Thursday 28 January 2016

International World Pole Dance Sport Fitness championships - The History 2005 - 2016

Pole Fitness, Sport and Dance -  International WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND COMPETITIONS
(have we missed any? and please help us fill in the ?)

Miss Pole Dance World - established in  2005 - Holland

International Pole Championships - established in 2008 -  Manila

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships - World Pole Dance Championships / established  in 2009 - Jamaica

Pole Art /  established in 2009 - ?

Battle of the Pole /established in 2009 - ?

Aerial Pole International Championships / established in 2010 - ?

World Pole Cup / established in 2012 - Brazil

World Pole Sport Championships - IPSF  / established in 2013 - UK

World Pole Theatre / established in 2016 - Australia

World Pole Sport Competition / established  2016 - Switzerland


Friday 22 January 2016

Valentine's Day 2016 at Pole Passion - Sexy lap & chair dance, 7 Sexy Secrets

7 Sexy Secrets of a lap or chair dance -

Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness & FUN!

For many of you who know the history of Pole Passion, you will know we started our Pole Passion journey with Sexy Pole Parties, at a time when 'PoleFitness" didn't exist or created, and within these parties we surprise our guests with a one hour sexy pole dance tuition which includes moves, tricks, spins, transitions and poses with sexy tips and techniques all along the way and if requested we would add on a bonus surprise of a half hour introduction and psychology session, of a lap/chair dance for your special person

Lap dance or dancing round a chair, for the majority of us is not an every day activity!!  And it’s more than just thrusting and gyrating your hips in the general direction of a man (or woman) sitting in the chair and hoping the lights are dim enough they will get the gist! 

So here are my top 7 tips to make your dance go well

1.     Wear something you can move in comfortably and freely and clothing that feels fabulous on your skin – less is more, so chose wisely and consider if you will be stripping during your routine or not – Your skin on skin contact feels amazing so remember to use lots of body tracing during your routine, demonstrating to your ‘audience’ how and where you like to be touched. Heels or no heels? You choose but always remember to practice before hand, preferably on and around the chair you will be using
2.     Chose your location, dance area, wisely and remove all distractions ie: pets, children! mobile phones. Make sure you have lots of space around you too, to be free with your movements. Keep the lights low and wear and spray your favourite perfume minutes before, if you can – smells can trigger powerful erotic moment!!
3.     Make an entrance walking towards the chair oozing sexual and erotic prowess  - maintain that eye contact as much as possible and remember the back is just as sexy as the front so remember to dance a 360 degree dance
4.     Think about the music that will motivate and move you to a sensual flow of transitions and gracefulness – remember you need to FEEL sexy before you focus on what LOOKS sexy. Listen to the words in the music, are they appropriate?  Think, slow is sexy, it is also hard to dance to, so take some time in choosing your song choice an choreography
5.     Practice, practice and practice again, always be free from injury; a body needs to move fluidly and without pain to be giving it’s best, however that said, don’t let injury stop you doing what you want to do and express yourself with adaptations if necessary, but always under the guidance of a doctor or physician. A stiff neck or back prevents your natural flow and will not allow your mind to flow freely too.  Enjoy the way the moves FEEL in your body, stop stressing on how you look and concentrate on how you feel. Concentrate on the ‘sway’ in the music, rather than the beat
6.     And finally be kind to yourself, you will be the most judgmental person of your routine.  No one watching will be judging or analysing your techniques. So, be confident with your head up and be proud of who you are – You will be nervous, but there is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling afterwards when your special person has received your precious gift of dance and the exhilaration of giving the gift of erotic and emotional exposure through movement
7.     And my final tip is always leave them wanting more – leave the room before or at the end of the song, where you can have a glass of water or something stronger waiting J They will be dazed

Own your dance, keeping it simple and playful, but remember to stay in character and have fun creating your special gift
For more information on how to give a sexy dance ask your instructor for more information about special classes and 121's available 

Happy Valentine Day 2016

Pole Passion 2001 – 2016
Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness & FUN!