Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hanka Venselaar representing the Netherlands in World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011

"I'm Hanka Venselaar , 28 years old, from Nijmegen, representing the Netherlands.

In my daily life I'm a PhD student in bioinformatics and I'm trying to solve biological problems by using 3D-protein structures. I was a competitive gymnast but retired 4 years ago. I was desperately trying to find a new sport that is as challenging as gymnastics, and then I found pole dancing. I loved it from the start!

It requires the same amount of flexibility and strength as gymnastics but demands also a certain amount of show, something that I definitely missed in gymnastics. I try to turn every performance into a complete act with acrobatic skills, original combinations, but also with dance and clothes that fit the music. When I started pole dancing I did not think of competitions, but things change over time and I became the Dutch National Champion in 2008 and the Benelux Champion in 2009 and 2010.

Competing in the worlds feels like the next (big) step."

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Zoraya Judd USA World Pole Dance 2011 competitor

Zoraya Judd USA representative and Competitor World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011

Her first competition was "Miss Pole Fetish Utah in 2009." Where she was placed 1st in the advanced division. Shortly after, she was one of the 12 girls chosen to compete in USPDF West Coast Regional in the 2009 Competition, where she received her "Pro Status."
Other competitions Zoraya has competed in are Vertical Pole Challenge, where she secured herself a spot in the Finale, and USPDF National Championship 2010 in the Pro Division.

She have performed with Jenyne Butterfly, who has been a big inspiration and coach to her as has Felix Cane who she has also performed with. Felix Cane and Zoraya completed teaching duo workshops and privates in Southern California in 2010.

Zoraya’s goal is to continue to show people the fitness side of pole. She absolutely loves everything to do with pole, but for her it is the strength, control and flexibility that she finds so beautiful and intriguing.

Don't miss your opportunity to meet and watch this wonderful and amazing lady this year at World Pole Dance in Budapest October 1st 2011

Tickets now on sale –

Hygiene of the Dance and Fitness Pole avoiding those gym germs

Hygiene of the dance pole avoiding those gym germs (added to level 1 Pole Passion Instructor Training - December 2007)

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states:

Section 3 of the act - places general duties upon employers and the self-employed to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of anyone not in their employment who are likely to be affected by their undertaking.
So if you are a teacher, instructor, or responsible for gym or fitness equipment then you will need to ensure you keep the equipment free from harmful gym germs.
For cleaning many of these gym germs we would recommend to keep all equipment and pole areas fully maintained and cleaned regularly. We would recommend an anti bacterial and anti fungi solution. Pole Fitness Poles must be cleaned regularly.
The fitness/dance poles are likely to harbour many gym germs. A mild disinfectant wipe which is impregnated with a high specification broad spectrum bactericide is recommended. Used in both the health care and food industry, they are active against bacteria as well as viruses and fungi. These are ideal for use to clean your fitness/dance pole. Antibacterial wipes are safe and easy to use before and after pole class. Especially useful to help control the spread of bacteria and fungi on fitness/dance poles and other equipment used in gyms, clubs, leisure centers and the home.

Please note that some manufacturers of poles do not recommend you use chemicals to clean the pole, as this may corrode the surface of the pole – always check with the manufacturers recommendations. high quality stainless steel metal suitable for most cleaning materials to maintain high levels of pole hygiene

Pole Passion Fitness / Passion Fitness Sussex Based training provider

Pole Passion Fitness – The History

• Pole Passion Ltd, Sussex based training provider company, founded in 2000 by Kay Penney, fitness professional and health and beauty therapist with over 20 years within the fitness industry. The company went Limited in 2005 as a recognition of professionalism. Pole Passion is primarily a health & fitness company mainly for women, although in the last 2 to 3 years more and more males have been attracted to our teachings
• Currently the Fitness Classes are inspired by fitness and dance movements from other genres and that of exotic and sensual dance moves, innovating and continually developing new forms of fitness for every day women
• Our main aim being providing FUN, different & exciting new ways to keep fit for the modern woman
• Statistics have shown that gym memberships are declining and that customers are looking for different style of motivation and classes

In 2003 there were but a handful of companies offering Pole fitness lessons and parties on and around a vertical bar – the pole. Pole Passion was one of those first companies in the world to offer classes for everyone despite their religion, fitness ability, body size or shape who were willing to supporting their motto:-

Empowerment, confidence, fitness & FUN!

In 2007 it was calculated that there were an astonishing 250 independent Pole schools in the UK and the number is still rising.

In 2007 Pole Passion created and wrote two REP’s accredited Instructor training programs for all qualified fitness professionals, being awarded the highest number of REP’s points ever for fitness certifications, supported by the government funded Skills Active program, in a quest to get Pole Fitness Qualified and recognised as a viable and socially acceptable form of fitness.

Tainted by it’s origins of gentleman’s clubs where ladies would do ‘lap dancing and striptease’ for money. Pole fitness now has its own recognition and identity with more formal gymnastics and flexibility and strength training programmes it is now supported by many local, national and international governments embracing the pole fitness classes in all areas of the world and across the UK.
These gyms include recognised names such as LA Fitness, Nuffield Health and Well Being & Cannons.

• Health & Safety considerations are paramount with our lessons and course delivery - all lessons have risk assessments on equipment

All their classes and content have a safety certificate confirming all classes comply with current health and safety standard with regards to Bio Mechanical & Musculo skeletal principal’s from one of the UK’s top accredited osteopath’s Steve Deadman.

Supporting the Pole Fitness classes Kay Penney created competitions as a place to advertise the techniques on a massive scale - Miss Pole Dance UK in 2005 introducing the first synchronised doubles category in 2007 - Pole fitness competition for ladies across the UK
World Pole Sport & Fitness competition was created in 2009 creating the first networking convention for pole enthusiasts across the world.

Creating the pole fitness Code of Pole Practice in 2006 was about setting professional standards and professional ethics. Creating a sound and ethical basis to demonstrate our athletic art without the fear of being wrongly judged.

My name is Kay Penney and I begun the foundations of Pole Passion (UK) back in the year 2000 soon after the birth of my third child, lost in the hum drum of my busy motherhood I had lost who I was. As a qualified health and beauty expert and therapist and qualified fitness professional and being within the fitness industry now for nearly 20 years I soon became committed to solely practice and innovate the art of pole here in the UK (I had got the bug from the very first time I touched the pole) With no where to learn other than gentleman clubs, at that time, my quest was to remove and expose the art of pole for all to see, without the fear of being wrongly judged. Due to the rapid expansion of my teachings, my business partner and I decided to take the company Limited in 2005.

In 2006 I was devastatingly diagnosed with cancer and immersed myself further in my own well-being and decided to take the techniques of pole, directly and indirectly helping us all through a very difficult and challenging time. Since that life changing experience I deciding to document everything (mainly through fear of not being a live to see my dream and reality coming true:- the dream of creating techniques that would be available to all without having to train behind closed doors as I did in the beginning for the fear of being wrongly judged – judged as a prostitute or easy person!! Giving sex to anyone who thought that’s what I was portraying.

From our teachings, we created pole parties, from pole parties we innovated pole fitness lessons, from pole fitness lessons we pioneered two accredited pole instructor training packages to coincide with our existing programmes– recognised as the highest awards within the UK fitness industry written in conjunction with the exercise to music qualifications (launched in July 2008). Attracting fitness and dance enthusiast across the world, so far from many parts of Europe, Brazil, Hungry, Portugal, America and all across the UK and Ireland and still continue to do this on a monthly basis.
We are also proud to own and operate, with our supporters, the most successful and largest pole competition within the UK, Miss Pole Dance UK (professional) now in its 7 successive year and believe these competitions have been very instrumental in educating the general public to change their perception of Pole technique and offering professional recognition for the athletes invloved. Innovating and introducing the pole synchronised doubles category in 2007. Owning and operating since 2007 Miss Pole Dance amateur competition too, for those individuals new to pole technique who predominately train in gym environments. Following on in 2009 introducing Mr Pole Fitness UK allowing for the first time a place for men to show their power around the pole too in a safe and non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Owing and operating World Pole Sport & Fitness competition was also a massive milestone for the history of the sport - introducing a networking opportunity and week long event to all countries to share and develop predominately pole techniques with each other, culminating in a competition, show case style to wow audiences from around the world, in an exotic exiting and suppportive environment. The venue, not being our preferred first choice as it still had links with sexual connotations of supporting Playboy and swingers holidays we focused more on the fact the resort also offered golfing weeks and tennis tournaments! So oftern forgotten about when mentioned the word Hedonism Jamaica!!, however as our first year we decided to take advantage of the resorts kind offer to support our ideas, again being supported with open minded risk taking people it worked. Our similarities that we both are about pushing the boundaries and innovating something new fun and exciting without the fear of being wrongly judged! We reiterate that our focuses are on professionalism, maintaining ethical and healthy standards which we have built up for many years, supported by strict rules and regulations and the supportive fitness environment they had on resort, and their element of fun supported our ethos too.

We currently support international Master Trainers and have created Master Class training here within the UK beginning with Pole Ikon Pantera from the USA, where upon our initial meeting with Pantera back in 2005 at the World finals in Amsterdam where I was an invited international judge. Pantera has now not only become an icon here within the UK but we are pleased to announce our personal friendship has reached a new level – I so wish she would stop calling me mum though!! (big sister please)
We have also revolutionised the pole fitness industry by innovated the first portable free standing pole with no ceiling fixtures exclusively designed for the gym (and home) environment, without a stage or platform and integrating a mat flooring, which we believe will unlock the teaching in gym environments, which subsequently and in time has become available for all ages.

we understand that networking and continual professional development is important, especially in a growing innovative sport and community and currently we support and promote this within our company structure and set up. I am currently studying A1 standard for assessment planning, judgement of evidence and candidate feedback for the National Vocational Qualification assessment process specific to pole techniques.

I’m using the information to continue to create more processional standards which will in turn help create more credibility for the pole community as a whole, creating further opportunities and avenues to share my knowledge.
I am also a member of Equity union, membership number M00281529
I am a qualified fitness professional and member of the UK Register of Fitness Professionals membership number R0026490
Member of the Fitness Industry Association

Our company is about educating, training safely and effectively, for all levels of participants, not forgetting the fun, fitness and performance elements too, all in an non-judgemental atmosphere.

Our motto being Empowerment confidence fitness & FUN!

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Fawnia Dietrich USA to present a Master Class at the World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011 Championships in Budapest

Pioneer Fawnia Dietrich will be supporting World Pole Sport and fitness World Championships along with many other Key Pole Dance & Fitness experts from all over the world

This Pole Event of the year set in Budapest this year will see the best pole performers in the world all battling it out to gain the prestigious title with in the Pole Fitness and Dance Genre.

During Fawnia's Master Classes will have you climbing, inverting and having a blast while learning moves that both challenge and entertain. During this
Master Class you will learn a variety of holds and spins that together create a beautiful routine. Fawnia will help you refine your technique, and help your pole work become stronger, safer and smoother.

Requirements: You must be able to invert.

Intermission for the Tri-Pole Challenge Weekend:

Pole Fitness Studio grand opening:

Kees Camp Life with Love Fundraiser:

DATE: Friday 30th September and Sunday October 2nd
TIME: 11:00am-12:30pm 1.5hr Duration
WHERE: Dollhouse Poledance, Paradise & Aerial Skills Studio, VII. district,
Wesselényi street 4.III/16.

for more information on how to book

Jamilla Deville at the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2011

Jamilla Deville is widely regarded as one of the world’s most skilled pole dancers. Having trained in various forms of dance, adagio, trapeze, corde lisse and silks, her understanding of the principles of pole dancing is unparalleled.

Having claimed the original title of Miss Pole Dance Australia, Jamilla went on to be voted by the global pole community as IPDFA International Instructor of the Year for the last two years running. Renowned for her strength, athleticism and grace as a performer, Jamilla’s understanding and mastery of such crucial elements of pole dancing as safety, body alignment, aerial fitness, and balance set her apart as a leader in her field, making her offerings as an instructor invaluable to dancers the world over.

Since opening her own studio in Sydney, Australia, Jamilla has toured her classes across the USA, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand, training both students and instructors.

Creating The Art of Pole DVD Series has enabled Jamilla to travel and connect with dancers the world over. The series, sometimes described as “the pole dancing bible”, broke new ground on its release in 2007. It continues to inspire dancers globally.

DATE: Friday 30th September
TIME: 11:00am-12:30pm 1.5hr Duration
WHERE: Dollhouse Poledance, Paradise & Aerial Skills Studio, VII. district, Wesselényi street 4.III/16.

DATE: Sunday 2nd October
TIME: 11:00am-12:30pm 1.5hr Duration
WHERE: Dollhouse
Poledance, Paradise & Aerial Skills Studio, VII. district, Wesselényi
street 4.III/16.

to book visit the website link -

Bendy Kate Pole Passion Presents Master Classes with Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 Doubles Champion

This spectacular acrobat on and off the pole is visiting Pole Passion Bognor for one day only and is passionate about sharing her unique pole art and gymnastics abilities to all
Kate will be going on to represent the UK in the forth coming World Pole Dance event in Budapest September & October time

Sunday the 4th of September 2011
AT : Arun Leisure Centre, Felpham Way, Bognor Regis West Sussex PO22 8ED
Free parking available

Bendy's Signature themes and tricks (90 min) £35 per person
12.00 – 13.30pm
Suitable for all levels. Discover how Bendy themes her routines. Learn her quirky choreography, floor work and static spins tailored to themes including tango, contemporary and rag doll. She will be incorporating her signature tricks including cartwheels on and off the pole with walkovers too.

Bendy's Pole Acro Workshop (90 min) £35 per person
14.00 – 15.30pm
Suitable for intermediate to advanced pole dancers and budding performers. You must be able to safely invert to attend this class. In this acrobatic pole workshop Bendy will cover her favourite arms only and power moves, flexibility moves, hand balancing, acrobatics and flexibility training with step downs, training tips and progressions for each section.

Private sessions are available too for £45 per person or £30 each for a 2-2-1 (1 hour)

Call 0871 318 3838
or email or

facebook link

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Carlos França representing Germany in World Pole Dance 2011

Carlos França - Germany
Entering in World Pole Dance with just months of Pole Dance preparation

This natural talent on the pole is excited to be entered into the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships with just months of preparation on a stainless steel pole.
With his back ground of Capoeira and acrobatics, Carlos takes to the world stage representing Germany

‘My first contact with the public was 9 years old with ballet presentations. I started learning capoeira when I was 15 years old, after learning the break dance which I have been practicing since 8 years old. I had my first professional opportunity in a great artistic project (Circus Roda) the best and most well structured circus in Brazil.

In this project I learned numbers of acrobatics, aerial cradle, aerial straps, trapeze, and cube manipulation.
In this period I met my trainer Angel Andricain one of the best coaches of Brazil, he is from Cuba and it was he who introduced me and taught me basic techniques of Chinese pole. During this time I went through many experiences.

Desputas and capoeira events in various states of Brazil
Break dance battles various states of Brazil
Three years of contract and two different shows (STAPAFURDYO) and (OCEANO) with Circus Roda One and half year contract with TUI FUNCTION acrobat shows in hotels, Egypt and Turkey
At the moment I live in Germany and work with gala events and workshops.

The places where I have worked:

Acrobatico Fratelli
Grupo Fractons
Grupo Ares
Cia de Rua
Circo Roda
Cia Labaydere studio
Circus mignon

I only have a short summary of my professional pole dancing story which has only just begun in Germany in the last competition (July 2011). I was invited on the Friday before the Saturday by Jeannine Wilkerling organiser of the Mr Pole Dance Germany championships which was on the following day the Saturday!! the result - I’m Mr Pole Dance Germany 2011
tickets now on sale

Monday 22 August 2011

Burlesque Bible launches with Burlesque Passion Accredited Burlesque Fitness Courses

Burlesque Bible

Sussex based, Burlesque Passion, was excited to find the introduction of the new decadent and glossy Burlesque magazine, elegantly displayed amongst the women’s lifestyle magazines in WH Smiths (top shelf)recently this weekend. Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre performer and dance instructor and founder of UKs first Accredited Instructor courses for burlesque fitness under the name of Burlesque Passion, was not only excited to find this amazing publication with the celebration of her newly accredited One Day 'Burlesque for fitness' courses aimed at inspiring every day women, dancers, fitness instructors and budding burlesque performers focusing on using the unique and amazingly beautiful burlesque movements, and empowering techniques to salaciously support and empower a newly found confidence to its students and trainee instructors.

Whilst flicking through and mesmerized by the opulent pages we were delighted to find one of our former trainee student instructors, Laura Lawton who trained with Kay in 2010 and who has now branched out as a budding sassy entrepreneur on the burlesque arena.

For further details of Instructor training and starting your own burlesque business contact Burlesque Passion on

Tel : 0871 318 3838 or 01293 888200

Wednesday 17 August 2011

First Aid Specific for Sports & Pole Dance & Fitness Students & Instructors

First Aid Specific for Sports & Pole Dance & Fitness Instructors and students. (Pole Sport Specific)

Following our innovative and highly successful, sell out First Aid Course running since April 2010 we are making this bi-annual event to allow those pole fitness instructors and students who missed out to get First Aid accredited.

We highly recommend a first aid course specific for the pole fitness instructor and students alike. This course is a must for anyone who wants to be teaching safely and have the confidence to be able to give first aid in the event of injury or incident, involving first aid during your classes. An instructor First Aid certification is a must if you are inverting your students on the pole as part of your health and safety insurances

This course is designed for sports related injuries and covers the below topics; Tailored for sports coaches and fitness professionals, who may find themselves in a position that requires them to take charge of an incident, involving first aid. This may include:

• Sports coaches
• Fitness professionals
• Pole Fitness professionals
• Pole fitness and dance students/parents

Delegates will each receive professional tuition, first aid book / literature, pen / paper, & 3 YEAR certification. The course cost is £90 per person less than £3 per month.
Duration: 6 hours teaching
9:45 am registration 10:00am start – 5pm finish


Maidenbower Community Sports Centre,
Oriel High School,
Maidenbower Lane,
Crawley, West Sussex
RH10 7XW

Nearest train station is Three Bridges - Free onsite parking
Next Annual Date: Saturday 12th November 2011

First Aid for Sports Syllabus
• Aims and Principles of first aid
• Injury prevention specific to inverts on the pole
• Incident management
• Head Injuries
• Treatment of unconsciousness
• Resuscitation
• Fractures
• Other related issues
• Soft tissue injuries
• Sports specific topics
• Conditions which may affect the sports person

As a training provider we highly recommend booking onto this course and it is valid for 3 years.
Please contact us at for registration and bookings
Tel: 0871 318 3838

Monday 8 August 2011

Synchronised Doubles in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2011 for the first time

Reasons for the different diameter sizes of poles in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships

As an organisation we have to work with the logistics of the stage and organising many separate competitions on the same afternoon without time to change the poles.

The singles category in the championships is carried out on 1 x 38mm spinning Rpole and 1 x 50mm static Rpole to show versatility and multiple skill and techniques of both a static pole and spinning pole and not favouring one country over another who may just work off spinning poles or static poles. The diameter size of the poles is at both spectrums to create a more fair approach.

For the synchronicity element of the doubles category we have to choose either both static or both spinning - As the doubles category is new this year we have chosen 2 x static poles which is what the majority of most countries use at this time.

We apologise to those countries who are only working off only spinning poles and appreciate that by choosing both static poles for the doubles category, this does limit moves and combinations which you may very well be used to if you are using only a spinning pole.
We can state however most combinations used on a spinning pole can be adapted to a static pole

To be a world champion it is important that you have the versatility to be able to perform off any pole – both static and spinning poles, however we fully understand this may not accommodate everyone’s style and preference at this time.

In the world championships we are now working with over 30 countries and each country has a different type of pole they train from, some have 38mm some have 45mm and some have 50mm
To be fair we must incorporate more than one diameter size pole in the championships as this accommodates those pole tricks and moves carried out by a pair who is executing their performance move from one pole and by having two different sizes accommodates more countries.

World Pole Sport & fitness championships 2011

Finals tickets now on sale from the official website

Sunday 7 August 2011

Jess Norris Age 18 takes the MPD UK National championship 2011

From left to right picture 1

Maxine Betts (Cousins) – Judge – 2010 winner and passing over the crown to Jess Norris
Deb Riley – International Judge and UK tricks expert
Karen Chaundy – Third place
Jess Norris – First place winner – going on to represent the UK in - World Pole Dance 2011 in Budapest
Justine McLucas – Second position – Also going on to represent UK - in world Pole Dance in Budapest
Alma Pirner – International Judge Hungary (Doll House) – Host for this year’s World Pole Dance in Budapest
Kay Penney – Pole Passion - Head judge - Miss Pole Dance UK – Co Host for this year’s World Pole Dance in Budapest

for more information visit

Monday 1 August 2011

Cabaret Dance Parties in Brighton & Worthing NEW this season

Cabaret Dance Parties in Brighton & Worthing

Cabaret Dance Parties new this season in Brighton & Worthing is definitely for those who love to dress up: includes feather boa warm ups, many fabulous burlesque & Cabaret moves using feathers, glove peels, boas, and sexy moves to feel confident and great about yourself, with a few teasing surprises too!

Pole Passion Parties & lessons are designed exclusively for you and your group and have been delivery the best parties since 2003
regardless of your age, ability, shape or fitness levels
No-one is made to feel uncomfortable at any time

Our Parties are fully inclusive and we only charge for guests taking part and not for spectators. We also cater for smaller parties so please call for the best rate available.

The Cabaret 2 hour Experience Party: a fabulous 2 hours of exclusive fun at just £30 per girl with party guests not taking part for free. Party includes feather boa warm ups, fabulous sexy show girl style moves using feathers, glove peels, boas, stockings (bring your own plus heels if you have them) and sexy moves to feel confident and great about yourself with a few teasing surprises too! Your qualified dance instructor will take you through some stunning secrets of the cabaret for a 'wow' party that will leave you all feeling sexy and confident. 2 hour party includes 1.5hrs tuition and 30 minutes for changing and photo opportunities during your party.

Hula Hoop Parties New for 2011

Hula hoop parties are new, fun and exhilarating. Pole Passion, Brighton's premier Hen & Stag party organiser in Brighton since 2003 offering you affordable and quality parties, for any size group, large or small at the best prices for your Hen, Stag or even childs party.

Offered in private locations right in the heart of the busy streets of Brighton, walking distance from the beach, local bars, night clubs and restaurants. Let our friendly team support you for free - they are just on the end of the phone 7 days a week. Tel: 0871 318 3838

Discover how to move the hoop like the professionals do, creating a routine and moves you never thought possible, whilst having amazing fun with our unique and bonding experience package. Laughing all the way through let us take the stress from your organising.

call us now on 0871 318 3838
Or email us on

Poler's Christmas Party date set - 3rd December in Brighton

The date is set for this year's christmas party for all polers

Date - Saturday 3rd December
Where - Smugglers Loft, 10 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AD
Time - from 7pm onwards

licensed bar and nibbles available

tickets and information released soon
please register by emailing on

Taylors Weekend Masked Ball August 5th - 7th 2011

Taylors Weekend Masked Ball August 5th – 7th 2011

All things set for this weekend at Taylors pole studio in Capel Dorking, the old converted barn with its 10 Rpole and aerial studio will be the amazing scene for a weekend of indoor and out door pole fun.

Main organisers of the weekend, Stacey Snedden and Ben Turner will support polers across the UK and abroad with opportunities for pole schools to show case their performances to others, inspiring and supporting the community. Performances from Miss Pole Dance UK champions Deb Riley, Bendy Kate and Karen Chaundy with the glorious Miss Glory Pearl delighting us again with their amazing shows

Masks and pole grips will be on sale at the Pole Passion marquee with donations from the masks going to the Pole Sport Benevolent fund – see Kate Whitley for more information on how to support this worth wise cause

Rpole will again be promoting the fun side of pole with the ‘One Trick Wonder’ competition with the title currently held with a hip hold last year at the Taylors Cup 2010 by Paula Bines from Pole Passion, with an amazing 4 minutes 6 seconds. Laura from Spinny Tbags holds the current 2011 title with a teddy hold of 3 minutes 6 seconds. Everyone is welcome to enter, no registration is required with certain holds and poses allowed with no grip enhancements.

For more information and tickets please visit or

Pole ‘dancing’ for 7 year olds: Is it right or wrong? Pole Passion comments

Pole dancing or ' Pole fitness' as it is alternatively more commonly known by thousands of followers, has come under the spot light again, recently in the worldwide media, with children as young as 7 years old taking up the sport and having their achievements posted onto Facebook.
All children's photos should be protected, with their parents or guardians giving their consent to publically displaying their photos It is the instructors responsibility to gain this written agreement and we are proud to inform all our trainee instructors of these legal and ethical obligations to minors.

Many people have criticised the act of posting children on social networks and websites and feel this is inappropriate, which if portrayed wrongly we totally agree with. However pole fitness has come so far away from its original UK roots in the strips clubs and has become a fun, effective and harmless form of challenging and progressive exercise regimes, using the vertical pole as the fitness equipment tool.

Many argue that the lessons are encouraging young girls to enter in to a world of sexuality and objectification. These stigmas are becoming an outdated stigma as more and more successful dance and fitness schools are beginning and opening across the world teaching pole dance and fitness techniques Many people feel and believe that because pole dancing, lap & striptease originated in strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs, they feel it is inappropriate to teach to children but ‘pole dancing & fitness techniques’ has evolved dramatically since it’s accreditation status in 2008 as an approved and accredited form of exercise .

Some may still be shocked that business women do it, mothers do it, policewomen and event lawyers and doctors are doing it!! Men are also emerging as pole fitness enthusiasts, impressed by their female partners growing strength and renewed confidence. So naturally the children of those responsible adults are going to want to do it too - after all it is so much FUN !!

Currently many pole fitness lessons take place in specially designed studios for exercise professionalism and safety as well as in gym settings (thanks to the development of the free standing RPole which can be put anywhere with ease allowing gyms to hold lessons in their dance studios amongst other more conventional sports and exercise classes such as Bums n Tums, Step aerobics and Boxercise

You can also now gain professional accreditation in the sport by becoming a qualified instructor, recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals. Supported by Government approved Skills Active, Created by the leading UK pole fitness training provider Pole Passion

Another argument against children doing pole fitness is ‘how it looks online’.
Photos and videos should not be taken by anyone without the prior consent of the parent or guardian - The same as with any sport conducted at a school sports day event for example, this means that if photos or video did appear online then it is most likely to be a direct result of the parent uploading it (as many do when their child takes part in a dance performance, football game or martial arts grading).

So the question should really be, ‘Is Pole Fitness good exercise for children? ‘
So what is the difference between pole dance and pole fitness?
Pole fitness wording seems to be more acceptable than the words Pole Dancing, however despite the obvious wording differences where pole fitness maybe more socially accepted due to the preconceived miss conceptions of those to the words of pole dancing - the latter is choreographed rhythmic movements set to music, whereas pole fitness may incorporate choreography combining routines, with its focus also on power strength & conditioning, incorporating tricks and spins & and gymnastic style combinations, challenging the whole body - usually with music used as a background as opposed to the rhythm of the dance !

The content taught in pole fitness is suitable for any age, obviously children have shorter concentration spans and this must be taken into consideration when structuring sessions, working with each participants capabilities and flexibility focusing specifically on body posture and correct body alignment whilst working on progressive stretches and flexibility to maintain and encourage a healthy well-being and body, mentally and of course physically but like any form of exercise aimed at children, there are many guidelines that should be adhered too.

Pole Passion created a Code of Pole Practice in 2008 to support the Newly developing Pole Industry to support and represent and guide instructors and students, Recommendations include professional standards, ethics, personal responsibilities, and rights, dignity and worth of every student and instructor.

Trained & qualified experienced instructors should be at the forefront of children's lessons. If a dance school naturally wishes to broaden its repertoire of dance styles
Instructors should be CRB CRIMINAL RECORDS BUREAU checked and registered with their local authority (as with anyone working with young children),
Parents must sign their health & safety exercise disclaimer
Instructors should be first aid qualified supporting their participants in the unlikely but possibility of any accidents
Fully insured to teach children as their young bodies require a different set of warm-ups and movements to that of a fully matured body

Most importantly they must have the mindset and aptitude with the greatest of patience to reach and progressively support minors.

Pole fitness is designed to be form of exercise akin to gymnastics (similar to the bar work commonly seen in the Olympics but on a vertical angle rather than the horizontal) With the grace one might find in a classically trained dancer (just as in ballet as the current World Sport & Fitness Champion is British born, Felix Cane, age 27, who found her way into the sport recommended by her mother, is actually a classically trained ballet dancer finding the pole art her main area of expertise now).

Many young girls are sent to ballet classes whilst others may be sent to gymnastic lessons. So what is the problem with combining the two in to a fun, effective and NEW healthy form of exercise?

Chinese pole which dates back hundreds of years, is taught to children as young as 5 or 6 and the principle of the exercise is the same, apart from the design of the thicker poles- so could this mean the social culture of our non supporters? Chinese poles are held up slightly differently to that of the majority of the poles used for pole fitness and they also have a coating of a tacky substances which enables additional grip, allowing moves to be executed in jeans and jumpers rather than the fitness poles made of metal which require some of the more advanced moves to be completed in shorts and t-shirts. The skin is required to support the body on the pole safely and therefore being one of the main reasons why many participants wear crop tops and short shorts.

At national and international levels the competitors are also judged on their costumes too making it a fabulous spectators sport - many competitors in fact wear more than say a competitor in a volley ball team!!

Currently Pole Passion, one of the UK’s leading pole fitness training provider (offering officially the highest REP’s accreditation in the world ) have been following the policy of teaching 16's and over since pole fitness was created here in the UK in 2001. This age specification was lowered in 2008 from age 18 requested by the gyms that were currently supporting and teaching Pole Fitness sessions, in line with the age policy for other gym equipment and age restrictions.

No plans have been made to lower it any further at present. Kay Penney founder of Miss Pole Dance UK National Championship in 2005, World Pole Dance in 2009 & Pole Passion Ltd In 2001 commented, 'As a mother of 3 young children I have always been mindful of societies confused and sometimes incorrect pre-conceived notions of pole dance and fitness, which can be blurred by lack of published information. The reason why the very first National UK championships was set up was foremost to educate the public; men and ladies about the pure power, strength and determination these athletes require to do what they do - Gone have the days of just slinking around poles in people's front rooms and gentleman’s clubs only for the titillation of others. Pole Dancing & Fitness has evolved and techniques modified and changed so it can be accepted and taught professionally in gym establishments to that of all ages & is totally different than ' Lap dancing & stripping techniques ' that still many get confused by today’.

In an average pole fit class, with a qualified & specialist fitness professional and instructor, will include a warm up section, which is required usually off the pole equipment, and in many classes these represents a warm up & cool down section similar to any aerobics class, warming the muscles and joints in preparation of safe exercise. The class incorporates stretching, conditioning, toning and exhilarating fun like no other exercise class can provide, with an amazing fun and social element to it too.

So the conclusion being, yes pole fitness is positive for those individuals who choose this unique, challenging and new form of exercise and dance. As with all other forms of exercise and sport the parents will be required to consent their siblings chosen sport and have an obligation to portray this sport professionally, ethically and sensibly too.
Parents should be looking for the correct qualified instructors with qualifications as listed above and of course a positive mental attitude to train hard and sensibly to perhaps one day support their students to represent their country in their chosen sport of pole fitness too.

We welcome & congratulate all who dare to be different, who do see and feel the benefits of pole exercise, who have not been tainted by inaccuracies of those who have been wrongly advised those who have a passion in their heart to succeed at doing something out of the ordinary, who are Focusing on their child's well being and health allowing their children healthy choice and fun balance in their life .

A special thanks to Rpole fitness equipment with their professional and fun range of poles which now allow pole in the open air, on the beach and in the parks with no ceiling fixtures and safe integral mats - exactly where children should be seen - rather than the unhealthy option in front of TV and computer screens playing their modern alternative of only brain active computer games !!

Our motto - Empowerment Confidence Fitness & FUN!

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