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Intermediate Pole Lesson Plan Example, from trainee instructor - Pole Passion Instructor Training 2023


Intermediate Pole Lesson Plan Example from trainee instructor 

Introduction of Instructor to Students

  • Ask everyone how they are
  • Ask if anyone has any injuries, past or present - then explore further (adapt the class if necessary)
  • Go through what I have planned for the lesson
  • Make sure everyone is familiar with the venue and emergency procedures
  • Make sure everyone can be hydrated during the class


  • Light jog, heel kicks, high knees, star jump three times round the room or on the spot
  • Move neck up and down and left and right, whilst walking on the spot
  • Roll shoulders back and then forward x 8
  • Arms out big circles, circles elbows, circle wrists and hands x 8 each way
  • Side bends, torso rotation in a standing position
  • Hip circles, one leg hip circles  x 8 each way
  • Knee circles, ankle circles, point and flex feet x 8 each way
  • Moving Downward dog, heels to floor x 8
  • Triangle legs, lean to the floor to stretch, move up and down in a lunge position, opening the hip flexors

Pole Conditioning

From the Floor

  • 30-second static plank
  • 10 abdominal crunches
  • 10 push-ups (on knees or feet)
  • 10 tricep dips (sitting with arms extended backward)
  • 10 goblet squats (with kettlebell if available)

On the Pole

  • Pole lunges, 8 each side, holding the pole
  • Tucks, 5 each side using the inverted grip
  • Shoulder shrugs from the hang tough
  • Climb pole and down alternating using both legs
  • Leg squats facing and holding the pole, with a straight back
  • Pogo pole, explosive lifts into the air, holding and facing the pole


Pole stand

  • Regression to hang tough
  • Progression to kylie pose

Pole sit

  • Regression, move legs to sit position and back to floor straight away
  • Progression to lean back, using straight arms and staying on the pole for longer

If above are easily achieved progress to T pose of pole stand and pole sit, one handed then to no hands

Chair spin

  • Regression to front hook spin
  • Progression to chair spin one leg extended, two leg extended and variations of leg positions 


  • Step and glide into back hook spin
  • Back hook spin onto knee landing into a back arch
  • Put the above two together
  • Carousel spin to chair spin
  • Carousel spin to attitude spin (ankle)

Cool down

  • Arm across chest pull in
  • Arm overhead hold the elbow
  • Hold the pole and turn away with the straight arm
  • Wrist, extension of wrist position, either hold with opposing hand or use the pole
  • Pole hold and sit away
  • Forward fold hang
  • Standing triangle hold


  • What did you enjoy about today's class?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What did you find difficult
  • Any questions?

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