Friday 26 March 2010

Kay Penney Pole Passion Ltd - Competition Bio

Kay Penney – head judge and organiser of Miss Pole Dance UK, one of the most established Pole Championships in the UK and the world. Founder and Managing Director of Pole Passion Ltd established in January 2005 (created in 2001) has been poling since 2001 soon after the birth of her third child for fun and an alternative way to keep fit

Kay is a highly experienced and qualified fitness, health and beauty therapist expert, now working towards her A1 level 3 Assessors qualification, in her continual quest to make pole technique and fitness an accredited and accepted form of physical fitness for all. Kay quickly realised that pole technique if marketed correctly and professionally could benefit many participants and students looking for a new, fun and challenging form of fitness quickly establishing one of the first independent pole schools in the world.

With the explosion and rapid success of her unique fitness programmes, fun pole parties and master classes she, with the support of her dedicated team, has quickly made Pole Passion one of the world’s most respected pole fitness companies in the world.

She is a renowned and experienced International and national pole judge involved in 28 to date. An accomplished instructor and teaches regular mixed ability classes in and around the Sussex area, being invited over to judge the first World Pole Dance finals in Holland in 2005, creator of Miss Pole Dance UK Professional and Amateur competitions, co creator of Mr Pole Fitness championships, pioneering competitive synchronised doubles and author of accredited Level 1 & 2 Pole Fitness Instructor training qualifications. Invited judge to Japan, Russia, Hungry, Switzerland and Germany, she is also author of the Code of Pole Practice created in 2006, the first of its kind. Then going on to develop the World Pole Sport & fitness Championships whereby Felix Cane is currently the world champion 2009/2010
She is the co innovator and inventor of the R-pole, the worlds first free standing pole without a podium, specifically designed for gyms to compliment her fitness programmes

Kay also enjoys all elements of traditional dance and is an accomplished performer and burlesque instructor and is passionate about inspiring the talented and promoting the ambitious.

She is a member of Equity, FIA, REP’s & Sussex Enterprize, and an honorary member of the Pole Fitness Association USA

Thursday 25 March 2010

Pole Dancing in the UK - Pole Passion

Explore the different ways of learning pole techniques

Group pole fitness and dance classes are one of the most popular ways to learn and they are popping up all around the world. The length of the lesson may vary between one and two hours but be mindful of the content and how many poles and students in the group. The cost maybe respective of content and students attending. The REP’s (register of exercise professionals) accredited instructor training courses recommend no more than 4 participants to one pole equipment at beginner/intermediate level and at advanced level no more than 2 per pole equipment in group sessions. If you choose this route, be sure to check the instructors qualifications, fitness, dance or otherwise and pole teaching experience before you enrol. Make sure the instructor has extensive TRAINING experience AND qualifications, as injuries are more likely to happen with a non qualified instructor who has limited teaching experience! Group sessions are more sociable and you may learn more in smaller group scenarios rather than a 1-2-1.

Private 1-2-1 pole lessons can be a great option for some ladies. If you are more shy or uncomfortable in groups for example, a private lesson or two might just be the perfect solution for you to boost your self confidence and self esteem first before embarking on a group session with strangers. You can find studios and individual instructors who are willing to instruct privately, however the down side is that they will be considerably more expensive. Expect to cover more in the lesson therefore making the lesson more intense, which could be a negative or positive. Private sessions are great as they can be bespoke to you personally

Call 0871 318 3838 for more information or visit

Master Classes & workshops Usually a highly experienced performer and or instructor is available to inspire and pass on their unique style and techniques. These sessions are great at all levels of learning, but do check at what level the session is geared at – you do not want to leave the session demotivated as it may be too difficult for your specific level. These are usually group sessions of instruction usually over a day or many continual hours and can be very intensive. These sessions are great if you are unable to attend regular weekly sessions or you have to travel a distance to receive instruction.

Proud to host national and international trainers - Pantera USA, Felix Australia, Alesia UK, Maxine UK, Rachel Excell Dunkley UK, Deb Riley UK, Astra UK (Silks & Trapeze), Jenyne USA, Amy Richardson-Impey New Zealand, Elena Shishkova Russia, Alma Pinar Hungry, Sabrina Germany, Reiko Japan, Tammy Morris Canada, Jeanine Germany, Tracey Simmonds UK

Pole dance & fitness DVDs are another way to learn. These may compliment your group or individual sessions at home (assuming you have a pole at home of course) or can be used as your main method of learning. You of course do not receive personal motivation specific to your individual needs but great as you can rewind and view over and over again
Pole dancing books, manuals and magazines these at the moment are far and few between. We recommend Pole2Pole Magazine and Pole Dance International Magazine. They are a great resource of information written by people who have first hand experience with teaching and learning pole techniques.

Online pole dancing lessons is another way to learn and can be found on various websites. YouTube videos are also another method of watching moves and tricks however please be aware this may have a negative effect on your learning you may well be learning potential bad habits which over time may cause serious injury! There are however many good instructional clips and the routines of competitions are great inspirations.
Visiting & entering competitions not only a great place to network but also watching the best of the best focusing on routines and the dance of course. Perhaps inspiring others who have not yet embarked on a pole lesson. These professionals make it look effortless and certainly you will leave inspired and in awe of this beautiful art.

Accredited Pole Instructor training Qualifications and certifications are now available in the UK – be aware that you look for ones that have been independently approved by fitness associations, ones that hold a code of pole practice too.

Let us help you discover the power of the pole!

Pole Dancing for fun & fitness across the UK and beyond
‘inspiring the talented, promoting the ambitious.’

For more information email us on :

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Russia meets UK in Jamaica for Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor Training

Russia Gains It’s First Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor

Elena Shishkova successfully completed her 3 day comprehensive instructor training course, On Thursday 4th March 2010

‘Pole Fitness history was in the making today – We are proud to announce that Elena Shishkova from Russia is the first ever Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor in her country, having successfully completed her comprehensive three day International Pole Instructor course & assessments – Our congratulations go out to her,’ comments Kay Penney, owner of Pole Passion Ltd, UK course developer and instructor.

Whilst Elena is an experienced and competent instructor and a talented athlete already in her country, specialising in regular Master classes, group and 1-2-1 instruction she signed up on to the course to gain credibility and independently, approved fitness accreditation which is not yet available in her country. Due to visa restrictions unfortunately Elena was denied entry into to UK earlier this year for the popular courses already attended by other UK national and international fitness students. Therefore Kay made provisions for international students to attend in their recent pole week in Jamaica where master classes, pole and fitness lessons accompanied the course and offered all week.

Elena is currently representing Russia in The World Pole Sport & Fitness, Pole Dance championships in 2009 & 2010 on October 2010 in Zurich.

Elena has also plans to support the worlds first, free standing, pole fitness product called the R-pole to support her lessons and master classes

Monday 15 March 2010

Pole Passion Presents Hedonism III Exotic Dance week - 27th February - 6th March 2010

Learning the Skills of Exotic Dance week at Hedonism III at Runaway Bay Jamaica

Saturday 27th February – Saturday 6th March 2010

So why did we choose Hedonism III in Jamaica?

After extensive & careful research and testing it out for ourselves with Pantera back in 2008, we realised this is the perfect place to accompany what we teach. You can explore your imagination and learn new skills in a resort that is non judgmental and offers the perfect environment for our ethos of empowerment, confidence, fitness & FUN! So now, 3 successful years working with dedicated and passionate team at Hedonism III let us try to explain a little about what goes on. Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica makes for a perfect relaxing setting to learn pole dance and other exotic dance skills. If you have never been to Jamaica it’s very difficult to explain why we go there, it’s a bit like pole dancing for the first time, people have pre conceived judgments, but as you all know once you have experienced the pole your views change forever. The same is true for our reasons for going back to Jamaica every year.

The resort, which is owned by a British company called Superclubs are consistently rated amongst the best in the world and everything is included which our research shows it’s actually cheaper to travel to Jamaica than European resorts offering the same level of accommodation and service.

Once you have booked you just need to get yourself to Gatwick airport because after that everything is included, flights, transfers to / from the resort, All food, drinks, lessons and sports are FREE and to make arrival easy your bags are taken directly to your room upon arrival at the resort leaving time for you to settle in straight away and explore the amazing resort.

What are the facilities like?

Apart from the impromptu pole jams on the beach every day courtesy of R-Pole, the resort offers excellent dining at the choice of 3 fully inclusive evening restaurants including Italian, Japanese or buffet style with evening entertainment and nightly shows. There are 2 other restaurants on resort offering food during the day. A comprehensive breakfast is served to you on the terrace cooked to order.

All guest rooms are air conditioned with king size bed or single beds if requested, sofa, tea & coffee facilities, large Jacuzzi bath with shower, hair dryer, ironing board and iron and satellite TV, some rooms are swim up to your door and all come with a beach or beautifully kept landscaped garden views.

Sports facilities include, 3 swimming pools, a 4 story water slide, choice of 3 Jacuzzis, saunas & steam rooms, aerobics, equipped gym with running machines and weights, tennis with pro coach (all inclusive). additional extras of water skiing, scuba diving with the opportunity of taking PADI course, sailing, snorkelling, glass bottom boat, kayaking and canoeing.

There are 5 bars including main pool bar where u can swim up to order your drink/s, Scotch Bonnet bar over looking the ocean, Quad pool bar, nude beach bar for the more adventurous! and in the evenings the Piano bar for evening karaoke and night club (with dance pole) with all bars offering main brand labels and flowing freely as all inclusive!

The resort also boasts a gift shop and duty free shop and this is the only place on resort you need extra money for other than massage and beauty treatments or optional excursions which are easily booked at the reception. There are many excursions available the most popular being, swim with dolphins and Dunns River Falls.

What did we do?

Saturday 27th February - We all met up nice and early at Gatwick airport and headed straight for the duty free shopping (we are a bunch of mainly girls!) after browsing round the shops and trying out the samples of free vodka we all headed to board our plane. We were all very excited and looking forward to our trip. We spent the flight stretching in the isles, which caused a few stares! and chilling out with the virgin entertainment oh and of course a few complimentary drinks to get us started!

After a 9.5 hour flight we where all feeling a bit tired and stiff but eagerly jumped onto our coach for the transfer to resort. Once we arrived in resort and checked in. It was 8.30pm Jamaican time and 1.30am UK time, but we where holding out well. We nipped straight to our luxury rooms and were back in the bar within the hour! We were greeted by the fabulous entertainment staff performing a high energy dance show on the main stage and what a treat that was! Please ask any of the girls how fabulous and they will fill you in! After a few drinks in the bar, the ones of us still standing, headed off to the nightclub and started a impromptu pole jam up on the bar, with maybe not as much energy as normal! The entertainment staff then announced a Booty Shaking competition on the bar and who are we to say no to a challenge, so up we got Kay, Debbie, Paula and Katy danced and shacked their booties ‘till the jet lag thoroughly kicked in! and what better way to finish your night off by a quick trip to the open air hot tub, to soothe those aches from the flight, away!

Sunday 28th February

We started our Sunday morning very early, obviously the jet lag not holding us back because we are generally early risers! and for those of us who are we really keen we headed straight for the gym which is open 24 hours a day (for the very dedicated!) After a good workout and feeling very pleased with ourselves we headed for the all inclusive buffet for breakfast and to meet up with the rest of the group. The breakfast selection was huge and certainly undid all of our hard work, with the choice of omelettes, pancakes and syrup, sausages, bacon, cake and a huge choice of fresh fruit. Whilst we were eating away a guest who had seen our antics from the night before approached us and gave us a lovely comment that our performances on the pole the night before where ' a combination of athleticism and sensuality' definitely the look we where going for!
Following breakfast we had our welcome meeting with Kay Penney who gave us our very exciting and fully packed schedule for the week and a tour of the beautiful resort. After some lunch we all headed to the beach and eagerly awaited our poles on the sand! within minutes Steve Penney had erected our R-Pole and we jumped straight on eager to start on learning some new moves! We had some huge tricks being performed within minutes and there was something for everyone to learn and certainly wetted our appetites for the week of pole ahead! We where all feeling very energetic and started an aerobics session headed by Jenni Gooch and Cat Denning on the beach (if only aerobics was this much fun at home… sigh) and just in case we had energy left we finished of with a ab attack by Maxine and wow can she make you work hard! Now those hard core ladies that still had energy to burn carried on playing on the pole until dinner time!

After a lovely, if not huge dinner, in either the Italian or the main restaurant where there was definitely too much food on offer to try and keep to any kind of diet! Those of who still had some energy left after a whole day of pole stayed for a few drinks in the bar dressed in our ‘pimps and hoes’ outfits ready for the evening entertainment. It was then on to the nightclub where we were treated to a impromptu performance on the bar from Alesia Vazmitsel which was worth fighting the jet lag for! We held out as long as we could before falling into bed after a very long very fun packed day.

Monday 1st March

A nice early start again, but not feeling quite so keen for the gym with our aches from Sundays day long pole jam and work out! (nothing to do with the dancing in club all night long of course!) After a large breakfast and squeezing in some sunbathing on the beach we where ready to get back onto those poles. We started our day with a two hour master class with Alesia Vazmitsel assisted by Debbie Merchant on the main stage and a beginner’s session with Jennie Gooch on the beach. During Alesia's class we where put through our paces learning a variety of different moves and spins including some fantastic shoulder mount variations and trying to make our Jade's look like Alesia’s. The beginners on the beach lesson was a huge success and we definitely started a new craze in Jamaica! We were all feeling the effects of the day before and enjoyed a lovely afternoon sunbathing on the beach and catching up with the latest pole gossip.
After a nice rest we all joined Maxine Betts for another of her soon to be famous ab workouts followed by a very inspiring stretch class with Alesia where our bodies stretched to places we never thought possible!

It was the back to our rooms to get dressed up as ‘pirates and wench's’ for our evening entertainment and fancy dress competition – won by Kay Penney (oh did she mention she stole a hat from one of the other contestants to steal first prize – a visit to swim with the dolphins!!) Everyone was keen for a night out after our day of fun and the party continued after watching more of the fabulous and energetic entertainment crew. It was then on to the piano bar where we discovered what a talented bunch we are with a microphone and a piano to dance on!
Simone selected and requested from the crowd to perform later on that week. It was then back to the nightclub where we were taught a new dance routine by the entertainment staff which was going to become our theme of the week! More dancing on the bar, pole, cage and anywhere else we could find to dance on until we discovered the water slide that goes through the nightclub and that you can get four people down at a time! We finished the night back in the hot tub Jacuzzi, before staggering to bed a little bit worse for wear!

Tuesday 2nd March

We started the day a little bit slower than the previous days and the gym was long forgotten by now! After breakfast we were back on stage for a pole and floor workshop with Alesia, today was much hotter and we were feeling the heat and recovering from the night before antics! We all left the workshop with some new moves and bruises to be proud of! During the workshop Kay started the first day of the International Pole instructor training with Elena from Russia and what a lovely place to learn your instructor training. After class it was back to the beach for more relaxing and games on the beach, whilst Jenni started teaching the practical on the main stage with Elena. After a rest the pole started calling us and Maxine and Cat started teaching lessons on the beach with the sun coming down behind us, there were moves for everyone to learn and we lasted on the beach for hours with our R-Poles.

It was back to our rooms for a little nap then into our outfits for the Pyjama party, after another lovely large meal and stocking up on the adorable harmless little cakes they had on offer! We settled down to watch the evening entertainment on the main stage. They had a special treat for us tonight of a fashion show which included the staff dressing up for every fantasy! It is a night I will personally never forget! Now if that was not enough entertainment we then had a beautiful performance by Alesia to Tom Jones Kiss Kiss, which had the whole audience in awe of her strength and flexibility. After posing for some photos in the fountain it was back to the piano bar for a sing a long, where Simone did us all proud and had the whole bar singing along with her! and of course back to our routine of dancing in the nightclub to finish another exhilarating and amazing day.

Wednesday 3rd March

We all met back in the restaurant for another huge breakfast then Kay was back teaching the instructor training another internationally trained Pole Passion instructor coming along great. Maxine’s workshop started on the main stage this was a great workshop and we covered a lot of new spins and different variations. We were all feeling the amount of pole we had covered in a few days and Maxine revived our love of pole with this workshop. We carried on poling until lunchtime and it was then time to start rehearsals for our Showcase on Friday. After a busy afternoon it was back to the nightclub for our lap dancing lesson with Debbie Merchant, we learnt how to give our partners a special treat on our return, then as a added treat we had one of our favourite entertainers in, to practice our skills on ‘50 No Cents’ aka Wayne as a professional dancer and fitness instructor, who gave us fantastic feedback and as an added bonus showed us a very energetic male lap dance routine which was definitely something we need in the UK! After a fun packed day we were still keen for more and it was back to the main stage for an ab work out with Cat and more stretching from Alesia and by now we were definitely feeling the benefit's if Alesia's years of practice!

After a well deserved nap it was back to the restaurant for Alter Ego night and there were some outrageous outfits in the restaurant that night! We were in our routine now dinner, piano bar for singing then the nightclub for dancing oh and not forgetting the waterslide our new best friend!

Thursday 4th March

After breakfast it was back to the instructor training for Kay, Jenni and Elena whilst the rest of us joined in performance techniques workshop with Alesia eagerly hoping to pick up some tips to make our future performances as mesmerising as hers. After classes it was more preparation for Fridays showcase. Everyone was practicing hard determined to make their shows the best Hedonism has ever seen. Everyone was really dedicated and keen to show the skills they had learnt in the week.
After a busy afternoon it was time to dress up for the burlesque lesson with Ana Dupre aka Kay Penney. Everyone donned there corsets and nipple tassels for a hour of fun in the privacy of the nightclub where we learnt to strut our stuff like real burlesque stars then down to the restaurant for dinner and toga night! There were some fantastic home made togas on show and a parade across the stage showing off our creativity with a bed sheet!

It was then time for one of the wildest nights so far starting with the Hedo Talent show where Alesia performed a fantastic display of flexibility using Son and Dyce from the entertainment crew as props, the ladies in our group where very jealous by this point! Followed by Simone singing and wow she has an amazing voice! Then on to the night club for lots of dancing and drinking games we were all going to feel this night for a few days to come!

Friday 5th March

There were a few pale faces this morning but with a morning off pole workshops some of us recovered on the beach whilst the brave of us headed off resort to Dunns River Falls. After a short bus ride we learnt a lot of history of Jamaica. We arrived at the beautiful waterfall and meet out guide Moses for the day where we walked up one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen and although it was a hard climb it was totally worth it for the experience.
Today was also Paula's 21st Birthday and what a way to spend it - a birthday you would never forget! After our trip it was back to resort to meet up with the rest of our group who were all having a well deserved rest on the beach. The afternoon was spent napping and finalising the last minute preparations for our show that evening.

Friday Night our showcase was about to start, the night started off with a performance with Maxine who showed us why she is Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 with her amazing strength and control on her moves the audience went crazy! Following Maxine was a singing performance from Andre and not only has he a body to die for he can sing as well! Following Andre was Cat Denning who performed to Gold Frapp and gave out some massive tricks and was the best performance I have see her give. Following Cat was Kay who performed a burlesque act which inspired everyone in the audience to take up Burlesque dancing! Following Kay was another pole performance from our very own Paula Bines who has developed so much in one week she did us all proud on the Pole Passion team. Following Paula was Son from the entertainment crew who was a strong favourite within our group of ladies and performed one of the most jaw dropping dance medley performances I have ever seen to Michael Jackson and finishing with a little help from our own Kay Penney. Following Son was Simone singing Hey Big Spender with her sexy backing dancers Jenni, Carol and Maxine who wowed the crowd. Following Simone was Miranda who confessed afterwards had never danced on such a high pole before, did a beautiful performance to Lady Gaga and showed us some amazing tricks, following Miranda was Alesia who performed another jaw dropping show using a chair and some tricks I never have seen her perform before, following Alesia was Melody who sang beautifully culminating her performance whilst sitting on a trapeze and finishing the show was Phoenix who performed a very entertaining drag act!

After a fantastic evening we were all in the mood to let off some steam and the partying for Paula’s birthday started with shots at the bar and group photos on the main stage. It was then back to our second home in the nightclub for more crazy dancing on the bar! We then finished our last night in the hot tub the best place to be after a night out!

Saturday 6th March

After a bit of a lie in this morning it was back to the beach to soak up some final sun before saying our goodbyes before heading for our long journey home.

We had a great week of fun, sun and pole and made friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime.

Attended by; Kay and Steve Penney, Debbie Merchant, special guest performer & positioned third in the world - Alesia Vazmitsel, Miss Pole Dance UK competition Champion 2009/10 Maxine Betts and her sister Simone Maclaine, Jenni Gooch, Alison Gooch, Cat Denning, Alison Constable, Carol Cook, Paula and David Robinson, Paula Bines, Katy Spooner, Miranda Goldring, Gareth, Deborah Cornick, Elena Shishkova, Katie, Kabiashvili Ekaterina, Emily Lardner, Sally Chinda, Laurie Finch, Gigi Hoffpaulr, Daniela Baumann, Johann Borenstein, Emily Fakdvek, and all the management & entertainments staff & special guests of Hedonism III.

Written by Debbie Merchant
Pole week coordinator -

Want to join us for Jamaica 2011?

Booking to train in Jamaica is easy and offers fantastic value for money compared to other resorts. For instance a typical night out with the girls would include; drinks, restaurant, evening show/entertainment, night club and including pole training during the day it’s unlikely you would get change from £250 per person per day - but in the beautiful Caribbean resort of Hedonism it’s all inclusive and available every day of your stay. Just think how easy the drinks rounds are when we don’t have to find your purse.

Now making plans for our 4th year in 2011 ~ Saturday 30th April – Sat 7th May. Next year will include all levels of Pole Dance Tuition, Burlesque, Exotic Dance, Trapeze, Silks and fitness classes in the gym and on the beach - all inclusive.

Training in the all inclusive resort with Pole Passion offers excellent value for money and a great networking opportunity both nationally and internationally to promote you and your business plus making new friends with like minded people.

Contact Pole Passion by emailing
or call today on Tel: 0871 318 3838.

Limited early booking discount prices which includes flights, accommodation, airport transfers to/from resort in Jamaica, all meals, all drinks and training (not Accredited Instructor training or 1-2-1’s).

Friday 12 March 2010

Loic Lebret first UK Master Class Instruction

Pole Passion Presents Loic Lebret’s first UK master class

Saturday May 8th 2010
Taylors Retreat Surrey

The cost of this amazing and unique day of classes will be £60 per person

.Loic Lebret Introduces the "Artistic Pole Dance" - Try a new style at the pole!

- Learn the techniques and choreography of the Latino dance around the pole.
- Dance at the pole with tricks for duo and solo
- Use the beauty of the Latino dance and feel the energy of the pole dance for your own choreographies.

Loic is a professional dancer and choreographer, he has a true passion for dance and in particular for the new acrobatic techniques. In 2008 he began to specialize in the “Artistic Pole Dance discipline”. In 2009, he won the award for
“The most promising amateur” at the Pole Dance International competition in Hong Kong.

Today, his mission is to give a more artistic image to Pole Dancing, combining for example the romance of Latino Dance with the energetic and acrobatic techniques of the Pole Dance.

His strong experience in all dances allows him to put together a magical blend of innovative choreographies and new concepts of multidisciplinary dances for his own shows as well as for the projects he becomes involved with. We had the honour of having Loic perform for us at Miss Pole Dance UK National championships in 2009

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

To book or for more information please contact us on

0871 318 3838 or alternatively you can email:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pole Fitness

Ania Przeplasko founder of the International Pole Dance Association

Working hard with the Pole Fitness Association to innovate, standardise and transition the art into an olympic sport.

We are often asked whether pole dance is a sport or an art and will it ever make the Olympics

We believe it is both and yes one day it will
Join the thousands on facebook petition

Realistically the soonest that pole could get in the Olympics is 2020 however join this petition as mainstream perception is key

Thursday 11 March 2010

Burlesque Passion

IT'S Fans & Fishnets ~ all in the name of fitness!!

After leading the way in pole dance and fitness techniques since 2003 within the UK, Pole Passion or ‘Burlesque Passion’ as the sector is known, is set to take the UK by storm with its new and innovative movements and techniques inspired by the burlesque dancing, fitness Pilates and yoga genre.

Burlesque Passion or Burlates as it is sometimes referred to, created by Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre, said it combined Pilates' core strength and flexibility with some sexy shimmies and hip rolls to create a glam workout fit for the gym boudoir!!

Empowerment confidence fitness & FUN

is the ethos of Burlesque Passion

It's equally as spiritual as pole fitness however with the costume additions suitable for gyms is way more sexier, as Kay wanted her students to be playful whilst finding a healthy inner and outward self-confidence.
‘My own philosophy, influenced by 20 years of conventional fitness techniques incorporating, yoga and Pilates, is that women are too hard on themselves and we need to lose that self doubt, by becoming more at one with our own body images and mental confidence’.
Confidence is sexy therefore we teach posture, deportment and breathing techniques before we approach the dance steps formulating choreographed routines whereby some students may wish to progress and perform publically if they so choose.

For more information on:-

1-2-1 private sessions, group sessions or instructor training contact


Web: or Call: 0871 318 3838 - instructor training available

Jamaica 2011 International Pole Week

Pole Passion Presents ~ Jamaica 2011

April 30th – May 7th 2011

Following on from this years amazing and exhilarating week long event in Jamaica we are beginning to advertise next year already. Please don’t hesitate to call either Kay or Debbie (from Pole Passion) who have both been to the resort before and coordinators for the event or if you have other questions about the lessons, facilities and fun etc on 01293 888200

Just a £200 deposit is required within the next few days to book the holiday for next year and to reserve your place, whereby you will receive a special early bird booking price of just £995 ALL INCLUSIVE. (including flights, transfers, entertainments shows, lessons, master classes, accommodation, all food and drink)

LAST YEARS DETAILS see the link below or see us on facebook under Pole Passion

Next year, similarly there will be master classes for all levels of instruction during the week every day with entertainment in the evenings at the fully inclusive resort.

EVERYTHING is included to make this most amazing and fulfilling holiday and event even snorkelling, surfing, air conditioned gym, beach poling, beach volley ball, swimming, tennis, snooker, table tennis, all food & beverages (freshly prepared food every day and cooked in front of you) 3 top class restaurants (all included you don’t pay a penny!!) and all cocktails, champagne and drinks included too.

Additional extras

You can even take your PADI SCUBA diving course at the resort too or arrange beauty treatments and massages – pre arranged & paid through the resort.

Off resort excursions are available to book & pay for on resort to see the cultural side of Jamaica.

This year, the 3 day Certificates in international accredited pole instructor training will be offered to in the exotic surroundings of sunsets and sea!! Pre arranged through Pole Passion.

We tend to stay as a group although this is not essential, meeting in the day and evening for socialising and partying so you will not be alone – many single girls came alone whereby we meet up on arrival and helped in sharing rooms too if need be.

So if you are seriously interested email us back or speak to Debbie as above or email or call Yana from Excapes Travel who will let you know when the best travel times and flights. Booking is just one call away

Please email Yana at Excapes on to book your place or CALL TO BOOK NOW: 0845 258 5814.

Just mention the Jamaican Festival hosted by Pole Passion
sponsored by

Pole Dance International Magazine

offical Subscription Launch of Pole Dance International Magazine!

Hi! We are excited to share the news of the offical Subscription Launch of Pole Dance International Magazine!

Annual and Half-Yearly Subscriptions are now available for polers at every corner of the globe! All payments can be made conveniently through paypal, and your issues will be directly mailed to you bi-monthly!

You'll have access to all the exclusive articles, photos and event information from the pole industry at large! Be a part of the first & only truly gloabl publication that is dedicated to the best of World Pole Sport & Fitness!

We are happy to include so many pole-lovers in our international network!
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