Thursday 11 February 2010

Pole Fitness Association

When taking on the responsibility of running your own pole school
Insurance is a must,
along with working from safe and approved pole equipment (we highly recommend the r-pole

Being highly trained yourself (we highly recommend the pole fitness instructor training certifications and qualifications)

using high quality venues and facilities
being first aid trained

visit for the next first aid course specific for pole dancers/fitness instructors

You are legally responsible to assure a high level of public safety. Certifications, accreditation and adhering to industry standards are great ways to ensure your students and instructors will be safe.

Make sure your own skills are solid before you expect to be able to protect others.

Remember safety first!!

We are often asked whether pole dance is a sport or an art and will it ever make the Olympics?

We believe it is both and yes one day it will

Join the thousands on facebook petition

Realistically the soonest that pole could get in the Olympics is 2020 however join this petition as mainstream perception is key

Pole Fitness First Aid Courses

First Aid for Sports & Pole Dance & Fitness Instructors presented by Pole Passion.

We highly recommend a first aid course specific for the pole fitness instructor and students. This course is a must for anyone who wants to be teaching safely and have the confidence to be able to give first aid in the event of injury or incident, involving first aid during your classes.

This course is designed for sports related injuries and covers the below topics; Tailored for sports coaches and fitness professionals, who may find themselves in a position that requires them to take charge of an incident, involving first aid. This may include:
• Sports coaches
• Fitness professionals
• Pole Fitness professionals
• Parents
Certification, resource pack and aide memoirs are included.
6 hours
West Sussex
Next Date
Saturday 17th April 2010

First Aid for Sports Syllabus
• Aims and Principles of first aid
• Injury prevention
• Incident management
• Head Injuries
• Treatment of unconsciousness
• Resuscitation
• Fractures
• Other related issues
• Soft tissue injuries
• Sports specific topics
• Conditions which may affect the sports person

The course cost is £55 and will be held in one of our West Sussex venues.

We highly recommend booking onto this course and it is valid for 3 years

Please contact us on