Tuesday 19 October 2010

10 hour 'Dance A Thon' in aid of Macmillian Pole Passion

Pole Passion
10 Hour Dance ‘a’ Thon
in support of
Macmillan Cancer Support

Pole Passion has been invited to an amazing event at Butlins, Bognor Regis on 20th November 2010
This event is for raising vital money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the day will consist of 1 hour per dance style for people to come and participate in.

Information on Macmillan Cancer Support:
Macmillan cancer support, strives everyday to improve the lives of people affected by cancer; they provide medical and financial support and will make sufferer’s lives as easy as they can.
Their ambition is to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer, as more and more people are having to cope with this disease in their daily life.
Macmillan also offers emotional and practical support too.
It is also about supporting families and communities and bringing them together to become stronger.
Macmillan guide their patients every step of the way and fund nurses, health care professionals and cancer care centres.
Macmillan understands that people need support at home, so they provide carers and also for emotional support providing cancer support specialists to listen.
Macmillan also give financial benefit and advice for all the extra costs from travelling to the heating bills.

“Together we listen, we learn, we act to help people live with cancer”.

The Event Day

There is expected to be over 400 people joining in throughout the day with Burlesque dance from Pole Passion setting the scene. Also included in the day will be sexy salsa to funky jazz.
All the dance classes will be kept fun and simple so everyone can follow them, whether they are a strictly come dancer professional, to having 2 left feet!

Butlin’s Bognor Regis kindly donated there venue for this cause.

Included in the 10 dance styles are:
Burlesque from Pole Passion opening the day with a sexy upbeat warm up
Hip Hop
Line Dancing
Belly Dancing

The whole day will be full of entertainment and fun, including a raffle, foot and shoulder massages available on the day too.

Kay Penney Managing Director of Pole Passion is passionate about supporting the Macmillan charity and the day’s events, the charity being very close to her heart also.

Pole Passion will be demonstrating the innovative Free Standing R-Poles at this event as well for everyone to see and to try out.

For more information on this event and to book yourself in for the day see: www.macmillandance2010.co.uk

If you would like to join in the dance costs are £10 per person for the whole day with 80% of all money going to Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

tel: 0871 318 3838
email: theteam@polepassion.com

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Diet for Pole Dancers & Pole Performers

Karen Chaundy representing UK World Pole Dance 2010

Suggested Diet for World Class Pole Performers & Instructors

The key to slimming down and loosing body fat, tightening your body, recovering and staying strong for your pole sessions is proper diet.

some suggestions below -

Increase lean proteins from
Lean beef
and whey protein - Isolate powder

Increase green vegetables from
Green beans
Leafy green salad

and decrease/cut back on starchy and simple carbohydrates such as

Also take in some good fats from extra virgin Olive Oil
Flax seed oil
Fish oil

and drink lots of water, it helps keep your skin healthy and helps burn body fat.

Paul Wright – fitness enthusiast and body builder - Canada

email for more information : buffbodymind@hotmail.com

Friday 8 October 2010

The International Pole Sports Federation Announces Committee Members

Pole Passion is proud to announce Kay Penney founder of Pole Passion, chair of the events committee, author of accredited pole instructor training qualifications, culminating in almost 30 pole competitions in her 9 years within the pole fitness industry and over 20 years within the fitness industry with many more pole events world wide to date and Steve Penney have been awarded a place on the safety committee and we believe a very valuable member within the pole industry with his 25 years within the construction industry and passion and development for creating the first and currently only recognised European safety standards for pole equipment.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States – October 6, 2010 – In a bid to bring Pole Sports to the Olympic and World Games arena, the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) has put together an all-star team of fitness professionals from around the world. The industry’s top leaders in training, certification, competition, and equipment have joined together to build an Olympic-calibre organization from the ground up.

It is with great pride that the IPSF announces the following committee members:

Executive Committee
Timothy Trautman (President) – United States
KT Coates (Executive Vice-President) – United Kingdom

Technical Committee
Mary Ellyn Weissman (Chair) – United States
Cindy Cooijmans – The Netherlands
Jeanine Corringham – South Africa

Marketing Committee
Jack Gaffney (Chair) – United States
Talece Brown – United States
Charlotte Speller – United Kingdom
Alexandra Wood – United Kingdom

Accreditation Committee
Christine Davies - United States

Athlete Committee
Tami Dixon (Chair) – United States
Ingrid Jerak – Croatia
Monica Rumbea – Ecuador

Medical Committee
Dr. Sherry Morris (Chair) – United States

Safety Committee
Clive Coote (Chair) – United Kingdom
Stephen Penney – United Kingdom www.R-polefitness.com

Event Committee
Kay Penney (Chair) – United Kingdom www.polepassion.com
Adrian Tan - Singapore

Ethics Committee
Kate Whitley (Chair) – United Kingdom

Regional Vice-Presidents
Laura Buch (Europe) – Ireland
Vanessa Costa (South America) – Brazil
Chastitie Lujan (North America) – United States
Gabriela Munoz (Central America) – Mexico
Anna Przeplasko (Asia) – Hong Kong
Sabrina Waller (Oceania) – Australia

Pole Sports has entered the mainstream of fitness workouts around the globe and has become widely accepted as a rigorous and skilful method of exercise.

The International Pole Sports Federation (www.polesports.org) was established with a simple goal – unite the Pole Sports athletes of the world, their countries, and take them to the World Games and the Olympics.

We have launched a new IPSF fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Pole-Sports-Federation-IPSF/118475331542080).

Timothy Trautman
2021 S. Windsor Street, Ste. D
Salt Lake City, UT 84105 USA
(801) 230-4259

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Olympic Pole Dance Championship 2010

World Pole Dance championships 2010
Report Exclusive - All set for the Olympics!

This World Pole Dance Championships, presented by Pole Passion and Loft1 Pole Fitness Studios was held in Zurich Switzerland on the 2nd of October 2010.
The competition was held in the grand beautiful Radisson Blu Hotel, so the competitors enjoyed a life of luxury to help them with their nerves!

The judges for the World Championships were:

Kay Penney- UK- Chief Director & founder of Pole Passion in 2003 and organiser of the World Pole Dance competition, Owner of Miss Pole Dance UK National championships founded in 2005 & Mr Pole Fitness championships

Daniela Baumann- Switzerland- Chief Director of Loft 1 Pole Fitness Studios and co/organiser of the competition and owner of Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland

Alma Pirner- Hungary- Famous as a glamour model, pole and aerial performer and founder of pole dance and fitness to Hungary owner of Miss Pole Dance Hungary

Reiko Suemune- Japan- The World Pole Dance Champion 2005 and owner of Miss Pole Dance Japan

Fawnia Dietrich- USA- Was one of the first women to introduce pole fitness to the world and brought out the first Pole Fitness DVD

Deb Riley Tricks Syntax Coordinator- UK- Won best Tricks in Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 and is one of the top UK instructors

Donna Gant Tricks Syntax Coordinator-assistant- UK- Is also one of the top UK instructors

The competition was a huge “Woman Power” event, from women in over 24 countries that came to compete that day.

This competition was in it’s 2nd year held by Pole Passion and the talent and skill that was in it was extraordinary and Kay Penney chief director of Pole Passion is passionate about pushing this beautiful art form out further and further to the world.

On the 1st of October, the competitors had to battle it out in a set of Prelim competitions. The competitors were split into 3 groups and in total there were 36 all battling for 13 places in the World Championship finals competition.

The 13 finalists were:

1. Kulagina Anzhela – Russia
2. Alethea Austin - USA
3. Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil
4. Jenyne Butterfly – USA
1st runner up 2009 (automatic entry)
5. Zoroya Judd - USA
6. Crystal Lai - Canada
7. Alesia Vazmitsel - UK
2nd runner up 2009 (automatically entry)
8. Laurence Hilsum - France
9. Karen Chaundy - United Kingdom
10. Maria Escalante - Argentina
11. Allegra King - Australia
12. Felix Cane 2009 World Champion – Australia
(automatic entry)
13. Anastasia Skukhtorova – Russia

The following results for the competition were:

Winner: Felix Cane- Australia
Felix Cane took the World Pole Dance Championship first place home with her again!
This girl is still at the top of her game, she executed all her moves with grace and strong energy towards the audience.
She wore a rocky costume, with a skirt and jacket which she later removed and beautiful gemmed up shoes.
As soon as she entered on to the stage, she lit up with her expression and confidence as she danced and rocked out to “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse.
The lyrics to this song suited Felix perfectly as they had in them “the time has come to make things right”, meaning Felix meant business as she was coming back to take her crown home as the winning champion. What an athlete she is!

2nd Place: Maria Escalante- Argentina
Maria with her unique presentation Latino style pole dance routine.
Showing a very strong, confident routine, with perfect choreography, demonstration of beautiful lines and flexibility.
Her expression was sexy and also fierce as she connected with the audience and judges.

3rd Place: Rafaela Montanaro- Brazil
Rafaela wowed the audience and judges with her strong powerful routine, as well as her muscular athletic figure.
Her moves were executed with such strength and power and she had the flexibility to go with it too.

Best Costume Award: Alesia Vazmitsel- UK
Alesia’s costume was beautiful and fun at the same time.
She came on to the stage dressed as a martini class with a giant head piece of a sliced orange on her head.
She had the audience’s attention straight away, as she cheekily walked around the stage poking her head out the top of her martini glass style costume.
She then removed the martini glass and the orange head piece to reveal a beautiful red sparkling costume to perform the rest of her routine in.
This girl knows how to please and wow an audience!

Best Entertainer Award: Crystal Lai- Canada
Crystal’s routine had a bit of everything in it, from poses, drops and combination tricks.
Her routine was fun and up beat all the way through and it also included the classic club track “Let me think about it”, which involved a great beat which got the audience going and clapping throughout.
She looked like she was having so much fun on stage and her costume was a simple blue sparkly bikini style costume which suited this high energy, fun routine.

Best Tricks Award: Rafaela Montanaro- Brazil
Not only did this girl win 3rd place, but also won the tricks award too.
Her tricks were so strong and precise and a massive variety of slow controlled tricks to fast combination ones.

This night was also filmed by Stangentanz auf Höchstniveau TV Company and was aired on Swiss TV.

There will be a DVD of this amazing event coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Kay and Steve Penney from Pole Passion have decided to hold next years World Pole Dance in Budapest in Hungary in October 2011 along with Alma Pirner – Doll House co hosting as well.

There will also be a new doubles category next year too.

So watch this space and see you there next year!

For more information please visit


we are already signing up sponsors too so if you are interested in this international event please do not hesitate to contact us on


Tel: 0871 318 3838

The championships was sponsored by www.r-polefitness.com suppliers of the competition poles

Finalists & results ~ World Pole Dance 2010 presented by Pole Passion

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships
Running order Saturday 2nd October 2010

1.Anzhela Kulagina - Russia
2.Alethia Austin - USA
3.Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil
4.Jenyne butterfly - USA
5.Zoroya Judd - USA
6.Crystal Lai - Canada
7.Alesia Vazmitel - UK
8.Laurence Hilsum - France
9.Karen Chaundy - UK
10 Maria Escalante - Argentina
11 Allegra King - Australia
12 Felix - Australia
13 Anastasia Skukhtorova - Russia

Special Awards

Best Tricks award – Rafaela Montanaro Brazil
Best Entertainer award – Crystal Lai Canada
Best Costume award – Alesia Vazmitsel United Kingdom

Please note: The organisation reserves the right to change contestants at short notice in the case of absentees

Finals Judge’s Name Country

1 Kay Penney – head judge United Kingdom
2 Daniela Baumann - Switzerland
3 Alma Pirner - Hungary
4 Reiko Suemune - Japan
5 Fawnia Dietrich - USA
6 Deb Riley - tricks syntax coordinator United Kingdom
7 Donna Gant - tricks syntax coordinator assistant United Kingdom


1. Felix Australia 2010 & 2009 winner
Felix Cane, the winner of 2010 World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion held on 2nd October in Zurich Switzerland representing Australia
She also hosted 3 Master Classes instructor sessions during the weekend offering her unique style of teaching to all pole enthusiasts and international instructors attending from 24 countries.

Felix has trained as a dancer from a young age and went on to performing in professional classical & contemporary dance companies.
Felix started pole dancing in 2006 in Perth WA, and after just 8 months worth of lessons she went on to win Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 and then won it again in 2008.
Felix Cane is currently the World Pole Dance Champion as she won it in 2009 with her amazing talent, performance and flexibility on the pole.
Felix defiantly has that X-Factor on the pole, as from winning World Pole Dance 2009 this then led to Cirque du Soleil ringing her up asking her if she wanted to be part of Zummanity, as they had seen impressive footage of her from YouTube footage from World Pole Dance held in Jamaica.

Zummanity is cabaret sexy show held in Las Vegas by Cirque Du Soleil and a special character part was created for Felix to be a woman who breaks out of her shell to grab her lover’s attention by showing off her amazing, sexy, impressive moves around a pole, making her lover see her again for the very first time.
Since Felix’s successful she has done many Master Class Workshops over the world and is part and the sponsor for Pocket Pole and a Master Pole Dance Instructor in America!

Felix’s following Winning Titles:

• World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships - World Pole Dance 2010 & 2009
• Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008
• Australia National Final 2008 – Pole Dance Champion
• Australia WA Final 2008 – Entertainer of the Year & Hottest Body
• STAR Awards – Best Female Performer 2007
• Miss Hustler Centrefold Oceania 2007 – 1st Place
• Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006

Before discovering her passion for pole dancing, Felix was schooled extensively as a dancer firstly in Perth, from the age of 11 until the age of 15, when she moved to London where she continued to study many forms of dance, but predominantly contemporary and classical.
Felix has experience performing with professional contemporary and classical dance companies, working in many different venues including theatres in and around London. Whilst in London she also worked in television and film.

2nd place

Maria Escalante - Argentina Group B

Luz Escalante, has born in Rosario, Argentina South America, on May 13, 1980. At age 5 she began studying ballet at the municipal school of dance, an activity that accompanied them the rest of her life, reaching its peak in 1997 when he enters the Stable Ballet off Rosario´s City which is part of two years. Here plays various key roles in many of the most important works of the classical repertoire, like Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, Corsair, Carmen, Paquita, La Fille Mal Gardée, among others.

During her childhood, in parallel, and within 5 years, joins the world of gymnastics and acrobatics, which would give much physical domain overhead pole positions.

At 23 years old, became a fitness instructor, an activity that continues to make to the present, specializing in spinning, stretching, cardio strip dance, gymnastics located, reggaeton and Latin rhythms.

In May 2007, she met the pole dance, begins to train intensively and begins to teach entry-level instructor in the first study of Pole Dance Argentina.
A year later he earned the title of "Best Pole Dancer" as a champion of Pole Dance Championship Argentina 2008, which takes it to participate as special guest of Ame du Pole in Belfast, North Ireland in February 2009.

In October 2009, regains first place in Miss Pole Dance Argentina for the second consecutive year and the first runner up Miss Pole Dance South América 2009. These awards qualify for the next part of Miss Pole Dance World to be held in Zurich, Switzerland in October 2010.

3rd place

Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil Group C

Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil

My sports career started before I was born: My mom and dad were both athletes and graduated on Physical Education College. I had no choice, before I knew I was inside the gym!
I started gymnastics by the age of 3. When I was 7 I had already an individual and team national titles. But that really wasn’t for me, and I quit when I was 12.
Then I studied Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. By the time I was 16 I started circus classes, and the next year, when I was 17 I was accepted in the “école nationale des arts du cirque” in Paris, where I studied for 1 and half year.
After coming back to Brazil I got in college to study Physical Education in 2005, and graduated in 2008. By the end of college I saw a video of Felix Cane on Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, and fell in love with it! This was all I needed in one thing: sport, art, dance, acrobatics, and expression! And of course, so sexy! I wanted to learn but it was very hard to find a teacher around here. I only found a (decent) teacher in May 2009, her name is Sarita Papalardo.
Due to My sports/dance historic I developed very fast my pole skills. By September 2009 I won the Miss Pole Dance Brazil, and by October the Miss Pole Dance South America. Now After 1 and a half year of pole I’ll be sharing the stage with the girl who inspired me! It’ amazing for me!

for more information please visit www.worldpoledance.com and www.polepassion.com

email: theteam@polepassion.com Tel: 0871 318 3838

Felix Cane new World Pole Dance Champion 2010

The first weekend of October saw the event that the whole pole dance and fitness professionals all over the world had been waiting for:- The World Pole Sport Fitness (Official World Pole Dance Championships 2010). Presented by Pole Passion and Loft1 fitness, the Championships – dubbed “the World Cup of Pole Dance Fitness”- took place at the exquisite Radisson Blu Hotel in picturesque Zurich, Switzerland.

The finals competition saw 13 competitors from every corner of the globe compete for a chance to hold the coveted title for the coming year. Top seeds Felix Cane (of Cirque du Soleil), Aleisa Vazmitzel (of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent) and Jenyne Butterfly automatically went through to the finals, with the remaining ten places up for grabs during the group stages (a mixture of seeded and wildcard entries).

Contestants were judged on their presentation, dance and fitness and pole tricks ability during the competition. Routine quality was unbelievably high from all contestants with super human strength, death defying stunts, impossible spins and seamless transitions demonstrated by all.

First Runner up Rafaela Montanaro (Brazil) wowed audience and judges alike with her stellar demonstrations of superhuman strength and poise, Second Place winner Maria Escalante (Argentina) worked traditional Argentine tango together with seamless pole tricks and Winner Felix Cane (Australia) performed a high octane routine flawlessly with her trademark flexibility and smooth combinations.

Organiser Kay Penney had this to say about the event “I am so proud that all the competitors have exhibited such a high professional standard of dance performance, fitness, strength and decorum during the competition. The World Pole Dance Champion must be both an athlete and an ambassador for the pole industry and I believe that in Felix Cane, we have found that Champion”.

For more information on Felix Cane the champion and Pole Passion, event organiser please email

Next year has been set for Hungary Budapest with Alma Pinear, who founded pole fitness in Hungary, supporting the organisation

email : theteam@polepasion.com
web: www.worldpoledance.com

tel: 0871 318 3838

Kay Penney Managing Director Pole Passion & World Pole Dance