time to try. This grip, come moisturiser is for everyone especially if you have dry hands and skin.

It now comes in new packaging too, so check out the products for sale on the online Pole Passion shop

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Pole Passion Student and Instructor grading certifications - join us now for the next in person gradings

Pole Passion grading in Shoreham hosted by Bella Monnery and Kay Penney - available for all pole students an instructors to gain certifications in all levels in pole fitness - visit the website to enrol for videos today

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional tickets, Hawth Theatre, Crawley are now on sale

Hawth tickets for Miss Pole Dance UK & Mr Pole Fitness UK professional categories are now on sale

Select your seats from the seat map to see the show stoping performers in Crawley West Sussex for the annual national championships presented by Pole Passion

Sunday 9th February 2019
Time: doors open 12 noon
Males championships 3pm
Doubles championships 4pm
Female championships 6:30pm

Vendor & Sponsor opportunities welcome - email us at

Halloween Charity showcase by Pole Dance Passion Shoreham and Worthing 19th October 2019

Pole Passion Shoreham presents their Halloween Spooktacular 👻 🎃 
Students and Instructors will be presenting a night of Pole Dance

This is our 3rd Showcase and we have picked a Halloween them to keep you on the edge of your seats. 

Expect to be entertained 

This year with a creepy, darker frightful night of Pole dance. 

We are raising money for our local branch of Dogs Trust 

Saturday 19th October 2019 6pm-9pm
Doors open 5.30pm

Or txt 07501002696

Ticket price in advance by Friday 18th Oct 8pm
Adults £10 / Children £5 each 
On the day tickets will be £5 more each.

Monday 7 October 2019

Greta Pontarelli Age 69, from USA, comes to Belfast UK for World Pole Championships

Greta Pontarelli, Aged 69 next month, from USA, american pole dancer comes to Belfast, Ireland on October 26th and 27th to compete, judge and host master classes.

We are excited to be introducing legendary pole dancer Greta Pontarelli to World Pole Dance for the first time competing under the World Pole Federation 

With 8 world titles under her belt she is set to follow in the footsteps of pole stars and legends of world pole dance such as the amazing champions & her idols Felix Cane and Jenyne Butterfly 
Fear of osteoporosis got Greta Pontarelli up from her desk and onto a pole, but it was pure grit and daily affirmations that, just three years later when she was 62, won her first place in the 2013 Pole Sports World Championship. Since then her elegant, gravity-defying routines have made her an internationally recognised pole legend, so you can imagine our excitement when she agreed to travel to Ireland to compete and judge at world class level for the World Pole Federation.

Pole sport is a relatively new sport only being recognised in 2009 in the beginning by the World Pole Federation, creating a safe and non judgmental artistic platform for individuals to perform for the public for the very first time in Jamaica 

We asked Greta some questions prior to her attending the Championships in Belfast, Ireland, on Saturday October 26th 

Please connect with me on social media.

 How did you get started in pole ? 

When I was told I had the beginning of Osteoporosis I knew I had to take action because my mother had it severely.  I did some research and learned I needed to do more weight bearing exercise to keep it at bay. I either had to lift weights or lift my body and pole fitness was recommended. I soon took a class and was immediately hooked by the beautiful artistry and how quickly one gets into shape. 

I never expected to compete. However, when I was on American Ninja Warrior and heard the announcer say I was the oldest person to ever attempt the course, I was shocked. It set in motion an epiphany to use the stage as a platform to inspire others to not let age or limitation keep them from passionately going after their dreams.

At what age did you start pole? 
I started pole the beginning of 2010 when I was 59.

Do you have a dance or fitness back ground?
I competed in gymnastics in high school and college and had a number of years of dance and martial arts. However, most of my training occurred between 40 and 50 years ago, so it seems like another lifetime at this point.

What other careers have you had before pole ?
I was a psych major in college. I have had extensive training in the healing arts, physical therapy as well as executive coaching. 

What do your children say about you doing pole on an international level?
My family has been extremely supportive and have empowered me to go after my dreams.

How does your diet and lifestyle change when you are training for a pole competition?
Eating a healthy diet has always been important to me. So nothing changes when I am training more intensely for a performance. My diet is essentially Paleo. I eat organic food, freshly caught fish and free range chicken. I love cheese, so I sometimes include it in my diet as well as a glass of red wine occasionally. I eat very little gluten which keeps my inflammation low and hydrate with plenty of water.

Who do you learn from and where do you get your inspiration from for your performances?
I train at home in my Home Pole Studio. I teach Skype lessons to students there and occasionally connect with artists all over the world. I am empowered by so many people. Numerous philosophers, visionaries and artists have become important catalysts for me. It is by reaching deep within and connecting with inspiring muses that the magic unfolds, bringing not only a piece, but our entire lives to life.

Who and how do you chose your music for your performances?
I come from a musical family so finding the right music to frame a piece is paramount to me. I tend to be moved by music that is or could be a soundtract for a movie. A performance is really a 4-5 minute screenplay. It needs to have contrast, crescendos, moments that frame challenges as well as a victorious climactic ending that is uplifting and moves the audience.

Have you ever danced in exotic dance heels?
I tend to be more acrobatic so heels don't work too well for me. However, I am amazed by what those who do Russian Exotic can do in them.

What do your friends, the same age, think about your hobby and profession?
My friends as so supportive. They think I am a bit of an anomaly to do what I do at my age, but I don't. When you passionately pursue what makes your heart soar you actually feel ageless.

If you could chose one thing to change about your body what would it be ?
I would love to have perfect hips and the fast twitch muscle I had when I was young, so I could tumble and sprint again. After two hip replacements I have gotten stronger on the pole, but without cartilage in my hips I don't have the explosive power needed to tumble.

What one thing would you say to ladies who’ve never tried pole and are nervous to do so ?  
Many people tell me that I have obliterated their excuses for not going after their dreams and it has changed their lives. That touches me immensely because my mission is to hopefully in some small way inspire the life of others.When you find real purpose in your life motivation is no longer an issue. It becomes a powerful alarm clock. We can always find an excuse and fear is a common one. However, I have learned that when we push through our excuses  and crush our fears we find brilliant success.  

Judge and World Class Pole Competitor 

World Pole Judges 2019 - Ireland, presented by Pole Passion and Polercise

What an incredible line up of judges for the forth coming world pole sport and fitness championships, to be hosted by Pole Passion and Polercise in Ireland Belfast on 26th & 27th October 2019

Head Judge - Loic Lebret - FRANCE
Lisette Krol IRELAND
Maria Contreras - SPAIN
Yuliya Stecher - UKRAINEElena Shishkova RUSSIA

Yifan Meng - CHINA
Violine Richard - JAPAN
Greta Pontarelli - USA

click the link for biographies

Friday 28 June 2019

Pole Passion Crawley donates over £1000 to Open House charity

Well done Charlie Clarke, Crawley Pole Passion in Bewbush and to her team of students and instructors, on such a smoothly run showcase on Saturday evening and making, over a thousand pounds for the Open Reach charity in Crawley ( looking forward to knowing the final amount when all the proceeds have been counted ) 
We also welcome Anna-Louise Sales who will be taking over the Pole Passion Crawley Bewbush License from July and we wish her well, we are all here for you in your new and exciting venture
I just wanted to say a massive thank you Charlie for being such a professional in all you do and for supporting the hundreds of Pole Passion students instructors and apprentices you have helped over the years
We have truly loved you being part of the team and your contribution in supporting everyone has always been amazing too.
On behalf of all the Pole Passion Crew we wish you well in your new ventures and we look forward to seeing you at our Miss Pole Dance UK 6th July and then in October too 💕💕
All the best much love Kay PENNEY 
Founder and Owner Pole Passion ltd

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Pole Passion Crawley demonstrates aerial hoops, pole, pole fitness, pole dancing & circus tricks at the Greatest Showman event

Aerial hoops, spin pole, pole fitness, pole dancing and much more....... come and have a go
On Saturday 27th April 2019, at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing for The Greatest Showman opening event. Pole Passion will be gathering its most experienced instructors and students to demonstrate the art of aerial hoops, pole fitness, pole silks and aerial hammock in a wild and fun opening day for all the family.

Come and see us on our aerial hoops and poles 

Opening day at Nuffield Health & Wellbeing
We are proud to be showing our skills to all the family -
Pole Fitness, Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock
from 9am - 5pm there will be demonstrations from the most advanced instructors in the South and some students too :))
come and have a go and see how pole can challenge the body, mind and soul !!

We will be signing people up for the Circus workshop too, so if you have always wanted to have a go but a little nervous come and chat with us on Saturday
There will be circus workshops, face painting, prizes, casino games and lots more

Come and join us at the official launch party at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Crawley Maidenbower

New Pole Passion License Area - Pole Passion Newick

CONGRATULATIONS Pole Passion Fitness,  Grace Lole and Kay Penney who have just launched the latest license area for Pole Passion Fitness 
Grace will also be covering the surrounding areas such as Lewes, Newick, North Chailey, Chailey, South Chailey, Piltdown, Uckfield, Maresfield, Sheffield Green & Scaynes Hill

Grace who has been with the company for the last 7 years, starting as a student and then successfully gaining her Pole Passion Instructor training accreditations ; the highest teacher training awards in the industry,  has finally taken the plunge to now inspire others to take up the sport in the Newick area.

Grace who also works as a teaching assistant in Newick is excited to be taking on this new challenge

To contact Grace and to learn more about Pole Fitness and her lessons  click here

Sunday 10 February 2019

Northern Pole and Aerial Camp 2019

Pole Passion presents pole and aerial camp with northern pole dance
Visit the website for more details and payments

Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur & Semi pro championships 2019 Tickets

Miss Pole Dance UK
Tickets available from the website
Sponsoships available and exposure

A Night Of Dance Pole Passion Bognor Bersted Charity showcase

Pole Passion Bognor presents - A Night of Dance, Aerial Showcase

An evening of pole choreography, aerial hoop and chair dance performances from our Instructors and Students in Pole Passion Bognor, Pole Passion
Littlehampton and Pole Passion Chichester classes. Come along and see what pole and aerial fitness and dance are all about, in this relaxed and fun show for a great cause.

All proceeds from the event will go to Village Friends - a local good neighbour scheme to help befriend elderly people who are isolated and would benefit from a regular chat each week.

Stalls and refreshments will be available and there will be a raffle with a variety of prizes.

Tickets are £7.50 for adults and £5 for children. All tickets are seated. 

find out about the event here -

You can find more information about the charity here:

Registered Charity no: 1098086

Email us for tickets:

Thursday 24 January 2019

Northern Pole & Aerial Camp 2019

Northern Pole & Aerial Camp 2019
Presented by Pole Passion and Northern Pole Dance

The Northern Pole Dance and Pole Passion, Pole & Aerial CAMP is launched and we are excited to bring to you an opportunity to attend over 13 hours of intense training, covering a variety of aerial apparatus and equipment in the beautiful studio based in Newcastle Upon Tyne
- 16 hours of back to back training
- Suitable for all levels of students and instructors - beginners welcome to advanced instructor level

This is the perfect short pole camp for those who have never attending a camp
An evening welcome meal will be taking place on Sunday evening in and around the vibrant City of Newcastle with additional entertainments and drinking optional

Over the three days you will be empowered and challenged through a number of different disciplines, with like minded and friendly people, to include :-

Dates :-
⭐️Sunday 7th April
⭐️Monday 8th April &
⭐️Tuesday 9th April

💜Aerial Hammock Tricks & Routine
💞Pole Dance Choreography including floor flow routine
💜Chair Dance routine
💞Learn the Art of Chinese Dance
💜Self Defence Class
💜Aerial hoops
💞Advanced pole tricks
💜Beginner pole tricks
💞Spiny pole
💜Pole Combos
💞Pole Practice & Jam
💜Exotic Heels Dance Choreography
💞Aerial Yoga with Relaxation
💜Flexibility & Stretch on & off the pole
💞Burlesque Dance Introduction

​You may attend some or all of the above and the detailed timetable with a 'what to bring' list will be available two weeks before the event to those who have registered

A brief itinerary

Sunday 7th April
Travel and arrive in the morning
13.00 Checkin Meet & Greet, lessons
15:00 Check into accommodation (around the corner)
The training continues

Northern Pole Dance
4th Floor Carliol Studio/Sunco House/Carliol Sq,
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Monday 8th April
9.00 - 20.00 back to back training

Tuesday 9th April
10:00 - 12:00 lessons
Private 121 opportunities
Travel home

ONLY £299 Per Person, which includes the accommodation on a shared room basis

Local shops, restaurants, takeaways and bars just minutes walking distance away

ALL that's required is a non refundable deposit of £50 with the rest payable by 01st March 2019 - this camp must not be missed


Maximum 2 people per piece of equipment in the spacious mirrored studio with 9x, over 3 meter, floor to ceiling poles, suitable for heels or bare feet

What's included in the costs?
All training (suitable for all levels and all styles)
All accommodation on a shared room basis
Complimentary hot drinks available throughout the day

Each participant receives a welcome pack including:-
- Registration forms
- Tote bag
- Souvenir note book & pen
- Energy snacks
- Water bottle per day (x 3 days)

Whats not included?
Travel to and from Newcastle
Private 121 tuition

Email us for more enquiries and to book:-

No refunds available, however we will honour transfers for another person up until 48 hours before the event starts



Newcastle Central Train station is
a 10 minute walk to the studio and accommodation
or 10 minute taxi ride


There is all day parking seconds away from the studio and accommodation, and is around £7 all day parking


Newcastle International Airport is
30-40 minutes by bus from the Airport to the studio, every half hour

Northern Pole Dance, pole studio 4th floor Carliol Studio
Sunco House
Carliol Square
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Contact for bookings at

Tel: +44 (0) 77535 85054