Tuesday 13 July 2010

Pole Passion Accredited Instructor sets New World Record

Pole Passion Accredited Pole Instructor, Alma Pirner from Hungary Sets a Pole Dancing World Record to Promote Workplace Gender Equality

If there was ever going to be a pole dancing world record set, you knew it would have to come from a trained professional. Former dancer and glamour model and the first Pole Passion Accredited Instructor from Hungary, Alma Pirner who qualified in 2008 as a Pole Fitness Instructor along with several other pole artistes got together at the Dollhouse dance studio in Hungary to pole for 24 hours.

Alma set a solo record for eight hours of consecutive movements, tricks and transitions around the pole. When asked why she did this, Alma said that it was to prove that women are just as physically and mentally capable as men, and deserve to be treated equally in the workplace

July 12th 2010



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Friday 9 July 2010

Pole Dancing & Fitness for Men

Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships supports
Pole cardio classes for men

Making its way to the Olympics is our dream says organiser Kay Penney founder of Pole Passion, trainer and assessor, who has innovated pole fitness programmes and Acreddited instructor training supported by REP’s the register of fitness professionals.

Using the pole (vertical bar) for workouts builds lots of upper body and core strength - something men often want to work on.
Squats, pull-ups, push-ups, reverse dips, using the pole as a stabilizer
It challenging and can take a while to achieve its unique sport techniques

Email: theteam@polepassion.com for more information Tel: 0871 318 3838

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Wednesday 7 July 2010

Pole Fitness & Dance Mats

Professional Pole Mat information
Suitable for R-pole range free standing poles and floor to ceiling poles too
At R-pole we are committed to student safety and therefore highly recommend that all students and instructors should have safety mats available during their pole training sessions.

These durable and hard wearing professional mats are easy to fold and store and even transport and can be doubled up as stretch mats too.

• Large and unique professional size of 1800mm diameter
• 25mm thickness
• Specifically designed to fit the professional R-pole range however great for use of all floor to ceiling poles too
• Designed to fit snugly and safely around the base of all poles and is universal
• One piece and foldable for easy and safe storage
• Light weight
• Comfortable
• Perfect for indoor and outdoor home AND studio use ~ in fact everywhere
• Choice of colours with the Rpole logo on the surface
• Quick Velcro attachment
• Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and Hygienic
• £155 includes VAT and UK delivery

Visit www.r-polefitness.com for choice of colours and purchasing
Tel: 0871 318 3838 or mobile 07753585053

Visit www.r-polefitness.com

Tel: 0871 318 3838 or mobile 07753585053


Thursday 1 July 2010

Maxine Betts 'G I Jane' Boot Camp presented by Pole Passion

On: ~ Sunday 11th July ~
Time: 8.00am - 9.30am
At Taylors Retreat
Meet on the patio area at 7.55am for registration

What to wear:
Trainers, army style, hard core, kick ass, camo style ~ anyone not keeping up will have to stay the night in the woods as punishment!!
Bring a full size body towel for the floor ab work
This boot camp will go ahead all weathers

Cost: £12 per person payable on the day in cash or
Credit / debit card prepayment is available with additional £2.50 transaction fee ~ Call Pole Passion on Tel: 0871 318 3838 for prepayments only

Incorporating warm ups, pair work and 30 minute pure abs
This boot camp is off the pole outside in the field of the beautiful Taylors Retreat

Pole Passion presents fitness and pole dance instructor Maxine Betts, bringing to you her army style military boot camp training, perfect to compliment your pole training.
Pole Mania Owner and the current Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 professional champion

Text your full name to Maxine on 0754 054 7464 to reserve place -
If you are brave enough to join in!!