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Three Arm Strengthening Exercises from the Foundation Pole Passion Instructor Training

Three Arm Strengthening Exercises from the Foundation Pole Passion Instructor Training 

Gripping the pole tightly with both hands in base ball grip,
body facing the pole,
engage your core muscles,
hands at chest height

Gently jump up and down like a pogo !!
Using arms (biceps and triceps) using the pulling action and legs for power;- quads and calves and for balance, strength and coordination
Be careful not to ‘head butt’ the pole or swing your body forward - (this is an excellent full body, core and cardio workout)
Pogo for 30 seconds   ~  Then one minute! Rest and repeat

2. HANG TOUGH - Hands in same position as pogo pole
(baseball grip, doesn't matter which hand is on top because you will change hand positions after you have completed one set.

Hold the body off the floor as long as you can before your grip and strength gives up!) Time yourself, aim for 30 seconds then 1 minute - we like to think those who can hold themselves for up to 120 seconds are strong enough to hold their body weight for an Invert! As an example!!

Face the pole – and hold the pole above the head,  tummy gently on the pole to stabilise the body
Engage the biceps and triceps and lift gently, raising the body off the floor
At first the body may not move but in time mm by mm your arm strength will get stronger and you will be able to raise your full weight up the pole to a hand to chin position
At first you may 'cheat' by bringing the knees up holding the pole between your knees for support
Progression would be raising your legs into a boomerang straight leg raise position, in front of your pole (pole between the legs An adaptation would be to take your legs behind your body, arching your back

To progress -
This can also be done from a seated position too with your legs in front

Chin ups then  to climbing just with the hands

Have fun and always warm up before trying the above exercises too xx

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Elena Artamonova - Pole Passion Retreat 2014

Elena Artamonova from Russia

Pole Passion UK Ltd, is proud to promote and support  Elena Artamonova from Russia on this year’s Annual International  Pole Passion, Training Retreat to be held in Budapest between May 1st and 10th May 2014
Elena is one of the forefathers of Pole Dance in Russia.
Elena joined us two years ago as a participant and to train as an international Pole Sports trainer
She is an International accredited Pole Sport & Fitness instructor qualified by

Pole Passion in May 2012 and again 2014  - Membership number - PPF1690512 

With a sports past as a gymnastic candidate, master of sports and ballroom dances D-class athlete, and doing different dance classes including ballet, jazz-modern and contemporary, she came into this sport accidently by visiting a pole dance class in Vladivostok, Russia in 2004.
Her first instructor was a true inspiration for exploring new elements and as such she found it was impossible to quit.

In 2005 Elena Artamonova started her Instructor career and with 2 higher educations (pedagogical and choreographer education), she never stops raising her professional level.
Elena is one of a few in Russia who graduated International with her Instructor Certification by Pole Passion Ltd. She is an International level Instructor of Pole Dance and Pole Fitness and is comfortable handling groups and individual programs. As well she a Certificated Fitness Instructor and possesses enormous amount of different Certificates of passed Pole Dance, Fitness and Choreography Workshops.

Besides teaching, Elena Artamonova is one of the leading and powerful athletes of Russia. Her Competition career began in 2007 from “Miss Pole Dance Vladivostok’ competition, where she was the Winner for several years, until she moved to Moscow. Having the title of Miss Pole Dance Russia (2010), Elena became of the 10 best athletes of the World by participating in International Competitions in 2011 and 2012. This year she will be representing Russia in World Pole Cup, 2014.

Elena’s motto is: Never give up! Which describes her life position to the full extent.
She inspires everyone with her positive attitude and feels that, “ it is just the beginning…”

Budapest 2014 Pole Passion Retreat and training

Itac2 Pole Passion European Pole Grip Distributors since 2009

Pole Passion is proud to be an Itac2 distributor since 2009, selling and distributing across Europe and the World.

Itac2 fitness pole grip, started 6 years ago very quietly and now in 2014 we supply all over the Globe

Sold now, in 62 Countries and more.

There are 10 000’s of polers using itac2 and amongst them many international champions.

We are celebrating the launch of the new branding and display box.

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Do Pole Dancers Use Fake tanning products and is it safe to do so?

We do generally  have a code of conduct for safety reasons here.

Do NOT to apply a fake tan to the face or body, up to 24 hours before going on the pole and always shower after a tan application (within the recommended guidelines for that product).
Some tanning products can cause a slightly slippery (oil based) residue, which may make a participant or fellow participant slip off the pole (not a good practice and very dangerous!)  
Our general rule is NOT to apply any cream, lotions or moisturisers prior to going on the equipment, minimum 24 hours before - Showering before a session on the pole is highly recommended.

There are many pole gripping products now on the market, that are suitable for use, prior to pole which helps with grip, naturally! and pole technique, however non that are of a tanning/colouring nature for the skin!!

For example
Mighty Grip – Powder based grip absorbing moisture
Dew Point Pole – Moisturising liquid spray causing a better grip
Gorilla Gold – tacky wax impregnated cloth placed onto the skin
Liquid Chalk – Liquid chalky based product removing moisture

When choosing a grip, do try it first, as not all grips suit one person – shop for all your gripping product